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  1. XenonXYZ

    Thread Hide navbar on 8T and keep full swipe gestures Android 11?

    On the 8T, if you enable the setting to hide the navbar, it makes it so that you have to swipe up and then left/right to switch to an app instead of just swiping left/right directly. This is incredibly annoying, and I want to be able to just hide the navbar while keeping the original gestures...
  2. J

    Thread Volume and Screenshot buttons in NavBar (Android 5.1/6.0)

    A few years ago, I had a tablet that looked like this: It has volume controls, and a screenshot button on the NavBar. I don't have this tablet anymore, since I bought an iPad, but I do miss Android. I'd like to enable this in the x86 Android Emulator with Android Studio. The tablet runs 5.1...
  3. virajmalia

    Thread [Guide] Full Screen Gesture Navigation / Hide Navbar

    Hello peeps, I found a way to hide the navigation bar on OnePlus 8T. In theory it should work for other devices too. 1. Unlock bootloader 2. Root using Magisk 3. Install Riru-LSposed 4. Follow steps to activate LSposed. 5. From LSposed Manager, go to repository and download Gravity Box for...
  4. D

    Thread Nav bar customization via adb

    If anyone already got on hand, can you please try the adb shell customization on the nav bar? https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-change-your-nav-bar-icons-or-re-arrange-the-buttons-without-root/ This can mean I can live without DUI Smartbar for a while, until custom ROM available. Thanks in...
  5. DynamicTash

    Thread [Q] A way to get two button Nav bar?

    Well, the title. I really want the two button nav bar. I know theres gesture nav bar, but i dont like it fully. I want the back and home button to be tap and recent apps to be dragged up. Like two button. or home and recent apps swapped. At least the back button tap. I also have done adb...
  6. C

    Thread Sony Android 7.0 Navbar resize

    Hello everyone iam sony xperia xa 7.0 android. I want to add navigation bar resize this mode, but is there any resource for Nougat that can help? Thanks.
  7. P

    Thread no Navbar more on Android 10, s10e, HadesQ, root

    Hello community on my s10e with CR HadesQ, root and Android 10 adding buttons with the e.g. Nice Lock app no ​​longer works, and the alternative Good Lock works even less with Android 10. I would also be willing to install EDXposed on Android 9 or similar for system modification, the main...
  8. Borizzz

    Thread Swap 1st and 3rd button in navbar @ Android10

    Hello! Just updated stock ROM to Android 10 with January 2020 security patches (V11.0.5.0.QDIMIXM). My navigation bar settings was lost (I used navbar with swapped 1st and 3rd navbar buttons, 'Back' button was at right) Instead of this: I used this order: I tried to tune navbar again adb...
  9. M

    Thread SmartNav (SmartBar, Fling, Pulse)?

    Just looking to see if there are any plans to add the SmartNav options to any of the Custom ROMs out there? On my 1+6, most - if not all - ROMs had the SmartNav option. I loved that feature as you were able to expand your NAV bar to whatever you wanted. If there are no plans to add it, or if...
  10. TENN3R

    Thread [Question] Customize gestures new navbar?

    From Android 8, 2 and 3 buttons navigation bar are customizable through substratum and overlays (change color, shape, icons) With adb you can edit the buttons placement, and with apps like tasker you can customize it even more. What about Android 10? Someone has any clue? For example, oneplus 7...
  11. braunie

    Thread Issue with Three-key navigation on P10+

    I would like to use the three-key navigation, but it doesn't work very well. Often I have to tab twice on a key to get the desired navigation. Is there a solution for that? :confused:
  12. Pawer8

    Thread Custom navbars not working

    Hi. So I've been trying to get my navbar buttons to work as they did in my previous phone. What would be: Recent apps short press: open menu Recent apps long press: search Recent apps double tap: open assistant Home button short press: home Home button long press: recent apps Home button double...
  13. turbolaceup

    Thread Questions with Pie gesture navbar with no hints

    So when you slide right on home line with hints showing, it let's you slide through your recent apps. How do you do this when you hide the lines aka hints?
  14. H

    Thread one plus 5T/6 gestures on v30?

    Is there any mod or anyone who can develop oneplus gestures available for 5t or 6 for lg v30 instead of navbar? Before anyone suggest xda gestures app i don't want that...! Purely gestures on lg stock firmware?
  15. N

    Thread [Bug] WhatsApp Emogies and Stickers are Not Working While Using Flud Nav Bar

    • Whatsapp Emogies and Stickers are Not Working in My Max Pro m1 While Using Flud With Custom Nav Bar Applications.. • I Enabled immersive Mode in Both Flud and Custom Nav Bar... • Then My WhatsApp Stickers Tab is Not Working... • Please!!! AnyOne Tell Solution To Fix This issue • Am I Only...
  16. Lemagex

    Thread Gap below keyboard? Help?

    There is a gap below my keyboard as of this morning with no changes to the app just since I accidentally entered one handed mode. It persists even when the keyboard is floating as a Gray gap. Has anyone else ever had this issue or know how to fix it ? Tia.
  17. G

    Thread Transparent navbar options as of September 2018

    I'm looking for options on having a transparent navbar on stock T-Mobile Oreo (non rooted device) using Nova Launcher. I just found out about Navbar Apps, which in itself is a cool app, but I understand why it can't make the navbar opaque or transparent. Besides being rooted, are there any...
  18. T

    Thread [Oreo] Still no way of reducing navbar height?

    since substratum mods for th navbar height are not working (correct me if i'm wrong, but in my case, nothing changes when applying) i was looking for an alternative way of reducing the navbar height. if i remember correctly, on nougat there was a way of decompiling the Touchwiz_home.apk and...
  19. Ticklefish

    Thread [MOD][TUT] Animated HOME Softkey In Nav Bar

    This thread made the Portal! Woo! https://www.xda-developers.com/animated-gif-home-button-android/ (Thanks To Tulsadiver for the above image) Want an animated HOME softkey in your navbar? Of course you do! This is a relatively simple mod, which should work on any rom and any version of...
  20. M

    Thread Get the Android P nav bar gestures using Fling

    Hi everybody. For this tutorial you only need a custom ROM with fling nav bar option to navigate. I use FrankenROM but can work in every custom ROM with Fling implemented. 1-Go to navigation bar configuration in the settings menu and set fling like your navbar. 2-Open fling settings and set the...
  21. L

    Thread |GUIDE| Remove oreo navbar completely (workaround that works on this date april 2018)

    I've tried every single method here, and nothing did the trick for me, so i found a work around for myself, and decided to share, cause i've been frustated trying and trying after updating to oreo. Assuming you know your work around on ADB commands, and do the basics like turn on immersive...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] Navbar Split Screen Icon Not Showed Android 7.1.2

    Hi, Is there a way to fix navbar split screen icon not showing when split screen is active without clean flash? My navbar is still showing single square icon rather than double rectangle icon when doing split screen. I don't know what is the cause, just realize it after completely done...
  23. h8Aramex

    Thread Ways to control Mate 10 Pro? (hide navbar)

    Dear members/owners! I am considering buying the Mate 10 Pro or Honor View 10. One thing that keeps me from the purchase is the lack of front reader on the Mate 10 Pro. Basically, I have fallen in love with the P10 Pro's front reader's gestures. It's so great to get all that extra screen...
  24. kngharv

    Thread navbar's home/menu and statusbar's setting doesn't work

    Dear all: I've been using xiaomi.eu ROM since very beginning. At the time I received xiaomi Mix 2 Feb of 2017, the xiaomi.eu ROM was the only ROM that is stable enough for daily use. because MIUI's confusing number scheme, I*accidentally upgraded to Android Oreo. In that process, many of...
  25. M

    Thread Anyone successfully modded framework-res.apk ( Oreo ) ?

    Anyone tried Modding framework-res.apk ( Oreo ) ? I have tried a few methods with apktool and was able to compile back to apk. But booting it with ended up in bootloop. If anyone has successfully done this, try compiling one with enabling navigation bar in bools.xml and see if it gives...
  26. etecdailey

    Thread Ok, so is yet there any 100% working solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root?

    Ok, Hi :) I did unlock bootloader + root, it went ok, i'm om 7.1.1 But non of xposed apps (etc) that i have tested is not working well :( So is there any 100% working (maby some new one) solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root? Im my case even Ultimate Dynamic Navbar did not work...
  27. Nandolkz

    Thread (ROOT) Disable Navbar

    Hey, since I bought my Pixel 2 Xl, I saw on videos those nav bar burn in and so I've tried both immersive and Tulsadiver Mod, Navbar Gone with Swipe Navigation with Edge Gesture. Immersive is good but it doesn't get rid of the nav bar completely and everytime I Swipe up Navbar gets up so i...
  28. mike2587

    Thread [Theme][Substratum] Vivid Navbars - Quicksettings

    Hi everyone, this is my Substratum theme. You can replace the classic tiles of the quick settings and your navbar with this theme to have a more elegant and stylish interface. They are in vectorial format, so maximum definition and very light. Please read the instructions carefully...
  29. D

    Thread Permanently removing the Navigation Bar on Android Oreo

    Hi all, so, like many others, I was using swipe gestures on my phone on Nougat and removed the Navigation Bar by editing the build.prop with the line qemu.hw.mainkeys=0. That doesn't seem to work anymore on the Oreo beta, so my question is, if anyone has found a mod/app/any other way to get the...
  30. Q

    Thread Snapchat has issues with navbar transparency

    For the past few weeks, I've had this bug where the navbar in Snapchat goes from being transparent to being black. This affects the height of every photo/video I take in the app by cutting the bottom off where the navbar starts. I've tried wiping app data, uninstalling/reinstalling, as well as...
  31. prithvee

    Thread [App] [5.0+] NavBar Animations (No Root) - Add animations to your navigation bar

    Add custom animations to your phone's Navigation Bar without Root or Xposed! Features : • Enable Navbar Animations and choose an animation pack. • Set animation speed, color overlay and animation triggers. • Auto start on boot option. Pro Features : • Remove all ads. • All Animation packs...
  32. M

    Thread [Overlay][No root][v2] Pixel Home-Button Animation (black and white) DIFFERENT STYLES

    Pixel Home-Button Animation and Pixel Navigation buttons for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ without root Nougat only! For Oreo go here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8/themes/theme-systemui-overlays-samsung-t3735167/ Me and zaacc created an overlay resembling the Pixel Home-Button...
  33. frezd91

    Thread Nav bar turned itself black in one app

    I'm on the last sw update and nav bar color is setted grey. On whatsapp the nav bar was grey but after I hid it and then picked it up again it turned black. Is black only in chat list page, in any other page or any other app is correctly grey. Is pretty strange. Any suggestion?
  34. leeroyjenks

    Thread One button nav AND navbar (no root)?

    I bought the g5+ for my dad and would really like to have one button nav AND the nav bar enabled. I guess what I really want is the ability to wake the phone using the finger print sensor WITHOUT having a fingerprint lock (old person doesn't want it) but still have the nav bar available. Is this...
  35. M

    Thread [Guide] How to Port Pixel Navigation Bar With Animation to Android 7.1.2

    Before starting let me clear that this is not my work ! I'm here to share the knowledge and information to much wider audience. :angel: Thanks to the Charles' Guide of porting till 7.1.1 HERE Thanks to ginger_evil , he helped me porting this on Android 7.1.2 Lets Get Started Note :- This...
  36. mpiero11

    Thread [Q] Define custom long press and double press in emui 5.x

    Hello, Is there any way on Huawei with emui 5.x devices, any app or mod, to assign custom actions to the navigation bar buttons, long press, double-tap ... buttons back / recents / home / show notificacions? My device is Huawei P10 lite, unlocked bootlader, rooted and with recovery TWRP...
  37. V

    Thread Best Custom Rom for Moto G5 plus

    Hi all, I have recently installed twrp and rooted my phone. I'm looking for custom roms. Please help me find the best custom rom. My primary considerations will be OTA updates One Navbar home button, batter and performance stability Themes support
  38. nummerGDD

    Thread Replacing recents button w/menu button

    Hi, Is there any way that you can remove the recent apps button from the status bar and replace it with the menu button? It's b/c i miss the menu button on my s3... and long pressing on menu brings up recents but recents is just vice versa. I have root so if that has to come into play I'm in :D...
  39. AndroidState

    Thread Preventing Navigation Bar Burn In (No Root, ADB needed only)

    Hi all, many people complain about a burn in. With my phone 6 months in and no burn in, I'd like to suggest a tip with no need of root 1) Install Navbar Apps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.damianpiwowarski.navbarapps 2) Enter app and enable Active App option, which changes the...
  40. zipalign

    Thread [Substratum] [OMS] Navbars

    NAVBARS Since I discovered all the OMS and Substratum capabilities, I started looking for themes that could make my device more mine. But since I wasn't able to find something that could make my day with navbars, I started looking on how to create a theme by myself. This is my first theme for...
  41. OrphanBlack

    Thread (Guide) Hide Navigation Bar / Immersive Mode/ Transparent [root required]

    Hello. I asked myself why you can not hide the Navigation Bar from the factory. I Have long researched and have come to this solution until an official version works. It works very well and I am quite satisfied. On Playstore I discovered this app (All in One Gesture) by YS Liang. What it can...
  42. K

    Thread Help regarding customizing navigation bar icons.

    I wanted to change the icons of the navigation bar icons(to the S8 ones) but couldn't find a solution. Tried substratum. softkeyzroot and other methods I don't even remember. I want to know if there is any way for this to happen? I'm on nougat. Thank you.
  43. A

    Thread GravityBox conflicts with OOS

    Hi, I've got problems with Xposed and specially with GravityBox. I really need to modify on-screen navbar buttons to have different commands on long press, etc. Could anyone help me to change navbar behavior on OOS 3.5.6? is there any modified Xposed or any substitution for Xposed? Any help will...
  44. Daxx13

    Thread [Q] PIE style launcher?

    Hi! I'm ready to root the Mate 9 (MHA-L29), the only thing I want is hide completely the navbar (editing the build.prop) and install a PIE control, LMT launcher for example. Anybody has tried some well working PIE apk? I found some on the playstore but all of that have some bugs or malfuntions...
  45. Ticklefish

    Thread [MOD][TUT]Scrolling Navigation Bar

    How would you like to add more buttons to your navbar without cluttering it up? Well, with my Scrolling Navbar mod, now you can! To do this mod, you'll need to decompile your SystemUI.apk. There are many ways to do this but I always recommend using Tickle My Android...
  46. psychopac

    Thread [SHARE]Enabling Navbar and disabling capacitive keys

    Hi everyone, In case anyone wants to enable the nav bar and disable the capacitive keys, there's a handy app that can do both the things easily, requires root though. Link for the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.alviano.android.softbuttons For some reason, I wasn't able...
  47. L

    Thread Navbar icons not centered anymore after dpi change

    Hey guys, i own an apollo lite with android 6., offical stock rom. When I changed the density from 485 to 320, the buttons of the navbar aren't centered anymore as you can see on the attached screenshot. They moved slightly to the left ;( For setting the dpi, I used the terminal command "wm...
  48. H


    I couldn't really find a standalone pixel navbar file specifially for the nexus 6, so here is one ! *I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THIS BRICKS YOUR DEVICE, FLASHING THIS IS YOUR CHOICE* ONLY WORKS ON THE STOCK NOUGAT NBD90Z with root. CONFIRMED WORJING ON NBD91P INSTRUCTIONS 1. back up your deivce...
  49. H

    Thread [Completed] Navbar overlaps dialer even with GMD Inmersive activated (Galaxy Young 2 4.4.2 Stock)

    Hello all, My problem is that the navbar overlaps my dialer as you can see: I have tryied even with GMD Inmersive, but it has a strange behavior: the navkeys dissappear, but the black area where they appear still remains there: I had the same problem with the camera app (navbar overlaps...
  50. H

    Thread On screen navbar?

    I read somewhere that using them for extended period causes burn in but there are really interesting and much better to use then the physical keys. I don't want my screen to have burn in so those of you who have been using them for a while how are they?