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  1. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] [CURRENTLY DOESN'T BOOT!!!] TWRP 3.6.1 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus S [crespo]

    After downloading, please tell me if this TWRP works! Thank you! An essential tool for anybody that loves to modify their Android device is a good custom recovery. TWRP has been around since the invention of the wheel back in 1996 and has been providing modders with all kinds of great tools...
  2. ghost010

    Thread Fallout shelter not compatible?

    [Edit] got it working on the device. Still doesn't explain why an older device is able to get the app from store.. So my Galaxy nexus is not supported google says. Minimum SDK is 4.1 for the app. OK, so to bad right? Well..... Then there is this.. How? What makes the Nexus S be supported...
  3. CrisR82

    Thread Part of the screen not working

    Today when I took out my old Nexus S i9023, I was shocked that there was a finder-wide horrizontal line across the screen where no touch input is registered. The part is exactly where the power-off menu button is. The weird thing is that around a month ago it worked fine and the phone was never...
  4. C

    Thread [Q] Recommendation for fast slim ROM

    Hello, I got an Nexus S with latest official Android 4.1.2. It is my first Smartphone, I head a Nokia N97 mini before and I have an iPod Touch and an Tablet HP Slate 7. Now, I'm a bit disappointed about the performance of the Nexus S. Most apps are working fine, but Facebook, Facebook Messenger...
  5. KenEmerenciana

    Thread [Q] Please help me about my nexus s

    so my nexus s (m200k) is hard bricked so i did the unbrickable mod by sir adam to see if i can revive my phone or to check if my mmc is dead, i sucessfully applied the mod (jumpered the said parts and removed one resistor) but when i connect my nexus s in my laptop (connect the wire then remove...
  6. P

    Thread [Q] Which kernel enables USB Host (OTG) for Nexus S I9020 with android jb 4.1.2

    Hello every one. I'm trying to use usb flash on my nexus s, I've found an ADATA model with Micro USB support and wanna use it as external memory. Does anyone know which kernel has the support for the USB host for jelly bean 4.1.2 on Nexus S? I searched and only found one guide to enable it on...
  7. KreAch3R

    Thread [HOWTO] Combined emulated storage for the Nexus S (LVM) [NEW CM11: 20150726-NIGHTLY]

    Combined emulated storage for the Nexus S (LVM) UPDATE! NEW CM11 ROM, version: 20150726-NIGHTLY This is a guide to make your Nexus S use an internal emulated SDcard, and mount it using MTP (just like the Nexus 4 and newer smartphones)! In order to do that, we have to enable the Logical volume...
  8. AzN MusiQ

    Thread No Boot or Recovery img

    Hey guys, It's been a time now, that my Nexus S (9023 Model) doesn't start anymore. But I hope that I can remove the problem. So the issue is that no boot or recovery img is installed. The device is locked and I tried to unlock it, but the screen freezed everytime I choose "yes". And with no...
  9. CrazyGamerGR


    ROMS KIT KAT EUROSKANG by FuZZ__ : EHNDROIX by AlessandroXCV : AOSP KitKat by cn.fyodor : SlimKat by...
  10. T

    Thread does nexus s support USB OTG?

    Hi I have a otg USB cable, how can I make it work with nexus s? Do I have to root it or even flash a custom ROM in order to do so? Thank you!
  11. Jhyrachy

    Thread Huge Wi-Fi Problem, AP not found!

    Hi, i have a huge problem: today, when i arrived at home (i come back only for weekends) my phone doesn't connect to my home wifi Few days ago i flashed slim 4.3 version 2.2 and i updated the radio to KB3 The problem is that the phone didn't see my network at all! It can see my neighbour network...
  12. michalurban

    Thread [Q] Phone to replace i9023

    Hi, Im currently considering a replacement phone so I could store my NS into drawer. BTW I just realized its almost exactly a year a wrote similar post - November 27th 2012 ... but I sticked with NS so far ... :laugh: Ive got three candidates - Android-powered Moto G and Nexus 5 (Id prefer the...
  13. MameTozhio

    Thread [2013-11-15][ROM][ICS] NexusPrimo ICS

    Hi all! This is just a small ROM I put together using AOSP for Galaxy S Plus by broodplank1337, ported to the HTC One V with CM9 by Lloir as a base. Then I added the fonts, extra Google Apps, ringtones, bootanimation, and other things from the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus factory images to give us a...
  14. osos96

    Thread [Q] Offering TUT is needed Power button

    Okay so as i saw or knew that many nexus s users face a problem that their power button failed to work suddenly just stopped working hardware and people started using alternatives as volume rocker to wake the phone and to put the phone in USB to boot some lucky people had their phones boot up...
  15. Sheharyar13

    Thread [Q] Possible Brick,Need Help Urgently

    My friend bought this phone 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago it hanged while downloading an application so he took out the battery and from that day it wont boot and wont go to fastboot.the phone wasn't rooted.when i connect it to pc via usb cable its screen blinks one time and then nothing.One time...
  16. A

    Thread Nexus S Battery Issues

    Hi all. I purchased a nexus S recently, second hand. It had a 4.1.1 stock JB installed. The battery life was horrible, i hardly managed 5 hours with less than 2 hours of screen time. I changed the rom to CM 10.1.3 stable, although i do know that CM roms are battery hungry yet battery remained...
  17. huzefaonline

    Thread [Q] Samsung Nexus S Stock Rom

    Hi, Do we have samsung nexus s stock rom here on xda? please share a link for the stock rom download. Thanks
  18. S

    Thread PAC Man ROM

    Hello! Has anyone tried the PAC man ROM for the nexus s till now? I mean the latest nightlies in September. If so can someone please post their experiences with this ROM and any bugs that they have encountered. Thank You! :) Sent from my Nexus S using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  19. U

    Thread [Q] Cannot Change input at Lock screen nexus s

    Hi I had smart keyboard installed on my Samsung Nexus S...but i wanted to uninstall it and switch to swiftkey keyboard....but when i uninstalled smart keyboard i accidently pressed the lock?power i need to enter my password to unlock my phone but there is no keyboard for input just...
  20. detesto

    Thread [Q] Is there some other way to boot to bastboot?

    Hi. I tried flashing CM10.1 on a Nexus S device, but now I'm stuck at a boot loop. The main problem is that the device's volume up key doesn't work, and I can't get to the fastboot menu by going power + vol up. Is there any other way to get to this (maybe by adb)? Or to put the phone in...
  21. A

    Thread [Q] nexus s fstrim on /cache /system partition

    Hello, i am using lagfix on my nexus s. But by default , only /data partition is selected for trim command. Can i check /system and trim it also safely without bricking or any other issues? secondly.. the /cache partition is disabled altogether.. and i get a prompt that the /cache partition...
  22. U

    Thread [Q] Unbricking the unbrickable Nexus S (i9023)

    The initial problem My i9023 got totally bricked after restoring it to factory defaults. As soon as I changed the SIM card and tried to power the phone up, it just wouldn't do anything; the display wouldn't turn on (neither while charging), no vibration, no light on the touch keys, nothing...
  23. timg11

    Thread [Q] Is there any way to root a Nexus S with JB without wiping?

    I read some interesting threads here from the early days of the Nexus S (Jan 2011) about rooting techniques that prevented data wipe, but they are for Gingerbread since that's what was available back then. My NS i9020T is running Jelly Bean 4.1.2. It is stock, unrooted. I need to root so I can...
  24. E

    Thread [Q] Is there an Induction Chager for the Nexus S?

    I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this. Does anyone know of a wireless Inductive Charger for the Nexus S. I have seen the Nexus 4 is compatible with QI but I see nothing about NS
  25. MinL

    Thread [Discontinued] **Pure Kernel&Control JB 4.1.X & 4.2.X (Updated:08/09)**

    [Discontinued] Pure Kernel & Control Flash on your own Risk During installation the cache partition, dalvik-cache and modules, init.d scripts from previously installed kernels are cleaned # Download : Roms without cm tweak ...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] [NS4G] What kernel are you using with CM 10.1 RC?

    I'm trying to find a good, stable kernel for CyanogenMod 10.1 RC (RC2 at the moment). I've been out of the loop for a while and I don't really know where to start, so my apologies if this isn't the current place or format.
  27. Z

    Thread [Q] Nexus S issues with firefox os

    Hello all. I flashed Firefox OS onto my nexus s the other day. I am having several issues with it so far. 1. I am not able to connect to my network (t-mobile) using 3g or any data connection for that matter. 2. I am having trouble with screen resolution (know issue) 3. In the messaging...
  28. C

    Thread [Q] Nexus S motherboard died

    My Nexus S's motherboard died and the guys at Samsung service centre are demanding $160 for a replacement. I am really confused as to what I should do. $160 is too steep, but the phone is in mint condition. Any suggestions? I live in India, so consider local prices too if you would suggest...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] Nexus S not recognized by pc

    Hey, I've got the Nexus S (Herring). Until now it is locked, but I want to flash recovery and CM 10.1. Only Problem till now is that my PC (Windows 8 x64) just recognizes a "Android 1.0" but the pc shows that there are no drivers... Now I don't know how to continiue. Any ideas? greez Muff(in)
  30. Filipe Galego

    Thread [Q] Hardware or software problem? Battery <-> performance

    Hi guys, From some weeks ago I've been with problems with every 4.2.2 rom that I've tried. (Jelly shot, Hellybean,XenonHD,Avatar,Gamerzrom,...) After a few days all the rom gets laggy and have some times very low performance. Some people say that is a problem of the 4.2.2 roms.. But I've a...
  31. A

    Thread [Q] How do I make my USB Storage and Internal Storage partitions one in the same?

    After reading up a bit on how newer Android phones went about fixing the silliness that comes from having external storage, I realized the Nexus S would be a perfect candidate to convert to the newer MTP method of accessing the device's storage while it's on. I'm already doing this with CM10...
  32. kandroid

    Thread [Q] Help with identifying Nexus S i9020a Battery Drain

    Running Stock ICS 4.1.2 on Nexus S i9020A on AT&T US. The battery was fine till about a few months back, but of late, it is draining @ around 8-10% per hour on standby!. I originally thought JB was causing the drain, and switched to ICS, and finally to GB. But the drain is consistent across...
  33. deepaktom

    Thread [Discontinued][APP][MOD][4.2]Enable Face Unlock For 4.2 Roms

    Face Unlock has been disabled on the Nexus S by default as we have only a VGA front camera. But if you would like to enable face unlock, then flash the zip below. I found only ICS face unlock mods out there so I decided to make a zip for 4.2 JB roms. This one is the 4.2 Face Unlock with...
  34. deepaktom

    Thread Enable photosphere cm10.1

    Hey, I am looking to enable photo sphere in the default cm10.1 camera. I was using hacked camera with photosphere but I miss the cm10.1 options like HDR, power shutter etc. I read somewhere there is a build.prop tweak that enables it. I tried but doesn't seem to work on the latest nightly...
  35. A

    Thread [Q] Help Required For The Camera Of Nexus S !!

    Hey, I need small piece of help from you all, I have Samsung Google Nexus S phone. It's camera is NOT performing good job, it's camera result shows whiteness and noise on picture and the picture seems without focus too :( I have checked the setting that is okay. Settings are as below: Flash...
  36. A

    Thread [Q] Camera Issueee in Nexus S !! :(

    Hey guyz, I have Samsung Google Nexus S, it's camera is not giving good result as I can see the camera result of this phone on google searching :( It shows whiteness and noise on the photo... I have checked the settings, Settings are as below: Flash: Auto White Balance: Auto Exposure: 0...
  37. B

    Thread [Q] Battery dies suddenly

    My i9020T was working fine using the stock 4.1 firmware. I started playing around with a few custom ROMs (all designed for my phone) with varying results. I eventually got to a point where every ROM I tried resulted in a phone that restarted suddenly several times a day and drained the battery...
  38. L

    Thread [Q] Oven QuickFix – Will it work for Nexus S?

    Hello. So it came. My Nexus S betrayed me. I started getting random "inabilities" to boot my phone. It was rather not booting than booting. The phone was booting like 1 out of 10 times (stuck at Google Logo). Suddenly I found out that applying pressure to the back of the phone (to the SIM card...
  39. E

    Thread [Q] [q] nexus s 3g vs 4g

    Other then the obvious (4G capability) is there much difference between the two) is the 4G called Crespo too? What about Herring? What's the worst that can happen flashing a NEXUS S 4G rom to a NEXUS 3G device?
  40. K

    Thread Gmote from portrait to landscape mode

    Ok this is the thing i remember that i was able to switch portrait to landscape mode or maybe it was just my imagination? well anyways i was wondering how it would be possible to switch gmote from portrait to landscape mode. Using nexus S by the way
  41. P

    Thread [Q] Nexus S 4G GPS Issue

    After rooting and switching from stock to Cyanogenmod nighties (10.1), I've noticed that the GPS does not work properly. After some time will acquire the signal, but instants after will display the large circle around and would just stop updating the position (while driving). I'm sure it's an...
  42. W

    Thread [Q] Nexus S - Very poor reception

    Hello, I bought a refurbished Nexus S from an online retailer in my country. As soon as I got it, I flashed CM10.1 on it and got it up and running but I immediately realised that the signal strength on the phone was WEAK! I only got 1-2 bars in my living room and sometimes no signal strength at...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] Soft Bricked Nexus S 4G - Save the Baby Photos!

    I've spent 4-6 hours researching and trying things and have become quite familiar with rooting, fastboot, adb, sideload, and various other tools and have many installed & working, so if I make a noob comment or mistake, go easy on me. I did my best to do my own due diligence. Here's the...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] [HELP] device booting directly into fastboot

    ok, i guess i screwed up, didnt make nandroid etc, but lets put that aside. i installed xenonhd the other day, and then the matr1x kernel. since i was not satisfied with matr1x, i wanted to change the kernel. i downloaded franco and flashed it. not my device instantly boots into recovery...
  45. husen4u

    Thread [ROM 4.2.1] JELLYBAM - v5.1.0 [20/01] [crespo] [AOKP | CM10.1 | DPIChanger] - Fixed

    [CENTER][CENTER] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: HOW TO Use XPosed? we wrote a step by step guide with screens here...
  46. samcortez

    Thread [Q] Where Can I buy the Motherboar for i9023?

    HI, my Nexus S got the motherboard burned, this is sad for me because I used to love the device, well, I'm trying to find somewhere in internet somone selling and I did't find. Can someone here help me? Or sell me too :) ?
  47. X

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2] NextGen Android v0.5

    NextGen Android Description: Screenshots: Download Instructions: Changelog in 2nd post!! Download: GAPPS already built into ROM. Download New and Improved Kernel with BLN and Voodoo Support: Please say thanks if you used it, and any suggestions are...
  48. spider623

    Thread [Q] Ubuntu phone, any chance for porting?

    Canonical today announced ubuntu native on phones, any hope for porting in our nexus?
  49. M

    Thread [Q] Problem with making and receiving calls

    Hi folks I have a Nexus S (i9020a). It has stock 4.1.2 Jelly bean from Google (downloaded the stock image and flashed it). It worked fine for over a month. Suddenly few days back this device got a problem. When I dial any number I can't hear any dialing sounds and even after the call has...
  50. N

    Thread Nexus S CM 10.1 BBQ log

    At BBQ log changes for the cyanogenmod 10.1 version are already available!! link: id dont know if the nightlies by cm are downloadabel(not on their homepage!) but there is an unofficial rom here link...