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  1. Scary Guy

    Thread Is it possible to run one without a battery installed?

    So my phone's battery finally gave up completely turning into a spicy hot-pocket. I took a spudger and removed the popped glued-on back, took out all the screws, separated the faceplate, and removed it tossing it into the middle of my driveway for safety. I was using it for years connected to...
  2. D

    Thread Color TWRP MIX for Shamu

    Color TWRP MIX for Shamu Features * The latest version TWRP 3.4.0-0 * Added Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese language support * Materialised for all themes while keeping the original frame * All Interface uses rounded corners * Theme UI: Clearly White , Replaced the...
  3. M

    Thread Nexus 6 speakers volume fluctuation / sound gets softer

    I've recently purchased a used NEXUS 6 with a half broken rom on it, i wiped it clean and then flashed LineageOS 16 on it, all is working fine except for the speakers, when i watch a video on youtube or inside the chrome browser the volume of the speakers starts very loud and after a few seconds...
  4. R

    Thread Can anyone help me putting nexus 6 in edl mode? Please..

    Hi everyone, I have bricked nexus 6. It has a locked bootloader plus no bootloader, no recovery, no system no nothing.. If i boot up the phone it goes into bootloader kind of thing and pc can recognize it as a fastboot device but since it has locked and corrupt bootloader there is no command i...
  5. G

    Thread [MOD]- G Boot Logo & Bootanimation Flashable For the Nexus 6 (shamu)!

    Welcome to my first boot logo flashable zip i'll be doing more so i can bring more for the Nexus 6. before we get started i need to mention one thing WARNING: By using this flashable zip you hereby agree that g7755725 is NOT responsible if anything goes wrong, this has been tested on my own...
  6. sqpp

    Thread Recoverying the Memories

    Hey! So basically this idea came of nowhere... I just found my old Nexus 7 somewhere in my room and decided to check if it still works, it didn't, BUT, I have contacted with my friend, who is much better in electronics hardware and overall has more engineer experience than me, who suggested...
  7. Onknight

    Thread Google Maps AR walking directions on a Nexus 6 ?

    I love this I do a lot of walking idea of being able to look at my phone and see where I'm going is very appealing Is it possible for us to get a version of this on our c Nexus 6 I'm starting to look at the pixel...
  8. M

    Thread Some help in MTL area please

    Mod Edit
  9. C

    Thread Firmware to throttle CPU & charging to reduce heat => battery damage

    Some background on the Nexus 6 that I've owned for 5+ years. Battery life was fairly stable for ~3 years. There were occasions where I played Clash of Clans while quick charging that the phone got scorching hot. So hot that I couldn't hold it against my skin for more than a few seconds...
  10. akmsr

    Thread taking a verizon sim to an unlocked nexus 6.

    sorry for the noob question but i have not bought a carrier locked phone since nexus 4 days. usually opt for 'bring your own device' and just buy a sim card. nexus 6 was bought from play store. i am now living in a remote location and only verizon has a decent signal. wanted to get verizon...
  11. E

    Thread Nexus 6 Video recording / audio distortion at concerts.

    Hello, I've noticed that at some point between Android versions from 2015 until now... my recording of videos has changed. I have videos saved, which I was right in front of speakers at shows and my Shamu recorded the video / audio well and minimized the bass and volume distortion . Now...
  12. Crossvxm

    Thread Nexus 6 stable Dirty Unicorns 11.X (7.1.1) download link location?

    I am looking to install Dirty Unicorns on my Nexus 6, but am unable to find the last stable Nougat build(s). As far as I understand, I believe the last one was 11.3 which was Android N 7.1.1 or so. I have Googled it and mainly only see version 12 which is Oreo if I understand correctly. Any...
  13. A

    Thread Factory Reset Without Losing Root?

    I am looking to factory reset to try and fix some issues with my device. How can I do this without losing root?
  14. S

    Thread Will custom (Oreo or any) ROM erase newly patched LTE bands?

    I was successfully able to add Band 2 and 4 to my Shamu 1100 EU version today, which is great. However, I had a question for anyone with more know how and expertise than me. Will flashing custom ROM get rid of the newly patched/acquired bands? I loved being on Nitrogen OS but had to revert to...
  15. Onknight

    Thread Android P

    When do think start to see Nexus 6 P Roms I am bidding in about 6 Months
  16. ProjectAlly

    Thread Major Issues with my N6! Can Anyone Help?

    So my main issue right now is no sound whatsoever unless I use a wired headset (earbuds etc). No sound through speaker. Any changes made in options to troubleshoot have failed. Also, I have no camera app at all. It's like it never existed for this phone. I'd be okay with it, simply because I...
  17. Mobshredder

    Thread OMG, what's the point and fix with "Updater process ended with ERROR: 7"

    Hey mates, I am rooting and flashing with several android devices for years. Today I got a nexus 6 64GB. It has always been used with its stock rom and has been updated always regualr until the actual android 7.1.1. I was about to flash cm13 today, as I like cyanogenmod a bit more than...
  18. deepaktom

    Thread Screen locks automatically - Not hardware issue

    Hi All, My Nexus 6 has been running multiple custom roms in its lifetime. In the recent past (ie. 5 to 6 months), I have been running latest stock firmware. So far no issues. Now I tried Flyme 6. As...
  19. Alixbot

    Thread Motorola Nexus 6 October 2017 frp 7.1.1?

    Is there a bypass method using dirtycow exploit for Nexus (6) running October 2017 patch? I obtained this device last month for cheap from a friend who found it online and ran into the frp problem. Long story short, they gave up and sold me the phone. I've been looking all over and the closest...
  20. D

    Thread [Q] F2FS Confusion

    I finally decided to take the risk of converting to the F2FS file system. I'm a little confused on just how far I should go with it. The readily available guides only mention changing the cache and data partitions. I have made this jump, and I absolutely notice a difference. My question is that...
  21. RealSkier

    Thread Nexus 6, T-Mobile and MMS problem

    This has been a frustrating issue. My wife and I both have Nexus 6 phones. She has the 32gb & I have the 64gb version. Hers recently started not receiving MMS messages. Anything with a large picture would simply never show up. Anything with a very small graphic or group text would show up as...
  22. 4

    Thread Nexus 6 GPS Antenna location

    Hi all! does anybody know where the gps antenna is located on the nexus 6? I gave a look to ifixit but they just didn't mention it in their teardown. plese help. thanks Alex
  23. LaTropa64

    Thread Getting "Your device is corrupt" message and I want to start completely fresh.

    Getting "Your device is corrupt" message and I want to start completely fresh. I had setup a Nexus 6 a couple years back for someone who was mostly blind and I used tasker to let them do most things they needed by voice only. It was working fine until a couple days ago when somehow the device...
  24. M

    Thread Is there a way to toggle a secure lock screen?

    Benzo Rom for the Nexus 6 running 5.1.1 Lollipop allows the ability to toggle a secure lock screen from the quick settings in the notification drawer. For example, from the launcher, I can pull down the notification drawer to access the quick settings panel and tap the lock screen option and it...
  25. P

    Thread ADB error: protocol fault (no status)

    I am trying to install flash the 7.1.1 update (N6F27C) from the Google-Dev page... Currently on Linux, I did the last update (N6F26Y) without a hickup, but this one is giving me hell. I have tried 3 different cables, all with the same result... I connect the phone, it sees it, reboots it, ADB...
  26. F

    Thread LTE Connection has dropped, WIFI works fine.

    I have tried multiple ROMs and multiple radios, but my phone drops network connection. Currently running a Lineage OS 7.1.2 dated April 15th and the baseband is MDM9625_104670.31.05.44R. The weird thing is that the LTE light shows signal, but I'm not connected. Here's what I've tried...
  27. MishaalRahman

    Thread Nav Bar Customization without Root!

    See my tutorial on the XDA Portal: It's real!!! No need for Android O, root, custom ROMs, nada!
  28. Josephson47

    Thread Cyanogenmod 14.1 with Realtek Drivers Support for Alfa AWUS036H Wireless USB Adapters

    Hello guys, I have great news:) I have successfully managed to compile CM 14.1 for the Motorola Nexus 6 (shamu) with Realtek drivers support (RTL8187). It's now possible to use your Alfa wireless USB adapter with your phone in a chrooted Linux environment with the help of Linux deploy (Don't...
  29. MVLJR

    Thread Bluetooth is driving me nuts! Need help please.....

    Hello everyone, I'm having major issues with my Nexus 6 over the past 3 weeks or so. I've had this phone for almost 2 full years now and love it, however, over the past 3 weeks the bluetooth function keeps turning off when I reboot my phone every night. It NEVER did this in the past 2 years...
  30. M

    Thread [ROM][Nexus 6][7.1.1_r13][NMF26O][Feb19th]SAOSP-N

    This is SimpleAOSP rom based on Google AOSP..This ROM is as we want it and this is as Simple as it gets. -OMS/Substratum -Clock & date Customization - Advanced Reboot menu - Dashboard suggestions (Enable/Disable) - SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder - Charger plugged/unplugged...
  31. B

    Thread Daydream VR working Nexus 6 7.0.0

    Just wanted to share this with eveyone since I have not seen it posted after several searches . You can run daydream vr on the nexus 6 running 7.0.0 with the following . UPDATE : Updated to 7.1.1 last night and no daydream without using this mod. With mod daydream vr seems better then on 7.0...
  32. J

    Thread How to remove this annoying scroll menu?

  33. E

    Thread NlpCollectorWakeLock on Android 7.0

    Hi everyone, I have Nexus 6 with stock Android 7.0, rooted. Right now I have a huge problem with NlpCollectorWakeLock , that can last up to 10h every day and drains my battery. How can I disabled that wakelock, since Xposed is not yet available?
  34. ZawZaw

    Thread [MOD][FLASHABLE][LP,MM,N] HTC Sense 7 and Apps for Nexus 6P

    HTC Sense 7 and Apps Hello.....all Nexus Users I want to present you htc sense 7 apps and features. I am create flashable zip for Nexus devices. Credit to and all apps download from this site. I am now test and all working fine on my Nexus 5X. May be work on Nexus 6P, test and...
  35. ZawZaw

    Thread [MOD][FLASHABLE][LP,MM,N] HTC Sense 7 and Apps for Nexus 6

    HTC Sense 7 and Apps Hello.....all Nexus Users. I want to present you htc sense 7 apps and features. I am create flashable zip for Nexus devices. Credit to and all apps download from this site. I am now test and All working fine on my Nexus 5X. May be work for Nexus 6. If you have...
  36. SciFiSurfer

    Thread Android 7, Bluetooth headset, and auto-resume of media player when phone call ends...

    So, I posted a thread about this in the off-topic area, which may not have been the most appropriate place, and I apologize; however, getting to this area of the board is not an obvious thing when you're sitting on the initial page of the board and looking at phone devices as categories as one's...
  37. H

    Thread [Completed] Nexus 6 goes through charge cables so fast

    Hello All My Nexus 6 seems to ruin charge cables It takes a few day and the once tight fitting connection to the phone gets loose and I have great difficulty charging the phone. Do I need to get a special cable or should I try one of those ambient chargers? What I mean my ambient charger is...
  38. gothy.gothy

    Thread Which 7.1 ROM and why?

    I'm on Nitrogen 7.1 ROM and I like it a lot. It's snappy and has a lot of features. I didn't installed none of the CM 7.0 / 7.1 ROM. The ones who have installed, could provide feedback, maybe a comparison? What 7.1 ROM are you on and why, of course? Thanks
  39. P

    Thread Nexus 6 - Android 7.0 - Swap Back and Recent Buttons?

    Does anyone know how i can swap the Back and Recent buttons in Android 7.0? Thanks in advance for any help.
  40. SciFiSurfer

    Thread Phone randomly plays music/videos when call is disconnected and BT headset is connect

    Hey Folks: I have googled this issue and the best I could find were out-of-date questions about only partially-similar problems, and all these posts (to the very limited extent I found them) were generally between 3 and 6 years old. Please note that I have experienced this on two different...
  41. J

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to recover lost files from Nexus 6 with specific mask extension?

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure how to recover any kind of file lost from Nexus 6. The apps I've tried only looked for media types (audio,video,images) or standard docs (html,pdf,zip,doc,...). What I'm exactly trying to do is to recover files which have an uncommon extension. I've tried to...
  42. abogrhen

    Thread your though on upgrading and dev support

    although my nexus 6 is really good to me :D:D the idea of upgrading to newer device hunt me :p and as nexus user I am used to the support from xda community :) so here is the question and I want to hear your opinion what is the best device outside (nexus - pixel) that got support at xda in form...
  43. T

    Thread XT1103 - Questions regarding value and worldwide usage

    I was checking XT1103 i.e. NEXUS 6 64GB in USA. ITs now available for < 250$, which I think is quite a fantastic price. I do not really need "latest and greatest" so older gen phones are ok. However, I am wondering if the XT1103 works in India with 4G-LTE ? From the wikipedia it says 3g - 1 / 2...
  44. RealSkier

    Thread Can't share contacts. "Messenger failed to load attachment."

    I am tearing my hair out over this. I use text messages to share contacts. Or at least I used to. This feature recently stopped working on my Nexus 6 (stock). To share, I select a Contact from Contacts, click the 3-dots, select Share and select Messenger. The moment I provide a contact to share...
  45. padhu1989

    Thread JIO Sim on Nexus 6 ? - India Users

    Jio has announced the tarrif details and also they announced the Supported devices. Unfortunately our Nexus 6 is not in the list. Nexus 6p and Nexus 5x are available.
  46. Imranhakro

    Thread Will you move to Nexus 2016 soon after its launch?

    This poll is to determine and estimate how much the new nexus (2016) is anticipated in nexus 6 community.
  47. mkmathers

    Thread Nexus 6 Bootloop Issue/ Android N - Help!

    I've been running the Android (N) Beta program for almost a month now. Yesterday, when I picked the phone up, it just simply turned off. When I tried to boot it up, it got stock in a Bootloop. The phone would not go past the boot animation and the only screen I would get is "Enter Your...
  48. konradit

    Thread [ROM][NRD90M][Experimental] FakeNougatAOSP for Shamu Nexus 6

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  49. MasterJack1697

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1-r61][AOTP-Android Open Tuning Project]--[NEED TESTER]

    Hey guys, im MasterJack and i've maked a new rom which goal is the fast and the comfort. The rom will be available the 27 of august for testing and obviously the rom will be updated to Nougat :> Soo, why this thread? for now is for recruit people who want to test this new rom Main Features...
  50. E

    Thread How to run media scan on USB OTG in CM13?

    I'm running the latest CM13 as of today, and USB OTG works only partially, I can see my drive in the CM file manager under /mnt/media_rw/something but there is no media scan on it, so gallery and music player cannot see the contents of the OTG drive, any way to force media scan on OTG? Thnx