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  1. S

    Thread Building my own Kernel for Android 4.4.4 on my note 3 (The journey)

    Hello XDA community, After months of struggling im in desperate need of your help. What is my goal? To compile our own kernel so we can mess around with Qualcomm's trustzone. Where did it all start? It all started a few months ago back in November 2021 when me and a friend read a blog about a...
  2. Ahmed Shawky

    Thread How to recover lpm file feom /bin folder

    I edited lpm file by mistake and cope replace the original one and now i didn't got the charge animation Can you please let me know how to recover or download original lpm Device Note 3
  3. TheBlitzS

    Thread 32GB TGY Motherboard and custom ROMs

    I have a question regarding a motherboard I bought. I used Phone Info and I get the following information: Phone Model: SM-N9005/Galaxy Note 3 Device Type: hlte Product Name: hltezh CSC Code: TGY Bootloader Version: N9005ZHUENB1 Baseband Version: N9005ZHUENA6 Phone Info says there is a newer...
  4. D

    Thread Note 3 for my Romanian grandma

    Hi, I would like to give my note 3 to my grandma, and i'm looking for ROMs, launchers and settings that would make using a smartphone as simple as possible. 1. Is there a Romanian voice engine for google available for Note 3, or something similar? I have it on my Philips android TV, but i have...
  5. alncool

    Thread Has anyone played around with Maru OS on GNote3

    I have my old GNote3 device laying down in my desk for monthes now and I saw some news about Maru OS that embbed a Debian distribution with an xfce desktop when using and HDMI cable or a chromecast. I would be interested in testing that OS on my phone but I'm not a tech guy so if someone has a...
  6. V

    Thread Note 3 Connect to VGA TV Monitor

    I would like to connect my Note 3 to a VGA TV Monitor (Not a Smart TV). Does anybody know exactly which adaptors I need ... ?
  7. L

    Thread Unable to boot TWRP SMN-9005

    i tried to flash twrp 3.0 on my smn9005 HLTE but when i try to boot recovery it says Booting Recovery Bit Set Warratnyy: Recovery then black screen apeears mobile vibrate 2 time and then retart as normal my phone is not bricked then i tried twrp it worked fine but i am not able to...
  8. TheBlitzS

    Thread N9005 no network

    I replaced my motherboard and flashed the latest stock firmware from Samsung for the N9005. After it booted it didn't had any network connection. WiFi and Bluetooth work fine though. I tested network connection with my old motherboard and it works fine. I already tried this, but it didn't...
  9. phonecapone

    Thread [GUIDE] [INFO] Repairing IMEI on MTK Coolpads - Note 3 Etc

    Mod Edit: Content removed. Thread closed.
  10. K

    Thread Resize system partition?

    Hi! I'd like to resize my system partition. Currently it's 2gb and I constantly run out of space. I have 32gb internal and 128gb external card, and I moved all the apps that I could, to external card, but still I run out of space on the system partition, and can't update apps and other errors...
  11. X

    Thread Flashing baseband on different Note 3 variants

    These may very well be some really stupid questions, but well... 1. Do all Note 3 variants use the same modem? Meaning, will I be able to flash the CP firmware to enable LTE bands on the phones that do not support LTE out of box? 2. Is there a chance that the phone might be hard-bricked due to...
  12. nenitosoyyo

    Thread Need help with choosing a rom

    There are so many choices and I am a bit overwhelmed on what I should use. I have the Note 3 SM-N900W8 version, this phone is for my dad. I just want a simple android environment that would be Google certified(if that's a thing) so he can use apps that do not like root like Netflix. I was hoping...
  13. Pariah24

    Thread Dead back key

    I'm at wit's end. I've tried everything I could think of and could find online to fix the dead back button on Lollipop ROMs to no avail, including extracting touch key firmware from a stock kernel source and trying to update it in the *#2663# menu. My menu shows the phone touch key firmware...
  14. alidroid2012

    Thread Screen brightness not work after screen replacement

    Hello I replaced my Galaxy note 3 screen, everything is working good. But it seems I lost the brightness. It is on a high brightness and does not go down, even when I put auto. I need to lower the brightness, because of saving batteri and for a better reading to my eyes. Do you have any...
  15. mo2002

    Thread Works with tracfone but not n900v

    Ok I am a bit perplexed by this. I'm running cm13 on the ob6 baseband and I cannot get any service with my T-Mobile SIM. Does anyone know if there's a problem using it with ob6? I've tested every method since 2013 and still no signal or data connection. Im only able to use an old mvno phone I...
  16. Letzen

    Thread (N9000Q) How can I downgrade to 4.3? (First firmware)

    I would like to downgrade my phone to its first firmware. At least 4.4, but I really would like to use 4.3. People say even with Odin it's not possible. No bootups, IMEI losses and so on. What can I do?
  17. S

    Thread From MOAR S5 port to Lineage 14.1 ROM, settling for Darklord v5

    Hi all, I was on Moar s5 port for my Sprint note 3 for last few years and was hoping to get something new, fresh and current. I tried flashing lineage 14.1 for sprint note 3 but i got a message on CM recovery that my device was 'htle' and note 'htle-spr' (i assume it thinks it was a s5 becoz...
  18. S

    Thread From MOAR S5 port to Lineage 14.1 ROM, settling for Darklord

    Hi all, I was on Moar s5 port for my Sprint note 3 for last few years and was hoping to get something new, fresh and current. I tried flashing lineage 14.1 for sprint note 3 but i got a message on CM recovery that my device was 'htle' and note 'htle-spr' (i assume it thinks it was a s5 becoz...
  19. halx

    Thread S Note app gone

    Hey, folks. I've been playing with the S Note v 4.1 app on my rooted Note 3 phone and used the ROM Toolbox's App Manager to convert it from System App to the User App. Since then the app has disappeared from anywhere on the phone. ROM Toolbox cannot see it either. Please help to revert it back!
  20. K

    Thread How to bring a Verizon Note 3 back to life?

    I found my old Note 3 in a closet and decided I would gift it to my 12 year old as a faux-tablet. I powered the Note 3 up and got to the Verizon flash screen where is just locked-up. I then attempted to go through recovery and factory reset (keep in mind that I am using the stock recovery). I...
  21. N

    Thread [Share] [OFFICIAL] [7.1.X] [NIGHTLY] [hlte] MOKEE ROM

    Disclaimer: All the firmwares, custom ROMs, official firmware updates, mods and tools belong to their respective developers/owners. You will be doing everything at your own risk. I am not the developers and cannot be held responsible if you end up damaging or bricking your device. About: MoKee...
  22. X

    Thread Samsung Note 3 - Screen stopped working entirely... need to flash CWM to access files

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from the wise community here at xda developers, my Samsung Note 3 screen got broke a while back, i've been dealing with it but now it has stopped lighting up entirely and is totally unresponsive.... unluckily for me USB debugging doesn't seem to be enabled...
  23. R

    Thread Sound Mod. Turn your galaxy note 3 into a stereo dual speaker phone!

    Sorry, I deleted how to do this, because apparently it was stepping on someone's toes by not asking or giving credit. I just figured out how to pull one of the features out of a rom I liked, because it works well as a stand alone "app" or "mod", and thought people would enjoy it. I wasn't aware...
  24. Unidave199

    Thread Google Assistant Force Closing

    Here is the problem, and I have been looking on various sites and forums but thought I would take a peek on XDA and surprised that there isn't much chatter about it in here so wanted to start this thread. For a few months now I cannot access "Google Now" . I am running a Rooted Sprint Note 3...
  25. kubersharma001

    Thread [recovery] twrp 3.1.1-0 for coolpad note 3 [touch-recovery][marshmallow]

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  26. buatlo

    Thread problem sign mi account with Note 3 pro

    Hi All, I have problem with my Note 3 Pro… When I have factory reset then I can’t continue step sign MI account with error “an error occurred” I try sign to MI acc from PC then click find devices “not found” maybe the function has disable The problem I can’t enable “find devices” coz stuck on...
  27. O

    Thread Pixel Live Wallpaper [ For Android Lollipop ]

    Pixel Live Wallpapers For Android 5 Lollipop I wanted to share my mod for Pixel Live Wallpaper, it had been made available for Android 6 and 7 but not Lollipop, Not liking that, i modded it for Lollipop Install Instructions 1. Download...
  28. CrazyKarl12

    Thread (HELP) Galaxy Note 3 Lockscreen Wallpaper & Album Art Stretching

    Hello fellow Galaxy Note 3 users, I am on stock based rom DevBase. I have this issue regarding wallpaper and album art on lockscreen. They are stretching. Anybody knows how to fix this? I have this problem as well on stock firmware. Any response will be appreciated.
  29. KhanStan

    Thread RedMI Note 3 Charging problem - Help

    my redmi note 3 is not charging but when i turn it off and turn ON back it charges normally. anyone one what is the problem? Problem solved, Using original charger.
  30. G

    Thread note 3 model choice for custom rom

    hi which model of note 3 do you recommend for custom rom like cm, for better development? greetings :)
  31. W

    Thread [Rom][6.0.1][Note 7 Port][AOD][17.12.2016]Norma Rom MM V16.1 English

    ONLY FOR SNAPDRAGON GALAXY NOTE3 The ROM has only been tested on the N9005 variant - Original base Note 7 firmware: N9300ZCU2BPJ4 - Note 7 Apps/Libs - Multi-language -Works on N9005,N9006,N900W8,N900S,N900K,N900L,N900D,N900T,N 900P,SC-01F,SCL22,SC-02F - Knox Free...
  32. M

    Thread SM-N9005 Stock ROM 5.0 for United Kingdom (BTU)

    Hi All, After searching for this particular stock ROM for United Kingdom I had no luck other than websites which let you download at crawling speeds (not that I'm complaining, it's free). For that reason I thought I'd give something back and share a MEGA link to save you a good hour and a...
  33. C

    Thread Completely going stock again (except keeping the bootloader unlocked).

    Hi, I have been using official CM13 for about a week now so I have the following things installed in my phone. >CyanogenMod 13 (official) >Cyanogen Firmware >TWRP 3.0.2-2 F2FS (3.0.M-4) I want to go completely stock again (temporarily until CyanogenMod has VoLTE support) but I have no idea...
  34. G

    Thread TWRP (custom recovery) ROM of stock, pre-rooted PH1 update

    This is a Backup of the PH1 ROM's system and modem partitions. This is a Pre-Rooted ROM with the SD Card write permissions fix. This is different from my other post in those two differences. You will need a custom recovery to install this ROM...
  35. G

    Thread TWRP (custom recovery) ROM of stock, non-rooted PH1 update

    This is a Backup of the PH1 ROM's system and modem partitions. Excepting the recovery, this is a stock ROM, without the SD card fix or root. You will need a custom recovery to install this ROM. ( Always...
  36. M

    Thread Multi window

    Hi guys I just upgraded from Note 3 to S7. One feature that that i am missing the most is the multiwindow. When i was on facebook app and tapped on a link, multiwindow would automatically open giving me both chrome and facebook etc. I know how to activate multiwindow on S7 manually but isn't...
  37. theawesomecw

    Thread Latest Bootloader Updates - Naming

    Please help a noob out :P How do you find the right version for my phone? Right now my phone is running N9005XXUGBOK4 for the Modem and Bootloader. Wanted to try the N9005XXUGPOK2 from here ( but not sure how to find the newest...
  38. P

    Thread Samsung Note 3 N9005 - ODIN TWRP but still boots into stock recovery

    I downloaded odined TWRP to my Samsung Note 3 N9005, but the phone still doesn't boots into custom recovery.It goes to stock recovery. I have attached the TWRP odin log for reference. I have flashed roms and rooted phones earlier, but with Note 3 this is my first attempt.
  39. Warrior1988

    Thread [ROM] AryaMod V9.0 TW Lollipop For ATT [Port] [2018]

    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Series Proudly present you AryaMod ROM Lollipop based for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A. Thanks Kamy for letting me port the ROM please go to his thread Here is Kamy PayPal...
  40. jordanpa

    Thread Post YOUR Kernel Aduitor Settings for Note 3 (Qualcomm)

    Please post screenshots or reply with detailed settings of your Kernel Aduitor configuration. I welcome any comment on why you recommend your settings. - Other Kernel Control Apps are also welcome. - Best for battery & Best for Performance Tips Also Needed. - Remember to note your ROM &...
  41. M

    Thread How to install deodexed on Note 3 (N-900)

    I have searched real hard but to no avail. Where can I find the easiest way to deodex my note 3 N900 running stock Lollipop 5.0?
  42. Mango Polo

    Thread N900P Sprint - No data connection on abroad networks

    I got this device and all works fine except the fact that with even the correct APN settings no data is being turned on when triggered. What is the trick to be able to use this? The same problem has my sister on a Glaxy S4 Sprint . If I find the solution for my Note 3 I hope to get the...
  43. jordanpa

    Thread Was the Note 3 ahead of its time?

    Released on Sept 25th 2013 Performance wise; was there any rival phone with similar specs?
  44. jordanpa

    Thread 'System UI Has Stopped' After Installing Apps On My Note 3

    I have never had any stable success with CM13 M6.0 ROMs, I always end up with 'System UI Has Stopped' issue which seems to be triggered when installing apps. The error disables the phone, requiring reset or factory reset. Ultimately I really wish someone could explain a fix for this.. For...
  45. Jaitsu

    Thread N900W8VL vs N900W8UB - What's the difference? Is there any?

    I'm a bit of an update-a-holic, and have been wanting to make sure my Note 3 (a N900W8, currently running N900W8VLU2DOH1) is running the latest firmware and whatnot. I noticed idleKernel's firmware repo has separate folders for "N900W8VL" and "N900W8UB", and the latter appears to be newer...
  46. M

    Thread Random shut downs after lollipop

    My phone has been acting weird after the lollipop update. While I am using it, many a times the phone automatically shuts off and I have to remove and reinsert the battery to make it work again. How can I fix it? Also could anyone give me the link to official kitkat rom? I can't seem to find it...
  47. C

    Thread Battery Saving Themes - Note 3 - Lollipop 5.0

    Hi all, SM-N9005 (lollipop 5.0) - For those looking to maximised battery life - what themes would you recommend? Are there any themes which are exclusively targeted at reducing battery usage- i.e technically designed/mapped - for amoled screens. My aim is purely to find a theme which is...
  48. C

    Thread Full wipe and reload - corrupted files/os

    SM-N9005, Kies 3 available. I would like to completely wipe my phone as i believe that the os may have some corrupted files + associated problems. I want to completely wipe the unit totally, and manually reinstall the image (not a factory reset but a comprehensive wipe instead). Can this be...
  49. L

    Thread Meizu M3 Note vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    comparison between 2 really similiar devices. Which one do you think its better ?
  50. C

    Thread Note 3 - Calibrate Battery - Proper Way

    What is the correct - technically accurate way to calibrate the battery in the Note 3 (SM-N9005), without having to download any app to do it? I've searched generally and then more specifically on this forum - but there is conflicting advice. Here is another thread - which doesn't come to any...