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  1. O

    Thread How to fix device encryption on nexus 5? (hammerhead)

    I recently modified the system partition map to increase space to install the latest android. But doing that, I am facing a weird problem with my N5. I am unable to access my storage at all. After installing custom/stock ROM and then going into the files app will boot loop my device. Same with...
  2. D

    Thread Good android rom with latest security patch

    Going to be getting a broken nexus 5 to use for parts to fix another that I already have. Was looking to put some kind of ROM on it. Was looking at something like Android 8 with the latest security patch. Is this possible? More of looking for suggestions on what rom to use once repaired.
  3. SirRGB

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2] DotOS Reloaded 1.2 for Hammerhead [UNOFFICIAL][24Dec]

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 1.2 Device: hammergead Maintainer: SirRGB Build Status: Unofficial * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the...
  4. SirRGB

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2] CrDroid Reloaded 3.8.9 for Hammerhead [UNOFFICIAL][28Dec]

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them! Always Have a full functional Backup. Just in case...
  5. Cr4ckman

    Thread [Solved] Nexus 5 stuck in bootloop, recovery shows up as dead android with red triangle exclamation mark

    Hello there, EDIT: u just hold volume up, took me a while to figure this out * facepalm * I'm new here, so if this isn't the right place, please let me know. I wanted to get my Nexus 5 back to complete stock, and it had a weird issue where it would immediately reboot if connected over USB. So...
  6. M

    Thread [Kali NetHunter] WIFI doesn't work after flashing with TWRP

    (I posted this on the Android Mods Thread on accedent)I have a LG Nexus 5 HammerHead and tried to flash the newest Kali NetHunter using TWRP 3.5.2. After I flashed the ROM successfully, I have notice that the phone itself says no wifi networks found when swipe down to look at the wifi...
  7. I

    Thread Nexus 5 Errors Using CrDroid

    When I try and flash crDroidAndroid-7.1.2-20171120-hammerhead-v3.8.3 and boot it up I get "CrDroid Home Keeps Stopping". If I try it with GApps it gets stuck in a setup loop, and if I try a newer version I get error 255 in TWRP when trying to flash it. Does anyone know how to fix these issues...
  8. fluid46

    Thread [HELP] Nexus 5 Restoration

    Hello XDA Forums, I have had my nexus 5 (hammerhead) for ages, and it has just been sitting in the cupboard collecting dust as I haven't been able to fix it. I will explain my issue: It will not boot past a screen which displays Google, with an unlocked lock and then shuts down and retries...
  9. M

    Thread Restrict RamSize in Nexus 5 Device

    Hi, I am taking measurements of times for operations under different ram scenarios on a single device. I want to vary different RAM sizes to capture times of operations. e.g., Nexus 5 has 2GB RAM. I want to restrict RAM to 1GB and perform someoperations. Then I want to restrict RAM to 512MB...
  10. italo A

    Thread LG nexus 5 Hamerhead

    good afternoon people ! I have a Lg nexus 5 Hammerhead if someone can help me thank you very much, my problem is as follows I am trying to install the lineage The 17.1 android 10 so far all right the problem is when installing the gapps because of the error 70 I have always tried almost...
  11. xNPx3

    Thread [Kali NetHunter] Chroot won't start

    Hello, I have a problem using Kali with my Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1). I have installed Kali NetHunter and Magisk using TWRP. Every time I try to start chroot in the Kali Chroot Manager, everything goes well until it gives me this error and stops: [-] sdcard /lib/modules/3.4.0-8.14-Re4son-3.5...
  12. F

    Thread Xposed on Nexus 5 and LineageOS 15?

    So i recently re-installed Lineage OS on my old nexus 5 and i was wondering, how can i install Xposed on to it, with framework and app and all that? With the search results online i am not getting really far, i don't quite know what version to install , how to do it etc.... Note: i need Xposed...
  13. F

    Thread Slimport not supported on nexus 5 with lineage os 15.1

    Is anyone aware of the missimg slimport feature? I ordered a slimport specifically for this device, to use it on the tv, but it seems that it is not working at all. I can't seem to find anything online about this..
  14. psydex

    Thread Help me fix my volume buttons

    After 5 years of heavy usage and not a single hardware issue my volume (down) button just started acting weird and pressing by itself. Everything else still works fine and I don't want to say goodbye to my beloved Nexus 5 just yet. What are my options? Should I open it up and try cleaning it...
  15. Y

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead) with Lineage Recovery

    First, let's get the disclaimer out of the way. #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  16. daerragh

    Thread Can't flash stock image on my Nexus 5 with the latest platform tools [fastboot etc]

    On Google platform-tools download website (link - ) it says that the tools are backwards compatible but I can't flash my Nexus 5 with the latest tools. It fails sending user-data. I use flash-all.bat. The latest fastboot reports that...
  17. psydex

    Thread [Q] Still no way to record slow-mo on hammerhead?

    L camera did 120fps back in the days, it's 2018 now and everyone gets slow-mo via stock or Google Camera mods or Magisk modules - EXCEPT US! Any new way to achieve 60/120fps on Nougat/Oreo for N5?
  18. XDleader555

    Thread [HOWTO] [REPAIR] Spotty Headphone Jack or Random Google Assistant Activation Fix

    If you've owned your Nexus for a while, you'll start to notice that your headphone jack may become spotty, finicky, or no longer work. This is caused by the lack of a proper connector on the motherboard for the headphone jack module. The pins of the headphone jack end up rubbing up against the...
  19. R

    Thread P780 ROW Nexus 5 ROM, internal storage is 0mb and i can't mount sdcard

    Basically i flashed the Nexus 5 ROM on my P780 ROW and it boots normally, i can use the device, but when i go with my file manager to /Downloads for example, it shows "sd card is unmounted". i tried mounting it in TWRP recovery but i cant select sdcard or SD-Ext there, i also tried wiping sdcard...
  20. M

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for hammerhead - 17.04.2018

    #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  21. Maxx247

    Thread Is there any way to get Portrait mode on Nexus 5?

    Is there any way?
  22. Taskmaste2946

    Thread Nexus 5 not sending/receiving calls but LTE and messaging works fine

    My nexus 5 has an issue where if I'm not in a spot where all my bars white with LTE in the corner and I attempt to call, all my data drops out and the calls don't go through. If someone tries to call me it says I am not a registered AT&T customer. Info: LineageOS 15.1 Oreo (It did this on...
  23. tinaag

    Thread Adblock for Youtube app

    Can anyone send me a link to an adblock for youtube, please?:(
  24. jineshpatel30

    Thread [Discussion] Dirty Unicorns DU 12 Hammerhead (8.1) [Development Hult]

    DU just released first batch of official Oreo builds and Nexus 5 is lucky to be on 1st line as DU is first one from major custom ROMs league to release official Oreo for hammerhead after testing beta builds for months. Since DU guys don't officially host/discuss on XDA I'm creating this thread...
  25. N

    Thread Challenge - reviving a N5 with a screwed-up SBL1 partition?

    Hi all, Like the dumbass I am, while trying to make the system partition larger on my 16GB N5 I accidentally deleted the sbl1 partition. Panicking, I restored it from the partition table I had while starting. Rebooted... and black screen - QDL mode. I tried following this guide but it errored...
  26. FirstEver

    Thread [UBR] First Ever Android 8.1 for Nexus 5 [Every Month Update]

    First Ever Android 8.1 for Nexus 5 [Every Month Update] This is my new project dedicated to all Nexus 5 users! The goal is to reproduce the Google Pixel 2 system. It is based on unofficial Unlegacy Android Project 8.1 Beta. This UBR contains some useful tools that can be easily uninstalled...
  27. R

    Thread Nexus 5 128GB eMMC chip replacement

    I was curious if it were possible to replace the stock eMMC in my 32GB Nexus 5 with a 128GB chip. I have seen that it is possible to replace the chip (like 16GB to 64GB) and am wondering the possibility of finding a compatible 128GB chip. doing searching around, I am finding a few sites that...
  28. FirstEver

    Thread [ROM][UBR] FirstEver Android 8.1 for Nexus 5 [10/01/2018]

    FirstEver Android 8.1 for Nexus 5 (10-01-2018) Mod Edit This is my new project dedicated to all Nexus 5 users! It is based on unofficial Unlegacy Android Project 8.1 Beta. I’m not a great programmer, but I know how to achieve my goals. The goal is to reproduce the Google Pixel 2 system. This...
  29. ZhenMing

    Thread LineageOS V15 Beta Unofficial Version

    Disclaimer: I'm not the creator of this ROM and I don't hold any responsibility of your try on flashing this ROM. Lineage OS 15 Oreo I somehow found this in the net and tried on my Hammerhead. Work pretty well. Hope this work for you. FirstEver had tested it thoroughly and the result is as at...
  30. T

    Thread Nexus 5 and PA 7.3.1-RELEASE, no sound over bluetooth in calls

    I just updated to 7.3.1 (Nov 1st build), on a nexus 5 and I can't get any audio over bluetooth using a Jabra mini. When I'm in a call, the icon says the sound is over bluetooth, but nothing from the earpiece. If I switch to speaker or speakerphone, it works fine. I can also adjust the volume...
  31. B

    Thread Strange vertical Lines on screen!

    Vertical Lines are coming randomly on the screen , But If I records a video or capture an image , it is perfectly fine , no lines. Following is the attached image: Please suggest what I should do. As the phone never fallen , nor the screen is broken. have reset it already nothing changed :(
  32. B

    Thread Phone fell down | need help

    hey guys, My nexus 5 fell from table height now the display seem fine.. But the phone doesn't turn on... And when I plug the USB cable, it shows the google logo and shuts down. It repeats again and again. Did anyone face this problem? If yes please help me. Thank you.:crying:
  33. M

    Thread Looking for informations about daughterboard/ribbon cable issues

    Umm... hi I have two Nexus 5, one which is out of warranty and one brand new one. So the first one I stopped using because the screen is acting funny. Meaning suddenly turning black, image flickering, touch not working. Sometimes tapping on the back of the phone helps, but I do forced reboots...
  34. S

    Thread [HW ISSUE] Urgent ! LCD works intermittently

    Hi, My nexus 5 lcd works intermittently. Touch works just fine. Its the display that goes on and off on its own. The screen remains unlocked and the touch works as well but the display just shuts off. The display works for a bit and works perfectly and then just shuts. A few toggles of the...
  35. The_Chosen_One

    Thread [Q] Can't access recovery from bootloader/fastboot

    If I try to select Recovery mode from bootloader/fastboot phone bootloops for couple times before starting android normally. Only way for me to access twrp-recovery is
  36. V

    Thread [HELP] IMEI is Unknown

    Hi, I messed up. I used an IMEI changer to change my IMEI thinking it would just mask the number, it was advertised as so. I deleted the IMEI changer and now my IMEI shows as unknown in the settings and as blank when dialing *#06# I still know my original IMEI and as of right now I can still...
  37. regalstreak

    Thread Need testers for AOSP O Preview 2 [Android O for hammerhead]

    If you all are ready to test some O, please quote me here. I have a telegram group which needs some testers. Telegram because it will be better in chat. Source is already up on my github. Telegram me directly visiting this link: regalstreak on Telegram Here is a screen proving it compiles.
  38. Mouchoir

    Thread Apps stop working

    Hello everyone I broke my phone so I took one of my friend's old Nexus 5 which was not working and I tried to make it work. However, I'm a complete noob. The phone wasn't turning on, so I used Nexus Root Toolkit in order to flash Android 6.0.1 M4B30Z I had a lot of troubles, got stuck in...
  39. S

    Thread [Theme] [Bootlogo/etc.] Another pixel bootlogo/bootloader/etc.

    [WARNING] NEXUS 5 ONLY! Hi, Because I like material design a lot, I wanted to have a material like bootlogo/bootloader/etc. I couldn't really find one I liked in the Nexus 5 threads, so I took some inspiration from this thread and recreated it for the Nexus 5. I take no credit for his work...
  40. J

    Thread Help! Nexus 5, new battery and blinking red light

    That says it all really. I bought a nexus 5 battery from (hopefully) a reputable source. The battery had all the same markings as my original battery. I looked online for a video on how to replace the battery. I followed it. Now it is charging, but there is a blinking red light. After some...
  41. L

    Thread [MULTIBOOT] [BETA] EFIDroid for Nexus 5

    I have ported EFIDroid (developed by @m11kkaa) for the Nexus 5. @m11kkaa's original EFIDroid thread here: This is an unofficial port of beta software. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device...
  42. FirstEver

    Thread Google Nexus 5 Bootloop FIX

    Google Nexus 5 Bootloop example: jzj73qYg5HA If you answer "yes" two times, I have a solution for you! 1. Do you have a random restarts of Nexus 5 and it doesn't matter what ROM or kernel you use? 2. Have you experienced the Nexus 5 bootloop issue...
  43. X

    Thread [Google Assistant] Live On My Nexus 5

    Hi, Everyone! This morning I discovered Google Assistant alive and well on my Nexus 5 (6.0.1 / security patch level October 5, 2016 / build number M4B30Z / kernel version 3.4.0-gcf10b7e / stock - no root). I just held down the home button, and its initial screens popped up. Google Assistant...
  44. Newmanl

    Thread [Theme] Pixel BootLogo + BootAnimation (with sound) + Bootloader + Universal Patch

    Disclaimer: Modifying your ROM on your device is your responsibility. I am not responsible for anything that could happen to your device. I have modified an existing themed bootanimation to add a themed bootloader (skin). Tested on Nexus 5 Official Lineage OS (Bootloader version HHZ20h) What's...
  45. L

    Thread Back to Nexus 5, longest battery possible ?

    Dear Fellow XDAers, After years of abandoning my lovely nexus 5, I am back and want to use it as my MAIN phone. But before I wanted to get your overall opinions for some questions I have in my mind... I happened to find some archived photos of my screen shots where I saw I was getting around...
  46. darkdoll69

    Thread VOLTE for NEXUS 5

    hello guys. how can i use VOLTE on nexus 5 , my sim operator use VOLTE for calling... so.. bt i know nexus 5 have 4g support ..but for callling its needs VOLTE is there any way to install or smothing like that to use or have VOLTE support on Nexus 5
  47. p4rot

    Thread LineageOs[Unofficial]-14.1-hammerhead[01/13/17][Whit Root]

    DISCLAIMER : I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  48. M

    Thread Factory image M4B30Z (Android 6.0.1 - Dec 2016)

    It looks like surprisingly GOOGLE has released some updates for our beloved nexus 5 :D Download link for factory image: SHA-256 Checksum: 625c027b21afe6de7c3d0de66e3a42000269dd00c2ef9a5347007734537f3ea2 Download link...
  49. E

    Thread AppLink on Ford Sync with Nexus 5

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus with Sync with MyFord (not MyFord Touch). It support Applink that lets you connect phone applications to the car AV system. Unfortunately when I try to use applink on the car with my phone it says the phone isn't compatible. If you go to Ford's compatibility site here...
  50. muhagl

    Thread N5 possible camera mod?

    Hey guys, there are some threads about swapping the camera from the G2 into the N5, but there's no solution. Can't you just extract the camera driver from a g2 Firmware like cm and flash it on the 5 ( same firmware base)? I can't imagine that its so hard to get it working and would like to do...