1. Jaxidian

    Thread Case that works well with a Nillkin Magic Tag (Qi coil)?

    I got a OP7Pro recently and am really liking the phone in nearly all ways except for the lack of wireless charging. I have a few specific needs while on the road and the lack of wireless charging is very problematic for me. To try to compensate for this, I grabbed a Nillkin Magic Tag (USB-C...
  2. O

    Thread Google Pixel 4 Nillkin fullscreen glass

    Google Pixel 4 Nillkin fullscreen glass is released, CP+ Pro type.
  3. O

    Thread Nillkin brand case

    Hello, I found Nillkin brand case is available already, protects camera (protrusion) as well as compatible with their glass. Just asked support, they replied it's in stock. Probably it's a good ribbed matte protection...
  4. Axendo

    Thread Smart sleep/wake flip case/rom?

    Hi! I had a Redmi Note 3 and currently i am using a Xiaomi Mi 6 with Lineage OS. I use my Mi 6 in combination with a Nillkin Qin flip case for the "Smart Sleep"-function (close the cover for enter the sleep state and vice versa, working with stock and custom rom). It works perfectly and is in my...
  5. O

    Thread Protective case and tempered glass collection Samsung Galaxy S10

    Hello everybody, I would like to start this thread regarding quality accessories for S10. It's not arrived here yet, but I had already found several regular quality products for smartphones. There are 3D glass from IMAK at aliexpress...
  6. soralz

    Thread Nillkin Mi A2 accessories small review

    Nillkin Mi A2 accessories small review *Template from my own Nillkin accessories for Mi A1 review. Just bought my Mi A2 2 weeks ago, and my accessories finally arrived few days ago. A few add-ons to my Mi A2: Nillkin Amazing H+ Pro 2.5D tempered glass screen protector, Nillkin Mi 6x/A2...
  7. O

    Thread Nillkin tempered glass Oneplus 6

    Hi, just found Nillkin finally made H+ pro 0.2mm thin glass for Oneplus 6, ordered one, customer support replied it's in stock. I can recommend it, their Oneplus 3T glass is one of best I tried...
  8. Gubro

    Thread Nillkin Magic Disk 4 Wireless Charger

    Hello, I just bought the above charger yesterday and made a little unboxing video. The charger is very stylish and can fast charge the phone but only using the charging brick that came with the phone. It can be used as a nice night light as well. I paid £21.99 for it. Let me know if you have...
  9. N

    Thread Verdict on the Nillkin OnePlus 5 Amazing H+ Pro Tempered Glass

    Hi all, So this is one that seems to have had a lot of interest all over the internet. Lot's of people pointing me towards it as if it was the saviour of OnePlus 5 tempered glass screens. So I ordered, expecting the best. AND boy did Nillkin make me wait, it took a few weeks to get here, so...
  10. O

    Thread Nillkin cases & tempered glass available

    Hello! Nillkin is already up to date with glass and case, just let know: Frosted shield case: H glass (0.33mm, flat edges)...
  11. O

    Thread Nillkin frosted shield case for Huawei P10

    Hi, Just ordered some days ago Huawei P10, however couldn't find thread regarding accessories. Found today Nillkin frosted shield is available, got some misunderstandings regarding Honor 8 pictures instead of P10, however fast email reply from support service dispelled my questions. Here is the...
  12. O

    Thread Screen protectors

    Hi, Tempered glass is already available for Huawei Mate 9 from Nillkin. H+ Pro (0.2mm, 2.5D) H (0.3mm, without 2.5D - straight edges)...
  13. O

    Thread Xioami Mi5S & Xiaomi Mi5s Plus glass & cases from Nillkin availble (11.11 discounts!)

    Xioami Mi5S & Xiaomi Mi5s Plus glass & cases from Nillkin availble (11.11 discounts!) Hi, Nillkin offers today discounts ~20% for their production. Xiaomi Mi5S is included (glass & cases). Link for Mi5S...
  14. O

    Thread Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL ZC551KL ZC520TL ZE552KL Nillkin comes with discount 11.11!

    Hi everybody! Quality accessories from Nillkin are offered with discount today 11.11 - cases and glass. All other asus zenfone 3 here...
  15. O

    Thread Tempered glass screen protector from Nillkin for Google Pixel

    Just found Nillkin made H+ Pro (0.2mm, 2.5D) & H (0.3mm, without 2.5D) tempered glass screen protector for Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL. Ordered for Pixel XL 1pcs, however I believe it can be interested for Google Pixel owners as well...
  16. O

    Thread Tempered glass screen protectors

    Hello, Nillkin producted their 0.2mm glass already (H+ Pro), also available for back cover. Here is the link to their goodies: Any other decent offers available?
  17. C

    Thread Nillkin USB C to USB A cable

    Anyone who know if this cable: Nillkin USB C Cable follows the spec for Type C to Type A? I really like their Micro B cables and just got a 6P so I would love to use their type C version :)
  18. H

    Thread Halo on Spigen Screen Protector?

    Hi, has anyone had any 'halo' problems on their spigen tempered glass screen protector for their note 5? I'm asking because I ordered the Nillkin screen protector for my note 5 but some people said there is a halo around it. On this youtube video there doesn't appear to be any halo, or is there...
  19. H

    Thread Nillkin Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

    Hi, I had an amazon voucher so I went ahead and used it to buy the Nillkin H+ Note 5 Tempered Glass Screen protector. Has anyone used this brand before and is it good? I like spigen more but I could only buy the nillkin screen protector with the voucher I had (voucher was only applicable to...
  20. ey3pod

    Thread Pics of ZenFone 2 cases

    Demomm Ultra Thin Pu Flip Leather Case - too bulky Nillkin Frosted Case - :good: love the look and feel Nillkin Sparkle View Leather Case - the cover does not close Nillkin Nature TPU Transparent Clear Case - :good: nearly invisible SPARIN Ultra Slim Scratch Resistant Smart Case - smooth case...
  21. D

    Thread [Q] Best relation between weight and protection

    Hello, I buy a G2 and I have been reading a lot of opinions here on XDA but I can't decide at all. I want something protective, and also lightly I saw Nillkin frosted shield here But I think it is not very protective, or I am wrong? I also see Spigen Slim Armor here, it seems to be...
  22. L

    Thread T-Mobile Z1S Tempered Glass Screen Nillkin

    Hey there fellow Z1S users, I just received my Nillkin glass screen protector for the L39U which I can confirm does indeed fit the T-Mobile Z1S One thing to keep in mind when installing, is you only have ONE chance and it fits EXACT so do your BEST to align it CORRECTLY, thank you for viewing...
  23. ShinOrochiX

    Thread [Hard Cover] Nillkin Matte Hard Cover

    Hi I recently bought a Nillkin hard cover for my Xperia L as I didn't want the bulk of a wallet case but still protect the phone whilst keeping it slim & sleek. I found this cover & after some research bought it. I can say that it is by far the best cover I have had, it is exactly as shown in...
  24. chrisngrod

    Thread [VIDEO] HTC One Max Glass Screen Protector Install - Nillkin

    0qDPsDrN-zY Usually I turn to Spigen for glass screen protectors. Unfortunately, they didn't create any products for this device. So I turned to eBay and found the Nillkin available for $16 shipped. Glass screen protectors have pros and cons. It acts like a second skin. You can barely see...
  25. 1lazysheep

    Thread Nillkin LG Nexus 5 Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Anti-Explosion!!!! :eek: i've used one of their thin cases before and liked the quality, especially given the cheap price. haven't had any experience with any of their screen protectors, but i'm hoping their quality extends to these new glass screen protectors. just placed an order. will...
  26. G

    Thread Nillkin Nexus 5 case

    I just found a Nillkin Nexus 5 case on eBay. I really enjoyed my Nillkin Nexus 4 case. I'll be posting a review of it once it makes it to my doorstep from China. I'm purchasing it because of the unfortunately sharp edges on the spiegen ultra fit case I tried first. (Don't buy that spiegen case...
  27. LegibleEel

    Thread Nillkin Hard Cover Case (White) Short Review

    Please don't laugh, I'm rubbish at these kind of things :P Anyway this is a short review of the Nillkin case for the Xperia T. So, lets get into it. On arrival it came in a nicely packed package shielded with bubble rap to protect against any large knocks and bangs. (Though as a hard shield...
  28. R

    Thread [CASE] Nillkin smart flip case, leather (ipad style). Photo review

    After $24.50(ebay) and 30M days shipping to the US, it is finally here. Take a look. . . . . . . Bonus: . .
  29. H

    Thread Xperia P - Nillkin Super Shield Review

    Description: Nillkin Super Shield: Nillkin Matte Hard Cover Case + Screen Protector For Sony Xperia P Case Colour: Red Phone Colour: Red Price: $11.78 USD Purchased From: eBay Product Page: Rating: 2.5/5 This case is easily the best looking...
  30. N

    Thread [REVIEW][PICS] Nillkin Ultra Slim Hard Shield Faceplate

    Today i received the case and again i want so share some thoughts about it. (let me say it right here: this is the best case ive seen so far and i can recommend it to everyone that is searching for a very slim case with considerable protection) ORDER i ordered the case from Obostore. it took...