1. M

    Thread Newbie needs help

    I am a volunteer fire-fighter in Aus and I am trying to find an app that allows internal communication between my brigade. I have found an app that would be perfect for what I want except a lot of it doesn't work. I myself have no idea on how to build apps or how to edit them. I would like...
  2. O

    Thread [newbie] Few questions before going full custom

    Hello! I currently have completely stock and BL locked M1803E7SG 3/32, on MIUI Stable Pie. Tomorrow is my big day, timer in MIUI unlocker will finaly allow me to completely mod my device. I did some modding a long time ago on Xperia X10/Xperia Play (old 2.3.3 Gingerbread times), but...
  3. MrColdbird

    Thread [FIX][GSI][TWRP] Mi Max 3 ROMs

    What is this topic about? I've spent quite some time writing fixes for GSIs to work properly on our Mi Max 3. As part of that, we now have a list of easily flashable fully working Mi Max 3 ROMs to pick from. This topic will be used to keep track of all fully working ROMs and of course to host...
  4. Shree.bhagwat

    Thread [Help Thread] HTC U12 Life - Ask any Question Here!

    Welcome to this help thread for HTC U12 LifeWhen you have no place to go you will surely find help here! Hello! new users and welcome to XDA - Developers. We are a developer's forum, with the purpose of development. Out work can be used in several ways, and, we know that sometimes it could help...
  5. S

    Thread Hello, new Pixel XL owner, previous Nexus 6 owner! Got Qs

    I've tried flashing the phone to TWRP, and it sticks... but when I flash LineageOS 16, it says no space... so I erase the system partition... flash again and add Opengapps for pie 64bit version... and it just boots to a lineage recovery page... I haven't tried other roms, because I just...
  6. rajatgupta1998

    Thread [EOL][Guide][Newbie] Resource/Help Thread [Noob Friendly][albus][Moto Z2 Play]

    This guide is outdated now. Please refer to the thread OPs of the respective projects. Hi all, I am starting this thread with the very reason to educate and help newbies as well serve as a resource guide that could be used by all. I will try my best to update this thread often. You can ask any...
  7. A

    Thread I am new to S5 and I have some questions about ROMs and stuffs.

    I know what rooting and custom ROMs are, I had a Nexus 5 and I was a flashoholic. In weird turn of events now I have an S5 and some questions popped up. Here they are (You can answer just one or few, I'm just interested in everything, so maybe that is too much questions a bit, sorry) : 1. What...
  8. gta0gagan

    Thread [NEW TO FLASHING] Looking for help Flash a working ROM to Samsun GT - S 7262

    Hi, I am entirely a newbie to flashing a rom to an android phone. I am trying to do this on my GT -S7262 kernel version of stock: 3.0.8-1595554user build no of stock: JZ054K.S7262XXuA0E1 Can someone here guide me how to start and what all steps are required.... I know I can do this myself...
  9. M

    Thread Extract, modify and repack stock rom?

    Hey! I really want to make a custom rom, a heavily debloated stock rom. At this stage I am not thinking about adding customization or anything just debloat the stock rom as much as possible, recompile it, and flash it! I've searched everywhere on how to do this but have not found any relevant...
  10. L

    Thread Questions about kernel

    Hey guys, So I've been searching around for a while now and I could not find any updated guide on porting/building custom kernels. I need a lot of help for this, as I am completely new and do not know anything to do with kernel stuff. I do my part by finding out whats a ramdisk and stuff, but...
  11. Shivver

    Thread [Q&A] Noob - Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to LENOVO ZUK Z1 Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help. Noob questions are welcomed. It is always best to thank an answer instead of posting "Thank you". Please keep discussion focused, on...
  12. B

    Thread How to Install Mokee ROM

    Hello im new to mi4i custom rom, i've phone installed MIUI7 global 5.11 version, i would like to install custom rom Mokee to my phone, but i don't know where to start.
  13. munkymack

    Thread New Fire Phone Walkthrough and Questions

    Got my new Fire Phone in the mail yesterday. Right now the plan is to keep FireOS and install things to get a more standardized Google experience. Here's what I've done thus far (I've documented it so that others who are at a loss for what to do can do the same, if it works out). This will get...
  14. umo4u

    Thread Newbie Help Thread

    hi.when i was newbie to xda i had so many questions in mind so i know how newbie thinks.made this thread for all newbies who can ask questions here regarding root,xposed,how to increase internal memory,battery saving,ad blocking,custom roms etc etc :highfive:
  15. C

    Thread [Q] ROM Suggestions

    Hello There, I have a HTC One m8 and I'm considering Rooting it and installing a custom ROM. Since I tried rooting once, and it somehow stopped me from getting OTA updates. I'm a noob when it comes to that kind of stuff, I read lots of articles on how to do it, but I still couldn't manage. So...
  16. TheProdigee

    Thread [Q] Beginner ROM developing/modification questions.

    First of all, I have a few years experience of ROM, kernel flashing, rooting, etc. to differrent devices. I began interested in the developing itself, so I looked for guides. Found some very useful guides, but I feel I'm missing something. I built my first ROM from source today for my G2, which...
  17. F

    Thread Tips for new users?

    I have just gotten a fire TV here in the UK today. I've done a bit of searching and found out how to sideload APK's but can't find much on blocking updates to help with potential future rooting? When i turned on the fireTV and connected wifi, it immediately wanted to update. If i had...
  18. david19au

    Thread [Q] <NEWBIE> Is this phone hard to root etc.?

    Hello, I may go and buy this Xperia M but as of now, im using a Samsung Galaxy Mini which i rooted really easily just by clicking one button. But as for Xperia, i read that You need to unlock the "bootloader" . Well, if im going to unlock the bootloader, do i get some differences from the...
  19. S

    Thread [Q] new Sprint LG G2 - questions

    Hi - I have been an iphone guy for last 2 years and Just purchased a new Sprint LG G2 phone from ebay which was sim unlocked. I am from india. After purchasing found out that this is not factory unlocked and it was rooted and then sim unlocked. After hearing this, i am scared to make any...
  20. W

    Thread [Q] Help Me.. I am newbie. (desire X)

    Hi i am newbie.... want to root safely my htc desire x (single sim). So that i can install custom rom & some call recording software. I want to do it safely with full nandroid backup and official rom backup. I already bricked my old lg optimus one so i am little afraid about mistakes. Please...
  21. V

    Thread [Q] Everything Android

    Hello everyone, I'm here asking help from all Devz that i wanna study Android right from the start. If anyone could help me with it? Or any links where i can Study Android?:confused:
  22. G

    Thread [Q] Delete shortcut duplicate

    I need create a shortcut when the app is installed and the code works fine the problem is that when I open the app view another shortcut example if I open 20 times the app this created 20 times shortcut override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] Back on XDA, but now a newbie again-need help

    Hi Guys, Wow, XDA has changed - use to come here when I had my HTC Touch Pro- now back, after Iphone - with a S4 Active GT I9295 and a newbie again. I would like to be able to delete all the bloat ware that is on the phone, make some tweaks to increase battery life and improve the phone, and...
  24. S

    Thread How to root any android device ( mobile/tablets )

    Rooting is now simplified Download the attached file Before connecting to PC enable USB Debugging in Settings-->Developer Options-->Enable USB Debugging ( For 2.3.x versions Settings-->Applications-->Development-->Enable USB Debugging ) Then connect to PC make sure you have installed correct ADB...
  25. F

    Thread [APP] My first android app

    Hello everyone we are new to development and this is our first android project. We both are students please download play and support us.. give feedback to improve our game This is a game called bingo which is mostly played by back benchers of class room.. so we thought of implementing it in...
  26. freelancer81

    Thread List of things to do after buying a new Android Tablet

    Hi all! I would be very happy if you all could share your ideas and knowledge with me regarding List of things to do after buying a new Android Tablet I am expecting my GT-N8000 next week and I want to start on the right footing with my new device. It could be a list of do this and do...
  27. S

    Thread Xperia Tipo WIKI - NEW || Help on ma new project.

    project canceled. nobody wants to help :'( :D
  28. Phy

    Thread [Q] Unlocked HTC One AT&T only?

    I just bought an unlocked HTC One direct from HTC. I was planning to use it with the T-Mobile $30 plan, but I've since read that the unit that ships from HTC directly only has AT&T radios. Is this true? If I want to use the device on the T-Mobile plan, should I cancel this order? If I root...
  29. immortalneo

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    There are a lot of people joining XDA on a daily basis, and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which clutter up the Development and 'Q & A' threads. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. The idea of this thread is to get users to help other users with their...
  30. thebooter

    Thread [GUIDE][HOW TO][NEWBIE]Install Nemesis One HD(Photo Guide)

    Nemesis HD Rom GALAXY Y[The Most Advanced Rom Ever] Follow The Step Below And I am Not responsible for any damage to the phone.... Tested Following Steps Myself And Worked Like A Flow.... PM Me If Any Help Required.... Just One Click For Me Below Their (Thanks) Installation Guide Mod Edit...
  31. sgt. meow

    Thread [GUIDE] NEW TO XDA. Take a look inside.

    Hi fellow XDA members, As you all may have noticed there has been a few changes in the moderation committee. There are new moderators for devices. New people, but that does not mean new rules. eagleeyetom had asked members in his proposal thread, to help out with the moderation. I asked if I...
  32. M

    Thread [Q] Bootloop, help, newbie

    So, I have a nook color and I installed roms in it, rooted and other basic things. But recently my girlfriend got a dell streak from his brother and from two weeks of use, today it bootloops every single time. I have no experience on how to install the recovery or roms in it. My girlfriends...
  33. Akshay (Aky)

    Thread [Q] ODEX - DEODEX help needed not difference between them

    Guys, I am newbie here on XDA. So , I wanted to learn some modding / hacking stuff of android. ROM related : How, to Deodex an whole ROM & zip align it like all the modified ROMS are with .zip extension ??? APK & JAR modding : Can , some one please tell me A-Z process of...
  34. A

    Thread [Q] Need Help Rooting! Please

    Okay, so i been looking around to see how on earth to root nd flash a new kernal and rom on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch. I been having issues with my phone and to fix it I need to factory reset it, so I'm taking advantage of the oppurtunity and want to root my phone. I'm sort of familiar...
  35. T

    Thread Newbie flash guide custom rom

    Easy Guide to Root youre gNote and flash a custom rom! Approximate Time for Newbies: +/- 30 min. I am not responsible for any damage ony oure device, by reading further youre warrenty is now avoid! All respects for those that learned my to do this. Recommended Roms: ParanoidAndroid Imilka...
  36. I

    Thread just bought my p7500. help

    I want to update my tab to ICS or even JB if possible. I've read a couple of guides and threads of what to do and what's not working. I already did my research. I just want to make sure.. :D What's the custom / stock(if its performance is better than HC) ROM that is nearly perfectly working...
  37. whitefang3456


    Hello Newcomers and welcome to XDA, first of all. I created This thread for easing you all especially newbies and get used to XDA as fast as possible and also share my experience too along with it:D In this thread, i will attach few zipped files containing PDF Tutorial which includes...
  38. evil_penguin

    Thread [GUIDE | READ ME | DISCONTINUED-28/06/12 ] A Newbie Guide for your Galaxy Tab 7.7 ▓░░

    [GUIDE | READ ME | DISCONTINUED-28/06/12 ] A Newbie Guide for your Galaxy Tab 7.7 ▓░░ Do terms like ‘Android ROM’ confuse you? Is your understanding of ‘flashing’ limited to acts of exhibitionism? Do you feel left out or clueless when your friends talk about flashing the latest custom ROM...
  39. Westerhoff

    Thread [Q] Root in a newbies eyes.

    Hello everybody! I've been messing around, customizing my new SG S II using launchers, icons etc. But I kinda want to take it to the next level and rooting, going for the MiUi rom ( I have never rooted any android devices before, only playing with jailbroken iPhones. So I...
  40. B

    Thread [Q] Nightlies as a decent replacement for 7.1 Stable

    Hey guys, I grabbed myself an NC about a week ago. I've put in CM7.1 right after the first try of the stock firmware. After going through the forum threads and reading all the (mostly) positive feedback of users trying out nightlies, I'm considering of putting one myself instead of the CM7.1...
  41. dhananjaipai

    Thread [GUIDE] Basics Of ROOT-ing and FLASH-ing ROMs

    Hello all,... :) This is my first Helpful thread in XDA,.. and is aimed to help all the new android Galaxy Fit Users :).. Being a newbie, i was unable to satisfactorily see a complete GUIDE about the rooting world,.. So here is my contribution :cool: Basics : 1. What is Rooting ? 2. What are...
  42. Z

    Thread Searching for Radio

    Hello people, Im searching for these radio version: 20.2811.30.085AU_3805.09.03.27 because a User recomended these version for me.., someone have it? Could you please send me a copy o give me a site for goit. Thanks a lot people!!!
  43. Z

    Thread [RUMOR] Official Motorola ICS for Atrix 4G

    I have spoke with some people from motorola and asked some questions related to general business but also for upgrading Atrix with ICS. I'm pasting here some answers without mentioning names, I think that this may show that motorola is doing more than they are ready to publicly say in this...
  44. K

    Thread [Q] New G2X: Should I mod/root?

    I got a new LG P999 (I think that's the G2X). I'm new to Android but I'm not sure if I should root/mod or not. Is there really any significant benefits from modding (like speed or stability) or it's just to make your Android flashier? Also, what mod would be best to go for? And if someone...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Speeding up a Droid 3?

    Hello Everyone. I am a long time Android User, new to rooting. Before I get too deep in this I had a general question.... I have a Droid 3 that I am finding to be slow compared to my stock Google Nexus One. I really enjoy the qwerty keyboard and don't want to go back to my Nexus, However the...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] what can be deleted????

    I have a rooted evo 4g. I have flashed several roms and kernels to the phone. I am curious as to what I can delete from my sd card. I want to free up space. once the phone is rooted can I reformat the sd card and start fresh?
  47. Y

    Thread [Q] Newer than a newbie o_O

    G'day lovely folks. I've just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000) 16GB. Now I'm completely new to Android - and have no clue about flashing/rooting etc. I just simply have one concern and was wondering if someone can guide me in how to resolve it. When I put it on the first time -...
  48. W

    Thread [newbie how-to] Smooth rom cooking with dsixda kitchen

    Yes, rom cooking with any kitchen is easy enough for anyone to start with but I think it's better to have a clear tutorial for the newbie like me. As I've tried searching for sometimes, I came up with this post. It may not be a perfect guide but at least, it's better than start from nothing...
  49. J

    Thread [Q] Newbie Seeking Guide - First time LG Optimus V root/rom

    Hi all, I've read all the Newbie warnings, guides etc... and I've got an excellent idea of how to do it. Now I just need to decide what to do! Specifically I'm looking for recommendations for the best ROM, kernel, mods/etc. for a first-timer with average requirements. My requirements in order...
  50. T

    Thread [Q] Root / flash guide (complicated due to multi region stuff)

    Hi XDA, this is my first post, sorry if this sounds a bit spammy, I'm at a loss for how to root and flash for my X10 and hoping someone can help me finally get everything sorted... I bought my phone in Australia second hand, unlocked from a carrier, but with bloatware out the wahzoo... to make...