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    Thread Question Netflix app no longer compatible (after firmware swap from CN to Global)

    Netflix app now shows an error and tells me to update, head over to Play store and tells me app is incompatible with my device 🤔. I'm on A.09 flashed from CN firmware. Anyone else come across this and found a solution? TIA.
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    Hello, I present to you GCFlix - A Netflix Global Catalog : LINKS : please if you like the app rate it on google play and share it on social media, thanks.:) Download from Google Play Download from Aptoide Facebook Page Description : You use netflix and you change vpn regularly to see the...
  3. K3V1991

    Thread [SAI][TWRP] Netflix - Latest Versions (Stable & Beta)

    Netflix is the World’s leading Subscription Service for watching TV Episodes and Movies on your favorite Device. This Netflix Mobile Application delivers the best Experience anywhere, anytime NFO: • This Thread is for People who can't download Netflix App due to incompatibility with Device or...
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    Thread [Q] Netflix on Nook Color "MUST UPGRADE" message

    An issue recently popped up with Netflix on my wife's rooted Nook Color. It is demanding an upgrade with every attempt to run the application. In the passed, when an upgrade message would pop up, all I had to do was to tap "cancel" and I could continue on to use the app. Now, there is a message...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone having problems with netflix.apk?

    Hi everyone, I am running kahlpowers miui v4 (yes I know it is an old rom and am about to upgrade) but I am having problems with the netflix.apk from the market. When I play a video, it doesnt play smoothly at all. The video buffers fine but the video looks REALLY laggy and the audio is out of...
  6. jamsterzak

    Thread [APP] [11/3/11] Netflix 1.5.1 Landscape enabled

    *11/3/11- updated link, 1.5.1 Build 367 *What's in this version: Support for Android 3.x devices. Available in the USA, Canada and Latin America. Supports alternate audio and subtitles. Fix incompatibility with CyanogenMod 7 ROM devices. ______________________________________________ Lack of...
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    Thread [Q] Netflix on Galaxy Tab 10.1

    So, in all my searching I can find nothing to suggest anybody has gotten any of the Netflix apks out there to work on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 running HC 3.1. Am I correct? Is there no mod that can be applied to coerce it into working?
  8. Binary100100

    Thread Netflix App

    Looks like it's almost finished. The app is ready and it'll let you sign in and manage your queue but when you attempt to stream a video an error pops up with: So I attached the apk of the file that I installed if anyone wants to play around with it. EDIT: I noticed that there are a few of...