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  1. S

    Thread Which Features(Stock) I would lost If I flash Custom ROM?

    Hello, Mine is Samsung Note 9 Exynos Variant. I'm still on official stock OS and haven't tried rooting till now. (Software information Pic attached below) As I bored with this OS(One UI 2.5), I wanted to flash custom room and try new One UI features. Mainly I use Secure Folder, Samsung Pass...
  2. C

    Thread Samsung galaxy note 9 n9600 how activite japanese radio fm bands or radio regions

    Hello I need help to active the Japanese fm radio bands of my samsung galaxy note 9 as my sony xperia xa2 can change the radio region to Japanese fm radio bands 74-98 fm I need it to listen to analog television in my country.
  3. noteugenio

    Thread Xiaomi Note 9 is still bootlooping even after installing stock firmware

    Hello! Just created an account in this forum to seek help because this is driving me nuts. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) which has no system (Android), but I still can access fastboot and recovery menu, so I went ahead and unlocked the bootloader and flashed MIUI without any issue. To...
  4. CheapPlayz

    Thread [Guide] [SCV40] [Any Japan Varient] [Android 10] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Root

  5. T

    Thread Note 9 Unlocked Oreo 8.1 (flash Android 10 modem ?)

    Hi Just bought a Note 9 (USA version) running Oreo. I've flashed to the final version of Oreo. Next up is Pie. Signal is a bit weak compared to my Note 9 running Android 10. Is it possible to install only the latest modem from Android 10 or even Android 9 (via Odin, from sammobile firmware)...
  6. S

    Thread Upgrading S Pen to a newer model: What's required?

    I recently got a replacement S pen from a Note20 to play around with, and am interested in trying to get the Bluetooth features working with my Note9 (the actual Pen stuff works as expected). Pairing through the app (as you might expect) times out and is unsuccessful so I've come here for...
  7. techhab

    Thread Request helping with understanding the custom ROMs for Note 9 (SM-N960U)

    Hey XDA Forums, first time poster but long time reader & custom ROM fan. A friend gave me an old Note 9 w/ the SnapDragon 845 SoC. Its screen is busted so it's getting serviced under Samsung's $50 program right now. When it gets back I'd like to install a custom ROM on it but I've been lead to...
  8. Neurotical

    Thread [ROM] [Note 9] [crownlte] [UNOFFICIAL] [LineageOS 18.1] [Exynos] [Weekly]

    ROM DOWNLOADS: [ROM] [S9/S9+/Note 9] [UNOFFICIAL] [LineageOS 18.1] [Weekly] Last Updated July 30, 2022 OS Version: Android 11 (LOS 18.1 changelog) Kernel: Linux 4.9.325 (July 30, 2022) Security Patch: AOSP (July 5, 2022) Wireguard: 20220627 (June 27, 2022) ROM INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: From...
  9. VD171

    Thread [SCHEMATIC] Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin)

    Enjoy !
  10. riva!

    Thread random hardbrick?????

    my device is an SM-N960F variant. i was in recovery and was rebooting just fine. i changed the theme in the recovery (its the unofficial orange fox in the exynos roms page) and when i rebooted again it is now stuck on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 splash screen. I cannot get into recovery (with the...
  11. _Unknown?

    Thread Getting files off of semi-bricked Note 9

    After installing a Magisk module my OS just died, or rather, everything is black but unrelated things such as the widget I have on my lockscreen and the power menu are still visible, I still see me taking screenshots too. But the rest of the OS is black and doesnt seem to respond to gestures. Im...
  12. Sgt Saddles

    Thread Hey google issue.

    I have uninstalled updates for the google app and enable the hey google voice detection feature. Keep in mind I'm on noble rom 1.7. However it doesn't recognize the hotword (i.e when I say hey google it does not bring up the interface, only way to do it is manually via holding down home button)...
  13. F

    Thread Bad audio quality with Samsung Scalable Codec with WiFi on

    I only started noticing this recently when I got the Galaxy Buds 2, but it is also happening to my Buds+ as well. Basically the treble starts to distort and double up when using the default Scalable Codec on my Exynos N960F-DS. It becomes sensitive to a "death grip" near the volume rocker where...
  14. T

    Thread Please help MMS not working Page Plus Note 9

    Verizon phone NOTE 9 came with no APN settings at all, so there was no data. I tried texting APN to 611611 per but i get a robot replying saying it cant find my number so...... 3 variations with APN found here...
  15. T

    Thread PagePlus Note 9 VIsual Voicemail not downloading

    To make DATA work with pageplus on note 9 i needed manually add APN But what to do to make the visual voicemail to work ? It says "Visual Voicemail downloading" We're downloading Visual Voicemail to your phone. Try opening Visual Voicemail again in a few minutes. If you need to listen to your...
  16. mostafa1038

    Thread Echo on note 9 calls

    Hi, I am from Iraq and I bought Samsung galaxy note 9 the Korean version, with Android 9, so I just want to update it to Android 10 for better performance, I found a problem with the room, I installed 2 rooms, the first one has problems with the Arabic language and (GPS) the second is good but...
  17. N

    Thread SM-N960F Note 9 Downgrade

    Hey, I have a Note 9. When I updated the firmware (from custom rom, so there is no warranty), I've got the green screen problem, so I want to downgrade it. I'm not intrested about "it's impossible" comments, because it's a software, everything has to be possible. So, I have binary version 9, I...
  18. K

    Thread Issues with rooting the Exynos Note 9 in 2021?

    Hi! I want to root my Note 9, but I found differing opinions on the impact for rooting while searching the forums. From what I gather, some issues can be avoided, but would like a concise answer if you have the info. What features or apps will stop working? With my Note 2/3/4 everything I...
  19. Kleitian

    Thread HELP: Strange Situation "flashing" my Note9

    I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere already, but I've been hopping all around the forums the last few days without any luck of finding something that addresses my particular situation (and I apologize if this' the wrong place for this too)... Phone info: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy...
  20. B

    Thread Found TWRP & Magisk in a newly bought used Note 9, what does it mean?

    Hello everyone! My father bought a used Note 9 and asked me to check it for him (I have some experience with tech) as he got a 10-day wind to return/change the phone. I found it had 2 apps: TWRP & Magisk. I heard they have something to do with rooting and customization and that stuff, but that’s...
  21. A

    Thread Is my N960F rooted?

    Hi gurus, I know I've rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F/DS) a few years ago (no custom ROM if I remember well). But now I want to use apps for banking and they all say my phone is rooted. Unfortunately, I've tried with different apps to check the phone root status and they all say my...
  22. G


    Good afternoon, I am a user of a galaxy note 9 SM-N9600 snapdragon, I do not know if they will know but there is a massive Samsung update problem that turns the screens green, apparently it is a problem of the light sensor with adaptive screen sensors, since When I light the sensors with the...
  23. _xenoxis_

    Thread [MOD] [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable HI-RES (24bits and over 48kHz sampling) on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9's family

    Hello, I'm going to present to you a method to enable hi-res on the DAC of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9' family. The procedure will allow to you to use the full potential of the WCD9385 DAC present (at least) in the Snapdragon 720G. Indeed, this chip can go up to 32 bits @ 192Khz for PCM stream and...
  24. S

    Thread SM-N960U1 - Note 9 (Snapdragon) - Language menu bug?

    Greetings everyone, I would like to share a problem i faced (and i haven't found any solution yet) with my Note 9 (Android 10, One UI ver. 2,5). A few days ago i decided to sell the phone and i started preparing it (factory reset, cleaning, etc). Long story short, i changed the language of the...
  25. R

    Thread My another way to debloat Note9 SM-N960F/DS

    dear friends, i want to share my experience about debloater Samsung Note 9 today, yup i just got it second hand just today after i failed to follow this thread by Akafaze i tried other methods, which accidently using this amazing tools by mauronofrio, and it worked on my Note9 SM-N960F/DS...
  26. Z

    Thread Note 8 VS Note 9 , which should I buy?

    So I'm in the market for a new phone and these two are the contenders I'm looking at, I do not have 900 to spend on the latest and greatest nor do I need it. And I would like to stick with samsung as they have always treated me well . anyways, I'm looking at the note 8 and 9, which should I buy...
  27. Mikeyx898

    Thread Can I swap a international motherboard n960f into a n960u frame?

    I have a samsung galaxy note 9 on sprint currently, the phone was dropped and smashed but not too a unrepairable extent. I currently put a new battery, charger port, and wireless coil. The phone won't charge still unless I use my s20 ultra as a wireless charger which says its charging but I...
  28. Repcak3

    Thread Green artifacts in camera recording

    Hey guys, I've got a problem with my camera. When I record with either the front facing or rear facing camera I get a load of green artifacts that get pissed all over the image as shown below: I've tried clearing data and cache from the camera app and that didn't work. The recording looked...
  29. fvig2001

    Thread Any way to get wireless dex working on a rooted voided Note 9?

    So I updated to the latest one UI 2.5 rom and wireless dex does not work at all. It tries to connect but fails. It does not happen on my Tab S7 on the same devices. Is there a way to fix this on a rooted phone? I think Knox being tripped since I used custom recovery. Dex works wired for my note 9.
  30. S

    Thread Samsung Dex locally, (no HDMI, no Wireless), as possible on tablets like Galaxy Tab S4, S5e etc..

    HI, I'm looking for a solution to launch Dex mode from the Note 9 quick settings (or from settings->advance features ) as it's currently possible using Samsung tablets. This was possible from rooted Android 9, tweaking the build.prop file. Now I'm stuck with Android 10 and even after rooting, I...
  31. C

    Thread Note 9 Data Recovery

    Hey All, Been researching this for a couple weeks now. I have A note 9 with a shattered screen (black, no touch) and USB debugging is off. Factory recovery/rom. I'd like to get my pictures and such off before sending the device in (Insurance company replaced the device). All the threads I've...
  32. Reaper-Nam

    Thread Note 9 (SM-N960F Exynos) incorrect IMEI

    Disclaimer: So its not a stolen phone, prior owner was just being nasty. I bought the phone from a 2nd hand shop (Cash Crusaders, Kathu, South Africa), where they told me that a lady sold the phone to them, came back after 3 months and wanted to buy it back for the same price (they guarantee...
  33. A

    Thread Rooted Note 9 (Exynos) one year ago, gives me an unexpected morning surprise during restart. What is this about?

    Note 9 firmware csk2 rom fox Twrp 3.31-r3.6 xda 2019 Noverity 6.1 Magisk 20.3
  34. quicksite

    Thread Goodlock's Quickstar: How can I choose exact hex colors instead of Samsung colorgrid?

    Up til a few months ago I was still using my old reliable Samsung Note 4. Its versions of Goodlock were simpler, but I especially liked being able to customize all colors in the Notification Shade. Last few months I switched to the Note 9, Android 10, and I quickly discovered Goodlock is no...
  35. N

    Thread Note 9 recovery

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question or over asked, I'm new and could really use some help so my note 9 messed up last night and the screen wouldn't turn on, I could plug the charger in and it would vibrate and the red dot would come, I did the reset holding the lock button and volume down, and...
  36. M

    Thread Xiaomi Note 9 Pro (Global) thread

    Is this a good thread to start asking about the note 9 global version? Question # 1: Is there any alternate development or ROMS on it ? Has it been Rooted? (easily?) Are there any guides already written? Can someone give me advice on how to get rid of the stupid advertising thanks in...
  37. jijeshvu07

    Thread Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960N Flash Indian firmware

    hi, Somehow my Galaxy note 9 i purchased form Dubai is showing SM-N960F/DS in the software information, but actually the device is SM-N960N model with single sim which is a Korean model. The seller actually made a software customization to work the dual sim and the device is also rooted.I can...
  38. shonkin

    Thread Unlocked N960U1 Gets T-Mobile UI 2.1 Update (August 11)

    Finally, the unlocked version of the Note 9 got its update this morning... Samsung released the T-Mobile update to UI 2.1 (dated July 7) today, August 11 2020. There's an important note for some who will run into one annoying issue: I installed this and hit an issue after the install completed...
  39. S

    Thread Galaxy Note 9 ... Update

    Hi Guys, I have a galaxy note 9 N960F/DS model which was rooted with magisk on android pie. i flashed the android 10 Q rom via odin and everything was fine except i didn't have any network and my IMEI status was NG. While the IMEI number was ok for both sims. I didn't have much time to research...
  40. W

    Thread [Need Help] Note 9 bottom speaker volume level suddenly started to sound muffled

    hi there, I have been experiencing this issue with my Galaxy note 9 (SM-N960F/DS). suddenly yesterday day I noticed that the volume the bottom speaker of my phone has dropped drastically, even bellow the volume level of the earpiece speaker, I tried wiping cache and what other stuff I could...
  41. S

    Thread Help ... no network

    Hello guys, So I have a galaxy note 9 n960f that was rooted with magisk and twrp on android 9. Today I flashed android 10 Q via Odin. Everything is perfect except now I have no network. IMEI information is also correct but still no network. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks
  42. fvig2001

    Thread Is build 18339435 for N9600 2.1?

    Hi So I know OneUI 2.1 is out for N960 but is it already out for Snapdragon models? The latest I found was for build 18339435 that came out on 6/8. Is this already 2.1?
  43. R

    Thread Does note 9 s pen fits in silo of note 9

    So my note 9 pen damaged I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on a new one, I found that the the note 8 pen is pretty cheap I was wondering whether it will fit in the silo. also other than Bluetooth connectivity are there any difference between the two?
  44. N

    Thread Exynos band lock without root

    Friends now you can lock bands and enjoy speeds. Watch this
  45. H

    Thread How to root Uk note 9

    Are there any tutorials how to root a uk note 9 . Thank you. SM-N960F
  46. Optimal Carnage

    Thread [Q] TMobile Note 9 Odin Problem

    As the title states. I have a US variant SM-960U variant. I've been trying to flash the official Android 10 update going around via Odin. The suggested detects my phone and pre-loads all the files fine, however once I start the flash it times out and says it cannot connect to the serial(com)...
  47. N

    Thread USB C connection adapter for Note 9 on SM-R325

    Hi all, So I'm aware that the SM-R325 needs to have replacement USB C connector to fit the Note 9, but what are the actual difference between the standard USB C and the one that Samsung sends you after you request it? It looks to me that the Note 9 is just a tad too wide, so cutting out the...
  48. DanDroidian

    Thread Used to have 'free hotspot.' Is that because my bootloader was unlocked?

    Hi guys. My goal is to be able to use my AT&T phone/service as a 'hotspot' again, which I have been able to do with my Note 8, but can't get it to work on my Note 9 now. I'm familiar with the technical stuff (thanks to you guys over the years), but need to have an idea of what will solve my...
  49. Exaxoid

    Thread Can't open the serial com port odin note 9 Any suggestions

    Can't open the serial com port odin note 9 Any suggestions Tried the Following 2 different pc 4 different usb cables different odin and drivers
  50. T

    Thread differences between wall charger and Anker powerbank charge times

    I got an Anker USB-C PD 10k watt charger for Christmas. It seems to charge my phone multiple times faster than the wall charger included with the phone. Is this due to the PD protocol? If so, could I expect a PD wall charger to do the same? Sorry, seems dumb but wasn't sure if something else...