1. M

    Thread [T-Mobile] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google]

    Hello XDA, I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock. ATTN: IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE BELOW REQUIREMENTS OR READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD, DO NOT PM ME AND WAIST...
  2. harry.c.mcintyre

    Thread Is my 5G actually 5G?

    Am on Vodafone Ireland. Phone purchased direct from carrier. VF Ireland released this in early November, I think. It wasn't up until the December Pixel update that 5G actually started working and, until this point, Google had 5G support for the network down as pending on their support page...
  3. anonym6x6

    Thread No signal/No network/What to do?

    I have a Sony Xperia X Compact with the latest update. My SIM card is recognized. PIN query takes place after about 5-10 minutes. But I have no signal. A manual network search is endless. I have already tested a different SIM card. I blew out the SIM card slot with compressed air. I also...
  4. N

    Thread Phone (Asus max pro m2) no voice/data connection(airtel) in particular location

    Hi, I have Asus zenfone max pro m2 phone with airtel sim. At my home, I get almost zero connectivity (both voice and data), all the time. It works perfectly fine in other places, but, I think it might not still be the best though, I do see some minor drops in connectivity every now and then, in...
  5. txordi

    Thread Security policy prevents use of mobile data

    Hi all. I just bought a S10e (G970U, Snapdragon) from China in order to use it in Spain, with Orange as a carrier. Once I set it up, everything worked fine for about 20 seconds. After that, the mobile data locked down. When I try to turn it up again the device says: "Security policy prevents use...
  6. C

    Thread G7 Thinq - Mobile Data connection won't stay connected (vid & logcat inside)

    Hello guys, I have a huge problem with my G7 Thinq. The mobile network connection won't stay connected when data is enabled. It connects to LTE, and in that very instant, the whole radio restarts and the process starts again. This **** started after some recent Ota update, can't remember which...
  7. N

    Thread Locked S10 ??

    Hi friends, i just ordered an S10E snapdragon from USA, and i want to know if the phone will be locked for my french Simcard ? :confused: Can i unlock the network by flashing an U1 rom with ODIN? Thx you ! :)
  8. hackiee

    Thread Weird Network related issue. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

    I have been facing a weird issue for a while, in my rn3 snapdragon, when i try to call to some of the numbers. from my jio network the call never connects, i.e. it ends instantly. I am able to call other nos. from my jio sim, so i guess volte is working fine, idk.:confused: I think its some...
  9. S

    Thread SM-T590 fails to connect to any PC hosted program like DLNA. All other devices can.

    I have a weird problem with my Samsung SM-T590. since I updated it's firmware to the latest Stock firmware. It has never been tempered with in regards to rooting. I mostly just use it to stream movies form my Windows 10 pc. And that has been working just fine for months until now. Until...
  10. cognus

    Thread Accurate network / speed test app? Fire stick

    Looking for the smart guys here in XDA to do sanity check of "Speed Test" apps and/or sites>via>browser... Analiti speed test, speed check, Ookla speed test, et al. Which method and/or App or Site delivers realworld throughput results on Fire 4K or other Fire TV Sticks? I am getting Wildly...
  11. cognus

    Thread 3 different Fire 4K devices getting very poor network throughput - Fix??

    I tried searching this and posting elsewhere but not getting traction, though I see many with similar complaints, and a lot of youtube traffic about 'FIX Fire 4K buffering" etc. A close friend asked my help with an issue with their new Fire 4K. Long story short, after checking all the other...
  12. NIK3SH

    Thread BSNL Network Reception Issue with OnePlus 6T

    Guys, I need help with my network reception issue in OnePlus 6T. To brief you about its history, I believe this started from OS Update 9.0.17 where below change-log was introduced, Re-activated the calling function after the network has been reset. At present my device is with 10.3.0 OS which...
  13. S

    Thread Cellular Networks Random Drop?

    I'm on Dual Sim, esim with Sprint and Sim with TMo. I'll have 3/4 bars on Sprint and someone will call I'll answer and boom drop. It'll say both of my Sims are Xed out for about 20 seconds. Like a reboot. It seems to work better since I turned the VoLTE. I'm on the Dec update but was doing...
  14. S

    Thread Preferred Network Connection problem

    Hey guys, I have a question. I have an Airtel 4G connection which I guess isn't stable in my location and sometimes the little cross under the signal icon comes up instead of LTE. What I want to ask is why doesn't it switch to 3G or 2G? I have to manually go to the mobile network settings and...
  15. M

    Thread Network drop while gaming!

    I can't play any online games in my mobile After 5 to 6 minutes the network drops and the game fails to connect to the server. Is there anything I can do for this?
  16. iPollesion

    Thread Any ROM without Telemetry/Background Network Connectivity?

    Hi folks, I've been offline for a while from the forums - does anyone know if there is a ROM which basically doesn't have anything on it with telemetry or background network traffic for Google services or anything else, obviously other than the phone calls or texts. Anyone have good...
  17. aabento

    Thread Sound problem

    I bought one of these models (EU version) 3 days ago and everyone complains about the sound of my phone. It seems that the voice is cut or distorted .:crying: I am on a second unit because I thought this was a problem with the first unit but it seems to be a problem coming from the factory.:(:(...
  18. C

    Thread Second sim is not registering to a network in my rooted H990N

    Hi All, I rooted my H990N yesterday successfully. After rooting i noticed the second sim i signal bar icon is greyed out. The first sim is working. There is a circle on top of Second sim signal bar like its searching for network. After that, i unrooted the phone and flashed the same KDZ again...
  19. Aequita

    Thread Unable to change mobile network (provider/carrier) [LOS 16.0]

    Hey everyone. I've created a post a few months ago - but after giving it a second look, I think it's in the wrong forum. So here I go again.
  20. H

    Thread Hidden WiFi Network Not Connecting !!!!!

    Anyone can confirm that we can't connect to hidden network even though enable hidden network in setting when i try to connect Note : if you already add a hidden network , forget the network in setting , and try to add network again and confirm this issue .
  21. G

    Thread Help needed: No network signal after update

    Good afternoon: today I updated the Mi5X of my girlfriend from A1 to Mi5X from Everything works and asks me for the SIM PIN (which works on another mobile). However, there is no network signal. I have to change the radio or do something similar? Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!
  22. T

    Thread Multiple Network/Javascript-related problems.

    So I've been having trouble with the wifi connection on my phone almost since I got it. Certain websites (,, even at times) load perfectly fine when using my mobile data, but the minute I switch to WiFi... like ANY wifi router anywhere in the world, the pages...
  23. JJ111

    Thread Three Network Versions

    Hey everyone, the new Zenfone 6 is amazing, besides the FlipCamera it has nearly everything (big battery, microSD, 3,5 mm headphone,...). Just one thing irritates me: there are three Versions A, B and C, as one can see here under "Network Standard"...
  24. T

    Thread Can i use my nexus 7 2013 flo as a VPN enabled wifi extender?

    help me find a way to use my nexus 7 as a wifi extender that also has a vpn i will be using PIA as my vpn provider and just need an access point somewhere in my house to connect devices to with a vpn help me save money on a new router please :P
  25. Q

    Thread little problem with my 4g......

    Hey :) I'm live in france and i have a phone package with operator Orange I have a little (BIG) problem with my Mi 9 when i'm at work ( on other place it's work very good) My network 4g have issue by intermittence exemple : i play video game online , all work and instantly while 4-5 minutes i...
  26. L

    Thread SIM & Network Solution | Alternatively Downgrading

    This guide was originally written by chief_os from on how to roll back to Oreo, but my network issues wasn't caused by downgrading and still this helped me out so big thanks to the guy from the beautiful Lviv. I alter this guide a bit, according to what I've done to get my network to...
  27. X

    Thread No VoLTE & SIM 2 mostly switches to 2G

    I have 2 SIMs (Both 4G/VoLTE) but none seem to work with Max Pro M2. Is there any issue with VoLTE? One is from Airtel another from Idea. I even tried *#*#4636#*#* and forcing LTE but the issue is after reboot the menu changes back to TD-SCDMA/CDMA/UTMS Mobile Radio Power and VoLTE...
  28. therealashish

    Thread Poor mobile network reception on PIE - Flashing 'Modem only' from Oreo build?

    Hi. I am currently on latest Havoc [6-Feb-2019] Pie build. Since I have upgraded from an AOSP Oreo build to a Pie build, I am facing issues of poor mobile network reception. I have tried switching to other Pie ROMS (namely Viper and MSM), but it did not solve the problem. The network...
  29. sengork

    Thread Samsung services dialling home to China ( and after Pie upgrade

    Having ran NetGuard in logging mode for a few days now I've noticed that many of Samsung's in-built services are contacting web services associated at multiple DNS subdomains under: - * - * A lot of them on unsecured HTTP port 80 (some go via HTTPS port 443). Services...
  30. S

    Thread WiFi issues: can't connect to any network anymore [T800]

    In the last 6 months or so I have been experiencing frequent wifi issues, regardless of the custom ROM I'm using. Usually some time after a new installation I am unable to connect to the networks I normally use (my home network and the one at work which uses a proxy server). No matter what I do...
  31. S

    Thread Redmi note 4 snapdragon network lost with or without imei, baseband known or unknown

    sorry for bad English this is based on my experience , i am not a developer I Am Not Responsible any kind problem, hard brick, soft brick, or any kind of problem Just for knowledge sharing Because of new rule of 35 rs recharge on every network provider except JIO, I want dual 4G so that i can...
  32. Liftkit

    Thread Network Connectivity

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unlocked that used to have LTE coverage in my area after an update to Android 8.0 all sudden all I can get is 3 G. Although at the same time my old Nexus 6 gets LTE coverage easy all the time. What happened question mark why doesn't my Note 8 get LTE coverage like...
  33. M

    Thread LG V30 H932 doesn't work on my carrier but it does work on at least one other carrier

    Hey, My LG V30 H932 was unlocked (using octopus suite) and the IMEI cleaned (confirmation from the IMEI clean received from the original carrier) but it still won't work on my Belgian carrier. The strange thing is, it does work with another Belgian carrier which uses another network. I tried...
  34. T

    Thread Le Pro 3 (X720) not detecting SIM (no network, no cellular, no service)

    Hi Guys, I have a Leeco x720 which is not detecting any SIM card. all tested SIM cards are working well in other phones. the owner of the le pro 3 tried to flash Lineage 16. Since this process, mobile network isn´t working anymore. I tried some other Custom ROMs without success. I also used...
  35. J

    Thread Motorola One Power Cellular Signal Strength Issues

    Motorola One Power ... Compared to Any Other handset, In same Location, (Inch by Inch close), in Same Real time, in the Same Network Sim (JIO), The Signal Losses are coming out a Bit High.. I have a slightly decent JIO network in my area (Airtel and Vodafone don't work ). INDOORS --- I am...
  36. rituraj_singh

    Thread Unlocking 0nly LTE Mode in Honor 9 lite

    Hi friends, check the development thread.
  37. T

    Thread Carrier issue

    Hello, I am located in France, my provider is CDISCOUNT MOBILE (MVNO) / NRJMOBILE). Phone version is CLT-L29 (C432). My issue : I went in Italy, and it was impossible to find a carrier working. I put my sim card on my IPHONE, or NOTE 3, no issue, phone and roaming were working...
  38. L

    Thread Network problems with Android P

    Hi there! I bought the essential from a one week ago, since the first time i've installed the android P beta and using the phone normaly for 3 or 4 days, but since tomorrow, my phone stops to make or received calls, my data was ok, but when i call somebody the phone shows me a message "Mobile...
  39. H

    Thread MI A1 Network fluctuation with custom ROM

    Hey Folks, as we all know how stock ROM sucks, I remained on custom ROM to max extend. But sadly I have to revert to stock due to network fluctuation issues. I use Jio as my primary and Airtel in SLOT 2. Fluctuation is widely seen in slot 1 which is reported by many others as well in respective...
  40. D

    Thread Is there a way to mount a network Windows folder as a local folder on my phone?

    Hello! I am having a surprisingly difficult time finding anything about this that isn't from 2011 or earlier. A lot of apps on my phone will ONLY let you browse local folders (ie: /storage/emulated/0/) and that's it. I know that some file explorers let you browse your network folders but that...
  41. umka83

    Thread Not receiving calls Galaxy S9 Plus G965F

    I really enjoy using Galaxy S9 Plus G965F but, every day I have about 2-3 SMS saying I have missed a call. Despite the fact I never turned of my phone and never went underground or other places where the network is unreachable. My friends keep telling me that my phone is out of network, but I...
  42. A

    Thread Calling not working in all custom roms [solved]

    I have tried several custom roms (Oreo 8.1) like jaguar and AEX and calling is not working. It seems like the phone cannot connect to 3G. 4G is working. In the stock rom everything is working. My baseband version is 1.7.X as the roms requires. I have used sim slot 1 and 2 without any luck. I...
  43. phonecapone

    Thread [UNLOCK] Need Assistance. LG K20 MetroPCS Network Unlocked. Running Lineage OS

    [UNLOCK] Need Assistance. LG K20 MetroPCS Network Unlocked. Running Lineage OS I have a LG K20 MetroPCS Variant. I have already rooted and put LineageOS on and need to get it unlocked. I have already set the phone up and dont want to go back to stock in order to have it unlocked. Anyone out...
  44. B

    Thread Network Connectivity Issue after upgrading to OOS5.1

    Hi there, I've been using my Oneplus 5 for quite a while with the following configuration: OOS 5.0.4, Magisk 16.3, Boeffla Kernel 2.0, AFWall+ and everything worked fine. After upgrading to OOS5.1 (and Boeffla 2.1 Beta) I'm facing network connectivity issues. Right after a fresh boot...
  45. L

    Thread [APP][BETA][5.0+] WallNot - LWP with Network Status, Notifications, Clock & Battery

    [APP][BETA][5.0+] WallNot - LWP with Network Status, Notifications, Clock & Battery App is no more at beta stage, thread was moved here: CLICK Hi, this is my first LWP app here :mad: I always wanted to have Live Wallpaper with neat customizable style, digital clock, battery status...
  46. Oswald Boelcke

    Thread [GUIDE] My Pi-hole and PiVPN powered by our Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    ATTENTION (update on 2018-04-09): The procedures described in this thread are only working if you own an internet account with a public IPv4 address or dual stack i.e. both, public IPv4 and public IPv6 addresses. For account with only a public IPv6 address, it won't work. Please also refer to...
  47. S

    Thread How to exclude 2G connections on the Exynos version?

    Hi, In the network menù of my unlocked no brand S9+ with Exynos SOC I can't choose to have only 4G and 3G like in LG devices, do You know if there is some secret code or something like that? My goal is to have the phone only connect to 3G and 4G networks, and never connect to 2G network :)...
  48. Luke25361

    Thread Problem connecting to mobile network

    Hello I recently purchased this phone for a family member. We set it up yesterday, and found that the sim card from their old phone that we've inserted isn't capable of allowing the phone to make/receive texts/calls. It just says something along the lines of "Can't connect to mobile network"...
  49. Thomas.

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Profiler - CPU, GPU, RAM monitoring in floating window

    Profiler Real-time component monitoring in floating window. You can customize layout, its size and transparency. You can set your prefered data format and chart color for better clarity. Supported components: (Depends on data provided by your device) CPU load GPU load RAM usage Network...
  50. E

    Thread [APP] [4.0.3+] ⚡ Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter (Oreo+) *Free Promo Codes*

    Network Speed ⚡ Monitor your network speed in real time on your status bar or floating widget Download: (or search in play store: evozi network speed) Network Speed a small, fast and free...