1. sarabbafrani

    Thread Question Redmi note 11 pro plus (pissarropro) top of LCD flickering issue

    Generally, after 5 minutes of device operation, especially at 60Hz display refresh rate, a flicker appears on the top of the screen (when images with mixed colors are displayed). This problem exists on version R04 LCD flex and doesn’t exist on other versions (e.g., V01).
  2. Patoilo

    Thread Question Bought two 256gb units - Got different cameras and sensors

    Hi folks. I bought two devices of the new 256/8 version - both with exact same firmware and model codes. After unpacking them and running HW Info on both, I realized that: - One came with s5khm2_i_samsung (f1.9) - The other came with s5khm2_ii_samsung f(1.89) - higher angle of view. Also, I...
  3. S

    Thread Exporting Huawei Notepad notes

    Hi folks, a couple of weeks ago, I was tasked with extracting the notes from a Huawei P9 Lite, that were from the Notepad app. I looked up how to do this, and ended finding a guide to extract them, using the Huawei account, to sync the notes, and then exporting them out. The problem was, that...
  4. Mohsin6643

    Thread [GUIDE] ROOT Note Edge [tblte]

    TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SIDE EFFECTS OR ISSUES THAT COME FROM FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS This is what I did: 1. Go to and pick your variant of the Note edge, download that autoroot file. 2. Go to...
  5. Z

    Thread Question Can't boot install TWRP on Note 11 Pro+?

    I have the Chinese edition of this phone, which I put the Global ROM version onto (MIUI 13), bootloader unlocked. However with fastboot on either the stock Chinese ROM or Global ROM I cannot get TWRP to install to 'recovery' (even tried 'recovery-a' and 'recovery-b' and 'rescue' based on the...
  6. N


    Hello guys ! I have a Redmi Note 9S it’s in FRP mi account, I can’t unbrick it. I don’t have mi account and no usb debug activate so adb etc.. not working. Flashing not working bootloader locked.. help me please
  7. F

    Thread Pin required after restart

    Hello everyone, today I updated my phone (security update from xiaomi) so i had to restart my phone. After restart it asked me to insert my PIN instead of Print, so I wasnted to put it in as usual but the pin is just never correct. IS there a way to go around this WITHOUT LOSING DATA if im...
  8. Raflen100

    Thread Looking for a version of firmware

    Hello, i'm looking for a stock firmware for Galaxy Note. The version i'm looking for is N7000XXKKA N7000OXXKK6 with XEO CSC (Poland) Andoird 2.3.6. I was looking for it on SamMobile, SamFW and Google but everywhere I check there are links that no longer work. Does anyone have this software or...
  9. H

    Thread Root for Redmi Note 8T

    Hello, I've just installed the latest rom (MIUI 12.5) for my Redmi Note 8T (willow), now i would like to root and install magisk, someone can tell me what i need to flash for my device and rom version? Thanks in advance.
  10. Selo_0

    Thread [CLOSED] *deleted*

  11. Mohsin6643

    Thread [SOLVED] SM N915R4 root on Android 6.0

    Is it possible to root the US Cellular Note edge on android 6.0? If so, what is the procedure? Edit: I was able to root and install LineageOS with the January security patch on this device.
  12. C

    Thread How many have glue in display issue?

    Hey guys, quick check in. It seems all my coworkers and friends who have the N20u have this problem at certain stages. There's reports online of excess glue during teardowns and it seems like it's staining the display. Samsung has been super lack on replying back to me with answers. Mine was...
  13. ymc08


    Hey guys my redmi note 7 is hard bricked while flashing rom. Then i tried mi flash but its want auth, miracle box not reading phone in edl mode (says hint/ disconnect battery) And qfil giving; firehose fail fhloader Device is Redmi Note 7, Global, BL Unlocked
  14. mostafa1038

    Thread Echo on note 9 calls

    Hi, I am from Iraq and I bought Samsung galaxy note 9 the Korean version, with Android 9, so I just want to update it to Android 10 for better performance, I found a problem with the room, I installed 2 rooms, the first one has problems with the Arabic language and (GPS) the second is good but...
  15. N

    Thread Boot loop + ghost touch + self power on/off

    Hi I am experiencing a really frustrating issue. I am on stock latest MIUI rom tweaked in part by XiaomiADBfastbootTools and suddenly the phone began to boot loop with a ghost touch effect so I cannot boot normally and when I can reach the lock screen the phone seems to touch the screen by...
  16. 0

    Thread N986U Not charging properly, need replacement ASAP!

    Hi there, I want to know where I can find a replacement part for the N986U model for the charging port board... I have been trying to search on eBay, Amazon, with no luck... are parts interchangeable? meaning? could I just buy a charging port board from an G986U and use it instead, would this...
  17. K

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Pro stuck on MIUI screen

    Hello guys Please forgive my poor English ! I have a Redmi Note PRO 9 Everything was good until it got stuck on MIUI screen. Sometimes I can get the FASTBOOT screen but nothing else those 2 possibilities I erased everything (wipe data out) but I am still on that damn** MIUI SCREEN, every time...
  18. K

    Thread How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Android 11 - OneUi 3.1)

    Any process step by step about how to root and install MAGISK in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite running Android 11 (OneUi 3.1)?
  19. luckypiglive

    Thread samsung note is coming back 2022

    I just saw that the note series will continue in 2022. what doyou think? I think that is a wise choice of the company to launch a new fllagship every 2 years not 1.
  20. H

    Thread Xiaomi device files for Android Studio

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Plus phone. How do I obtain the information needed to build an AVD file (Android Virtual Device) for Android Studio? Or does anybody have an AVD file that has already been created?
  21. _xenoxis_

    Thread [MOD] [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable HI-RES (24bits and over 48kHz sampling) on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9's family

    Hello, I'm going to present to you a method to enable hi-res on the DAC of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9' family. The procedure will allow to you to use the full potential of the WCD9385 DAC present (at least) in the Snapdragon 720G. Indeed, this chip can go up to 32 bits @ 192Khz for PCM stream and...
  22. zrkadlo

    Thread Please help unlocking Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

    Do anyone by any chance know how can i bypass lockscreen on this phone ? No its not stolen
  23. psychotanc

    Thread Unable to wipe system partition on Redmi Note 9 Pro

    Hi everybody! I'm trying to wipe the system partition on my redmi note 9 pro to install a costum rom ( Pixel Experience). However I'm just not able to do that because there just isn't the option: when I try to wipe all data there isn't the system partition. I tried both with Twrp and Orange Fox...
  24. P

    Thread Did I just brick my device?

    Hey guys! So basically I will start from the top: 1. Device is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (SM-N770F) (F/DS if it matters really) What happened is: I've wanted to install Android 11 update on my phone - downloaded SamFirm app, searched for correct firmware for my region (I've made sure to...
  25. Note7_FE

    Thread Note 7/FE Screws type

    Hello, I need some screws for my Note 7, my question is: are the S7 Edge screws "compatible"? or from the Note 8? Thanks!
  26. A

    Thread Problem installing TWRP on Redmi note 8 pro

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to install the TWRP recovery but when i enter the recovery mode after installing twrp from adb my phone just go into bootloop. I have the bootloader unlocked and the usb debugging turned on. Please help!
  27. UltraGamerHD

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11][03/03/2021] LineageOS 18.1 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  28. w41ru5

    Thread Lightsaber sound for Pentastic One UI 2.5

    Maybe Nicelock will include it. Cuz region block GoodLock sucks.
  29. A

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Reminder Cat 1.16

    Published on Google Play Yes, it's one more reminder app! Simple and convenient. Take notes and set a reminder in two taps. Advantages: * Quick start and work * Easy to use * No additional permits required * Selecting a reminder color * Selecting the notification sound * Voice input * Adding...
  30. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Next note - notepad

    Next note is a simple text notepad for taking notes. Google Play link Youtube link
  31. Llamas_are_Good

    Thread Transparent Galaxy Note 3 (Skin Template)

    Well, as you all know, Galaxy Note 3 is quite old, and barely gets supported by most accessory manufacturers nowadays, so I decided to take some pictures, and scan the internals of my Galaxy Note 3, and stitch it all up, so I can use it like a transparent skin mod on my clear case, and I wanted...
  32. Codex1998

    Thread Charging Issue

    Hi guys, I have this wierd issue on my Note9 Exynos, Phone wont charge when the phone is on, When i plug in the charger the phone hangs and goes off. It will charge well when the phone is off but wont charge when the phone is on so i cannot use the phone while charging. Any help will be appreciated
  33. S

    Thread Note 8 Keeps Shutting Down my Apps

    Although I have set a number of my apps to have unrestricted battery usage in "battery and performance" settings, Note 8 keeps shutting them out on screen lock (after a while at least). Is there another setting that overrides my power management settings?
  34. M

    Thread 25W charger

    Hi. Does anyone know if the Fold supports 25w charging like the note 10. I got the phone with the older charger in the box and was wondering if I bought the 25w charging will it charge faster?
  35. D

    Thread Bought an AT&T Note for $50. My opinions to questions about the Note.

    So, I bought an AT&T SGH-I717 for around $50 off eBay and I have a few questions and answers to ask. Feel free to argue about any one of these. It's just my opinion. Q. What's the best Android version for the Note? A. In my opinion, 4.0.4 will be the smoothest version on this hardware as I've...
  36. LowTension

    Thread [App][5.0+] MQS - MIUI Quick Settings

    Disclaimer: * * Use this software at your own risk. * Changing system preferences may damage your device. * I am not responsible for any damaged caused through use of this application. * You have been warned! * Only for devices running MIUI ROMS Hello! Recently I created a small...
  37. Tuandroidaldia

    Thread Bricked Redmi Note 7

    Hello, A friend of mine bricked her Redmi Note 7 (she doesn't knows what she did to brick it) and I'm trying to fix it but I have this problem: I plug the phone to the charger and it shows the ray logo for 1 second > Redmi By Xiaomi logo > Reboots > ray logo > and again. -I tried to boot into...
  38. M

    Thread [FIX] Proximity sensor on Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro (NEEDS ROOT)

    1) Install File Explorer Root Browser 2) Go to System folder 3) Scroll all the way down and opet build.prop file 4) Add these 2 lines at the end of the file: ro.lge.proximity.delay = 150 mot.proximity.delay = 150 5) Save the file 6) Reboot
  39. G

    Thread [FASTBOOT][RECOVERY][ROM] MIUI 12 India/Global/Dev Rom for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Watch on YouTube Watch on YouTube MIUI12 Global Stable Update Download here Download Recovery Zip V12.0.1.0 Download Fastboot ROM OTA UPDATE V11.0.2.0-V12.0.1.0 V11.0.9.0-V11.0.10.0 V11.0.8.0- V11.0.9.0 Download Recovery Zip V11.0.2.0 Download Fastboot ROM Download...
  40. bgibson72

    Thread Template for Galaxy Note 10+ hole punch wallpaper

    Not sure if this has been shared around here, but I made a wallpaper template with the Note 10+ hole punch for myself and thought I would share. PNG: PSD...
  41. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread ꓘⓄ Kernel - 2 Sept

    Disclamer: This should not kill your phone but if it does, I ain't buying you a new one. Support: Custom Roms only Features and stuff: Built on top of Azure (Kudos to it) Optimized for performance and battery life Use CONFIG_HZ = 300 vDSO 32 patches to improve 32-bit performance...
  42. Çingiz Salmanov

    Thread Admin please delete this thread

    Admin please delete this thread.
  43. V

    Thread Redmi Note 5 Pro only boot on EDL mode

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for the answers you can give me. I explain my problem I have the Redmi Note 5 Pro and I had unlocked the Bootloader to install a Custom ROM and evade the phone lock by the MI account, I had MIUI 10 V10.3.1.0 OEIMIXM and I was going to Install Havoc OS v2.7...
  44. G

    Thread Modified Xposed for MIUI10/MIUI11 Working Redmi Note 7 Pro

  45. B

    Thread Redmi note 4x (sd) wake lock delay.

    I have wake delay issue.When try wake with power button then wake 7 8 seconds later.whrn push button screen is sensetive sepaker has sound and menu and back key light are on but screen come few seconds later i just saw black screen in first seconds.Some times call me someone and i cant answer...
  46. kabeza

    Thread Redmi Note 7 global with 4gb ram and 128gb rom real ?

    Hi I've seen Xiaomi's website with Redmi Note 7 specs The text that can be seen states: 4GB + 128GB highest storage configuration Most suppliers, importers, etc. tell me there's no Redmi Note 7 with FDD LTE B4 (for Latin America) that has 128gb...
  47. oneandroidnut

    Thread Note 9 N9600 on verizon without root possible?

    Hello everyone, wondering if I purchase this n9600 will it work on verizon?? Looks like there is a hk, latin american and international n9600. If i purchase this one will i be able to have cdma on verizon? Not too concerned with samsung pay working but I also don't want to root, I have pixel 3...
  48. oneandroidnut

    Thread ***horrible bad burn in note 9***

    Don't know how many note 9 with burn there are but here is mine! Looks terrible! Noticed it for the first time last night when it got pretty dark outside and it is super annoying! I assume Samsung will replace with new one? But I have a whitestone and skinomi on it, I am sure they wont cover...
  49. k4syx

    Thread Honor Note 10 lens dust solution

    By me and my cat. Kinda simple, really, once youll get this nice tool for opening the phone. It seems that the dust gets inside through some small openings in the round lens protector, as the rest of the insides are really clean. Anyway, enjoy :)
  50. LucaZPF

    Thread Sync S note on PC

    Is there a software to sync the notes I take on Note 9 on PC? I'm using win 10