1. H

    Thread Navigation app for android 2.1

    Hello and have a good day. I have a sony xperia X8 with android 2.1. Does someone know a navigation app for this android version so that the phone can be used as a gps? Thank you very much
  2. N

    Thread Does this phones' UI have ads? Do stock apps ask for unwanted permission?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if this phones' software have ads anywhere in the UI? If yes, is there an option to opt-out? Secondly, I've heard Xiaomi phones are notorious for having stock apps that ask for unwanted permission to function (eg: calculator wanting to access contacts etc.), is...
  3. jonas.anderssen

    Thread How to find Navigation Maps for Suzuki Vitara 2018 car?

    Hello, I have on my Suzuki Vitara 2018 1.6/ Firmware version 1850.2_170730 / I have some question: Where and how are the instructions to install an updated MAP for Europe? What maps are free to download and install? Thanks so much
  4. T

    Thread Navigation bar 🤬

    Hi, does anyone know how to get rid of the bottom navigation bar, i have the gesture navigation on but it displays this stupid bottom bar which to me is really annoying. Any help will be appreciated :)
  5. S

    Thread Is it possible to hide the navigation buttons with root (using Fluid Nav Gestures)?

    No, FNG won't be able to hide the navbar. You'll have to do that separately.
  6. F

    Thread Navigation menu buttons are off-center

    Does anyone have the same issue as me? Every few minutes, the navigation buttons slightly move to a different position on the screen, which makes them off-center with the rest of the screen. This usually happens after locking and unlocking the phone. I have tried to restart the phone into the...
  7. W

    Thread 2 Button Nav, what are my options?

    So by now I've opened and set up my Pixel 4a. Quickly got annoyed by the new and half baked gesture navigation. So I went to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation to enable 2 button and... its not there. Ok, annoying they'd hide it like that, but nothing an ABD command cant fix, so I...
  8. R

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] ContactMap: Find your friends' homes on a map

    LINK: At a place with some free time to kill? Wish to make a quick visit to a friend who lives close by to where you are now? This app will show you all your contacts that are in the vicinity based on your current location...
  9. A

    Thread How to resize and swipe to hide the navigation bar?

    Is there anyway to do this on the G8. I would like to make the navigation bar as tall as the status bar. I have blacken the status bar to hide the notch. If the black region on the top and bottom are the same. I would have a symmetric screen:)
  10. M

    Thread Problem sith asottu head unit

    Hello. I have two weird problems with my assotu head unit mounted in my 2018 seat toledo. #Aliexpress RON 888.37 57%OFF | Asottu VW301 android 9.0 PX30 car dvd gps navigation for skoda for vw golf 6 7 polo tiguan passat b6 b5 gps player car this is my...
  11. foxwsp

    Thread Navbar and gestures - automation with spen

    Hello, Have you been trying to automate changing the navigation metod while using spen? I use navigation gestures but I want to have nav bar when using spen. This have changed since android 10 and old tasker task doesnt works for me now. I see in tasker that when im changing navigation metod...
  12. J

    Thread Google navigation gestures

    Heey guys, I've bought a redmi note 8 and i didnt like miui navigation gestures, is there a way to set gestures Just like Google? Swipe up to open multitask, set Just a button to return and longe press for assistant?
  13. redsmith

    Thread Can't open app drawer immediately after swiping up to go home

    Hello, I've discovered this bug in the navigation gesture system. The app drawer won't open after a second or so after swiping up to go home from any application. The only way to open the app drawer in this case is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Please help starring this issue on...
  14. R

    Thread A70 GPS Problems on Certain Countries

    Hi all, Some time ago when I got my A70 I discovered that GPS didn't work well. In fact it didn't work at all. Using GPS Test APP the phone was able to find around 30 satellites with good signal but it would not "lock" the position therefore I could not use GPS based apps like navigation or...
  15. O

    Thread Compass Navigator - NEW app for Gear S3

    Good app to wander without internet and map. for FREE in samsung galaxy apps store!
  16. braunie

    Thread Issue with Three-key navigation on P10+

    I would like to use the three-key navigation, but it doesn't work very well. Often I have to tab twice on a key to get the desired navigation. Is there a solution for that? :confused:
  17. Parduz

    Thread Lumia 650 as a Bluetooth GPS for Android devices?

    I've got an unused Lumia 650, and my plans were to use it as a navigator on my motorcycle. The display in the sunlight and the GPS are fantastic compared to my (old) Samsung devices. BUT the software compartment is very lacking. I've found no good navigator apps, right now the best solution is...
  18. K

    Thread [MAGISK MOD] Android Q tweaks

    Android Q hidden settings enabler Created by kingbri Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you flash this and make your phone into a brick, blow it up, create nuclear war, etc. You are flashing this at your own risk (However, it's very likely this won't happen) This is a simple magisk module...
  19. J

    Thread [UMIDIGI F1] Android P customizations, dark theme, gesture navigation

    The Umidigi F1 is supposed to come with stock Android P; however, it seems that some features have been removed or disabled. I can't find how to enable the Android P Dark Theme. I can't figure out how to enable full screen gesture navigation or how to swap the back and recents buttons in the...
  20. TechOut

    Thread Disable Multitasking Before App Drawer?

    Is there a way to either go to regular navigation buttons or to disable the multitasking window before the app drawer comes up? It's a bit annoying having to swipe hard to get to the drawer.
  21. B

    Thread Google Assistant using gesture navigation bar

    Since Android Pie now has navigation gestures, how do you activate Google Assistant? Previously it was hold on home button.
  22. S

    Thread Google Maps location jerks back and forth, jumps to nearby road, changing nav instr.

    My brother and I both have Global Mi 8 phones with the latest stable version of MIUI ( On both phones, the Google Maps location jumps around about 100 or maybe even 200 feet in any direction, causing the blue dot to make sudden jumps on screen, sometimes ahead, sometimes it goes a bit...
  23. randomhkkid

    Thread [Non-Root] Hide navigation bar and use custom gestures

    I noticed that some of the applications for custom gesture navigation don't work on MIUI 10 on the MIX 3. Here's what I did to get it to work. Requirements: * ADB and Fastboot installed * A custom gestures application - I use Edge Gestures Notes: * Make sure to have an alternative navigation...
  24. K

    Thread Gesture Navigation and Raw support (SONY's Reply to my mail)

    Hello guys, after of 6-7 months of using XZ1 today I sent an Email to Sony regarding the Raw Support of our Xperia and asking about the Gesture Navigation which was not included in the Pie Update. I am posting it here also, may be you are interested about to hear from Sony :) Here is what I got...
  25. K

    Thread Gesture Navigation and Raw support (SONY's Reply to my mail)

    Hello guys, after of 6-7 months of using XZ1 today I sent an Email to Sony regarding the Raw Support of our Xperia and asking about the Gesture Navigation which was not included in the Pie Update. Here is what I got as an answer: Thank you for contacting Xperia Support by Sony. We would...
  26. J

    Thread Navigation bar not adjusting with dark themed google apps

    I'm finding my Oneplus 6T is not adapting it's navigation bar to match dark themed google apps. Specifically Google dialer dark theme from xda, but also stock Google messages app in dark theme. See image link below. I'm using nova launcher set to dark navigation bar and using oneplus built in...
  27. JGoldz75

    Thread [How To] Remove gesture navigation and return to old navigation buttons

    Hi all, I know a bunch of people are not happy with the new gesture navigation that is forced upon the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Luckily, there is a relatively easy way to remove the gestures and revert back to the way things were on the OG Pixel and Pixel 2 (Oreo). This method involves...
  28. W

    Thread Cheapest smartwatch that does turn by turn navigation?

    I bought an electric scooter earlier this week: It's easily twice as fast as walking, so I get lost twice as fast :o I'd like satnav while avoiding the phone mount (cumbersome & risk of breaking the phone). I've been searching for a few days if I could get the turn by turn instructions from...
  29. U

    Thread P10 and Android Pie Gestures

    hi guys! well I made this threads to know how you think huawei is gonna solve this "issue" in phones with front buttons like the huawei P10. do you think huawei is gonna integrate the new gestures in the home button? or maybe huawei is not planning integrating this gesture based navigation...
  30. N

    Thread Change gestures on finger id / 'external button'

    Hi guys, I prefer deactivating the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen and using gestures on the fingerprint reader, now j was wondering if it is possible to change the gestures. What it is: Click for back Long press for home Swipe left or right for last applications What I want...
  31. T

    Thread [Oreo] Still no way of reducing navbar height?

    since substratum mods for th navbar height are not working (correct me if i'm wrong, but in my case, nothing changes when applying) i was looking for an alternative way of reducing the navbar height. if i remember correctly, on nougat there was a way of decompiling the Touchwiz_home.apk and...
  32. A.Priori

    Thread BlackNavigationBar xposed module

    This seems to be perfect for changing the navigation area to dark. Anyone else try it? Is it safe? Thanks!
  33. K

    Thread Is anyone know the way to completely remove the navigation bar of Nubia Z17S?

    Is anyone know the way to completely remove the navigation bar of Nubia Z17S? My Z17S has been rooted and I have tried "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" already but it doesn't affect the Nubia UI's navigation bar at all. It's seam like Nubia UI has its own navigation bar running on top and the code to...
  34. R

    Thread G4 Play Google Maps Issue

    I've got the G4 Play (1602) and recently I noticed while using Google Maps, the map will not rotate in my direction of travel, so while navigation it becomes really difficult to gauge if what direction I have to travel in. It's very annoying as it seemed to work fine before.
  35. frezd91

    Thread Nav bar turned itself black in one app

    I'm on the last sw update and nav bar color is setted grey. On whatsapp the nav bar was grey but after I hid it and then picked it up again it turned black. Is black only in chat list page, in any other page or any other app is correctly grey. Is pretty strange. Any suggestion?
  36. K

    Thread Adding Navigation app as "Mode" in Android 5.x based Double Din Head Unit

    I have recently installed a Double Din Android based head unit in my Toyota Corolla 2012, have also paired with steering multimedia buttons (with Volume, Track, MODE, Phone & Mute controls). The "MODE" button on my steering wheel switches the current application to Music Video AV-In Radio The...
  37. P

    Thread On-screen navigation bar on stock

    The only thing keeping me from going back to stock from LOS is onscreen navigation bar. I hate the capacitive buttons. Is this already enabled in latest stock version, and if not, can I enable it if I am rooted/custom recovery? I strongly prefer a solution for B25.
  38. I

    Thread Possible to change the navigation bar icons?

    I really hate that design. Looking for an option or a theme that changes the navigation icons to the stock ones from marshmallow (hollow icons). Is it possible?
  39. nwg


    Hi, Some time ago I implemented the what3words Global Addressing System API into one of my apps. Later, having nothing better to do, I developed a standalone watch face, which uses the API forward and reverse geocoding.. Features: find users' current 3word address and display in a Toast...
  40. bgibson72

    Thread Home Touch Button mods?

    Is there any way to customize the home touch buttons? I've seen some different ones in various ROM's, but I wondered if there was an independent mod I could flash, or even an app that would offer a variety of themes.
  41. W

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Speedr v1.0 - Does speeding in your car really save time?

    Hey everybody. I just published my first Android app in the Play Store (first time posting code to xda too). It's called Speedr, it calculates how much time, or how little time, you save by speeding in your car. Check out the app+GitHub and leave me some feedback for v2.0! Play Store / GitHub /...
  42. H

    Thread Google maps keeps opening to navigation randomly

    For a couple weeks now after I navigate to somewhere and then end navigation, the application opens again randomly and tries to resume navigation. I have tried to clear it out of the recent apps list as well as force closing the app. After a force it will not reopen until I start the maps...
  43. wandel

    Thread iGO Primo NextGen Development

    This threads will contains extensions for the navigation system based on NNG iGO PRIMO NextGen
  44. SilenceFiction

    Thread Installing a tablet as a backup camera monitor in my car

    So I've had this fantasy of installing a tablet in my car's dashboar to act as a car computer. That means I will be able to access my google music cloud, using it as a radio, navigation system, OBD scanner, etc... (I plan on getting a tablet with cellular connectivity). But the thing that looks...
  45. K

    Thread Motorcycle GPS phone mod

    A while back I upgraded from my old lenovo a830 up to a OnePlus Two as a result of the lenovo's micro USB port becoming faulty and only briefly taking charge when forced in to certain angles. I have now considered making an enclosure for the device that mounts it to my motorcycle handlebar so I...
  46. drmouse81

    Thread Help with Navigation

    Hi Guys I have just installed an MTCD unit (Xtrons pf75aa3ar). In general, I love it, although it has a few faults (pretty slow, slow bootup, FM tuner not as sensitive as OEM). However, one of the main reasons I bought it was for navigation. Google maps works well, but I cannot get it to...
  47. S

    Thread Hardware and software navigation buttons not working

    The hardware buttons have stopped working, and the software buttons don't work. Don't know why. There is no reason why. Even the software buttons in TWRP recovery don't work So I updated my recovery and reinstalled the rom (crdroid) and still no success. I even installed oppo recovery and...
  48. Mad Medik

    Thread The Unofficial Android Auto Thread

    Hi All, I've been extremely excited about the integration of my smartphone with my car for a while. Almost anyone who would be in the market for a motor vehicle with an advanced head unit would also already own a smartphone with data access. However, like any new use of technology, there are...
  49. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Implement a Navigation Drawer with a Toolbar on Android

    Hello, I create that thread to share with you a tutorial showing you how to implement a Navigation Drawer with a Toolbar on Android. You can find the tutorial here on my blog : . There are also others great...
  50. M

    Thread Double Din chinese car head unit with custom software...any way around it?

    Hey guys, I am really unsure where to ask or even if this is the forum to go to, but I've came across a few of these Chinese headunits online and they seem to be priced so well that I'd like to play around with it. Example...