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  1. CrisR82

    Thread [Q] Stock ROM translation

    So I just got a Nexus One and I was hoping to download a stock ROM for each Android version it went through. So I went to but I cant figure out what the names mean. Can anyone help out with this? I what I need is...
  2. S

    Thread [Q] Cannot install any KitKat ROM : some symlinks failed (status 7)

    Hello, I am very happy because I have my Nexus One back after borring it to my father. I really want to install Kitkat. However, I couldnt because I have this blocking error message when installing any zip ROM : symlink : some symlinks failed I did not find any solution on Internet For...
  3. sion

    Thread [q] nexus one battery - ???

    Hey all, I have had my Nexus One, since it came out, in fact it was given to me by Google themselves, I love the phone, and thanks to a combination of treating it well, screen protectors and an Otterbox Commuter case it is still in absolute pristine condition and I don't want to part with it...
  4. AC DC

    Thread [ROM] [Port] [DEC 01] Mild Wild Rom (n1)

    This is the OFFICIAL port of MIld Wild Rom by "MILD WILD", All the Credit must go to him, and do buy him a Beer if u like his Work :o MildWild Stable ROM. AOSP Gingerbread. Compile from CyanogenMod GitHub and Latest Euroskank CM7 *Fully Customized, Clean, Fast and Stable* * Softkey in...
  5. danis1997

    Thread [Q] nexus one wont boot, only orange led light

    hi my problem is that i hve a nexus one, but the device does not turn on, ot only shows me the orange led light, pd: was stock rom the display is good i cant acceses to bootloader becaue it does not boot i try several batteries i change the screen and part of the board and nothing so i return...
  6. Sapiem

    Thread [Q] Root or not Root ?????

    Hi... Some months ago I use ProxyDroid to have global proxy and all my apks work ok. I have Nexus One MIUIes 2.3.7f But some day, after a long day downloading a lot of apks, it stop working anymore. I flash, reflash again but nothing happen. Some thread said that we need to reroot. I don't...
  7. taodan

    Thread Firefox OS on Nexus One

    I am wondering whether the Firefox OS would ever be ported to the Nexus One. I just read Firefox OS being ported to the HTC Explorer and it has 512MB storage which is similar to the N1. The OS looks nice.
  8. V

    Thread [Q] MicroSD Card for Nexus One

    I have the stock microSD card that came with the Nexus One (4gb class 2) and I am looking to replace it with a higher capacity and higher class microSD card. I am looking at a 16gb class 10 microSD card for this purpose. Will this be compatible with the Nexus One? AFAIK class 10 cards are SDHC...
  9. AC DC

    Thread [Q] Need Help in Fixing bugs

    so,I have ported a desire rom to our N1 everything is working fine except: CAPACITIVE KEYS BACKLIGHT POWER LED MIC BRIGHTNESS pls someone help me in pointing which files to be edited or replaced :(
  10. MegadetH93

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Proximity Sensor Problem leads phone to be Un-wakable! after any calls

    Hi, well i've looked in the similar threads but they were not this problem! my Power Button was broken for the third time (that's a common problem for nexus one users i guess) and i fixed it this time with another way (a repairman did it. the previous method, which i used twice, was replacing...
  11. beartiger

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Original Nexus One bootanimation, vertical and resized for the Nexus7

    Hello all, I was looking for the original n1 bootanimation that had been rotated to vertical and resized for our beloved N7 but the only post I found had a bad download I did it myself. I downloaded the stock N1 rom and extracted the I've resized every image to...
  12. beartiger

    Thread [Q] Making the Nexus One Bootanimation for Nexus 7

    Hi, I have taken the from the Nexus one and resized all the images to 800x1280. I have rotated them all so they are vertical and fill more of the screen, I have saved them all as png-24 and I have adjusted the desc.txt to specify the new resolution. I then put the...
  13. fabler

    Thread [Q] [Resolved] Convert N1 to DLNA Media Player

    Hello Everyone, I've a spare nexus one with me. I got HTC One X recently. I want to connect my Nexus One to my speaker system and I want to stream songs from my HOX to Nexus One using WiFi. So, it can play those songs to my speakers and I can move around in my house with HOX. I've tried many...
  14. reider123

    Thread [JB 4.2.2:HYBRD] PARANOIDANDROID [3.50, True HybridMode, Size & UI on Per App Basis]

    [JB 4.2.2:HYBRD] PARANOIDANDROID [3.50, True HybridMode, Size & UI on Per App Basis] IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS WITH THIS ROM, YOU SHOULD GO HERE . . . . . I'm testing test version right now, go to last page you can find it :) If mic is fixed, I will release with official release :) . . . . . ...
  15. S

    Thread Dead-ish screen, not the power button, but what to replace/repair?

    A few days ago, the screen stopped waking up. I searched around thinking it was the power button issue, but opening the phone, I've verified with a voltmeter that the connections on the switch are still connected to the logic board (pin 10 according to that youtube video), and furthermore the...
  16. L

    Thread [A] Solved the Seven Vibration Brick

    \\\Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you mess this up & break your phone/// Checking Your Situation: *Phone only boots to Fastboot *Phone does/Doesn't charge *Power button Seems useless *Phone Turns on and only shows- the X screen & Vibrates 7x's *LED Only shows Green/ Orange indication...
  17. B

    Thread [Q] Hairline crack, screen is dark, boots fine

    My display seems to have cracked in an odd way. As you can see, there is a hairline crack, but I can't feel it with my thumb - either it hasn't breached the surface of the glass or its in a layer beneath it. The phone boots, but the screen is 100% off. I get touchscreen response, as it...
  18. C

    Thread Still no Gingerbread update!!

    I purchased a Nexus One a month ago on eBay. It is running stock Froyo. It is SIM unlocked and I am from India. I am not getting any notification for a System update for GingerBread. I tried checking for updates on Settings and have also tried the *#*#2432546#*#* checkin trick. I preferred the...
  19. Ok-Alex

    Thread [Q] Battery saving kernel for Gingerbread?

    Please recommend me kernel for long battery life. Some time ago I had Cyanogen nightly with very good battery life, but then I decided to try ICS ROM, which appeared very laggy for me. So I installed fresh nightly (April, 6) and its drying battery very fast. I'll try to install fresh nightly...
  20. T

    Thread Strange camera issue in MeDroid CM7

    SOLVED - post #3 Have a weird problem with camera using MeDroid 7.1 (based on CM7.2) with default IR kernel and S2E with 4EXT card partition For no reason (I haven't modified anything in the kernel or even /system or /data) the system camera stopped working properly. This is what I get...
  21. taodan

    Thread [splash image] Nice girl for Nexus One

    Deleted. If you want, send me a private msg
  22. U

    Thread [Q] N1 fixing puzzle, wise advice needed :)

    Hi! I'm trying to fix my Google Nexus One replacing damaged hardware from an accident it suffered months ago. So far, I've changed the flex cable ribbon, the gps antenna, the lcd display and the digitizer. After changing all of that, the phone seemed to work fine, but the desktop dock...
  23. inestain

    Thread [ROM] Runny Rom - N1 Version [Sense 3.5][V.6.0_5][04/05/2012] - TRACKBALL WAKE!

    THANKS TO RSK TEAM FOR THE ORIGINAL MODDED ROM!!!!! Thanks to tommert38 for the great image Thanks to Shubhamchamaria and all others original Desire Rom Developers. *Trackball Wake* *Swipe to Clear Notification* *Trackball Multicolor Light Notifications* *ZV6 Tweaks* *RCTWEAKS* *Beats...
  24. taodan

    Thread [Q] Nandroid backups

    How many backup files do you keep in your nandroid folder? I am thinking delete some but not sure how many should I keep, thanks.
  25. G

    Thread [Q] Original TMO Google Nexus Power issue

    The power button on a Nexus One I received has recently gone faulty. The girl pulled out the rubber button responsible for turning it on, and somehow the assembly responsible for it is missing. Where do you guys suggest I take/send it into for repairs? Or, if possible, what should I order to fix...
  26. R

    Thread Google Nexus One Screen Repair Guide

    Does your Google Nexus One outer screen was cracked or damaged? Also having problem with the display? This written repair guide shows how to disassemble your Google Nexus One cell phone quickly and safely. This guide will help you to install the following Google Nexus One parts: Google Nexus...
  27. G

    Thread [Q] Rooted Nexus One GRK39F

    Hi all, I'm in need of some help/guidance. My N1 is rooted with GRJ22, I don't remember how I rooted it. But now, I want to update to GRK39F. How can I accomplish this? I've read a lot of threads, but clearly I'm still in the dark. Some say use bexboot, CWM recovery, but I don't understand all...
  28. I

    Thread unable too unlock bootloader

    today i got my brand old n1 from a guy in korea. the version on the device is: build n: cl49208 kernel: g9ea 1023 first thing i have tried to unlock its BL after reading and figuring out how to set up adb i am able to see the device in FB and in adb but when in FB i do "fastboot oem...
  29. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread [Q] Unbricking hard-bricked device?

    Look at this: COuld we make such a thing for n1s that are hard bricked (radio or hboot or both)?
  30. N

    Thread [Q] Nexus One will not stay powered off.

    My Nexus One doesn't shut off. Simply does not stay powered off. I hold down the power button, push Power Off, it reboots. Any other way I've used to power down the phone also just results in a reboot. I take the battery out, put it back in, it reboots. I power off from bootloader, it reboots...
  31. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread Its a Nexus One Clone!

    LOL, I was surfing dealextreme and came across this: A very bad clone with a fake htc sense on it... Are there more clones of the n1?
  32. V

    Thread [Q] Will a Desire mainboard fit a Nexus One???

    So, after replacing my flex due to a broken power button, I seem to have broken the LCD-connection on the mainboard itself. The screen is going black, so that is definately the problem and I will need to replace the mainboard itself (not the flex)... Couldn't find it anywhere for less then 200...
  33. S

    Thread [ROM] MeDroidMOD ics 1.4.2 rolling via ota 7/03/2012

    MeDroidMod Remix ICS 4.0.3 Build v1.4.2 (07-03-2012) & 1.4.2 HWA (07/03/2012 WITH OTA UPDATED SYSTEM Guys I drop my laptop and now its totally broken LCD and not recognized any hdd, its the end for me, so and this time maybe Timbit and zyr3x can continue the rom, I no have more pc, crap I sad...
  34. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread HTC sense on the Nexus One

    So i tried out basically all the sense roms out here and decided to write a little review, that hopefully will make you choose the sense thats right for you. First up: Sebastiaan15's runny port! Well, i think this is the very best sense rom atm. Based on sense 3.5 Infact this is my daily rom...
  35. R

    Thread Power button stop working

    I know that this questing was made thousand times...but my problem is a little bit different... My dad has the N1 and he destroy the power button with his detestable streghness, and stubbornness to shoutdown the display everytime he did something...I hate his way to use phone and than blame me...
  36. K

    Thread [NDK App and Java App] Working on a new VNC Server V1.86

    ** You need to have root to run this app! ** I have been hacking up a vnc server from old code I found on Google. I will try to get the changes merged into the original project; if that fails I will start a new project or just post the source. This one works with my rooted Transformer Prime, a...
  37. dRaCID01

    Thread [ROM] [DEV] [ICS] MIUI v4 - BETA 2.2.17 | N1 [A2SD / D2Ext] [TOUCH-INSTALLER]

    Here we go... Today i can show you guys a working MIUI v4 ROM for the Google Nexus One !!! After the first inofficial HTC Desire Release we have here a brand new inofficial Release for the Nexus One. There are some small issues at the moment with this ROM but i will see to clear the open...
  38. T

    Thread [Q] Dealing with a Nexus One with broken power button

    My brother has a Nexus One and just yesterday the power button of the device decided to stop working. The problem is that being a total dumb ass, he decided to turn off the device so he could take the sim card and put it in an other phone. So even though I could just install an app on his phone...
  39. U

    Thread [Q] ICS Update for Nexus One

    Hi, My Nexus One details are as follows: Model number : Nexus One Android version : 2.3.4 Baseband version : Kernel version : [email protected] #1 Build number : GRJ22 Which is the best way for me to update my phone to ICS (Android 4.0). I have...
  40. O

    Thread [Q] flashboot clockworkmod for nexus one = signature verify fail

    Hello everybody! I wanna update my clockworkmod in my nexus one.... I try via flashboot in ubuntu.... Someone knows why I get this message: "signature verify fail" ./fastboot-linux flash recover recovery-clockwork- sending 'recover' (3402 KB)... OKAY...
  41. A

    Thread [Q] CM7 2.3.3 upgrading to cm7 with sense

    I need help PLEASE can anyone tell me how to install this one: or any kind of cm7 with sense ui... :(:(:(:(:(:(:( is it possible to install it to my nexus one?? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: im...
  42. A

    Thread Battery drain out very heavy when using the Nexus one on SoftBank Japan network

    Hey ppl, Need ur help urgently !! I started using my Nexus One with OS version 2.3.6 (Stock ROM) on the SoftBank network in Japan recently.I have observed that the battery drain out is very heavy. I lose around 8% of the battery every hour when the phone is connected to the network. Even with...
  43. T

    Thread [Q] Sense 3 launcher for nexus one

    Cyanogen mod + sense 3 launcher would be awesome.
  44. S

    Thread [Q] Jabber on Nexus One

    I'm having HTC Nexus One running on 2.3.6. I tried to install Jabber from Cisco. First it showed up an error and then it installed. At end of second attempt, again it said there installer package has some problem. Now, it ate the 10MB and I can't find it to uninstall to claim the space. Any...
  45. texasice

    Thread [ROM] [DEV] [ICS 4.0.4] *7/1* Evervolv's Aosp TexasIce Cream Sandwich

    Evervolv is maintained by MongooseHelix, Preludedrew, and myself. Our goal is to bring ice cream sandwich to unsupported devices guided by the aosp philosophy, everything we do is opensource and transparent to the public. Visit our Gerrit or Github. I originally started porting ICS to my...
  46. ykom

    Thread [Q] need help for update, please.

    :confused: trying to update my rooted nexus one, but it dose NOT go well for a few times. it got a following message; E:failed to verify whole-file signature E:signature verification failed Installation aborted. how can i fix it? thanks in advance.
  47. A

    Thread Working to a strict budget on upgrading. Help appreciated.

    Now that the N1 is 'obsolete' and ICS isn't coming I feel as though it may be time to move on. This may take a while though as I effectively have no money and the money I get from the N1 is the majority of what I can spend. Basically the deal is that I can get either £85 quickly from a recycle...
  48. M

    Thread Saving Battery Life

    I have been making some changes to my Nexus One lately because I was having some battery life/drain problems. Here is my current setup: ROM: MIUI 1.11.11 Kernel: Tiamat_N1-v4.1.0 Radio: WiFi Sleep Policy set to Never Brightness is Automatic Not that many apps installed; no rogue apps...
  49. garfnodie

    Thread [Q] Charger_Connection.ogg question

    I recently put a new ROM on my OG Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint SPH-P100) that happened to have a really cool sound that plays whenever you plug in the charger. I wanted to put the sound on my N1 running CM7 nightly, so I pulled the file (Charger_Connection.ogg) from the /system/media/audio/ui...
  50. D

    Thread [Q] Shutdown animation on the Nexus One

    Can anyone tell me how and where to add a shutdown animation for the nexus one? I am trying to create one for my custom ROM. I already tried to add the images to a shutdown folder so that it is in the /system/media/shutdown and /system/media/video/shutdown directories but to no avail...