1. M

    Thread Accessing proxy network through Wi-Fi hotspot in android.

    I have an android smartphone, I was using ProxyDroid to connect to a SOCKS5 proxy server, everything was working perfectly, when I opened the browser, typed, and the IP was changed, and then I opened a hotspot on this android smartphone, and I used an iPhone to connect to...
  2. Bkkim0000

    Thread V50s can't connect network

    Good afternoon, My V50s can't connect the network. When I insert Usim, the number is recognized, but network is not working. In addition, the multi band selection is empty and the band is disappeared. Is any one having a solution?
  3. M

    Thread Wireless Access Point - Android Ping Response Time Issues

    Hi all, So I have an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have a smartphone that is connected to an wireless access point. When I ping from the Access Point(AP) > smartphone, I experience high and inconsistent ping times compared to when I ping from the Access Point > a non-smartphone...
  4. D

    Thread Routing table

    I'm not very tech savvy but I hope someone will help me out and let me know if this is the way my routing table should be or if it's been edited. This is from 1-25-22 :/ $ ip route list table all default dev ccmni1 table 2454 proto static default dev dummy0 table 1002 proto static scope link...
  5. P

    Thread PSA: Using a remote unlocking service for your Moto One 5G Ace may cause the bootloader to be permanently locked.

    TL;DR: Don’t use a remote unlock service if you want to still be able to unlock your bootloader. DISCLAIMER: I don’t recommend or endorse any of the vendors or tools mentioned in this post. I’m simply mentioning them in the interest of full transparency. I recently bought a refurbished...
  6. D

    Thread Firestick 4k no wifi scan

    Firestick 4k stopped working on wifi for no apparent reason... (apparent to me :) ) After I had to disconnect my access point for some time (Cisco 2702) the firestick never worked. No settings changed at all. I just changed the POE cable to the AP so nothing related to that. I did several...
  7. D

    Thread Network issues

    Hi everyone, I have some issues with my LG wing phone, it's Korean version F100N20b. LM-F100N. So, problem is when i drive with my car telefon always have very big problem to connect to the network. My call end every 2 min. But when i don't move office or home everything works fine. I have...
  8. altaybond4231

    Thread Android Wi-Fi disconnects.

    Greetings, (Android 4.2.2, stock rom) Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (gt-s7580) I get the Wi-Fi sign in notification and after a while the connection is disconnected. A notification comes after disconnection. Notification : "This network has been disconnected.Your sign-in timed out." The phone has...
  9. A

    Thread Question VoLTE not working since OneUI 4.0 Beta installation

    Hello All, I posted this in Samsung Community, but unfortunately none was able to help. I am hoping XDA members could help fix this issue. I am facing a strange problem with my S21 Ultra Unlocked which was directly bought from Samsung. I had enrolled into OneUI 4.0 beta when I was in the US. I...
  10. G

    Thread SM-G781N won't connect to 4G/5G, only works in 3G

    hi i got the phone from korea, the problem is when connecting to 4G the phone would lose internet and calls then lose the network, i get a message saying "failed to register to network (15)" but if i forced the phone to connect to 3G then it works fine. here's what i tried to fix the problem ...
  11. A

    Thread Question EAB/Presence Provisioned

    So so is my understanding that EAB/Presence Provisioned had to do with allowing data while you were on the phone? However mine's off but my data does work while I'm on the phone... Even though a little bit slower. So question does that matter? Should I even worry about enabling it? Is there even...
  12. balamu96m

    Thread ANE-AL00 no 3G/4G in US

    Hi, I'm using GSI-treble CAOS 11. I recently moved to the US and I don't seem to get 3G/4G in the US. 3G/4G worked when tried on another phone with the same sim. I'm using a ANE-AL00. Is it a baseband issue? Any thoughts? And I'm getting connected to 2.4Ghz wifi only, not sure if it's a bug...
  13. PugzAreCute

    Thread Any way to force the G5+ to roaming mode (rooted)

    My cellular providers coverage is pretty bad here, but it comes with free roaming, so I am just wondering is thenre any way to force my phone to roam on another network (rooted phone)
  14. K

    Thread Mobile Network is off for a while when i restart my phone

    I've Mi 9T Pro with MIUI 11 i also tried AOSP ROMs and MIUI 10-12. When i restart my phone mobile network is off and says "No Service" but after a while (sometimes 5 sometimes 30 mins later) mobile network becomes online. I tried everything i even replaced another IMEI but it still same. My SIM...
  15. S

    Thread OpenVPN not working properly

    Hello! I have Poco X3 NFC with built-in MIUI 12 (Android 10) with latest secpatch. I didn't unlock the bootloader due to security concerns, so phone doesn't have root / custom recovery. Problem is related to OpenVPN app, I got the settings file (*.ovpn) from my sys admin, and it was...
  16. abijitark

    Thread Weird SIM-Phone 'incompatibility'!

    My (Vodafone Idea) SIM stopped working in my Redmi Note 7 Pro, but works in other phones. And, other SIM cards work in my device. This has happened before and Vodafone Idea had replaced my card. It worked well for three months and now the same has happened again. I searched online for a solution...
  17. RockLobstah

    Thread [SOLVED] Android 12 Beta 2 unknown icon

    EDIT: Issue was resolved by removing sim and downloading an ESIM. Hello I am on Google Fi with a Pixel 4XL. I updated to Beta 2 last night and now I am seeing the slashed out phone icon next to my carrier name. I am guessing it has to do with network coverage. However, this goes away if I...
  18. R

    Thread SM-N9860 - "Not registered on Network" error suddenly in the UK

    Hey guys, really hoping someone is able to help me. Back in September 2020 I purchased the SM-N9860 variant from T-Dimension for use in the UK on EE's network. Everything has been running smoothly since day one, up until yesterday (31st May) where the phone would constantly struggle for signal...
  19. C

    Thread Cannot access local lan web site (sometimes)

    I have various machines on my lan in 192.168.1.*, I have a local DNS server to give those machines names. This normally works great, but my new Samsung Galaxy S21 sometimes says "cannot access" when I point it at a web address of a server running on my lan. I'll use a network utility app to do a...
  20. B

    Thread Error when searching for mobile network

    Hi there! So i'm having issues on my A70 with detecting network carriers. It does not connect or find any networks and therefore I cannot call or receive messages, only VOIP works. I have tried with wiping cache, factory reseting, different SIM cards, selecting only 2G or 3G, and calling the...
  21. M

    Thread Weird network problem - signal drops

    Hi everyone, has any of you ever had network problems, as can be seen in the video? For a few days now both network connections have been breaking down when I try to make a call. But that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I can make 10 calls in a row and everything is fine, and sometimes...
  22. I

    Thread Rename and Delete Network Profiles on Win8, Win8.1 and Win10

    Unlike Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft has dropped the GUI to manage (rename, delete and merge) network profiles on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (Why??) Unused network profiles accumulate in the registry. I was able to see computers with regular access to public hot spots...
  23. M

    Thread About operator lock

  24. S

    Thread BUG: MX Player Android TV version - "Can't play this link" when trying to play anything from network share

    I am using MX player on my Mi TV stick for a while and I am vey satisfied - it is only player that is flawless in reproduction of anything - but now, for the first time I tried to play video files from my Windows shared folder and that does not work - whatever I try to play (AVI, MKV, MP4...), I...
  25. F

    Thread 5G Network Bands

    Hello, I am looking to buy an unlocked S21 from Samsung Canada store (SM-G991W) and I checked here : S21 differences that the following 5G bands: n2, n41, n66, n71 are the ones supported by the Candian model so my question is: Is it possible to change the supported bands? For example, if I...
  26. F

    Thread Question 5G bands in the SM-G996W

    Hello, I am looking to buy an unlocked S21+ from Samsung Canada store (SM-G996W) and I checked here : S21+ Differences that the following 5G bands: n2, n41, n66, n71 are the ones supported by the Candian model so my question is: Is it possible to change the supported bands? For example, if I...
  27. Wokoloko

    Thread Use your smartphone as a backup server

    This is not about backing up data on your phone. It is about utilise your (old) smartphone to backup files from other devices. If you use any computer system at home or work - you know, you have to make backups to avoid data losses. Often windows computers are used to backup files from network...
  28. Amoura39

    Thread [Help Request] Inexplicable Network Shutdowns

    Before I start, I would like to apologize if anything within this thread is not allowed or if this is the wrong place to post such a thread. I tried to find the rules from the sticked welcome message on this board but the link redirects to this forum's homepage; I did, however, view the "terms &...
  29. M

    Thread [CLOSED][T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Hello XDA, I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock. I've been doing this for over 3 years now with plenty of vouches, so yes, it's legit! ATTN: IF YOU...
  30. harry.c.mcintyre

    Thread Is my 5G actually 5G?

    Am on Vodafone Ireland. Phone purchased direct from carrier. VF Ireland released this in early November, I think. It wasn't up until the December Pixel update that 5G actually started working and, until this point, Google had 5G support for the network down as pending on their support page...
  31. anonym6x6

    Thread No signal/No network/What to do?

    I have a Sony Xperia X Compact with the latest update. My SIM card is recognized. PIN query takes place after about 5-10 minutes. But I have no signal. A manual network search is endless. I have already tested a different SIM card. I blew out the SIM card slot with compressed air. I also...
  32. N

    Thread Phone (Asus max pro m2) no voice/data connection(airtel) in particular location

    Hi, I have Asus zenfone max pro m2 phone with airtel sim. At my home, I get almost zero connectivity (both voice and data), all the time. It works perfectly fine in other places, but, I think it might not still be the best though, I do see some minor drops in connectivity every now and then, in...
  33. txordi

    Thread Security policy prevents use of mobile data

    Hi all. I just bought a S10e (G970U, Snapdragon) from China in order to use it in Spain, with Orange as a carrier. Once I set it up, everything worked fine for about 20 seconds. After that, the mobile data locked down. When I try to turn it up again the device says: "Security policy prevents use...
  34. C

    Thread G7 Thinq - Mobile Data connection won't stay connected (vid & logcat inside)

    Hello guys, I have a huge problem with my G7 Thinq. The mobile network connection won't stay connected when data is enabled. It connects to LTE, and in that very instant, the whole radio restarts and the process starts again. This **** started after some recent Ota update, can't remember which...
  35. N

    Thread Locked S10 ??

    Hi friends, i just ordered an S10E snapdragon from USA, and i want to know if the phone will be locked for my french Simcard ? :confused: Can i unlock the network by flashing an U1 rom with ODIN? Thx you ! :)
  36. hackiee

    Thread Weird Network related issue. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

    I have been facing a weird issue for a while, in my rn3 snapdragon, when i try to call to some of the numbers. from my jio network the call never connects, i.e. it ends instantly. I am able to call other nos. from my jio sim, so i guess volte is working fine, idk.:confused: I think its some...
  37. S

    Thread SM-T590 fails to connect to any PC hosted program like DLNA. All other devices can.

    I have a weird problem with my Samsung SM-T590. since I updated it's firmware to the latest Stock firmware. It has never been tempered with in regards to rooting. I mostly just use it to stream movies form my Windows 10 pc. And that has been working just fine for months until now. Until...
  38. cognus

    Thread Accurate network / speed test app? Fire stick

    Looking for the smart guys here in XDA to do sanity check of "Speed Test" apps and/or sites>via>browser... Analiti speed test, speed check, Ookla speed test, et al. Which method and/or App or Site delivers realworld throughput results on Fire 4K or other Fire TV Sticks? I am getting Wildly...
  39. cognus

    Thread 3 different Fire 4K devices getting very poor network throughput - Fix??

    I tried searching this and posting elsewhere but not getting traction, though I see many with similar complaints, and a lot of youtube traffic about 'FIX Fire 4K buffering" etc. A close friend asked my help with an issue with their new Fire 4K. Long story short, after checking all the other...
  40. NIK3SH

    Thread BSNL Network Reception Issue with OnePlus 6T

    Guys, I need help with my network reception issue in OnePlus 6T. To brief you about its history, I believe this started from OS Update 9.0.17 where below change-log was introduced, Re-activated the calling function after the network has been reset. At present my device is with 10.3.0 OS which...
  41. S

    Thread Cellular Networks Random Drop?

    I'm on Dual Sim, esim with Sprint and Sim with TMo. I'll have 3/4 bars on Sprint and someone will call I'll answer and boom drop. It'll say both of my Sims are Xed out for about 20 seconds. Like a reboot. It seems to work better since I turned the VoLTE. I'm on the Dec update but was doing...
  42. S

    Thread Preferred Network Connection problem

    Hey guys, I have a question. I have an Airtel 4G connection which I guess isn't stable in my location and sometimes the little cross under the signal icon comes up instead of LTE. What I want to ask is why doesn't it switch to 3G or 2G? I have to manually go to the mobile network settings and...
  43. M

    Thread Network drop while gaming!

    I can't play any online games in my mobile After 5 to 6 minutes the network drops and the game fails to connect to the server. Is there anything I can do for this?
  44. iPollesion

    Thread Any ROM without Telemetry/Background Network Connectivity?

    Hi folks, I've been offline for a while from the forums - does anyone know if there is a ROM which basically doesn't have anything on it with telemetry or background network traffic for Google services or anything else, obviously other than the phone calls or texts. Anyone have good...
  45. aabento

    Thread Sound problem

    I bought one of these models (EU version) 3 days ago and everyone complains about the sound of my phone. It seems that the voice is cut or distorted .:crying: I am on a second unit because I thought this was a problem with the first unit but it seems to be a problem coming from the factory.:(:(...
  46. C

    Thread Second sim is not registering to a network in my rooted H990N

    Hi All, I rooted my H990N yesterday successfully. After rooting i noticed the second sim i signal bar icon is greyed out. The first sim is working. There is a circle on top of Second sim signal bar like its searching for network. After that, i unrooted the phone and flashed the same KDZ again...
  47. Aequita

    Thread Unable to change mobile network (provider/carrier) [LOS 16.0]

    Hey everyone. I've created a post a few months ago - but after giving it a second look, I think it's in the wrong forum. So here I go again.
  48. H

    Thread Hidden WiFi Network Not Connecting !!!!!

    Anyone can confirm that we can't connect to hidden network even though enable hidden network in setting when i try to connect Note : if you already add a hidden network , forget the network in setting , and try to add network again and confirm this issue .
  49. granbonobo

    Thread Help needed: No network signal after update

    Good afternoon: today I updated the Mi5X of my girlfriend from A1 to Mi5X from Everything works and asks me for the SIM PIN (which works on another mobile). However, there is no network signal. I have to change the radio or do something similar? Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!
  50. T

    Thread Multiple Network/Javascript-related problems.

    So I've been having trouble with the wifi connection on my phone almost since I got it. Certain websites (,, even at times) load perfectly fine when using my mobile data, but the minute I switch to WiFi... like ANY wifi router anywhere in the world, the pages...