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  1. A

    Thread Which Device should I Upgrade to?

    I have used the Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon (mido) for more than 3 years now. And I have to say that the journey has been amazing. The legendary device always amazes me by its outstanding developer front. In this journey, i have found many rock-stable Custom roms, god-level gcams (that click...
  2. R

    Thread Unofficial build help?

    I'm trying to build for a device that has no known Android 10 device trees that I can find. I think I fleshed out the trees pretty well by following some sister/cousin devices and extracting a lot of stuff from the rooted phone itself, but my build fails at 2% due to a missing output file. The...
  3. F

    Thread Restored TWRP backup on new device -> No service

    I have a Oneplus One that constantly crashes because of hardware issues. I have made a TWRP backup of that phone. So I bought a new OnePlus One inserted my SIM card and using TWRP I installed the backup that I made on the old phone using the 'Recover' button in TWRP. I also copied over...
  4. OfficerJimLahey

    Thread [GUIDE] Picking Out Your Next Device

    I often say to myself, that there must be more makes and models of mobile devices out there than the variety of vehicles these days. If that turns out true, it's no wonder. This industry is the fastest growing market right now. With such a selection, features, brands, and prices, it's hard to...
  5. E

    Thread [Q] New 8.4 S, root right away?

    Hi, just got home from Best Buy with an 8.4 S. Got it for a decent price after price matching with Canada Computers. This is my first android tablet but I'm on my fourth android phone and I've rooted and played with roms before. So we all know touchwiz lags right out of the box. I want to fix...
  6. tulen_kobi

    Thread Building recovery for simba Sx1

    I am following this guide XDA university porting cwm to a new device and I just wonder if I need the same android version of sources as it is on the android phone. I mean, the phone is running android 4.2 so it is neccecary to download cm 10.1 sources or can I build it using cm 11 sources?
  7. nabeeleinstein

    Thread [REQUEST] Does anyone have synced CM9 ?

    Hi All, If anyone has synced CM9 sources and may be willing to help in the development of CWM for a new device please reply. We have very slow internet connection and are open for some pro help here. Thanks :)
  8. KidCarter93

    Thread **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Hi everyone, This thread is a continuation of this thread. This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick. Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell. This is...
  9. U

    Thread [Q] I could use some help building a CM9 recovery to a new device. TomTec7 excellent.

    I would like to build a CM9 recovery for a new device. At the moment the device is rooted but still stock. I did follow youre guide from here: I donloaded this github repo init -u...