1. L

    Thread Question CTS Profile Mismatch Despite No Root & Netflix not in the App Store?

    Hey, I come to you with a peculiar set of bugs? Problems? I got a pretty fresh 12G Ram Nothing Phone (1) here. I tried rooting it pretty much immediately with help of the forum post here, but the OTA updater failed afterwards, so I let magisk uninstall itself, flashed a clean full European...
  2. Rajavel04

    Thread Google and Netflix IPv6 pings are not going through

    Hi Members, I have found an issue that Google and Netflix IPv6 ping are not going through. While DNS is success and curl is working fine, only IPv6 pings are failing. The issue seems to be present from past few days. Is there any specific reason for it. Thanks! Raj
  3. Nabicook

    Thread How To Guide [Root] Xiaomi 12S Ultra Netflix L1 FHD HDR10 Tweak

    ok, so I finally figured out how to do this all. sorry the screen shots are in Korean, I'm too lazy to go back and change the language but you can still see the important stuff, like the device name, DRM L1, resolution FHD, and HDR 10 support. Basically, you add build prop value so that the...
  4. V

    Thread Question Widevine l1 problem.

    So I have been using Vivo x60 (8,128)gb for more than one . Purchased this phone by considering its a phone of flagship line . But my vivo x60 support widevine l3 , but on Netflix offlicial site I can play HDR content. In the initial stage of phone launch my phone has l1 , but after some updates...
  5. Nabicook

    Thread General [Fixed] Widevine L1 via drm app, but L3 on netflix

    Edit : Figured out how to fix this! -> my post I guess I would have to wait until some kind of fix from somewhere. I talked with netflix but they told me to talk with the manufacturer :)... but since 12s series is chinese only release atm so...😅
  6. A

    Thread Netflix FHD fix

    This is a quick guide on how to fix the Netflix FHD problem. The problem is actually that even if the device is Widevine L1 certified but is not Neftlix certified then HD content wont play. There are a few dirty ways to bypass this. I will write three ways Some things before we start: I am not...
  7. S

    Thread Question Screen brightness is very dark for Netflix and YouTube

    Hi everyone, I got mi pad 5 in india few says back. And I'm facing below issue whenever I'm watching dark scene on Netflix or YouTube, even though my tablet brightness is max still that scene is very much dark that barely can see faces of characters. I'm not a tech guy but i know I've spent 23k...
  8. D

    Thread Question How to enter in fastboot Realme GT 2?

    Hi friends! I've a problem with Realme GT 2 (RMX3311) . Google Pay don't work, Netflix isn't available in Play Store and i think that's all is due to this device isn't verified with Play Protection. I've software version : RMX3311_11_A.05 and don't have any updates but i've seen that they are...
  9. H

    Thread Question K40 Gaming Widevine L1 certificate does not exist

    The K40G is a very good phone but it is not possible to watch anything of high quality on Netflix. Because of the L3 certificate, the movies are mud. I installed Magisk but couldn't find a solution for the L1 certificate, so I'm waiting for solutions if anyone knows or can.
  10. E

    Thread [APP][MOD] Netflix - Kodi Edition (Kodi fork with Netflix) + Netflix Mobile RCU MOD

    Netflix - Kodi Edition is a Kodi 19.4 fork with Netflix addon pre-installed. It's customized for Widevine L1 Android TV boxes and can be installed alongside Kodi. For Widevine L3 devices (only 540p): - Netflix settings > Expert > ESN/Widevine settings > Force L3 Recommendation for lower...
  11. chrisnkrueger

    Thread [APP][6.0+] NextOnFlix - What’s new on Netflix?

    My new app for Netflix lovers is ready! :) With the app, you will not miss any new releases on Netflix and you will find your next movies or series to watch through many categories. You will also get a lot of information about your favorite movies and series on Netflix. Link to Google Play Store...
  12. kilgharrah18

    Thread Rooted device: Unable to pass Safetynet, Netflix device failure (501.-109), RTLPlay (Belgium App) Freeze...

    Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad English, i'm Belgian. So, recently, I installed LineageOS GSI on my old Huawei P20 Lite. I rooted it because i want to test some apps before installing custom rom on my actual phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro) So, for my banking apps, i need to install magisk and...
  13. G

    Thread Question HD Netflix

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a Xiaomi Pad 5. I can't find a global version of this device online that can ship to the US, so I'm buying the Chinese model. I have a few questions about this device's Netflix capability: 1. In the Chinese ROM with Google Play installed, is it possible to...
  14. A

    Thread Widevine L1 for LG smartphones

    Will the following devices play Netflix and Amazon Prime in HD despite possibly having Widevine L1 DRM? 1. LG WING 5G 2. LG VELVET 4G 3. LG G8X
  15. DryreL

    Thread DRM apps such as Netflix cannot be downloadable on Playstore (Magisk Root)

    Hello everyone, I rooted my device with Magisk 23.0 and I was planning watch Netflix but the Netflix app didn't work. Then I removed to re-install. Guess what? It does not shown up in the Playstore results if you search... Versions: Mi 9T Pro 128GB MIUI Android 11 OrangeFox Recovery...
  16. M

    Thread [Mibox MDZ-16-AB] [Netflix] Error UI-800-3

    I'm using mibox to watch Netflix and YouTube. I have my mibox for about 4 years and everything was ok until tommorow. Netflix after run freezed for few seconds and showed error UI-800-3 (307006). "More information" shows error UI-113. I checked my network connection, but its was ok. Steps I...
  17. M

    Thread [CLOSED][App][5.0+] Flix Codes : secret codes for netflix

    Discover 200+ Hidden categories available on Netflix to watch with Netflix Kodes With this application you can effectively filter and display movies and serials on Netflix. Netflix Kodes : Category Secret Codes for Netflix With this application you can effectively filter and display movies...
  18. D

    Thread [CLOSED] x

  19. X

    Thread [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Link to root, App2sd, SafetyNet Pass including cts profile

    1. Root using magisk - Please refer to this excellent guide by @DJBhardwaj Click here for thread 2. App2sd pro by Vicky Bonick This is the playstore link a. After activating root install busybox using any of the busybox apps on the play store. I used Busybox for android by jrummy (I know...
  20. D


    Hello, I present to you GCFlix - A Netflix Global Catalog : LINKS : please if you like the app rate it on google play and share it on social media, thanks.:) Download from Google Play Download from Aptoide Facebook Page Description : You use netflix and you change vpn regularly to see the...
  21. jericho246

    Thread Question Do you guys have Dolby Vision in Netflix on your Mi 11 Ultra?

    As you can see on the following screenshot, I do not have DV logo in Netflix. Only HDR logo. I thought mi 11 Ultra was supposed to be able to view content in Dolby Vision? Or am I incorrect? Also it's not a problem with my subscription, I have the right one. On my Sony TV I do have Dolby Vision...
  22. L

    Thread Widevine L3

    hi all, i have problem with my phone which is widevine is change to L3 try to reflash persist, flash all partition using fastboot, use unbrick tool msmtool, it remain L3 after all. can someone help how to fix this?
  23. Ric_82

    Thread No more video playback in "Desktop Mode" (Widevine DRM)

    Hi everyone, I don't know if it's a coincidence but since my Honor View 20 PCT-L29 was upgraded to build (C432E3R2P3) I can no longer view DRM Widevine-protected video streams via Kodi in desktop mode. I don't think it's a Kodi's problem, because Netflix, Disney+ etc. work perfectly...
  24. T

    Thread [2021 noob guide] Unlock and root (with working SafetyNet, Netflix & etc., Lock/Unlock in dev settings)

    ### Disclaimer ### I am not responsible for damages of any kind. This will probably destroy your device without any warranty help or replacement. If you follow this guide, your warranty will be lost forever. Probably i described something wrong or it's not working for you. ### READ THIS ###...
  25. X

    Thread Question Does widevine L1 work with a custom recovery?

    I couldn't find any informations about this. When does it switch to widevine L3? After installing a custom recovery or after installing a custom rom? I want to install TWRP on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ but don't want to risk to get widevine L3.
  26. A

    Thread No Netflix HDR Support?

    How come most previous LG flagships are capable of Netflix HDR while the V50 isn't? Or is this something that only my model does not support. I have the SKT variant, with Widevine L1. Not necessarily a dealbreaker for me, just feels like a missed opportunity. I had hoped to have at least...
  27. D

    Thread [APP][MOD] Netflix 8.1.2 build 3844 ATV for uncertified devices by Netflix

    Netflix 8.1.2 build 3844 At the moment, the method of changing the ESN number is non-working! Work on the problem of non-certified devices continues, new versions may appear in the future. [/SIZE] Where "YOUR ESN NUMBER", insert your ESN number. 4.1 To remove the optimization error (-14)...
  28. Valesian

    Thread Teclast M40 - is there any Widevine L1 fix?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Teclast M40 tablet and was wondering if anyone has found a Widevine L3 to L1 fix for it yet. I tried with the file posted here but after authorizing unknown sources installation it still says me "app not installed". Is there anything else I could do? SD Netflix is ok...
  29. xerios777

    Thread P10 lite AOSP 10 bug camera / Lineageos 17.1 bug headphone

    Hello everybody ! I flash my P10 lite Was-Lx1a it is full unlock (paid € 4 with DC-unlock) French-europe ok ! Dowgraded TWRP to 3.3.1 ARMv8-A / HI6250 / Kernel 4.4.23+ Mali-T830 I tested two rom: - AOSP 10 (sd card problem with camera) I did not find a solution = inconclusive format - unable...
  30. L

    Thread Loading videos on PSN store and the Netflix App on Chromecast + Google TV kill my PDAnet connection

    Posted this on r/HomeNetworking and r/androidapps but it's a very specific issue so just trying to increase my chances of finding someone that can help So I know this is oddly specific but I'm at my wit's end trying to figure this out. We live out in the middle of nowhere so our phone data...
  31. Y

    Thread [APP][NOROOT/NOADS][AndroidTV][5.0+] Prime Video / Netflix / Spotify / orthers Button Mapper

    Description These apps will remap the Prime Video / Netflix / Spotify / others button on your Android TV remote controller! When you first run the app thru the launcher or by pressing the button on your remote, you just need to select the desired app. And if you later wish to change the...
  32. P

    Thread Pixel C not compatible with Netflix (anymore) according to play store

    I don't even have on my Pixel C on lineageos. I don't have vendor/lib either, just lib64. Does that matter? I'm rooted with Magisk. Annoying because I'm trying to fix this video streaming playback issue with a bunch of apps.
  33. TomTomarin

    Thread Netflix HD

    Can anyone figure out to stream HD contect in Netflix? I tried all available "modded" apks but none is streaming HD. Even Jonas apk from github.
  34. mermigas

    Thread Netflix for android Tv box without use of a mouse

    Running Netflix on an android box requires use of a mouse. Is there any apk that runs solely with the use of remote control like the Netflix apk for Android TV
  35. Z

    Thread Oneplus 8 + root + widevine L1?

    Is it possible to root the USA unlocked oneplus 8 and also keep widevine L1 for HD Netflix?
  36. B

    Thread Netflix unsupported fo S8+ ??

    Yep, shocking title, but thats what the Google Play Store said to me when i tried to update the Netflix App ( pic attached ). I know that the app isnt available for rooted devices, old devices, old android versions... but why our S8 Plus ??? My Device is no rooted, no OEM unlocked, Global...
  37. R

    Thread Weird hdr behavior

    I noticed something strange with hdr videos on my device, and I would like to know if it's something that only affects my device, or if is normal for all op7ts out there. In some apps, but not all of them, half of my screen looks like an ips (not pure blacks, looks like a backlighted screen)...
  38. R

    Thread Netflix after Bootloader Unlock & Pass Safety Net Check

    Hello, has anybody managed it to get apps like Netflix back to the PlayStore? I have my European version of the Realme 5 Pro unlocked and rooted with Magisk. I installed some modules to pass Safety Net Check. But I still can't manage to get Netflix back to the PlayStore. I installed Netflix...
  39. K

    Thread [HELP] Netflix on emulator

    Ive tried using memu and nox but it seems netflix is not working for both How to make netflix work on emulator?
  40. M

    Thread Android box Error -13 help

    hello i have netflix on android box but it starts to play but after a few seconds it gives me error 13 what can i do? thank you for any help
  41. P

    Thread Strange Netflix Playstore Update

    Just got my 9T Pro, everything seems to be fine, all working well and have received a couple of system updates since I received it. There is one strange thing with Netflix. If I go into PlayStore and check for updates it indicates that there is an update for Netflix but it's only 2.9 MB large...
  42. D

    Thread Netflix Error Code 1001 - Unable to Open Netflix App on Xperia 1 Help

    Hi Guys, recently bought a brand new Sony Xperia 1 from O2 UK, and have been using without problems and other than the Fingerprint scanner being absolutely horse crap I absolutely love it! BUT, recently within the last week or two there was an update to the Official Netflix App via Google Play...
  43. sceryavuz

    Thread Netflix Widevine L1 Lost After Downgrade Android 10 to 9 and Flash persist.img

    I tried Android 10 and I decide to downgrade my Mi 9T Pro to Android 9. After downgrade, so many things broken because of persist.img So, I reflash the persist.img (from V10.3.17.0.PFKCNXM) file and problems solved. I am using xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20ProMI9TPro_V10.3.17.0.PFKCNXM_v10-9 now...
  44. K

    Thread Poco is update but always on widevine L3

    Hi, I found Netflix not great at least not in full hd So I checked and I'm still under widevine L3, I still have the latest update miui V11 EU With the DRM info application and even in Netflix it is well noted L3 I wanted to test this video, but I don't have the fingerprint payment option...
  45. T

    Thread Help! Netflix not working on Android 10 Beta One UI 2.0

    Hi All, I installed Android 10 Beta update on my S10 plus and Reset it. After the reset i am unable to install Netflix from Play Store, it says app isn't compatible with this device. I tried sideloading Netflix app with the version available in Netflix website site, that too throws an error...
  46. T

    Thread Help! Netflix not working on Android 10 Beta One UI 2.0

    Hi All, I am not able to install Netflix from play store after updating to Android 10 Beta and factory resetting the device. Play store says Netflix is not compatible with this device. I have sideloaded the app from Netflix website, but it too throws an error. Cts profile match is false, is...
  47. drago10029

    Thread will netflix HD and HDR still work rooted & bootloader unlocked?

    I am planning on rooting after having the phone for a few months. mainly because i really don't like the lock screen lol, any will netflix HD and HDR still work? will is still pass the widevine thing?
  48. M

    Thread Netflix stuck at 720p [problem]

    Hello everyone, I have an Ultra HD Netflix subscription, but when trying running Test Patterns on the S5e the best I can get is 1280x720 at 30fps. I've set the stream quality on "High" in my account settings, but nothing has changed. Anyone with the same issues?
  49. L

    Thread Keep Play Certification with Unlocked Bootloader?

    I had to completely wipe my phone since recently the battery life started tanking hard, and I couldn't figure out why. I decided to just start over from a clean slate, since I had the same configuration since I got the phone about a year or two ago (stock Android 9, unlocked, and rooted with...
  50. S

    Thread Netflix not showing in playstore.

    Dear Devs, My device is Asus Zenfone max pro m1. I don't think it is a bootloader issue Recently I notice that Netflix is not showing in the play store, but working fine after manually installing apk. Condition 1 Bootloader locked ( play store certified safety net pass) stock Rom -----Netflix...