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neatrom lite

  1. P

    Thread Can't delete files from my external memory card through file explorer

    I have tried a lot of custom Roms. I'm on Neat ROM Lite now. Not sure which ROM changed my file access permission settings to cause this problem but I'm not able to delete any files from my external memory card. I was able to delete when I was on stock rom. The other problem is for a few apps I...
  2. R

    Thread [Q] From NeatROM to Stock Rom - version

    Hello, I have a problem with my SGSII smartphone. Unfortunately there are many bugs in NeatRom plus it is running really slow which is why I would like to return to my stock ROM. However, I am not able to find a suitable Stock rom version. My Product code (found out with product checker) is...
  3. Spannaa

    Thread [THEME][NeatROM 4.3 XWLSD/4.5 XWLSJ/4.6 XWLSN] Full Blue Ginger theme with 23 toggles

    Following on from my Blue Ginger VRTheme for XWLSD roms with the 1% battery mod, I added the 23 Fancy Toggles mod (with AdvanceS fix) and themed it to fit in with the Blue Ginger look. I also added my mms bubbles & emoticons VRTheme and the call recording mod. Three apks have been themed...
  4. _Sale_

    Thread [ROM][Aug 26][XWMS3] NeatROM/Lite/ExtraLite/Full/Themed/Aroma/Mods

    Welcome to NeatROM for Galaxy S2 I9100 NeatROM Full, Lite / Themed - 1st Post Mods and Themes - 2nd Post How to Install / Older Downloads - 3th Post =========================================================== August 26, 2014 NeatROM for Samsung...