1. S

    Thread My experience getting my H918 rooted and debloated

    I'm a novice enthusiast when it comes to phones. When my wife needed a replacement phone after hers started to fail (I blame repeated gravity-related incidents, but she insists that's not it), I decided to see if I could transform my old V20 into a "new" V20 for her. I didn't know what was to...
  2. iamtheflame

    Thread Blu View 3 [B140DL]

    Would it be possible to get this phone added as a device, or maybe a General Questions thread for blu devices? Not sure if this is improper protocol here but if I looked around a bit and that just seems like the next logical step.. I think. Lol. There is a similar thread for getting root...
  3. Pestplatte

    Thread Need Guide to unlock and flash.

    Hi There! Just got that phone and already posted a few questions in that thread, but i think it needs its own thread because this phone is old. i read about RUU here but i dont know how to get it and use it and what data i need to find a match and where to get it. i never used a HTC and...
  4. Desperateforhelp

    Thread LineageOS install failed

  5. J

    Thread Broken??? 😏Yeah I did...😔 I can fix it! 🤔CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.😫

    Hello Nerd Nation! Thanks for letting me join this fabulous forum! 😀 Can I say, everyone here deserves a cookie. haha No but seriously ya'll do some serious tinkering. Me, I'm more on the physical hardware side. I'm currently working to root and flash custom ROM on my 'Moto E4 plus...
  6. Baobeld

    Thread Looking to flash a custom ROM on my Galaxy A520w

    Hey guys! I've been doing some research the past couple of days on flashing a custom ROM onto my phone, I'm getting pretty annoyed that I haven't gotten a system update in over a year, it's also been slow and there is a ton of bloat-ware taking up space. So after my initial round of research...
  7. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Few noob questions - Magisk Hide, Play Store Certification and Netflix Widevine

    Yesterday I rooted my device thanks to you guys, which went really well and passing SafetyNet was a breeze. I just have a few questions that I'd like to get solved: 1) Play Store Certification - I accomplished this by using the fingerprint mask Magisk module, and I chose OnePlus 8 Pro Android...
  8. wangdb

    Thread Need help to get into EDL mode - PANASONIC ELUGA Z1

    Hello. Some months ago I have I have tried to root my phone "Panasonic Eluga Z1". I unlocked the bootloader. Then I tried to flash twrp recovery. But in fastboot mode I by mistake, entered wrong command: fastboot flash boot twtp.img instead of fastboot flash recovery twrp.img. [coz= noobliness]...
  9. U

    Thread Root Infinix hot 9

    I am looking for an easy way to root Infinix hot 9 X655C. I have tried Kingroot but it doesn't work (I didn't have high hopes though). I was going to try Magisk but I can't find a TWRP for this particular model. I am also a a big ole NOOB. Any assistance would be greatly...
  10. P

    Thread Google Hangouts Stopped Working - LG V 400

    Hi, I'm very noobish. I have an old tablet that I read comics and books on. LG V-400. I get annoying "google hangouts have stopped working" errors a lot. I wanted to root it and put on something really bare bones. I only use ComicRack and MoonReader, apps to read comics and books. I've been...
  11. illusionminati16

    Thread I know little to nothing about androids, this is my old phone, how f**cked is it?

    Hello XDA folks, as the title states I know absolute jack about androids, other than the fact that I own 3 of them. I'm new here too so do I hope this is the right place for this thread. Anyway, This here is my old S8 G950F, in my eyes its been dead for a while, it doesn't boot past the Samsung...
  12. bcupnoobs

    Thread No Sim after debloat

    Let me preface by saying I'm brand new to tweaking Android. I have a Huawei Psmart 2019 , it's an old phone I wanted to experiment with in degoogling and just general tweaking. I used adb to remove a whole lot of Google and Huawei apps and replace them with alternatives from fdroid...
  13. I_like_root_pls


    [READ FIRST] {BLU G90 PRO} I am new to all this, I started learning about rooting a week ago. If you can help, please explain in detail. TL/DR at bottom [CAUSE] I'm not sure but I attempted root by useing migisk and lateset firmware boot.img provided by xda. [PROBLEM] My phone constantly...
  14. J

    Thread Question 3 Questions regarding the Moto G Power 2020

    So I purchased a "Moto G Power" (2020) USA unlocked. It will be arriving shortly. It looks to be the best phone in my price range, but I have 3 questions. 1 Is there anything you can do about the ram problems I keep hearing people talk about? Maybe through an xposed/magisk module preferably. 2...
  15. brandon213145

    Thread How to overclock

    Hey I've unlocked my bootloader I've rooted my phone successful but I need help with overclocking my device and guidance would be appreciated My device Moto g8 power
  16. R

    Thread [DEV] How to trigger any app's menu settings w root?

    While it may sound like a pipedream; please hear me out devs. I am running an old app, made for android 8, I believe. In android 11, the app does not display it's menu/settings button anymore. Is there a way to broadcast a message to the app to launch/open the settings tab? It seems easy enough...
  17. M

    Thread Root troubles for Moto G7 Power.

    Hey guys, Some friends and I are having an issue that I can't find another thread for. We have completed the following: Developer options, USB Debugging enabled and boot-loader unlocked. In "Download Folder", which I'm viewing through the stock Google Files application, as well as Simple File...
  18. Markus785

    Thread Trying to resurrect moto e5 play (noob)

    Hi, all. I'm not new to computers, but I have little experience with phones. Long story short, while exploring the insides of my phone I managed to erase my system partition. o_O I though no big deal, I got TWRP, fastboot, adb, I can get it together again. Except I can't. I keep downloading...
  19. R

    Thread Corrupt or blue light at top

    No surprise i screwed something up. If I run the msm tool boots up fine. If I flash twrp 3.2.2-0 I get corrupt msg when booting. Tried the fastboot room, it runs through fine but when rebooting I get the blue light at the top and have to use the msm tool. I used msm oreo yesterday then updated...
  20. Casper1982

    Thread What do I need to install a custom rom from android stock 8.1?

    hello, I'm in android stock oreo 8.1 (OPSS28.85-13-5) I already have unlocked the bootloader. Now I need to install twrp recovery and install a custom rom. What is going on now? I need to know something else, before installing a custom rom? Which twrp do I need to use in oreo? and the custom...
  21. S

    Thread (VS995) Is there a Stock Rom or way to go to stock and stay rooted?

    I like Lineage OS but the fact the second screen stays on even when locked drains battery even with a custom Kernal. I would love to be stock and rooted but since I DS the boot. I understand flashing stock will get rid of it(maybe I am wrong?). I just want a stock rom or a way to go to stock and...
  22. A

    Thread How I rooted my P8Lite 2017

    I have rooted countless phones accross all different manufacturers but never found one as stupid to root as this phone! There isn't an up to date thread about rooting the phone so I thought I'd share how I did it and got through various things that were not supposed to happen but did! Firstly...
  23. N

    Thread Unlocked bootloader and installed twrp but magisk won't install

    Alright so, I've managed to uppercut down to 13a from 1ca, unlock the bootloader, install twrp. Never installed supersu, but when the phone booted to twrp I installed the magisk zip with no errors. After booting the magisk manager never showed up as installed. Installed it manually, ran it, said...
  24. S

    Thread Hello, new Pixel XL owner, previous Nexus 6 owner! Got Qs

    I've tried flashing the phone to TWRP, and it sticks... but when I flash LineageOS 16, it says no space... so I erase the system partition... flash again and add Opengapps for pie 64bit version... and it just boots to a lineage recovery page... I haven't tried other roms, because I just...
  25. Phalanx7621

    Thread Noob Friendly Tips, Tricks, General Information + Great Information_Pixel_XL_Marlin

    I'm creating this thread to aggregate information in to one location and help anyone out who isn't sure what to do next. I'll be adding to this if and when I can and of course anyone who has anything to add, plz do. This may seem late in the game for some folks, but I'm new to this phone and...
  26. B

    Thread [Q] State of Android Security?

    Is it still correct to think that there are no exploits in the wild that can hurt my phone without me saying "yes install" or clicking a link in a text message? One is careful with the gaaps install, use nothing but the play store, everything should be secure? even if i can't get updates due...
  27. R

    Thread UBL. How to flash prerooted zip?

    ok so this is a totally noob type question: (The goal is to root and install a custom rom on my Z1c) I have just successfully unlocked the bootloader of my Z1 compact. What is the next step? I read that with a UBL, I can flash a pre-rooted image. Well, first, I do not know which image should I...
  28. A

    Thread Ported LiquidSmooth rom but got bootloop ;) *NOOB ALERT* ;)

    ;) *NOOB ALERT* ;) Hello guys, its almost christmas so i hope for a miracle :D. Why? Because every developer said that they are abandoning the SM-T210 ( Tab 3 7.0 wifi-only). I am asking for help and im desperate here. I tried to port liquidsmooth rom from t310 to our device and i used paranoid...
  29. cavist

    Thread Rooting HTC10 in 2016 - simple questions from a noob

    Hello I have a HTC10 bought from official distribution in Europe, Poland, polish telecom operator. I am currently on Android 6.0.1 (1.95.401.4). Plan to wait for OTA with Nougat and after this, unlock my phone and install TWRP and maybe a custom rom. Since last time I rooted anything was almost...
  30. B

    Thread [Q] How to reflash the Partitions?

    Hello everyone, I have had a motorola al my life (Moto e, g 2, g3, now a g4) so i am not used to the entire "odin" thing (and i also prefer fastboot honestly). The problem is, as dumb as i am, i've ticked "Nand erase all" in the checkboxes... I've flashed the stock firmware but i've also flashed...
  31. B

    Thread Problem moto e memory

    Hello guys! I have my moto e for about 3months, it was Running perfect, I had it rooted 4 weeks ago. Untill now everything worked fine. Yesterday evening my music stopped playing out of nothing. Right now i Found out that under the folders "/mnt/", "/storage/" and "/sdcard/" the directory...
  32. abhishekr700

    Thread [GENERAL HELP] Post Your Questions Here Instead of Making a New Thread

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to HONOR 5C Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help. Noob questions are welcomed. It is always best to use the Thanks button , in lieu of simply posting "Thank you". Please keep discussion...
  33. Lordbannakaffalatta

    Thread MEGA-THREAD ALE-L21, ALE-L23, ALE-L02, Converting, Root, Unbrick, Updating, Xposed

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO RESTORE/UPGRADE THE HUAWEI P8 LITE So i'm making this thread because i noticed many of you had some trouble with your devices. Here you're gonna learn what you can do with your device. Every chapter is something that you can do without the need of the previous chapters...
  34. N

    Thread [ROM] [WICKED_v7] NOOB modification using Android Kitchen

    I have modified the WICKED_v7 ROM by evil1art using Android Kitchen (dsixda). I am a complete beginner at this and looking to get some feedback and reviews on the ROM. I have used this ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 and works fine with no issues, try this ROM at your own risk. Thanks to...
  35. sqpp

    Thread Where to start? [Dont blame on me]

    Hello! :) May its sounds strange, but any idea where to start learn these things? I reading XDA, which is great, but there is any documentation or other website, which can help in this case? Worked already with linux, yesterday compiled my first kernel. But interested in adding new mods and...
  36. SilverPosition

    Thread Useful Guides for Noobs and Junior Types

    While not a noob, I'm on the junior side of capabilities. That said, here's a blog with a lot of easy guides for rooting, flashing and generally getting to know your device. This is not my blog. I am not affiliated with it in any way. Just found it to be very useful. Perhaps others will as well...
  37. anandmore

    Thread [GUIDE] Ultimate Guide For New Users

    Hello Everyone ! When i joined XDA, i was really confused about what this all thing is about and what should i do. So now i thought that i should make an ultimate guide for the new users who join XDA but doesn't know what to do. I will just cover the basic things like rooting, flashing new...
  38. GODSPD

    Thread [ GUIDE ] [ Marshmallow Firmware Upgrade ROM install including ViperOneM9 4.x.x ]

    Dummy friendly guide how to upgrade, flash and install the latest Marshmallow Firmware and the latest ROM’s such as the ViperOne ROM 4.x.x, this guide is intended for those who are already slightly familiar with the flashing process and have previously managed to flash a ROM on their HTC One M9...
  39. B

    Thread [Linux]How to install Android Studio (without pulling hair out)[Q]

    Howdy folks, Usually fairly computer-literate. Thought I'd do the "native" thing and develop for android using Linux. Windows 7-10 daily driver but i thought why not do the nerdy thing and use linux. that's the guts of android after all. Anyhoo. If anyone's downloaded the linux version of...
  40. D

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] New CRAZY game - Noob: Tough Jump

    DOWNLOAD on GooglePlay In this game, you control a character and make him jump up and landing on pillars to score points. The fun and cracz part is you can control your character to jump short or far, depend on the position that you touch on your screen. Let's check out it and give me your...
  41. [NUT]

    Thread [Knowledge Base] Introduction to the Sony (-Ericsson) Xperia Galaxy

    But... why? Well, many people like and buy the Xperia line of devices currently on the market who previously owned a Samsung, LG or HTC. There are many differences in hardware, but most certainly in how Sony perceives the Android ecosystem and how it differs from the other major brands. This...
  42. umo4u

    Thread Newbie Help Thread

    hi.when i was newbie to xda i had so many questions in mind so i know how newbie thinks.made this thread for all newbies who can ask questions here regarding root,xposed,how to increase internal memory,battery saving,ad blocking,custom roms etc etc :highfive:
  43. ZipAddict

    Thread [Guide] How to Use XDA Forums And Threads: For [New Members]

    I have had many people ask questions about how to use this website, so i thought i would take the time to make a guide to help out newer members that may be confused or overwhelmed by the wealth of information here. Hopefully this will help you to make a quick transition from a new member to an...
  44. jackeagle

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 4i Ask Away- help thread.

    Welcome to Questions Answers & Troubleshooting This thread has been created to assist owners of: The Xiaomi Mi4i There are no questions that are deemed insignificant Helpful information for your device: Full device specifications ᴥAsk Awayᴥ Please feel free to ask anything related to...
  45. jackeagle

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Ask Away- help thread.

    Welcome to Questions Answers & Troubleshooting This thread has been created to assist owners of: The Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo There are no questions that are deemed insignificant Helpful information for your device: Full device specifications ᴥAsk Awayᴥ Please feel free to ask anything...
  46. jackeagle

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 3 Ask Away- help thread.

    Welcome to Questions Answers & Troubleshooting This thread has been created to assist owners of: The Xiaomi Mi3 There are no questions that are deemed insignificant Helpful information for your device: Full device specifications ᴥAsk Awayᴥ Please feel free to ask anything related to your...
  47. B

    Thread [Q] Merruk Tech Kernel 2.0

    hey there sgy mods of xda.can you pls give me an advice or suggestion which stock rom version/baseband is compatible to merruks tech kernel 2.0?thanks!id tried it once in S5360_DXMJ1_OLBMJ1_DXMI1 stock rom.before i flash kernel 2.0 busybox was there but there is no kernel swap support.after i...
  48. 1

    Thread Can the original firmware be reinstalled?

    So i messed up when trying to update my watch and somehow deleted the firmware so my watch bootloops upon start-up, any way to fix this?
  49. D

    Thread [Q] How to install this custom rom on Droid

    I need instructions on how to flash the custom ROM seen here As you can tell, I am fairly new to this.
  50. I

    Thread [Q] You guys have me second guessing..

    So I'm getting my G4 today after work from Sprint. Driving about 2 cities just to cop it. But then I came to realize that there is no root yet. But the only reason I'm rushing to get this phone is because of the promo bundle. Otherwise I would have just stuck with my G3 until root was here and a...