nexus 4 4.4

  1. Zeyckler

    Thread Has my phone died?

    Hi everybody, I was trying to flash with Nexus Rootkit Android 5.0 in my Nexus 4 with CM11 and I think my phone has died. I try to go trough the Bootloader or the Recovery but in both cases appears a Blue screen with little pink squares and then appears the first configuration screen of CM but...
  2. F

    Thread [ROM] Firefox OS 2.5 for Nexus 4

    Firefox OS is the new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, based on Linux and Firefox's powerful Gecko rendering engine. Current Known Issues These builds are pre-alpha software. Expect bugs. MTP/PTP is partially supported Help support Firefox OS by reporting any issues you come...
  3. T

    Thread [Q] Nexus 4 WiFi Bug

    i have a nexus 4 running CM 11 M10 and i flashed the roam around 2 weeks ago and now this strange bug has showed up, the wifi doesnt work. The device connects to wifi but the connection is only partial, the icon doesnt go from brown to white and thus i lose access to many features like the play...
  4. I

    Thread [Q] Sim Card Removed Error apparently after updating to 4.4.4

    Hello, Since I've updated my nexus 4 to 4.4.4, I'm having this issue too frequently. After every 4-5 hours I get this error (image below) When this error arises, all my phone signals would go down and I need to restart my phone at least twice to get back the signals ! Can anyone help me...
  5. R

    Thread The Nexus 4 - Did it survive ?

    After all this time of use with the nexus I made a brief video if the nexus 4 survived well or not. I hope you like it guys and if you do like it then subscribe and share this video :)
  6. andersonaragao

    Thread [ROM][LRX21V] Nexus Experience AOSP (android-5.0.0_r7) for Nexus 4 [R6.0 - 25Nov]

    Recommended by AndroidPIT! Features This is built from latest Lollipop Sources (Tag android-5.0.0_r7) ROM + GAPPS (Ported from Nexus 6 dump) Multirom support Full Nexus 5/6 Experience since the first boot with Google...
  7. BojanMK

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Nexus 4 update to 4.4 KitKat without installing custom recovery

    Hi guys, I know you can't wait to get the OTA 4.4 update for your Nexus 4 phones but we don't have to wait anymore because Google already released the ROM for our phones! I got my Nexus 4 updated to 4.4 without installing any custom recovery images trough this tutorial. 1. Make sure your Nexus...