1. T

    Thread [NEWS] RemixOs Marshmallow is OUT!!!

    Yeah!! You heard it right.. The long awaited RemixOs 3 based on Android Marshmallow is officially released. Download at,
  2. Rafalex House

    Thread [APP][4.0+][ALL DEVICES] TrackID™ (Newest 4.2.B.0.4)

    TrackID™ by Sony Download: In attachments! Instalation: 1.Install as normal apk or 2.Push in system and set the right permissions!(rw-r--r--) Screenshots: Supported devices: 1.Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i(Mine) 2.Sony Xperia M2 Aqua D2403(Mine) 3.Sony Xperia Z C6603(Mine) Reply down if you...
  3. Rei Zazie

    Thread [Q] Advice on buying Xperia ZL?

    Hello, dear all users of Xperia ZL... I'm planning to buy a ZL, I've been thinking about it more than a month to purchase this phone.. I've watched several reviews, advantages, and disadvantages of it. But here in XDA, recently I realized some people faced a problem related to ZL when suddenly...
  4. Buda1996

    Thread Illusion Engine IE2 17.6.2013

    Hello there after resolving the problems with false acusation of me stealing scripts i decided to release new engine. Engine History:Project Inferno>>Project Lazarus>>>Omnie Engine>>>>.Omnie Engine 3+>>>>>Illusion Engine (ILE2) NOTE:Moderators stop if u think my thread should be removed for...
  5. bogarty

    Thread Post your tested WP7 roms!

    I'm new to WP7 myself. I used to have Windows Mobile 6.5, but have been using Android on my HD2 & I love it. However, I was still curious about WP7. Has anyone tried any WP7 roms personally that they've found to work really well? I'm looking for one that has all the features of the newest...
  6. U

    Thread [ROM][21/08] Dynamics v2.2 - internet sharing fix added

    ROM is based on Titan ROM v2.05/v4.06 OS version: 7.10.8862. Languages: 24 languages. Loader/File pool: 20MB/15 MB. Key differences: Each version brings many improvements used by the most of custom ROMs around the world. Always newest unlock. Always newest stuff. No software added just for...
  7. CosmicDan

    Thread [ROM][MIUI] CosmicUI v0.6.01.125 (MIUI v2.4.20 on CM7-FXP125) (Stopped)

    This ROM is no longer being developed, I have moved on to the Xperia Play. I will help as much as I can whenever I can. Introduction This is seriously the fastest X10 MIUI I have ever used after installing my many background apps for gaming, working, typing, browsing, everything. This is a...
  8. Djay1809

    Thread [Q] Best phone period

    Im looking into picking a new phone, but like most of us I have a hard time deciding whats better to get after having the phone I thought was the greatest. So I Want to see what phone to get next, or what devices to consider, as well see what features to look for next, I was just happy when the...
  9. pwnerman

    Thread Market 3.0.26

    If you don't have it here it is. This is the newest version of the market. Im posting it because its such a major update and I know people are gonna want it early instead of waiting for it to show up in roms. I've tested it on Apex (latest version) and it is working perfect. I do know that the...
  10. N00B_IN_N33D

    Thread [Q] Where can I get the newest version of Darky's Rom for Samsung Vibrant?

    Where can I get the newest version of Darky's Rom for Samsung Vibrant? I have seen Samsung Vibrant's online carrying Darky's Rom *Extreme Edition* with Touchwiz but can't seem to find any downloads. Please, if someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also, how well is Darky's rom...
  11. F

    Thread [Q] The Newest YouTube Application?

    Hi. I'm using unrooted Samsung Spica. I'm still using the stock YouTube (v1.5.20). Can someone post the newest YouTube application that can be used on unrooted Eclair (2.1)? Thanks..
  12. ksidirt

    Thread [Leak...Sort of] Newest Android Phone. 4G, 13.2 MP, 1080p HD

    Hey guys, I just got back from one of those Focus Group things. I usually do video game studies, but this one was dedicated to smart phones. Anyways, They had me test several phones, some which already exist on the market and others that were prototypes. The last phone they had us testers play...
  13. Conpa18Dani

    Thread Newest Android version

    hey can somebody please tell me which build of android is the latest for HTC HD2 ? :)
  14. H

    Thread What is the newest version of touchflo that can be installed on jade?

    What is the newest version of touchflo that can be installed on jade? Can you provide me a link? I am currently using 2.0.1919.1432 Thank you in advance!
  15. Wajk

    Thread [ROM][WWE]blackSTONEhenge™ (WM6.5.3.28248/Manila 2.1) v6.7

    blackSTONEhenge™ with Manila 2.1 or blackSTONEhenge™ HyPer with Manila 2.5Choice is yours! Maximum Stability - Maximum Speed Maximum Battery - Maximum Sensitivity - Maximum Storage Finger Friendly edition Combined fastest WM build, latest LEO/Rhodium/Topaz packages with quick Manila 2.1...
  16. aeroflyluby

    Thread [ROM] 6.5 23064 Release Candidate

    Hi my himalaya brothers and sisters! There comes the moment we all were waiting for! New build for our himalaya! I think that rom is fairly stable, even on my bugged himalaya! I can't do screenshots, because something is wrong with my computer and activesync can not connect into more than...
  17. D

    Thread [HTC Hurricane] Newest ROM

    What is newest WM version and anyone have it to Hurricane (of course bin rom)?
  18. cmlohff

    Thread Newest official ROM

    I have hardSPL'd my device and installed a custom radio file. I was wondering where I can get the latest official ROM of a custom one with all the features of it. English language please and works on 850 mhz GSM.
  19. outerdepth

    Thread Here's Some New Pngs for Your Screen

    I am posting a zip that contains some of the pngs I use for my screen. In it contains a new image for the iconbar bluetooth. Try them out. Just rename them for what you are replacing, or edit your registry to accomodate for your new pics. If you have any questions, please post them. (and...