1. marijnee1

    Thread lost serial number after sp flash

    i lost all my serial numbers after flashing stock rom nokia 3 ta-1032 now when i try to unlock bootloader which requires the serial number, and i lost that. 'fastboot oem key SERIAL_MD5_HASHED' its not on the box either, only sim1 imei and sim2 imei thats all. so now i cant unlock it. when...
  2. marijnee1


  3. marijnee1

    Thread Nokia 3 TWRP Unable to flash Magisk

    Hello, I flashed TWRP 3.1.1-0 from this post, but it doesn't seem to work at all. I am only able to view folders, I was able to use 'adb push' to get Magisk zip file to show up, but now when I try to flash it, it keeps giving me errors: 'Updater process ended with ERROR: 127' 'Error installing...
  4. mvpu

    Thread Prototype nokia phone

    i need help knowing which phone i have and howbto get it ti boot here are some pictures
  5. aiSanaul

    Thread Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (MT6737M) (Android 9 - Pie)

    So, after trying more than a few methods I finally gained root on my TA-1066. 😴😪 If you also wanna root, here is how: 👇 To Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (Pie - Android 9) (Dual SIM) What you're gonna need: Working PC, 💻 Some Packet Data, 🌐 Some knowledge of ADB & Fastboot commands, 😴 Some storage...
  6. Raiku_

    Thread Question Anyone know of a Lightweight/barebones Android ROMs for the Nokia G10?

    Hello everyone. I'm currently looking for a Good (3rd party) Android ROM for my Nokia G10 since it is very laggy on it's default/factory installed ROM. While i do not know the exact cause of the lagginess, I do suspect that low computational power of the device (caused by what ever...
  7. the_arxyn

    Thread (MOD) Non Java Keypad Phone Modding

    Hello Everyone I have many keypad phone some are java and else are non java and i want to ask that can we mod or hack their Software,Firmware or Rom who have micro usb support but not have adb or any development site support just modding like edditing (Adding,Modifying or Removing) in-built apps...
  8. T

    Thread Saving a phone with a broken motherboard

    Hi all, A little backstory first. I'm very new to XDA, so please let me know if my title formatting is wrong or if this is the wrong category or something else. I had a Nokia 7.1 for about three years. It broke about two months ago, without a warning. The way it broke was rather strange: I...
  9. A

    Thread Question Nokia c20 Android 12

    I wanna ask to the people in this forum if they had any ROM of android 12 (no matter if its lineage, pixel, etc) somewhere, and if you have, could you send it to me? i wanna upgrade my nokia but this thing it looks like it doesnt have the requierements to run it, thanks
  10. fm111

    Thread Question Nokia G50-5G (TA-1361) Stuck on Fastboot mode.

    Hi, I've a Nokia G50-5G stuck on fastboot mode. I've tried every possible trick I know of. It looks like a software issue. Is there another way to flash it other than HMD device kit.?
  11. Dfreak444

    Thread Question Hating Android 12.

    Is there anyway to downgrade to Android 11 after Android 12 update on Nokia G20?
  12. leofa

    Thread Can't activate Ethernet Tether

    HI All, just bought an used Nokia 8.3 thru ebay to use as 5G Modem. My idea was to connect it to a USB-C Hub with Ethernet and then connect it to my router. This Setup worked on two Xiaomi phones but this nokia was the cheapest phone with 5G I managed to find and as it was on Android 12 and had...
  13. K

    Thread Question Unbrick Nokia 2.2

    Good night everyone. I have a Nokia 2.2 TA-1188 to which I recently unlocked the bootloader successfully using the method from this guide: However, when I tried to flash the latest...
  14. Ulumia

    Thread [VOTE]SE Xperia X8 or Nokia C6-01?

    Which is better?
  15. sourav24071999

    Thread [ROM][12.1][DRG_sprout] Project Elixir [OFFICIAL] [Nokia 6.1 Plus][AOSP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers. "This is a...
  16. BladeRunnerA2C

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Project Awaken 2.10 stellar - Nokia 6.1 Plus

    Awaken OS for Nokia 6.1 Plus/X6 [drg] #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is void. Or...Valid? Probably? * * Project Awaken and its maintainers are not responsible for bricked devices, * dead SD cards, data loss, thermonuclear war, or economic crisis caused by * Awaken OS. YOU are...
  17. raspiduino

    Thread Develop apps for Nokia 220 and Nokia 225 (S30+ platform)?

    I have posted this question on StackOverflow, Reverse Engineering Stack Exchange but no one answer :( Did anyone remember the Mediatek's MRE (MAUI runtime environment)? That thing has completely gone since 2016. Does anyone have a way to do this? As I described in the links, someone said that...
  18. N

    Thread Question Nokia G20 - GPS Location Android 12

    Hello, i have a Nokia G20 and have made yesterday the update to Android 12 and i already hate it but thats not my question... Since i have update to Android 12 the Phone show me many times the GPS Location ICON (but i have deactivated GPS) - before i have had Android 12 this was never - and i...
  19. underscoredash

    Thread Is there any RSS feed to receive the info about Nokia OTA updates?

    Can you guys share if there are any such RSS feed or JSON api?
  20. zip6como

    Thread Question No recovery + Bootloader unlock

    Hello im new to the XDA forum and sorry for my bad writing but i am not an expert in english. I wantet to unlock my bootloader of my nokia X20 only get the error: FAILED (remote: 'Failed to unlock, decrypt failed!') fastboot: error: Command failed with both commands fastboot oem unlock &...
  21. A

    Thread Android 11 V3.240 - UI enhancements?

    Hi. Does anyone use this build V3.240? As you can read there should be new UI enhancements. I would like to know which exactly please. I have a bad experience that the UI is getting worse last years. Please can you post screenshots here?
  22. S

    Thread Nokia 7.2 Google dialer

    I have a Nokia 7.2 ... It was running on Android 10 and I upgraded to 11 .... I use the Google dialer app and I don't wanna use any 3rd-party apps... My problem is before upgrading to Android 11 I had faced a bug which is when some one calls me my phone rings normally and vibrates but there's...
  23. Z

    Thread Question Nokia XR20 Owner Reviews, Tips, Accessories

    Hey everyone! I noticed this section was a bit dry so thought I'd kick it off as a happy new owner of a grey Nokia XR20 in Australia. Still on 4G but will be giving Optus 5G a shot soon. My last phone was a Razer Phone 2 and I was hesitant about going from a past bleeding edge to low-mid range...
  24. TomassD

    Thread Can't wipe/reset an Android phone (Nokia G10)

    Hi! Posting this here as need maximum exposure as the specific thread for the model does not seem to have many people looking at it. My original post is here: Short version: Tried anything I could imagine but can't wipe the...
  25. TomassD

    Thread Question Can't reset/wipe the phone

    I work for a little repair shop in my village. A customer brought in a phone - got it for his son (14) for his birthday and let him set it all up including making the google account. The reason why it was brought in was that son forgot the pattern. Asked if we can possibly unlock it or at least...
  26. spacedrone808

    Thread General Huawei p50 pro vs Nokia PureView 808

    only jpg comparison at this time, raw files are not available.
  27. spacedrone808

    Thread General Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra vs Nokia Pureview 808 [2021 vs 2012]

    Comparison of detail & resolution capability:
  28. W

    Thread Unlock all Nokia MTK devices without disassembling (tested on Nokia 2.3 TA-1206)

    Message to mods: If this thread was posted before, please delete it. STEP 1 Download MtkClient and install dependencies Execute those commands. STEP 2 Wipe userdata and two other partitions If this will fail, don't worry. It might be that your device doesn't have md_udc partition. STEP 3...
  29. spacedrone808

    Thread General Sony Xperia PRO-i vs Nokia Pureview 808 [2021 vs 2012] #sony #xpreria #pro-i #nokia #808 #nokia808 #spacedrone808 #trackerninja #trackerninja808 #comparison #detail #resolution #review
  30. mvikrant97

    Thread [USB & FLASHING DRIVERS] ADB FASTBOOT AND Flashing Drivers (QDloader, MTK, SPD, Samsung and others) Collection!

    A collection of ADB Fastboot and Chipset based like Qualcomm, Mediatek, Spreadtrum and others flashing drivers Collection! Most of the drivers listed here are signed drivers so you may not need to disbale driver signature enforcement. 1. 15 Seconds ADB installer Thanks to Snoop05 (Senior XDA...
  31. filnik

    Thread Install custom rom on Nokia 5.1?

    Hi all, I'm looking at a way to install a custom rom on my Nokia 5.1. It's kinda slow so I wanted to either downgrade it to Android 9 or to install any other custom rom. Does anybody have a working guide to point me to? Unfortunately there are a lot on the web that simply don't work. Thank you...
  32. R

    Thread Nokia 9 Pure View poor software performance

    I have been using Nokia 9 Pure View for 2 years now. Currently my smartphone is running Android 11 software, and I see the phone lagging more and more. It gets worse and worse with each update. It seems that in this way the manufacturer artificially ages the smartphone. The Nokia 9 Purview ran...
  33. MahdiyarB

    Thread Nokia 8 (NB1) Full ROM Installation Guide

    In this guide, you will find: What you should do before installing a custom ROM on your Nokia What are the button combinations of Nokia 8 for reboot to download mode, recovery mode, and etc How to install T-Virus (project treble) on Nokia 8 How to clean Flash a custom ROM How to dirty flash...
  34. zuhaibsarwar

    Thread How to Flash andriod in GSI

    how to flash gsi in andriod in Nokia 6.1 2018 Pl2 .like andriod 12 beta 5 or any other GSI by Nippon .if anyone knows guide me
  35. J

    Thread Volume goes down after tuning on phone

    Hi everyone, My problem is that after turning on my Nokia 5.1 Plus the volume goes down on my earphones (plugged). I mean, if I start listening music right after turning on the music volume is ok, and after few seconds it goes down without any notice and if I try to turn it up it's at it...
  36. M

    Thread ADB Sideload state and error: closed

    I have a friend's Nokia 7.1 which got stuck on restarting and is basically bricked right now. I am trying to fix it. things i have tried: 1. wipe data/ factory data reset from recovery: Kept stuck there and it didn't work out. 2. tried to load stock firmware using SDCARD but it already had the...
  37. U

    Thread No "Wipe data/factory reset" option in recovery mode

    Why there is no "Wipe data/factory reset" option in recovery mode of some Android phones? For example, I got Nokia 3.4 phone recently. When I boot into recovery mode, there are only 3 options to select. Reboot system now Enter fastboot Poweroff I'm just curious, if this is a new security thing...
  38. yesimxev

    Thread [ROM][Official] Kali NetHunter for the Nokia 6.1 LOS18.1

    I present to you: Kali NetHunter for the Nokia 6.1 LOS18.1 Kali NetHunter is an Android ROM overlay that turns an ordinary phone into the ultimate Mobile Penetration Testing Platform. The overlay includes a custom kernel, a Kali Linux chroot, an accompanying Android application, which allows...
  39. D

    Thread Nokia 2.3 firmware

    Posted this in the Nokia 2.1 thread since there isn't one for 2.3 I asked this question in many other sites but until now I got no response. I found many sites that have it but it all of them uploaded before Nokia 2.3 got android 11. I got two questions: 1 - where can I find the android 1...
  40. Alpha_Radke

    Thread Any chance to support a locked Android One giant?

    As described here we have full open source Nokia 5.4 ready to play but with a bad start due to HMD's next-gen bootloader lol
  41. Alpha_Radke

    Thread General Source code up - Stock ROM up - Time to find root

    We got Nokia 5.4 source code and firmware up. I have been looking deep into the source code for any tricks before building it. However we have boot.img now and I think we should get magisk support here. As excepted we have these results: cp: can't preserve ownership of 'busybox': Operation not...
  42. abdulrahmanna

    Thread [Guide] Install Android 10 firmware on Nokia 7.2 (DDV) using Stock recovery

    Hello everyone! There are some handy tools to flash stock firmware on Nokia devices. In this guide, we'll explain how to install stock firmware without the need of any flashing tools. Here's the download links for Android 10 Firmware (build v2_410_SP02) & boot image. Download: Android 10 -...
  43. M

    Thread Nokia 5.3 root

    Has anyone managed to root Nokia 5.3?
  44. D

    Thread NOKIA 2, TA-1007 stuck on Nokia logo

    Background: After a night of searching I was unable to find a solution for this. I'm a newbie in the phone tech, but I did root couple of them, back in the days, with stock recovery and with TWRP. The first owner of this phone said it was working well until this happened. Problem: I got this...
  45. A

    Thread Any way to unlock Nokia 7 Plus Bootloader?

    Mod edit: Thread closed as a subject matter related thread already exists: XDA Forum Rules: Hello, I have a Nokia 7 plus and I noticed that since the update to android 10 it's not possible to unlock the...
  46. MKashifSajjad

    Thread Nokia 3.2 Fingerprint Scanner Not Working (Temporary Fix)

    Dear Brothers from XDA family! I hope you must be keeping well . Problem: I have figured out a fix for Nokia 3.2 fingerprint scanner issue where it use to stop working after a while and if you reboot it, the option to fingerprint goes away from settings. Solution: Place your finger on...
  47. J

    Thread It's worth to repair it or I should leave?

    First of all: Hi to all visitor who came here for my question. I have a Nokia 3 TA-1032 (Dual Sim), and in the past I charged it with a samsung 10W fast charger by accident. Before that everything is smooth, it had no problems. After that accidental fast charging, the phone below 50% started to...
  48. A

    Thread Support my petition about unlocking bootloader for Nokia smartphones

    Hey! Today I started a petition “Make it possible to unlock the bootloader for all Nokia smartphones” and I want you to support it because unlocking the bootloader will make it easier to modify Nokia smartphones. You can support my petition there:, I believe that...
  49. D

    Thread Nokia 5 OST error 0xc6da

    I am trying to flash my boot-loop stuck Nokia 5 and I keep getting this error after the installation stuck at " getting variable'productid' >> whenever i try to format the phone throw the recovery-mood i get " E : system partition not found " or something like this
  50. 251boy

    Thread [Rooting] android 11 2021

    Guys I need a guild on how to root Nokia 3.2 android 11 (00WW_3_140).I don't have firmware images and I don't have twrp.