1. N

    Thread SM-N960F Note 9 Downgrade

    Hey, I have a Note 9. When I updated the firmware (from custom rom, so there is no warranty), I've got the green screen problem, so I want to downgrade it. I'm not intrested about "it's impossible" comments, because it's a software, everything has to be possible. So, I have binary version 9, I...
  2. cranknet

    Thread N960F Android Pie 9.0 Full Firmware 4 Files.

    This is a Full firmware flashable by odin. Continue only if you know how to flash with odin. Download from Google Drive.
  3. _alexndr

    Thread [ROM][N960F/DS/N][ALEXNDR] * U9FVH1 * DevBase v7.4 * DeX, Gear & Encryption support

    Important notes for Developers / Chefs !!! This ROM is NOT based on any other custom ROM. My work contains many original ideas and innovations that I introduced as the first in the ROM development (see "Changelist" in post #2). Of course, it does not mean that I do not need to thank anyone -...