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navigation bar

  1. J

    Thread Question Permanent Navigation Buttons?

    Hello folks, I haven't made the jump to custom rom yet, still on stock miui, I don't mind it tbh.. but this is my first phone without physical navigation buttons (back, home , recents etc), is there anyway to make them permanent, i use a lot of apps where the whole screen is active, can be hard...
  2. AJSRO


    Hi everyone! First, I hope I am in the correct section to post this. I'm not a developer, I just want to share what the ultimate solution was for me. This process worked great for my Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus) with MIUI on Android 11. NO ROOT REQUIRED. ► HOW TO USE GESTURE NAVIGATION WITH...
  3. FoxxOS

    Thread [AOSP] Navigation Bar Icon change

    Does anyone here know where I can change the icons of the navigation bar in the Android Source Code??
  4. D

    Thread Status bar not autohiding in fullscreen mode Anymore in miui 12

    Just updated to miui 12.0.4 on my Redmi k20 pro and now the fullscreen immersive has been disabled automatically. Facing this issue in yt, games, video player and browser. Whats worse is the option in the setting has also been removed. Can anybody help me find how to autohide status bar and nav...
  5. G

    Thread [Tasker] Clear navigation bar color in non-samsung apps

    Ever since I got my note I've been annoyed that some non-samsung apps had a white nav bar in dark mode (e.g. google messages). I use gesture navigation, and my expectation is that the nav bar should be clear revealing the content below it. Hiding the gesture hint is an option but I like having...
  6. DynamicTash

    Thread [Q] A way to get two button Nav bar?

    Well, the title. I really want the two button nav bar. I know theres gesture nav bar, but i dont like it fully. I want the back and home button to be tap and recent apps to be dragged up. Like two button. or home and recent apps swapped. At least the back button tap. I also have done adb...
  7. T

    Thread Always show navigation bar

    I use my tablet for my kids and I despise the Freetime launcher because most of my apps are sideloaded with Google Play (paid content). So those apps won't show in Freetime. Regardless, I hate that environment but the problem I have is that my kids have a difficult time figuring out how to go...
  8. Rei Zazie

    Thread Random blue light over navigation bar

    this might be a weird problem or question, but I have this random blue light flashing slowly over navigation bar when I'm on a game in landscape screen, such as Heir of Light or Mobile Legend. I use the hidden navigation bar type instead the one that taking extra space. I wonder if it's coming...
  9. E

    Thread [APP] Arc Lighting Navigation Bar

    Hey everyone, Nathan here! Today, I'm proud to present my app developed with Symetium Corporation. The app is called Arc Lighting Navigation Bar - PC Style Taskbar and is now available on the Google Play Store. The app allows you to completely override your existing navigation bar and in its...
  10. reCoded

    Thread Black navigation bar instead of gray

    As you can see from the image up top, there are two navigation bars. The top is the one Motorola uses on the Moto G5 Plus Oreo update. The one on the bottom is how pretty much every other Android phone has its navigation bar. I was wondering if it's possible to change the gray background from...
  11. R

    Thread Moto Z3 , Z3 Play Gesture Navigation bar for moto Z Series

    can bring gesture navigation bar from moto Z3 , Z3 Play to moto Z2 Force ??
  12. G

    Thread Transparent navbar options as of September 2018

    I'm looking for options on having a transparent navbar on stock T-Mobile Oreo (non rooted device) using Nova Launcher. I just found out about Navbar Apps, which in itself is a cool app, but I understand why it can't make the navbar opaque or transparent. Besides being rooted, are there any...
  13. L

    Thread [APP][BETA] Navbar Weather - weather forecast at your navigation bar

    What is "Navbar Weather"? It's weather app that shows forecast in unique way - on navigation bar via eg. chart. So to use it you obviously have to have navigation bar in your smartphone. How does it work? I've been using Huawei Mate 9 for over a year now. It always pissed me off that I had to...
  14. L

    Thread [APP] Navbar Weather - weather forecast at your navigation bar

    What is "Navbar Weather"? It's weather app that shows forecast in unique way - on navigation bar via eg. chart. So to use it you obviously have to have navigation bar in your smartphone. How does it work? I've been using Huawei Mate 9 for over a year now. It always pissed me off that I had to...
  15. A

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Navbar Tools App to change default color of Navigation Bar

    Navbar Tools allow you to add colors that match the currently opened app color scheme. You can also add images that you like in the Navbar. And last but not least you can add a battery level bar in the Navbar also. Google Play Link ---- Features ----- Active App Color Navbar Tools app add...
  16. D

    Thread Re-assign 'Search' button in navbar

    Is it possible to re-assign 'Search' button so that it opens other apps? (I don't use Search) Found registry keys at 'HKLM/System/Touch/Buttons'. There were 'Name' & 'Vkey' value. Tried changing the values of 'Search' button to match 'Back' button, but it made no difference. Anybody knows...
  17. E

    Thread Smartbar nav

    how to get smartbar on stock rom like aosp roms and resurrection remix ROM to be more specific i mean the custom navigation bar with shortcuts such as back button kills apps and double tap and long pres for more shortcuts :o:):D
  18. R

    Thread Virtual navigation bar

    I liked the software navigation bar on my previous Honor 7. The 5.2 large display was just small enough to comfortably use the phone one handed. I find the HW home and navigation buttons on the Honor 9 to far away so I need to reposition the phone in my hand which is very uncomfortable. I know...
  19. X

    Thread Fixes for some flaws I see.

    Hello, been loving my mate 10 which I own for 3 weeks now.. but there are just somethings that keeps bugging me. I try to check hi care to see but don't to use the phone to talk about something I know the support from our country can't answer.. So here are some questions that you guys might...
  20. krige

    Thread Off-screen navigation button / single navigation key configuration

    I am missing two actions from the conventional virtual navigation bar: Double tap on the recents button to switch between the last two opened apps Notification menu pull down button Is there a way to set the actions associated to the gestures in the off-screen navigation button? It that...
  21. prithvee

    Thread [App] [5.0+] NavBar Animations (No Root) - Add animations to your navigation bar

    Add custom animations to your phone's Navigation Bar without Root or Xposed! Features : • Enable Navbar Animations and choose an animation pack. • Set animation speed, color overlay and animation triggers. • Auto start on boot option. Pro Features : • Remove all ads. • All Animation packs...
  22. H

    Thread Navigation bar timeout and always on display

    I have a couple of questions that relate to potential screen burn in: Firstly, is there any way to change the delay for when the navigation bar hides itself? I don't like having it locked in place, but I also find the timeout way too quick which is very frustrating. Secondly, is there a risk...
  23. D

    Thread How do I keep the navigation bar open

    It keeps closing whenever I play a game and the back press back.button is honestly REALLY useful as I hate swiping on the bottom just to
  24. bonny_k-9

    Thread Listner state navigation bar

    I have an application closely associated with the system navigation bar. It is very important for me to know whether it is hidden or displayed. The following code says it can tell whether immersive mode is enabled/off, which hides the navigation bar. View decorView = getWindow().getDecorView()...
  25. frezd91

    Thread Nav bar turned itself black in one app

    I'm on the last sw update and nav bar color is setted grey. On whatsapp the nav bar was grey but after I hid it and then picked it up again it turned black. Is black only in chat list page, in any other page or any other app is correctly grey. Is pretty strange. Any suggestion?
  26. J

    Thread Navigation bar not working in EPD

    Hello, I am suffering from a really annoying problem for the last month and I cannot find a solution. I have tried to flash several firmwares but the EPD navigation bar seems to become somehow irresponsibe making the phone quite unusable. With LP EU (5.0.0-EU1.1.87a and 5.0.0-EU1.1.124b) the...
  27. hellakarsh

    Thread Navigation Keys not working..

    Recently, my navigation bar at the bottom of the screen stopped working. Even in the TWRP recovery, the navigation bar doesn't work. I an confirm that my display is alright. I tried flashing stock ROM but it didn't help. Anyone can help me?
  28. G

    Thread [ADB, no root] How to hide the navigation bar AND status bar on all apps

    First of all, it's important that this mod isn't for everybody, because it hides the status bar as well, to fill the entire 18.5:9 screen with content. It looks very immersive, as if the entire front side of the phone is display, because the top bezel is about as thick as the status bar would...
  29. M

    Thread [Guide] How to Port Pixel Navigation Bar With Animation to Android 7.1.2

    Before starting let me clear that this is not my work ! I'm here to share the knowledge and information to much wider audience. :angel: Thanks to the Charles' Guide of porting till 7.1.1 HERE Thanks to ginger_evil , he helped me porting this on Android 7.1.2 Lets Get Started Note :- This...
  30. D

    Thread [Q] App that creates Android shortcuts to keyboard shortcuts?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me of an Android app that can create Android Shortcuts (Like Contact, Direct Dial ... ) but for actual keyboard shortcuts (like Back, Undo, Home, Copy Paste)? Let me tell you the reason behind this: I find that these days, with screen size increasing, we need a more...
  31. X

    Thread Car mode - huge navbar overlay

    Is anyone else annoyed with the way Samsung modifies nav bar in the car mode? It shows 2 huge buttons - menu and back, hides recent button. But most importantly, it overlays some apps, making any action for those apps in the same area virtually useless, i.e. in waze i can no longer press the...
  32. OrphanBlack

    Thread (Guide) Hide Navigation Bar / Immersive Mode/ Transparent [root required]

    Hello. I asked myself why you can not hide the Navigation Bar from the factory. I Have long researched and have come to this solution until an official version works. It works very well and I am quite satisfied. On Playstore I discovered this app (All in One Gesture) by YS Liang. What it can...
  33. vinaykharayat

    Thread How to decrease spacing between navgation keys?

    Hey someone please tell me how can I decrease spacing B/W navigation keys (softkeys) to bring them closer. :D I tried to edit navigation_bar_width in dimens.xml in framework but didn't feel any difference(though i changed from 32.0 dip to 28.0dip) :p Actually I am bit confused :confused: coz in...
  34. J

    Thread Easy way to disable/enable Hard and Soft Keys

    I searched the whole section of this forum but couldn't find an elegant way so I decided to ask: I updated from Temasek's ROM which isn't developed any more to LineageOS. On my old ROM there was an option to disable the Hard Keys completely and use Soft Keys (aka Navigation BAR) instead. And...
  35. B

    Thread Google Pixel Navbar for HTC 10?

    Hey guys, i really need the pixel navbar! Any flashable zips or other things? The Navbar App is not compatible with htc 10, the Xstanaa skin buttons size are to big for me and the xposed Modul Nougat Navbar looks not like the pixel navbar. Any help?
  36. B

    Thread Hide Navigation Bar in Apps

    Hey Guys, Is there perhaps an app or a Xposed module that can hide the navigation bar in other apps? I would like to have the navigation bar only in the Nova Launcher and then have it hidden in all other apps. Do not ask why! ^^ So far I have not found any way or app for it. I have root and am...
  37. Fr33L4nc3r

    Thread Capacitive buttons, navigation bar and PIE control

    Hi guys, Ok, so I'm coming from an old Nexus 4 on which I was used to do everything with one hand (right). I was used to Pie Control, and completely remove my software navigation bar (qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 in build.prop) Now, I'd like to do quite the same thing with my OP3, but I'm struggling a...
  38. deeps_17

    Thread [theme] Pure White Nav Bar CM12/CM13 theme engine

    If you have been following up with my previous themes, and wanted a much simpler and elegant looking Nav bar, Here it is. Simple, Pure, White Navigation bar. Goes well with dark wallpapers and themes. Includes a stylish wallpaper. CAUTION: ========================================= PLEASE MAKE...
  39. deeps_17

    Thread [Theme] G Nav Bar for CM12/CM13 theme engine

    After the good feedback from my previous theme attempt at N Nav bar, I proudly present you "G Nav bar" A far more better, crisp and stylish navigation bar for Android running a custom ROM. The edges are crispier than ever giving a unique look that none of your friends will have. Go flaunt your...
  40. deeps_17

    Thread [Theme] G Nav Bar for CM12/CM13 theme engine

    After the good feedback from my previous theme attempt at N Nav bar, I proudly present you "G Nav bar" A far more better, crisp and stylish navigation bar for Android running a custom ROM. The edges are crispier than ever giving a unique look that none of your friends will have. Go flaunt your...
  41. Sm0k3d 0uT

    Thread Disable Navigation Bar (Disable Soft Keys)

    Does anyone know how to completely disable the navigation bar? I don't mean hide it so that it pops back up when you swipe up, I mean permanently gone. Hiding the the navigation bar right now screws up my theme in Buzz Launcher. Thanks Nevermind I used Gravity Box to remove the navigation bar.
  42. S

    Thread [MOD][V10c] Navigation Bar Themes 35/30/25DPI [25.05.16]

    Hello! I just thought i would share some of my mods with you, take it or leave. Feel free to leave any suggestions as i'm continuously updating this. P.S.: Give credit where credit is due, all listed Mods where made by myself (includes the vector graphics). What it's doing.. So, basically...
  43. J

    Thread About Navigation bar in any Phone/ROM

    Hey guys, I will complete guide you about navigation bar. This thread devided into to parts Who likes navigation bar Who dislike navigation bar 1. Who likes navigation bar Who likes navigation bar can add navigation bar into their phone Simply follow steps... Open...
  44. L

    Thread Change Navigation bar color

    Before someone yells at me, I realize this isn't exactly a Droid Turbo problem, but I tried looking around for a way to do this and couldn't, so I thought I would post it here. Here's my situation: I am currently running RR v5.5.9r34. I have the navigation bar enabled, with the hardware...
  45. W

    Thread [HELP] Galaxy S5 Navigation Bar

    I added: "qemu.hw.mainkeys=0" in build.prop It works normally in portrait, but in landscape I can't press anything. Only just a blank bar How to fix it? Galaxy S5 (G900H) Stock Kitkat ANI1 Deodexed Thanks in advanced Sorry for my bad english
  46. J

    Thread How to configure Quicksettings and other features

    1. install xposed framework ( if you have questions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64538311&postcount=14 ) 2. install xposed installer apk 3. inside xposed installer search for GravityBox MM (don't be irritated about the info text - 'Does ... not support ... HTC Sense') 4...
  47. Chxrlyglez

    Thread [MOD] [ZL] [5.1] [Deodexed] Operator name, Dynamic Bars, Dropdown Statusbar Theme, TM

    Hello people of XDA. This is my first thread here, so I really hope you like this easy mods. All this mods has been tested on my own Xperia ZL with Android 5.1 Stock 10.7.A.0.222 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  48. fabio000

    Thread [MOD][5.1.1]Navbar spacing fix on lower DPI | Stock, CM12.1 and Cataclysm Supported

    This zip fix the navbar spacing on lower DPI This mod simply adds a 75dp margin on the left of the back button and on the right of the recents button, if requested by many people, I can add more values like 40dp and 100dp (to people who use dpi bigger and lower than mine) for now only stock is...
  49. blazzer12

    Thread [CM 12.1] How to make physical navigation buttons work after change of resolution?

    Using ZE551ML, CM 12.1. I want to change the resolution 720x1280. The problem is once the resolution is changed the physical navigation buttons don't work. So how to make them work again?
  50. N

    Thread [APP][] Navigation Bar - Soft Key

    Update version Update user interface Hi guys! I have a phone app for android and want to share with everyone which is: Navigation Bar - Soft Key When Screen your phone or tablet too large, you need use a navigation bar but this think is quite difficult. This Navigation Bar-soft key...