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  1. K

    Thread [QUESTION] Which Front Camera for the Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860? (Hong Kong, Snapdragon 865+) and where to buy it in the EU.

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (SM-N9860) I believe this is the Hong Kong version (if I look at this list here: The screen was replaced by an entirely new screen including camera. The old...
  2. drm25

    Thread Broken camera

    Looking for help, I replaced the LCD screen on my note 20 ultra now the front selfie camera will not come on when I try it says warning camera failed. The replacement that I bought came with the frame the front camera and the LCD screen everything works as normal as it should except for the...
  3. K

    Thread VoLTE missing in SM-N9860

    After Android12 update my SM-N9860 missing VoLTE setting from setting. Any idea how can i get back.
  4. Mwezi66

    Thread Brick prevention galaxy note 20 Ultra model galaxy SM-N960U

    Im trying to root the phone and install some brick prevention. I used helium backup already, is that enough? And is it possible to turn on oem unlocking yet on the US models?
  5. R

    Thread Is there a way to make the 5G of my US variant Note 20 Ultra to work in another country?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G bought from the US (SM-N986U1) and I am currently in the Philippines. Is there any way I can make the 5G work here? If currently there is no way, would you think there will be in the near future?
  6. Q

    Thread Random Restarts After Rooting

    A week ago I rooted my note 20 ultra. Everything works really well. The only problem I have is the random restarts. Sometimes when I use my fingerprint unlock the phone just crashes into the boot screen and then boots back up to the home screen. Whenever the prompt comes back up to put in my...
  7. Q

    Thread Is phone encyrption still possible with root?

    Hello, I just rooted my Note 20 ultra and I was going through the settings and noticed that the encrypt option is still available. If I were to click this option and have my phone go through encryption, would there be any issues caused by having a rooted phone? Thanks.
  8. F

    Thread How do I get rid of this spilt screen button

    Okay so I have been using the home up task changer (Good Lock module) and I have hidden the search bar as well as the app suggestions at the bottom however until recently this annoying split screen mode button keeps popping up and when I restart my phone the app suggestion at the bottom come...
  9. tribalfs

    Thread [Help][Guide][Philippines]SM-N9860 TGY/BRI/CHC Snapdragon Users|5G Reception Fix|Updated Guide for OneUI4.0

    Hi! I created this thread for SM-N9860 HK/TW/CH variant users from Philippines. The GOAL is to make our units work with our local carriers': 4G Carrier Aggregation (4G CA) (i.e. 4G+/LTE-A). 5G network and resolve any carrier related issues that you want to address. First, I will share my...