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    Thread Dual sim support N975U

    It's my first post, hi everyone! I was wondering whether it's a hardware thing and it's not possible to achieve dual sim support by modifying the software and replacing the N975U single sim+micro sd tray with the hybrid dual sim+micro sd one or it can be done. I've got the unlocked T-Mobile...
  2. M

    Thread [Guide & Links] Install OneUI 3.0 / Android 11 Beta on N975U1

    Hi guys, I found out the firmware file to install Android 11 Beta on my N975U1. It was difficult to find the link, but it works perfectly on my phone. Links: Odin v3.14.1 N975U1UES5DTJ6 Firmware Beta 1 Beta 2 In order to update to Android 11 Beta, your phone must must be on N975U1UES5DTJ6...