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nexus 6p

  1. StyleM

    Thread Nexus 6P - Lineage OS 15.1 - Magisk fails CTS Profile check

    Hi, I'm trying to install a custom rom (Lineage OS 15.1), and gain super user access without failing the safetynet checks. I have TWRP as my recovery and I was able to sideload the LineageOS and GApps and Magisk without a problem (with clearing caches). I installed the latest magisk version...
  2. Team24Nord

    Thread How to get WiFi Dongle work?

    I bought the Huawei Nexus 6P, rooted it and tried everything I found in this forum. Kali Nethunter is installed but I just can't get the phone in monitor mode. Now I've bought a WiFi adapter, the TP-Link TL-WN823N Ver.3. When I plug it into the cell phone, it is not recognized, I only get the...
  3. Spanakopita

    Thread Authentication Failing Mysteriously for Some Apps (Twitter, Dropbox, Pocketcasts)

    So, I'm running an old Nexus 6P Android 8.1.0 Stock Rom, Rooted (Magisk) A few months ago, I noticed some apps were no longer logged in. I tried logging in and authentication failed (mostly silently) Twitter: account login gives message "cannot create account" Pocketcasts: login appears to...
  4. nesan95

    Thread QCN Restore Issue

    OK, I got 2 nexus 6p QCN backup files. I restored it successfully. Still, I got unknown baseband and null IMEI number. I try to restore the same QCN file but I got an error. It says "Received an invalid command from the phone" (Image Attached). I tried it in QPST and QFIL. (one of the QCN file I...
  5. K

    Thread [ KERNEL ] [ NetHunter ] CYPHER v3.0

    Supports Android 7.0 to 8.1 Recommended for all WiFi tools to work is Android v7.1.2. Installation steps is described further below. FEATURES: Features from flar2 kernel which this is built on. All credits to him for hosting awesome kernel sources. * Easy installation and setup with Aroma...
  6. niks_5in

    Thread nexus 6p boots back to twrp after installing rom once i restart the handset

    hello all. i am trying to install any rom and the rom installs prefectly on nexus 6p but once i restart the rom it boots back to twrp. i am using the twrp fbe given by developer and dong clean install and i even tried flashing old versions of your rom but same thing happens it installs and runs...
  7. K

    Thread [PIE][9.0][Need Help]Nexus 6P won't boot any android Pie ROM

    So i wanted to go for some Pie rom and it turns out i cannot do that because reasons. Done everything that was listed in instructions, done even more things like flashing stock image, wiping everything, flashing fbe recovery, wiping everything again (besides recovery ofc), then pushing the rom...
  8. G

    Thread Android Auto: Something Went Wrong (Google Play Services)

    I recently acquired a Nexus 6P. TWRP is properly installed as the Recovery - twrp-3.2.3-0-angler First thing I did with the device was flash the latest Android 8.1 Oreo version to it - angler-ota-opm7.181205.001-abb36a2f I then installed Lineage OS 15.1, Open G Apps 8.1 (nano), and SU From...
  9. S

    Thread Google Pixel 3 Rom For Nexus 6p

    Can somebody please port [ROM][PD1A.180720.030]Pixel3ROM v1.0oct for Nexus 5X[9][20181101] rom to our beloved nexus 6p please this rom is pure copy of pixel 3 someone please port this rom for our device https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x/development/rom-pixelmod-lg-nexus-5x-t3486862...
  10. Q

    Thread PUBG with 4 core (rr rom) low quality graphics

    Can anyone help to enable full hd or at least hd mod in pubg without using any gfx Tool ..??? Otherwise phone running very smooth .. Thanks in advanced
  11. C

    Thread YouTube lagging in HD

    So my Nexus 6p is running root through magisk with latest stock updates. I recently modified the build.prop vendor from Nexus 6p to Pixel XL because I couldn't get Facebook videos to play in anything higher than 140p quality. I have recently noticed this re-enabled 1440p quality for me in...
  12. J

    Thread Pixel Launcher Crashing on Up-to-date 8.1

    Hey folks. I've been using the rootless Pixel Launcher on my 6P for a while, and it's been a great experience, up until yesterday when some updates came through Play Services. Since then, the launcher consistently crashes everytime I attempt to get to the homescreen. I'm back on the Now...
  13. F

    Thread Nexus 6P Latest 'O' update Killed messaging & Texting - help

    Hey' y'all Color be crazy but.... About 3 days ago I checked for updates OTA, and got a new sequrity patch. but the last 3 days since... Phone calls Go right to my voicemail box they dont even ring on my phone.... And my [defualt]texting app constantly shows a little cloud...
  14. Z

    Thread Nexus 6P Camera blot problem

    I am attaching a sample photo taken from my Nexus 6P's back camera. ALL photos have these dots or blots on them. I have removed the back casing and cleaned the lens a couple of times with cleaning fluid. But, still these dots are always there. Does anyone know how to clean the inside of the...
  15. F

    Thread How did I allow Cortana onto my phone?

    I have been rooting my phones and installing custom ROMs on them for years, so not a complete noob, but today something happened that has me thoroughly creeped out, and I don't even know where to start with troubleshooting it. Phone is a Nexus 6p which has been working fine, running stock...
  16. crazymonkey05

    Thread 6p Bootloop OEM unlock Disabled

    hi everyone, my 6p has finally had the infamous BLOD and im wanting to recover it enough to back up everything. my problem is that I cant run the flashing commands because I never allowed bootloader unlocking in the developer options. so does anyone know of a way to bypass this or get it booted...
  17. D

    Thread Nexus 6p gets EOL for major OS releases: No Android P

    Hi all, No Android P for the Nexus line :( https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/03/google-ends-major-os-support-for-the-nexus-phones-and-pixel-tablet/ Have been running stock on my 6p ever since switching from an Oppo Find 7 which I flashed regularly, so I've no idea on major ROMs or...
  18. W

    Thread Is it still a good idea to update Android to the newest version?

    I originally bought the Nexus 6P because of the fast updates and the greater degree of customization than many other device lines. However, the Nougat and now the Oreo updates are beset by hardware issues that occur after installation. Even when there are fixes, these usually end up compromising...
  19. NepoRood

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0]FireHound-v4.9 For Nexus 6P [Angler]

    FireHound is a Custom ROM developed focusing on Stability carrying many features hand in hand. We strive a lot in the back end to provide our users with all the necessary components a daily driver ROM should include. Ashes: Status Bar Status Bar Icons Battery Percentage Network...
  20. S

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2] Flyme OS 6 Beta

    Meizu updated their Flyme OS port on our device to run 7.1.2 /* Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices or any damage. Making any modifications to your device is your own choice only! */ ROM Info •Base on 7.1.2 (August security patch) •Kernel...
  21. drago10029

    Thread From HTC 10 help picking next phone

    So I don't want to make about what's wrong my htc 10 or why i don't like it... that said. I owned a nexus 6p which i loved, i traded it for a HTC 10 because of size. fast forward until now, 7 months later. I really miss my nexus 6p, I had a the battery life, AMOLED display and camera...
  22. ali8383

    Thread [Jan 7]Angler-opm3.171019.013 [ Radio ,Bootloader , Vendor ] from the factory image

    Hi everyone , Here you can find the latest Vendor , Bootloader and Radio from the factory image [angler-opm3.171019.013-factory-3204625a] for January 2018 , to help who looking for it : The folder contain these 3 files , you can flash it from the fastboot or twrp...
  23. ccalixtro

    Thread Deleted

  24. K

    Thread Hard bricked (Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008). Bootloader locked

    My nexus is hard bricked after a usual reboot. There is no reaction on power button or power button + vol. down. I have the latest update (Oreo 8.1). The bootloader hasn't been unlocked. The only one reaction is a Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM3) when I plug in the phone to my windows PC...
  25. akashkyh

    Thread Android Oreo 8.1 releasing in few hours!!

    Finally Android 8.1 releasing in few hours!! :) https://www.blog.google/products/android/introducing-android-oreo-go-edition/ Will be the first one to flash.....
  26. ccalixtro

    Thread Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S7

    What You think guys? A friend of mine wants to exchange his Nexus 6P for my S7.
  27. ccalixtro

    Thread S7 Flat vs Nexus 6P

    Hi guys, a friend if mine wants to exchange my G930F for his Nexus 6P. What You think?
  28. M

    Thread Nexus 6P bootloop out of no where

    I was working on my car early this morning with my phone in my pocket. I go back inside to get something and notice my phone is boot looping. I can't get into recovery either. I can only get into the bootloader. The ONLY thing I think is that some buttons were hit while it was in my pocket and...
  29. S

    Thread $125 reward if you help me to turn on USB debugging mode on my Nexus 6P broken screen

    Hello guys, I have broken the screen of my Nexus 6P and I really want to save my data before moving to a new phone. I've found several applications to control phone from PC, but all of them needs USB debugging mode enabled, which is unfortunately disabled on my phone. I read here on the forum...
  30. P

    Thread SuperSu App issue with Oreo October security patch

    Hi guys, On Nexus 6P, with recent October security upgrade (not over OTA but, system images) I have noticed that device is without root even with flash of most recent (SR5 SuperSu 2.82). Flashing from TWRP looks right as it should. All process tasks pass without failure. System reboot twice on...
  31. M

    Thread Is there any chance for us, to have Pixel 2 camera features on the Nexus 6p?

    We have a great device with great hardware and was wondering if we could get those features in the future? :confused: I don't think google will give it to us with a Camera update, but with some mod or custom APKs? I mean like the Camera NX project. Will we ever be able to have some of the new...
  32. F

    Thread Nexus 6P insert other sim to continue update??

    I have the next 6p and went through like 20 updates to get to 7.1.1 from 6.0 eating most of my data, but now.. I'm trying to go to the next security patch, but it says ’to install this update, please switch to your other SIM’ and no install button showed up. What do I do?? I only have one sim...
  33. fftorettol

    Thread Is that new oreo live wallpaper exclusive on Google Pixel?!

    A few days ago, I watched a video on youtube, and I saw that beautiful wallpaper at 24s, 2:44 and so on (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn57JS9WnAQ) . In the morning, I flashed google factory image for Oreo, flashed pixel launcher, and saw that there was no wallpaper I was looking for. Can you...
  34. akashkyh

    Thread Android O Coming to Nexus 6P in few Hours!!

    Android O Officially Coming to Nexus 6P in few Hours!! :):) Will you guys install it??
  35. XCnathan32

    Thread My theory/rant about Qualcomm and their Snapdragon 808/810 processors.

    So on my thread for the Nexus 6P bootloop fix, btvolta asked me this question: He had a good question, as many other people were reporting that the 6P was running almost the same, if not even better, with only half the cores enabled. Below is the reply I gave to him. I decided to post it into...
  36. XCnathan32

    Thread Dev help needed debugging ramoops from bootlooping Nexus 6P

    So I managed to get my Nexus working by enabling only the little cores, however, I would like to try to get the big cores working. Here's the console-ramoops I pulled from my device: https://pastebin.com/ddinyPzz The first major error relating to the BIG cpu (that I noticed), was at lines 317...
  37. XCnathan32

    Thread [Guide] Fix for Nexus 6P Bootloop of death | 8/22 - Android O Working

    Read First: This method is relatively drastic, and will hurt device performance some. You should only use this as a last resort, if the more basic methods of fixing a soft brick didn't work (e.g, factory reset, flash stock firmware, etc.) *Update 8/22: Android O is working with 4 Cores now! Big...
  38. M

    Thread Best Non-Huawei service center to replace cracked Nexus 6P screen in Bangalore?

    My Nexus 6p screen and glass cracked. Official Huawei center in bangalore is charging Rs 11,000 for 20 months old phone which is out of warranty. Fellow Bangaloreans please share details of good shop in Bangalore (India) where I can get replace it with used but original OEM display. I know that...
  39. C

    Thread How do I adb pull root directories (like "/" or "/system"?)

    Hi there, I'm trying to pull root directories like /system and /data without any luck. My purpose it to have them on my PC as a backup, and be able to browse them to pull out apps and pieces of data as necessary if it ever becomes necessary. Device: Nexus 6P (North American version) ROM...
  40. T

    Thread June update Pure Nexus and Magisk v12&13 - No root?

    Coming from the latest paranoid android build; did a complete clean flash, including format data. Flashed June Vendor Flashed June (6/12) Pure Nexus and Beans Gapps. Flashed June (6/5) Flash Kernel Flashed Magisk (I started with V12 and app version 4.x.x and when that didn't work, I used the...
  41. L

    Thread Headphone jack only outputs right audio

    Hi guys After a year and a half of use I finally have an issue with my nexus 6p. The headphone jack seems to be only outputing right audio. The mic works, volume control works. I did try cleaning the audio port, managed to extract some pocket lint. It looks all clean, but no left audio no...
  42. JanusDC

    Thread Is it be possible to install an OTA update on a phone with TWRP, without using USB?

    Either all my USB-A to USB-C cables are broken, or the USB-C on my Nexus 6P is broken. In any case, I cannot detect my phone from my computer. When I connect it I get [319203.836580] usb 3-2: new full-speed USB device number 18 using xhci_hcd [319203.949925] usb 3-2: device descriptor read/64...
  43. C

    Thread Pa 7.1.2 2017

    Which Gapps should I use on the new build for Nexus 6p? Thanks
  44. I

    Thread Paranoid Android & Android Pay

    What is your guys' opinion on Paranoid Android and 6P? I see there's a new 7.1.2 version of PA for the 6P. I recall awhile back there being an issue with rooting the 6P and being able to still utilize Android Pay. Is this still a thing? Is there a reliable way to circumvent this issue if so?
  45. krisyarno

    Thread [Zip][Flashable][BOOT ANIMATION] Pixel XL Themed Boot Animations (15 CURRENT CHOICES)

    Expanded from my black and white version of the Pixel boot animations (https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6p/themes-apps/zip-pixel-xl-boot-animation-black-white-t3595749) I decided to create a variety of themed Pixel boot animations. My original intention was to create a pixel boot animation...
  46. drago10029

    Thread SOLVED! What phone can replace the Nexus 6P [life help]

    I decided to get a mint black HTC 10 from swappa, sooo much smaller and everything else is just as great. miss HDR+ but love everything about it. thanks for all your help everyone! ORIGINAL POST BELOW So I love my 6P, battery life if not so great but I absolutely love the camera! as do...
  47. MishaalRahman

    Thread Nav Bar Customization is Possible on Nougat without Root!

    See my tutorial on the XDA Portal! https://www.xda-developers.com/nav-bar-customization-was-hidden-in-stock-nougat-all-along-and-it-never-needed-root/ No need for root, custom ROMs, System UI mods, nada!
  48. phantom146

    Thread [OFFICIAL] GlassCannon - Interactive tweak port N5X l G4

    Following the advice of shadowstep and Davey126 I have created a thread to separate this from the whole Interactive guide thread by soniCron. This is due to (1) one, the thread is no longer updated for almost a year and (2) two; to explain the tweak, establish baselines/guides for testers and to...
  49. C

    Thread What to know before RMAing - trying to inform myself

    First off, I just wanted to thank you guys for always being so helpful. It's really nice to have people like you to discuss things with. I just bought a used Nexus 6P, and it seems to suffer from the battery shutoff issue once it gets below ~10%. The original owner bought directly from the...
  50. C

    Thread Simple questions about getting up and running

    Hello, I just bought a Nexus 6P (US version). I need Xposed, so that means I'm looking at using MM. I haven't booted up yet, but I believe it's currently on Nougat, so I'll need to flash back to the appropriate ROM. I assume most of what I need to do can be completed using Wugfresh's AIO tool...