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    Thread NEW phone time !!!! Please help!!!!

    Hi everyone, Right now I own two phones a OnePlus 6 (256) and a Realme X2 Pro (256). I bought both of them immediately when they launched. I will be using them in Germany. I LOVE the native call recording on both phones. I run a small service business and it helps alot! I am thinking of...
  2. |||||

    Thread Smart Switch Alternative? How Transfer Full Data Backup to new Samsung Phone? - Android 12

    Hello, So I just transfered my Data throught Smart Switch, wich was basically a good thing. However on one part Iam really not so happy and need a better way. Because if you want to transfer your Accounts as well (check this Option), you get forced to activate WIFI & Internet - for everything...
  3. S

    Thread Question New phone not auto-installing all my apps from the Google Play Store

    I am used to having my phone auto-install all the apps that I am using whenever I add my account on a new device. Of course it has to be the same account, but it has worked seamlessly for more than 10 years. Today I got a shiny new S21 Ultra and added my Google account and unfortunately it is...
  4. d.terenzzo

    Thread Sugestion for a new phone

    Hi guys ;) My Mi5s is two years old, so, i've started to look for a new device, first, i thought about Poco F1 coz its a good phone and relative cheap, then mi9 dropped significantly its price, it was above $500 when its launched and now, we can find this piece of tech for about $359. So, when i...
  5. H

    Thread Lg g5 or samsung s6

    I have 2 options for a phone rn. The G5 and the S6 and both cost the same here The reason for my confusion is that:- The G5 has been reported to have bootloop issues like its predecessor the G4 And that it's quad core as compared to the S6 that is octa core Are there any other issues with...
  6. B

    Thread Transfer full whatsapp chats/media to a new phone without internet, root or otherapps

    I learnt this trick when I was about flashing a problematic phone (not rooted) and needed to backup everything. My first thoughtt was backup whatsapp through WiFi but unfortunately for me, The WiFi was as slow as snail and the whatsapp data to be backed up is over 2GB. So, Why use 2+GB of data...
  7. nysascape

    Thread [Request] Fourm for Vodaphone Smart Prime 6 or series

    Hi all! Wanted to request that the Vodaphone Smart Prime 6 or the Smart Prime series got added as a device - it is starting to gain some popularity, it has CM12.1 built for it and full sources are released. Just picked up this phone and was sad to see there is no fourm for it. Thanks - Jago...
  8. Y

    Thread Should I Go For S6 edge Now?

    Hey All Im planning to get s6 edge 32 gb now bt i have few Doubts hope u will make them clear :- 1. Is It worth getting now? 2. few people complaing about lag and slow performance really? 3. How much space is available to user from 32 gb is it enough? 4. battery- i heard battery life is just...
  9. agento

    Thread S7 Edge, Long Secure Password, 2 Factor Authentication enabled - Sign in to Google?

    Hi all, This isn't S7 Edge specific, but I am trying to set up my Google account on it. During setup of the phone, it asks me to enter my google password however :- - My password is very secure (I use a password manager so cannot reasonably type it in) - I have 2 factor authentication enabled...
  10. agento

    Thread [Completed] New Phone, Long Secure Password, 2 Factor Authentication enabled - Sign in to Google?

    Hi all, I've just received a new phone and I am trying to set up my Google account on it. During setup of the phone, it asks me to enter my google password however :- - My password is very secure (I use a password manager so cannot reasonably type it in) - I have 2 factor authentication enabled...
  11. marianoasis

    Thread [Question] Battery time

    Hi devs and guys, i need ask something about my battery... i wanna now if the usage its ok or the battery its damaged. here's a screenshot need fast answer because i have to ask for change the terminal, i've never understand it this.- Thanks
  12. MasterDomino

    Thread [Help needed!] does buying Refurbished phones a good decision?

    Hello, yesterday i was browsing some internet and went to aliexpress and searched for some phones i heard from some people that you can buy there cheap phones that were refurbished(send back and repaired) and i wanted to change my ye olde SXE3 to newer phone i thought 'bout SXZ but people on...
  13. Jakeuten

    Thread Should I upgrade to ZenFone 2 Laser from Nexus 5?

    I have a Nexus 5 and recently the battery life has dropped drastically and i cracked the screen. My budget is around $200. Should I upgrade, why or why not?
  14. OfficerJimLahey

    Thread [GUIDE] Picking Out Your Next Device

    I often say to myself, that there must be more makes and models of mobile devices out there than the variety of vehicles these days. If that turns out true, it's no wonder. This industry is the fastest growing market right now. With such a selection, features, brands, and prices, it's hard to...
  15. isaumya

    Thread [Q] Need some suggestion for my upcoming smartphone

    Hi, Today my old Nokia Lumia 520 has passed away and now I'm thinking about purchasing a new device. I personally do not have any problem to use phablet but I'm kinda in a loop about which phone should I go for or should I wait more. First I thought to go with Nexus 6 (as nexus is always my 1st...
  16. brack11

    Thread [Q&A] Next phone

    I had my Galaxy s2 since September 2011 (I believe this was release year) Flashed it with almost every rom that claimed a good battery life. For the time I changed battery and numerous pouches The phone is excellent and stable like tractor. Well, everything gets old and I feel there is not much...
  17. M

    Thread [Q] What do you want from the next gen Nexus 5?

    Guys/Girls, I’ve opened this thread to get an idea of what we all really want from the next Nexus 5 in an organised manner. In an ideal world, it would be good if Google took notice. For that reason, please only reply by cutting and pasting the below fields and completing. I take it as a given...
  18. J

    Thread [Q] Most selled - Most cracked?

    Hi! I want to boy a new phone, actually I have an HTC One S, and I'm not too much satisfied, cause I have not much choices when I want to change my rom. Before this I had an HTC Desire, and it had a lot of different roms to try. So this time I want to choose my new phone not only for the specs...
  19. A

    Thread [Q] new phone indecision

    I recently got a Verizon note 4, but the size, battery drain, and lack of any foreseeable root are making me second-guess this phone. Right now, I'm looking at the Xperia Z3v and the Droid Turbo. I haven't been able to find much comparison other than benchmarks. Does anyone here have any...
  20. B

    Thread [Q] Time I upgrade my Galaxy S3

    Hey guys, I'm needing to upgrade my Galaxy S3, and I've been waiting for the specs for the Nexus 6 and a few others to be released but it seems to be at the point that I must make a choice and pre-order or order one. Was hoping I could have some user input, I've read through threads and...
  21. P

    Thread [Q] Finding a flagship phone that's not massive

    I'm trying to find a phone that suits my needs, but it's proved difficult. Currently I have a Galaxy SIII GSM phone. I'd like a newer phone that's of similar size, 4.7 - 5.1 in or so, nothing remotely close to a Note3 in size. Also 2gb+ of RAM is mandatory, 1gb phones have all been...
  22. rogier666

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S4 mini replacement (NOT S5 mini)?

    The wear and tear on my S4 mini, combined with the expiration of my 1-year contract, calls for a replacement. Things to consider: - Size and weight. Coming from a Motorola Defy, the S4 mini is a bit big, but the 4.3" screen makes a footprint of about 125x62 mm acceptable. The S5 mini is on the...
  23. B

    Thread [Q] Time to upgrade

    I'm still using the charge for my daily driver. The original one I had died and for $50 and a trip to ebay, I'm back in business. The phone is EP5 with tweaked 3.2. The phone works but has lag and the ROM is loosing support. I know about Tweaked lite 1.0 but the themes and boot animations are...
  24. ChinmayKunkikar

    Thread [INDEX]Galaxy S 5 Themes & Apps

    Samsung Galaxy S 5 Themes & Apps! INDEX: Samsung galaxy s5 wallpaper - dany__ HD Wallpapers & Fonts (apk's) for galaxy S5 - sandeepsivia Galaxy S5 (SM-G900H) Available in Cambodia Now (Screenshot) - ElunChen [APP][UPDATED] Google Play Store 4.6.16 (13/03/2014) - Mr hOaX New touchwiz coming...
  25. aussieglis

    Thread [Q] What smartphones should I check out?

    I lost my old HTC Desire HD a week ago, and has been googling as a crazy person since then trying to decide what phone I will buy to replace it... Then I thought: "WHY don't I just ask the people on XDA what phones are worth checking out?" and here I am. I had rooted my Desire HD and used CM...
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    Thread [Q] Best Phone Options for someone stuck on Verizon

    Let me preface this by saying my company is married to VZW. We have no plans on switching carriers as they have the best coverage in our region. Having said that, my GNex is really sucking these days. I've run everything from VZW 4.1/4.2, AOKP 4.1/4.2/4.3, CM 10.1/10.2 Nightlies and it hasn't...
  27. Lexmazter

    Thread [Discussion] Phonebloks - A phone worth keeping...or not?

    Hi there xda, You can also click the picture to get redirected to their website. I recently found out a nice "wannabe" project called Phonebloks, what's your opinion about that? I think it's a good thing to promote it on xda too. Feel free to comment about this. Or you can access their...
  28. akp.ajinkya

    Thread [Q] Moving on from Xperia Sola

    Hey guys,want your help in selecting a new phone.I am happy with my xperia Sola but its been a year since i bought this device...and yeah i am bored with it,so need a change now.I am confused between Samsung S3,S4 mini and Note 2.Which one should i go for? My specs :D for the new phone: Good...
  29. P

    Thread [Q] Time for a new phone

    i absolutely love my atrix but time has taken its toll and my screen has finally cracked (badly) and its starting to loose sensitivity on the screen :( Im looking for for a cheap new android phone thats as fast as or faster than the atrix but with a better camera at the price budget of around...
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    Thread The User Experience Thread

    Hello all, congrats to those who will be getting galaxy s4. Well, I know there will be a lot of threads once this phone reaches our hands, so it better to create one separate thread where we can compile all the user experiences. It will indeed help others in buying the phone. So start...
  31. F

    Thread [Q] Thinking of buying a new phone!

    Hey everyone, I've got a quick question. I'm considering buying a new phone. Currently having the nexus S rocking a 4.0 inch screen, i got used to the smaller size phones. So i've been looking around, and if I want to have a more powerful phone than the one i currently have, i need to go to 4.5...
  32. satyamsit

    Thread [Q] Suggest me a handset between 16-20k

    Hi everyone. After proudly using one of the root android handset of all time , i am planning to shift to a new phone. And for obvious reason cant find any better place to take some advice. My budget is strictly between 16-20k. I am considering few sets for myself, one of those is Tab 2 p3100...
  33. N

    Thread [Q] Looking for some insight

    It is time to replace my phone, the battery doesn't hold power anymore and it randomly shuts off. I'm considering buying another phone but I'm indecisive as to which one. I'm interested in the HTC One S myself but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Which one would you guys recommend?
  34. brokenchains

    Thread HTC One/M7

    HTC's announcement for their newest phone is today (in a couple minutes, really). A video was posted as a preview, which you can watch here, but it isn't in English. It's a pretty good looking phone with some decent specs but overall I think HTC just makes some weird decisions. Calling this...
  35. lovegambler

    Thread [Suggestion] A new phone under Rs.25,000 in LG or Samsung (no Sony)

    Hey, guyz its been a long tym since m playin wid my toy our beloved LG Optimus One (thanks to U devs nd modders).. M plannin to buy a new cell phone under a price of Rs.25,000. Need some suggestions from U guys.. I was thinkin of buyin a Samsung Galaxy S2 since m a huge fan of MIUI nd it has an...
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Help with purchase decision of new phone (<4.3")

    Hey guys, At the moment I'm using a Motorola Milestone 2 (mainly for its hardware keyboard) but the phone is sluggish and freezes quite often. I tried nearly all available ROMs but none could give me the experience I wanted. So I am currently searching a new phone (in Germany) under the...
  37. I

    Thread [Q] Looking for a new metro phone

    I currently have the samsung admire 3g with partial root but the phone isnt that great its slow and no dev really cares about it so there isnt much for it as for rooting. so i was looking to see if u could recommend some metro phones to me that would be good to get thank u for ur help my...
  38. A

    Thread Just rebought ;) Post all news about this phone ;)

    Finally! :p:highfive::victory:^^ Today i just bought this phone (again) for about 40$. I had this phone from 2010 december 24th till 2012 june.. And i want to know all the things that happened when i wasn't here ^^. I plan getting phone from seller on tuesday. Write EVERYTHING that happened good...
  39. richie390

    Thread OPPO Find 5

    What do you guys think of the new Chinese phone that supports USA carriers? You can view the specs here: It's about the size of the Droid DNA, but better. I'm actually thinking of getting this. Doesn't have SD Card but has 16GB and...
  40. d33ps1x

    Thread Farewell and all the best to the best XDA community out there!

    Well guys. The time has come. I've bought a Google Nexus and and sitting here configuring CM10 as we speak. My Wildfire S finally gave up the ghost and it is with regret that I am jumping forums and beginning to work, help and learn about a new phone (for me.). I just wanted to say goodbye...
  41. C

    Thread [Q] Still worth purchasing?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a new phone as i have an upgrade. I currently have a nexus s 4g, i'm just somewhat tired of it though. After finding out the nexus 4 won't be coming to sprint, it seems the S3 is the next best thing. Would you still buy this phone now based on my circumstances?
  42. Xx_xBLADEx_xX

    Thread Sprint Zone Update - What is it?

    I ignore this update but… I just got the phone Saturday and the first thing that is asked of me is if I'd like to apply an update from Sprint Zone. I just changed carriers from T-Mobile so I am completely new to Sprint altogether. Does anyone have some insight on this update? Software Version...
  43. KidCarter93

    Thread **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Hi everyone, This thread is a continuation of this thread. This is here so you can discuss what your next phone/tablet should be, if you're not sure what to pick. Also, if you need advice as to which device is better than another, then feel free to ask those questions in here aswell. This is...
  44. Mekevin255

    Thread [Q] Question about Texting or Web!

    I want to know What would prefer if you were getting a new phone. Unlimited Web or Unlimited text?
  45. C

    Thread Wants to Upgrade, Needs help choosing

    OK so its in Q3 an if I don't start saving now I won't be able to buy a new phone for my birthday or black friday and you know how it is with saving, when you have a goal its easier so other bravo users this is where I need your help especially those who get their phones from AT&T. The reason I...
  46. darko94

    Thread [SMALL TALK] Your next phone and prices

    Hi guys, as we all know our GT540 isn't getting any younger and many of us are considering to buy a new phone. So share your thoughts and hopes and please note the price(s) of your next phone(s) in retail store (not operator contract prices). Also how much did GT540 cost when you bought it...
  47. T

    Thread [Q] 32GB exernal slot on new phone?

    Most new phones seem to lack external microSD card slots. I would like to get pointers to current or future phones that support external 32GB microSD cards (or higher). I currently own an ancient Touch Pro 2, but won't bother upgrading until I can use my 32GB microSD card with a new phone. Do...
  48. A

    Thread On look out for a new android phone but.....

    Hi I am starting to look for a new phone to replace my HTC Desire which is coming to the the end of its contract and will be due an upgrade in January. I have been looking around for a new phone, but i am struggling to know what to get. Obvious one to look at would be Samsung Galaxy Nexus...
  49. C

    Thread Time for a new Android, help needed?

    I've put it off for as long as I could, but it's come time to put my trusty captivate to rest and get a new Android. I've been with AT&T for 2 yrs, and really don't have a preference on carrier and am willing to switch to Sprint or Verizon, just not T-Mob. Due to Amazons crazy penny sale, and...
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    Thread Mod please delete Thread!

    :mad: Mod Please delete Offensive Thread thanks!!