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  1. prd0000

    Thread How to restore to complete stock ROM?

    Hi, Sorry for a complete newbie here. I have just flashed my N950F to LineageOS succesfully, but it seems that it can't recognize Mifare Classic 1K, and I really need the feature since I commute using the card. The toll roads and parking lots here are paid using that particular card. Now I...
  2. V3rB0se

    Thread [KERNEL] Kali Nethunter for Galaxy S8/S8+ Note 8 SM-G950X SM-G955X SM-N950X [One UI] [Android 9.0]

    Alynx Nethunter Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F/FD What is Nethunter ? I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel. About the kernel : The kernel is based on A2N kernel thanks to @ace2nutzer...
  3. iffiscb

    Thread Edge panel handle crashes on auto rotation

    I did a factory reset and after than my edge handle crashes every time i rotate screen on YouTube or any app. Tried clearing cache in recovery, also cleared cache of edge panel. But nothing worked. Anyone with solution please?
  4. Bladeguitar274

    Thread Safetynet issue

    Alright so I'm an idiot and was trying to recover a few corrupt files and tried jihosoft and dr.fone. Now my phone fails safetynet check, though the only app that seems to be affected is pokemon go. Any ideas on how to fix without a factory reset? Phone is not rooted nor has it ever been
  5. linhsonla360

    Thread [NOTE 8 HONGKONG] Change csc TGY to XXV

    Hi! I have a question Can I change csc Note 8 Hongkong TGY to XXV? Thank you!
  6. mazzlemavi

    Thread problems with calls

    after updating the security patch my Note 8 does not perform or receive any more calls, does anyone have or have the same problem?
  7. U

    Thread [CLOSED]I used an phone unlock service from ebay for my Note 8 and it changed my provider?

    Mod edit: @uneeq_jay Thread closed as duplicate of Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rule no. 5 and post only ONCE! Thnaks for your cooperation...
  8. U

    Thread I used an phone unlock service from ebay for my Note 8 and it changed my provider?

    I used an unlock service from ebay after being frustrated that my carrier boostmobile wouldn't unlock my phone after 2 years. The ebay unlock service was only $10 and the person remotely connected to my pc with my phone connected to my pc's usb. After about 20 minutes it worked and I was able to...
  9. jeredralph

    Thread Can not encrypt phone after rooting

    Here are the details of my issue, When trying to encrypt through "Settings > Biometrics & Security > Encrypt device" It shows an "encrypting" screen Keeps working on encryption for 1-2 minutes then Reboots When I check status, it's not encrypted :( Please help. Also, other than the...
  10. diovolente

    Thread Samsung Note 8 Has no IMEI and can't get any cellular signal.

    Greetings! New Poster here. I recently bought a used Note 8 on our local marketplace here in the PH and was not thorough enough with scrutinizing the device. (Yes, I'm a total idiot.) I noticed once I got home and plopped my sim in that it was not getting any cellular data. I later checked the...
  11. U

    Thread Verizon Galaxy Note8

    Hello everyone! I have a Verizon Galaxy Note8. When I try to insert other sim card, is saying sim card is not from Verizon wireless. Tried to change the ROM and firmware but no luck. Searching the internet I have read that I can root the phone, so my next step in this experiment is to root the...
  12. R

    Thread Calls and messages not working in Galaxy Note 8 with Pixel experience rom

    Anybody please help, calls and messages are not working in Galaxy note 8 with Pixel experience rom. I am using JIO sim. Its a 4G only sim.
  13. O

    Thread Is samsung ruining our devices intentionally?

    i have a display issue with my note 8 (N950f), the screen gets greenish and messes up the colors making it very unpleasant to look at (started happening right after september 2020 update) i could fix it by pressing the power button, taping the screen to turn on always on display but then it...
  14. C

    Thread Xiaomi Note 8 Convert EXT4 to F2FS [!HELP!]

    Hello, I have a Redmi Note 8 and I want to know how can I change the EXT4 storage format to F2FS. And also to know if Pixel Experience can be installed in F2FS
  15. R

    Thread Note 8 Android 11?

    Hey! Asking for advice. I am curious and interested to install Lineage OS based Android 11 (Custom ROM) but wanted to ask around if anyone has already tried it and how is it or could anyone tell beforehand is it even worth the time and effort? Other suggestions about the device? (Not *buy a...
  16. deccan451

    Thread [INDEX][Redmi Note 8/ 8t][ginkgo/ willow][stock/ custom] official links l recovery | firmware l roms l gapps l root [24-06-2023]

    Main purpose of this thread is to simplify the new users selecting the ROMs without wasting time. If you found any issues comment on respective threads. Firmware :- note 8- note 8t -
  17. NoteEight

    Thread Samsung Note 8 N950F Boot Loop after latest update

    Hey After the latest update, every time I called with the Note 8, it would restart and every time I would switch it off, it would start back on. So the first thing I did was boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition. When I restarted the phone, I would get a "No command" error and it would...
  18. Z

    Thread Note 8 VS Note 9 , which should I buy?

    So I'm in the market for a new phone and these two are the contenders I'm looking at, I do not have 900 to spend on the latest and greatest nor do I need it. And I would like to stick with samsung as they have always treated me well . anyways, I'm looking at the note 8 and 9, which should I buy...
  19. hpnightowl

    Thread [ROM][CLO][13.0] Project 404 for Redmi Note 8/8T *[OFFICIAL][UNIFIED]

    Finally!! The wait is over We present You Project-404 Leonardo Da Vinci, said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." And with that Goal in mind we bring you the Rom you don't think you need but the one you deserve, (Oof sigh enough with quotes you must be getting bored) . So some of you...
  20. O

    Thread N950F rooting issue

    I bought a brand new N950F unless then 3days ago. , Is running Android Pie 9.0 . I already tuen on the developer mode , OEM unlocked , and USB debugging. I'm trying to root the phone. I downloaded Obin , and twrp- When I flash it , it give me error message RMM STATE ...
  21. A

    Thread Flash stock recovery on ginkgo

    My Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo) is running on android 10 with miui global 12.0.1. Its rooted and using stock rom and twrp recovery. Now i want to go back to stock recovery. Can I flash recovery for miui 11 ?? Or can i get recovery for miui 12
  22. S

    Thread "front camera keeps stopping"

    Hello guys, a few months ago I ran into this problem with my samsung galaxy note 8 (SM-N950N) where my camera app keeps crashing each time I switched from the rear camera (which works fine) to the front camera. I had checked so many posts in this forum and beyond in search of a solution, but I...
  23. bera95

    Thread PLS HELP

    So, I damaged the screen and when the background is white the phone does not show the image, when the theme is black you can use it normaly and you can see everything. Then I reset the phone to factory settings and now I can't go through the android activation process because the theme is white...
  24. maxed4901

    Thread Spen system files and associated apps note 8

    Dear Developers and members. I am starting a galaxy note 8 rom project to provide users with a stock rooted debloated rom with monthly security updates. And which supports full spen functions including screen write and handwriting on Samsung keyboard. For the life of me, I could not find any...
  25. berci--

    Thread [ROM-Pie][KERNEL][Oct Patches] horizonROM - OneUI v4.9 S8/S8+/N8 Exynos | 2020.11.27

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! If you like my work(s) please press the Thanks button and if you would like to get me some coffee, you can do that here...
  26. D

    Thread Titanium Backup freezes at 0%

    Hi guys, Maybe you can help me with something. I'm working with a note 8 with the latest LightRom (android 8) from Team Exy Kings, but this is not ROM specific as i've had this issue with most of the ROMs i tried. I go to the payed version of Titaniul Backup - Batch Actions - Restore missing...
  27. H

    Thread Can I use any S-Pen With the Note 8.0??

    Hello everyone, Can I use a newer S-Pen model with the Note 8.0 N5100?? Would the S-Pen of the Note 8 or 3 work with this tablet?? i.e. Would...
  28. H

    Thread Which Phone to buy? Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 8

    Hello everyone, I wanna hear what your thoughts about the Note 8 Pro vs Note 8. Do you have any regrets when it comes to buying the Pro? I see that on paper it is much better than the Note 8 however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of custom roms/kernels for it and there is also a bricking...
  29. E

    Thread Unlock OEM Option for Galaxy Note 8 SM-N9500 International

    I want to root my Galaxy SM-N500 running Android 9, UI1 but. Iam unable to activate OEM-Unlock option. Please help
  30. D

    Thread USB C charger compatibility

    I would like to get a USB C travel charger for my HP Envy x360 (19.5V ~ 2.3A input), which charges with the original 45W cylindrical charger, but I also tested it with a 45W USB-C charger several times, and it went smoothly. What would be the risks if I used a 60W charger like the one below...
  31. Sgt. Kofeyeh

    Thread DeX Mode Power Delivery Limitations?

    Hey all, I recently got the "PNY 3-in-1 USB-C to HDMI Adapater" to finally try DeX and see what the fuss is all about (spoiler: it's AWESOME!). However as I was having fun with the thing I bumped into a weird limitation; wireless keyboards/mice (the ones with nano receivers connected to the...
  32. Wave3.3

    Thread How to: Auto DND when drive with Google Play Services Note 8

    Hello, on the old phone one day I received a notification that said "you want to activate DO NOT DISTURB automatically when driving?" I clickes "yes" and this appeared in the menu. Now I have notes 8 and I do not know how to do this function again .. I read on xda that there were some beta...
  33. ozone777

    Thread Can't Pair Bluetooth Requiring Passcode

    I recently upgraded my AT&T Note 8 to Android 9 (Pie). All has been good until a few days ago my phone lost its Bluetooth connection to my car. I attempted to pair the two together again, several times, but failed. The point of failure was when the car asked for verification of the Bluetooth...
  34. bantzt

    Thread Note 10's windowed Dex in Windows 10 on Note 8

    Hello everyone, This has to be one of the best features the Note 10 has to offer. Does anyone know of a way to get this working on the Note 8 without safestrap and a Note 10 Rom? I use Samsung pay far to much to risk loosing that with a possible Knox hit.
  35. U

    Thread No ota pie update on note 8

    Hello, I recently bought the note 8 but I am not receiving any OTA updates on it. Here's the software info on it. Android version: 8.0 Service provider SW: XAA/XAA/TMB Baseband version: N950USQS5CRK2 My current location is Pakistan and maybe that's why I am not receiving an OTA. However, I don't...
  36. Dbzfan

    Thread Unlimited hotspot/No root/Android 9

    Works with any version on android even android 9 I have unlimited hotspot This method only works if you own your phone. Call sprint tell them you want to unlock your phone Once they are done dial ##data# Click edit Pin: 000000 Click apn settings Click add (if you can't click add, update...
  37. D

    Thread Dota underlords low fps on Android 8

    Hi, I noticed that Dota Underlords on Android Oreo has horrendous fps, like max 15 fps, and it can easily reach 5... I tried it an Pie and it ran fine, but Pie is missing some things that make me prefer Oreo. I never found any game that runs that bad, even on minimum graphics, and I was...
  38. toviaheli

    Thread Note 8 on Android Pie: A Working Root?

    So I found this website that has a procedure for Rooting the Note 8 running Android Pie. It does not list what variant of the Note 8 this will work with (EDIT: this root is for the 950F, and the relevant file has been taken down) Has anyone tried this process? Original Article Link...
  39. I

    Thread Is there a high-capacity battery available for the Note 8 SM-N950U?

    Is there a high-capacity battery available for the Note 8 SM-N950U, something more in the 4000 mAh range like the Note 9? I'm not talking about the corny things that snap on the back and then recharge your battery, I'm talking about one that is the same size as the original, or a one that piggy...
  40. C

    Thread Will an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 get VoLTE?

    I can't seem to find a straight answer to what phones will get VoLTE and what markets have been turned on. I have an unlocked Note 8 in the Nashville market. I'm not certain if 1) the market has VoLTE yet and 2) if my phone will even have the ability to use it. Does anyone have any insights? I'm...
  41. E

    Thread What Are The Most Common Pie Upgrade issues?/Warnings? Possible to Roll Update back?

    Didn't know if this has been made yet but is there a comprehensive list of the most common Android Pie Issues or things to be aware of moving from Oreo or Nougat to Pie? I myself am on a T Mobile Note 8. I've been holding off on updating because I don't know enough of what they take away and...
  42. MrElectrifyer

    Thread How to Install SM-N950F Custom ROM on SM-N950N?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to flash the unlocked and unbranded UK CSC (BTN I think it is) on my 256GB SM-N950N Note 8. However, doing that breaks Bixby (it'll keep say, "Ok, I canceled it") and other region-locked Samsung services as they detect my device model number is not in the region, and I...
  43. V

    Thread PSA: Recent Note 8 Update Does Not Support Rotation Apps

    I'm using a licensed version of Ultimate Rotation Control. The (stock) camera app does some weird stretching and only works in portrait mode (and UI elements scattered all over the screen). Even then, there's some weird stretching going on with the photo. Cleared cache, rebooted, same issue...
  44. erfanzz

    Thread I need an App for disable some rows of pixels

    Hi my note 8 has dead pixels in bottom edge and ruins my nervous system i don t want to look at bottom half of my screen because that unwanted notch .. Is there any App to disable three row of bottom pixels and cover that cluster of deads ?
  45. georgekg

    Thread Revert to Oreo from Pie

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what do I need to downgrade from Android 9 to Android 8 without rooting my Note 8? I have Odin 3.13.1, also I found original firmware on Samsmobile - PDA N950FXXS5CRK4 and CSC N950FMSR5CRHA Currently installed is N950FXXU5DSC2 Do I need anything else? Do I need first to...
  46. iffiscb

    Thread Will i recieve OTA after i Flashed official firmware from ODIN

    I Flashed official Slovakia firmware of android pie on my note 8 which SB2 My country is pakistan, my question is whether I'll recieve next OTA or I'll have to flash every time? And if yes then which OTA I'll receive Slovakia or Pakistan?
  47. O

    Thread Upgraded to Android Pie and the Finder cannot search installed apps

    Hi I installed a lot of apps and it is very hard to find it on the home screen. So I normally use the Finder to find the apps for me. However, since upgrade to Pie, It does not work anymore. The installed not show in the result. I tried to search and find the setting but no luck Please help...
  48. exitmood

    Thread [Q] OTG and charging at the same time

    Hi friends before I unlocked my n950f bootloader I could use otg and charging cable at the same time, but after flashed custom rom and kernel I couldn't. Is there any solutions for this? any custom kernel that can support otg and charging at the same time Thank you in advance
  49. M

    Thread Wifi calling with an unbranded Note 8

    I bought an unbranded Note 8 directly from Samsung. I find that this version does not have native Wifi calling. I am aware of some services that provide free Wifi calls as long as both are using the same service (Skype, whatsapp, and so on). My current provider is AT&T, FWIW. Has anyone found...