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  1. L

    Thread Need help to enable VoLTE and VoWiFi for unsupported carriers

    Hi Guys, For the past couple of days I have been trying hard to make VoLTE & VoWiFi work for an unsupported carrier(Airtel India). As known Nexus 5X supports VoLTE out of the box for only handful of networks and for the rest there should be some manual way to enable it. I am currently in India...
  2. A

    Thread Nexus 5X With Nethunter But No Option To Turn On Y-Cable Charging

    After updating Kali Nethunter on my Nexus 5X and all seemed to be working perfectly except when I went To Nethunter Services something was missing, Enable Y-Cable Charging, I never had this problem in previous versions of Nethunter. Currently I'm running Nethunter version 2021.1 which sits on...
  3. seething_n00b

    Thread [SOLVED]Failed at rooting my phone or so

    pics, pardon the **** quality Tried rooting it, fastboot works but ADB doesn't seem to recognise my device. I went to the link it gave me and followed the tutorial it gave me clicked on it hopes of at least getting back to stock, but at the step were I run the bash script ( it...
  4. B

    Thread Cameras only functioning for 30mins after a ROM flash, what can I do about that?

    Hi there, I have mentioned that issue partially in various other threads, now I'm asking for help for real, hoping someone can help me out. Whenever I flash a new ROM to my 5X, the cameras work for like half an hour properly, beyond that it works somewhat for like two further reboot before...
  5. S

    Thread Google Pixel 3 Rom For Nexus 6p

    Can somebody please port [ROM][PD1A.180720.030]Pixel3ROM v1.0oct for Nexus 5X[9][20181101] rom to our beloved nexus 6p please this rom is pure copy of pixel 3 someone please port this rom for our device
  6. zaibansari20

    Thread [MOD][Magisk][Oreo / Pie] Dual Speaker Mode for N5X systemlessly

    Update: Tested and working on Pie also About This Module uses the Mixer file from this thread: [Mod] SURROUND SOUND I just created a systemless module for Magisk :) :D * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app...
  7. akashkyh

    Thread AOSP pie ROM released for nexus 5X But not for Nexus 6P???

    AOSP pie ROM released for nexus 5X But not for Nexus 6P???:confused::crying::crying: Link for 5X ROM::good:
  8. J

    Thread Nexus 5X H791 32GB reading only 16GB / Can't coonect to WI-FI beyond Marshmallow

    I recently bought a used Nexus 5x with an unlocked Bootloader running Marshmallow, MTC20K. On the Bootloader screen it says the model is an H791 with 32GB of internal storage but then when I boot it up to Android, I'm only seeing 16GB of storage (10.5ish for Data)). After flashing TWRP (I tried...
  9. milouk

    Thread [KERNEL] [8.1.0 Oreo / 9.0.0 Pie] [3.10.108] [GCC 8.2.1] Sphinx Kernel - v3.6

    Introduction Ahoy everyone, I decided to share my personal custom kernel with all of you. The main reason i started developing this kernel is to balance performance / battery / security and also add features. I believe i have included most of the usually requested features. If your...
  10. H

    Thread Boot up the bootlooped Nexus 5X due to core problems - heat up your phone!

    Dear Nexus 5X users, I would like to share my success story to booting up the bootlooped Nexus 5X. My phone was bootloader locked when the bootloop happened. After searching threads for hours, I found out I had to unlocked the bootloader. And the only way to do that is to go to the...
  11. S

    Thread How do i fix broken button solders joints? (Reviving a dead Nexus 5X with baking)

    Hi forum, a friend of mine gave me his completely dead Nexus 5X (no important data) and i wanted to see if i can revive it. I baked it in an oven according to information online and now at least it charges properly but i think i burned the (power) button solder joints. (Summary) With dead phone...
  12. Y

    Thread [ROM][Bullhead][r52]Candy 8.1.0 for Nexus 5x[OFFICIAL][DEC]

    This is Candy8. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim to add more features as this project progresses. gimmeitorilltell NoSpamDan kdp162 chadouming Nick_gunale axxx007xxxz...
  13. harib12

    Thread Help here : My phone is detected in Bootloader but it wont charge nor able to connect

    Hi there , My phone is detected in bootloader but i am not able to charge my phone nor i can connect as mtp or other, It is not detected anywhere. but when i go to boot loader i was able even able to flash factory image
  14. sejmand

    Thread [Question][Help] stock autoupdate 8.1.0 killed wifi

    With the auto update to 8.1.0 google killed my wifi. with all possible tricks (safe mode, on/off, reset options...) I managed to get a connection but data is zero and from time to time poor. what to? can I roll back to previous version 8..0? UPDATE: I did factory restore from google servers...
  15. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][N5X] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the Nexus 5X's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock...
  16. R

    Thread Nexus 5x bootloop after oreo update

    So here is the thing, My Nexus 5x went it to bootloop, and nothing seems to work. the screen just froze, and then It started bootlooping. goes to google logo, the reboots again into google logo. Well since I use to intall custom Rom, I just did what I would usually do, reflashed the image...
  17. I

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop, works a little when put in Freezer

    Ok so my Nexus 5X (16GB) (Oreo OP6) got stuck in a bootloop yesterday. I was just using the phone and it got hanged and then bootloop!!! I can get into bootloader but not into recovery. I previously had a locked bootloader but then I managed to boot into phone my placing in freezer for half an...
  18. M

    Thread What's with the file system support on Android

    Hi guys, I bought an USB-C flash drive recently which I wanted to use with my phone. I wanted to store big movies on it so I did a quick Google search about exFAT support. According to what I found Android supports it since KitKat. Nontheless, it doesn't work on my Nexus 5X. I did some more...
  19. N

    Thread Where are the Android Oreo Vendor Binaries for the 5X?

    I'm looking to build android oreo from source, but this page: only has the drivers up to Nougat 7.1.2 for the 5X and other devices. Does anybody know when these binaries will be released? Thanks :)
  20. Frutak

    Thread Android Oreo

    Android Oreo 8.1 is out: I think there is a new version 8.1.0 (OPM1.171019.011, Dec 2017), I think this is not a beta because Im beta tester and on DP2 i have build number OPP6.171019.012 But i dont know. For now i dont get any OTA Updates. Android...
  21. krisyarno

    Thread [ZIP][Flashable][WIP][OPP3] O-DP3 NEXUS 5X PIXEL MOD

    This mod is outdated! Here's the new one! THIS IS A PIXEL MOD FOR THE NEXUS 5X RUNNING ANDROID 8.0 (O-DP3) I've been working on a Pixel Mod for the Nexus 6P on Android O. Android O has changed up a...
  22. XCnathan32

    Thread Nexus 5X bootloop of death fix (BLOD) | 7/30 Huge performance update!

    Read First: This method is relatively drastic, and will hurt device performance some. You should only use this as a last resort, if the more basic methods of fixing a soft brick didn't work (e.g, factory reset, flash stock firmware, etc.) *Update 7/30: On my 6P, I found that the original kernel...
  23. M

    Thread [App]Perform custom actions using Fingerprint Gestures only for Android-O [26]

    Fingerprint Gestures app let you Perform custom actions on fingerprint gestures using fingerprint sensor of your mobile. you can open any selected app quickly ,take picture in any camera app and much more actions using a single gesture on your fingerprint sensor. ---- Fingerprint Gestures -----...
  24. B

    Thread profile pic is missing again

    I am bitten by the same problem described in this thread, except this is 2017 and I am in Nexus 5x, Android O. So, I don't have the settings like described there. Kindly help.
  25. I

    Thread How to OTA update your ROOTED Nexus 5X

    **When i will get all of the information needed,i will edit this thread and make it as simple for reaching the objective for everyone,as possible.** Recently i got an OTA update for my nexus 5x device,a security patch form june 2017. I`ve rooted it with this tutorial...
  26. ferdeenandxda

    Thread Nexus 5x-succesful flash system in flashboot mode / But can't get into recovery

    Hello guys, I had bootloop and researching on Google I got into heating Samsung chip to turn it on again. It goes into fastboot mode, and first I got an error: FAILED (too many links) - When installing system, after various tries I flash it good, but it gets into bootloop again and again and...
  27. K

    Thread new pixel design

    hey guys I found a way to get the new experimental design on pixel launcher in order to do that you need to have root go to /data/data/ and open and set Test__pixel_pandit and QSBFeature__qsb_is_in_experiment to true then open...
  28. J

    Thread Nexus 5X Stuck on fastboot mode, won't open up recovery mode

    Hi pals, My excuses if this sort of problem that I post (English is not my native language, so I am sorry for any spelling mistakes), is already posted earlier. My Nexus 5X is currently stuck on Fastboot mode with the following specifications: FASTBOOT MODE PRODUCT_NAME - bullhead VARIANT -...
  29. R

    Thread Custom recovery

    Ok, so here is a thing: i've unlocked my bootloaders, flashed TWRP, installed a Rom, have been using the ROM for 2 weeks now. The problem is, when i try to open recovory mode, it just gives me simple OEM recovery. As if TWRP was deleted. On one thread i've read that i need to install TWRP and...
  30. drago10029

    Thread SOLVED! What phone can replace the Nexus 6P [life help]

    I decided to get a mint black HTC 10 from swappa, sooo much smaller and everything else is just as great. miss HDR+ but love everything about it. thanks for all your help everyone! ORIGINAL POST BELOW So I love my 6P, battery life if not so great but I absolutely love the camera! as do...
  31. bjorn96

    Thread [VENDOR]Flashable vendor images N5X

    Hello XDA Since Blueblob stopped his work with the vendor-images I thought I could pick it up I have unpacked and uploaded the vendor image from google images, I havent touched anything on it. Download and flash image in twrp/recovery of pref. Updated 02.05.17 Bootloader Radio Vendor Flash...
  32. phantom146

    Thread [OFFICIAL] GlassCannon - Interactive tweak port N5X l G4

    Following the advice of shadowstep and Davey126 I have created a thread to separate this from the whole Interactive guide thread by soniCron. This is due to (1) one, the thread is no longer updated for almost a year and (2) two; to explain the tweak, establish baselines/guides for testers and to...
  33. N

    Thread Android Source Code Build "make Settings" to build only Settings apk takes ages!

    Android Source Code Build "make Settings" to build only Settings apk takes ages! Hi! I did repo sync on the LineageOS14.1 source code, and I originally tried mm in the settings folder, after changing some files (values.xml, strings.xml) and it was giving me some weird errors, so I delete all...
  34. N

    Thread How to unroot and relock recovery? (fully revert to stock)

    I have unlocked and rooted Nexus 5x and would like to revert back to stock + relock bootloader. What is the easiest and safest way to achieve this?
  35. rachanta

    Thread [KERNEL] Modified O Boot Image Kernel for O as Daily Driver

    After installing the O Preview, with no source code available for the kernel, I was wondering how I could run O as my daily driver with my apps like Sony Music, ES File Explorer (Root) etc, when Chainfire came with SR4 Beta. Also required in my daily driver is my own custom kernel. Here is a...
  36. Sumaech

    Thread Root 7.1.2

    If you all are having a hard time looking for root on 7.1.2 nexus 5x I have the solution. I confirm this works on my nexus 5x running 7.1.2 NPG05D currently -Download SuperSU SR3 here: -Then flash in twrp...
  37. N

    Thread [Completed] Nexus5X - Create A Custom ROM

    Hi! I own the Nexus5X and I am interesting in creating a custom ROM for the device. I have synced the AOSP source tree, gotten everything set up and flashed a build on to my device. How can I start creating a ROM for the device? What are some general guidelines? How do I start tweaking apps...
  38. N

    Thread Issues with AOSP Built From Source - Bullhead

    Hi! I have built AOSP for my Nexus 5X because I want to make a custom ROM for Android. However, I am facing some problems: Problems: 1. I get a "There is an internal problem with your device" on each boot 2. IMEI is Unknown and SIM not showing up 3. Bootloop when installing Gapps 4. Apps are...
  39. N

    Thread Build Lineage From Source - Nexus5X Bullhead

    Hi! I am trying to build Lineage OS for my Neuxus 5X, but about 10 minutes in, it gives me an error that says: ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. make: *** [ninja_wrapper] Error 1 It has some other things as well, which I will post later, but that's the general message. Can someone...
  40. M

    Thread Bricked Nexus 5X? HELP!!! (UNKNOWN USB DEVICE)

    Hi all, My fiancee was using her Nexus 5X in Google Chrome and the battery life was about 18% then all of the sudden the phone just died and it wouldn't turn on or show any signs of charging. I tried to boot into bootloader but the screen was black, so i figured maybe fastboot works or...
  41. R

    Thread [Completed] Vr, problem with gyroscope

    So I've been having this issue with my Nexus 5x: i cant look around in Vr videos. I know for a fact, that my phone has a gyroscope. It wouldn't be much of an issue, if i couldn't tilt my phone. But i can hold my phone sideways, play racing games that require gyroscope, but i cant look around in...
  42. P

    Thread Phone in bootloop with device not being recognized in fastboot

    Guys my friend gave me his nexus 5x stuck in bootloop, tried to factory reset in recovery. Now the recovery is corrupted and device isnt being recognized by any pc, desktop, mac or linux in fastboot. In Windows it shows up as unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed). Can anyone...
  43. enryea123

    Thread [apk][mod] Lcamera with longer exposure times for crazy night pictures

    Hey everyone! As some of you might know, the nexus 5x and nexus 6p cameras have a maximum exposure time in manual mode of 1/4.3 seconds, which is a real shame. Somebody suggested that Google made this choice because of the bigger size of the pixels, nonetheless the resulting pictures in very...
  44. A

    Thread LG Nexus 5X dead after sudden freeze

    My Nexus 5x (bought 6 months ago) turned off unexpectedly while I was using it. I was reading an email, when the screen suddenly stopped updating. It was totally unresponsive, no video (unless that I was seeing before the freeze) and no sound. I didn't have a way to bring it back. After some...
  45. J

    Thread How good is the camera of Le Pro 3 when the right app is used

    This is just to show that Le Pro3 camera has the potential to shine if (only if) you use the right app like Google Camera. For those saying Le Pro 3 camera is a trash, well too bad for you... :D First up... Google Camera (Left) | Default non-HDR | Default HDR Next... Nexus 5X vs Le Pro3...
  46. ZawZaw

    Thread [MOD][FLASHABLE][LP,MM,N] HTC Sense 7 and Apps for Nexus 5X

    HTC Sense 7 and Apps Hello.....all Nexus Users. I want to present you htc sense 7 apps and features. I am create flashable zip for Nexus devices. Credit to and all apps download from this site. I am now test and All working fine on my Nexus 5X.( Nougat 7.1 ) I hope will love it...
  47. moonlightdrive

    Thread Related to bootloop (same as G4?)

    Hi, i own a Nexus 5x H791 16 GB Carbon, manufactured in march of this year. Before this i had a LG G4 H815 (it's almost the same device), he died due to the famous Bootloop Issue after 8 months of usage. Now i'm really worried cause lot of 5x's are having the same issue, as G4 did. When my G4...
  48. N

    Thread Which app can auto record phone calls on rooted device?

    Hi, I want to use app like automatic call recorder which will record any phone call. Now that my phone is rooted, is there any app that is capable of doing this on the 5x? thanks
  49. A

    Thread Cannot install stock rom: FAILED (remote: data too large)

    I tried installing Cyanogenmod on a Nexus 5X, and it didn't work, so now I'm trying to install the stock rom from this site: I'm doing this on Ubuntu 15.10. When I run the script (on any of them), I get this output...
  50. ZawZaw

    Thread [ROM][Nougat][7.1][5X][Substratum] X-Pixel ROM for Nexus 5X [Update-9/11/06]

    { X-PIXEL } Xperia+Pixel Features About: X-Pixel ROM is combination of Google Pixel Features and Sony Xperia Apps. Base on AOSP and own ROM Build.. My ROM is build with latest Build no and 7.1.1 Nougat. Thanks to DespairFactor Development and Kernel Development. Kernel....... Kernel is...