1. S

    Thread Which custom ROM will support VoLTE?

    Hello. I need a custom ROM for my SM-N920I since VoLTE functionality is simply not built in to this version, it appears. It wasn't a problem until 3G was shut off. So now I must have VoLTE to use it. Please recommend a custom ROM I can flash that allows for VoLTE support. Thank you.
  2. S

    Thread N920I - Weak 4G. Can no longer make or recieve calls. Possibly a local 3G tower was turned off.

    My Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920I purchased December of 2015 can no longer make or receieve calls. My provider is TracFone via the Bring Your Own Phone program. I use their SIM card and it has worked all this time. Until recently the phones features have stopped working. I think they have been disabling...
  3. X

    Thread N920C Audio Issue through wired Headphones/Earphones

    I am tired of finding a solution regarding audio output My device was N920T i changed its motherboard with N920C ... charging strip was exact N920C model worked great With N920T .. I changed motherboard with N920C now .. everything is working fine except wired headphones ... weird thing ...
  4. memi_pt

    Thread 1st mic not working aftre fast charge port replacement

    Hi everybody we have problem with fast charge on N920c and did not solve while replacement fast charge port at Samsung center. now 1st mic do not work, no problem on second mic (speaker mode). No success in Samsung center after 5 days. Does any person have same problem? any comment? Help plz
  5. M

    Thread Note 5 Pro - Does it bends?

    Hello Everyone. I just noticed mine one week old Note 5 Pro is curved. Does your phones bends too? I hope they don't.
  6. K

    Thread [Opinion Request] Best Model and ROM(s)?

    I'm a engineer for fun, and after I found out T-Mobile will be merging with Sprint, I decided to upgrade from my GSIII to a Note5 based on modability, compatibility, and my repair skills being sufficient enough to maintain it long-term. But, I wanna know from you guys which model is the best...
  7. Peterlymo

    Thread Questions about N9200

    I just searched all over the forum but i couldnt find a proper thread with info about SM N9200,,, ALL I NEED IS ROOT TWRP CUSTOM ROM Just tell me if possible and locate me the exactly thread thanks:cowboy:
  8. Basrawi96

    Thread Arabic Note5 Splash Screen/Boot Logo

    HI GUYS First of all im not a developer I just know little things and I want to share my arabic splash screen/boot logo it is for arabic guys :o :D it is my own creation :p INSTALLATION Flash it with TWRP hope you like it ENJOY!
  9. esdwa

    Thread How to improve N920C (Note 5) reception on US T-Mobile network?

    Some time ago I purchased the SM-N920C model form 3rd party seller here in US and it turned to be model from Emirates, it worked just fine last months of 2016 but this year I noticed the signal reception is not as strong as it used to be with T-Mobile, even though I live in the same...
  10. M

    Thread June LineageOS build cannot establish data connection with updated bootloader

    Coming here for help since the LineageOS subreddit basically told me to **** off since the Note 5 build is unofficial, I hope you guys can help me out a bit more than them. I just got a new TMobile Note 5 (SM-N920T) and wanted to get the latest CyanogenMod on it, so I went with the only builds...
  11. CompuTechnoPro™

    Thread N920C boot-looping or getting stuck. Any solution?

    Flashed latest TWRP using latest ODIN on an untouched/unmodified Note 5 SM-N920C. Tried to flash Khonloi nougat ROM, it was stuck in "Flashing system files" for a long time.. Rebooted to TWRP and tried to flash again, got stuck in 10-12% every time. Then, flashed Stock Nougat firmware...
  12. ebisetti

    Thread Flash Stock Firmware Galaxy Note5 N920G to a Galaxy Note5 N920T

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a chance I can flash the Stock firmware from the N920G to my N920T. Why???, the reason is that here, in my country, my carrier is deploying a new band for LTE, B28 700, but even when I select that band, the handset won't use it. How do I know that???, because...
  13. D

    Thread Can someone please post N920AUCS4EQD1 files?

    Hi Friends, Can you please post links to download N920AUCS4EQD1 files? We are outside USA and unable find any links to download this patch. This was the latest Nougat patch released by AT&T on April 27th 2017. Thanks in advance.
  14. woft

    Thread [Q] Region blocked services on Note 5 920A

    Hi guys, currently I'm using Note 5 AT&T in the UK. The handset is running on official 6.0.1 marshmallow. Everything is fine apart of that I cannot use some services like: Samsung pay and Android pay. Is there any way to bypass the block?
  15. bogarty

    Thread [MOD][GUIDE]How To Enable The Hidden Alternate SystemUI In Note5

    Not sure how many of you are aware, but there is a completely different user interface built into the Note5 that's hidden. I thought maybe some of you might like to check it out just for fun. It allows you to place widgets and apps on the lockscreen and has a bunch of cool lockscreen effects...
  16. karan2012

    Thread [ROM] [7.0] YourRom-N1 [19/2/2017][online]

    Its time for N Based on N920CXXU3CQB6 (thanks to hiepgia for the base) -latest kernel Feb-15 -February security patch -DeKnoxed -Deodexed -DeBloated -Root Options provided separately as a zip below so you can chose which you want SuperSu or Magisk -Indian CSC available to flash for JIO...
  17. andyaguilar94

    Thread [ROM] [7.0] [QD2] [17-05-2017] N-DroidMod V8-F

    Hi, I'm not a developer but I have basic knowledge in my device, so I will present my first project. First to all, special thanks to hiepgia for DevBase and SamsungVN team Special thanks to my dear friend diegonnc for his tutos, mods, tweaks and of course, for be a good person and patient...
  18. V

    Thread [Note 5 Duos N9208] Odin fails

    Hi, when i try to flash something like the twrp or root permission with odin, my note 5 just give me that image, and after fail. someone can help me??? thank u!
  19. A

    Thread Lcd is displaying only black!! can receive calls and text

    Hello fellas, I replaced my note 5 lcd before 4 days it was working perfect w/out any flaws but it suddenly went black while using it was full charged while it happend. but i can receive calls texts hear sounds. I tried a youtube fix by holding Vol down+Power!! Yes it does reboot the phone...
  20. grimmjowjak

    Thread SM REV. CHECK FAIL DEVICE:3 BINARY: 2 Flashing Fail

    Hi Gents, Good day! I'm trying to bypass the 6.1 "verify your account" thing for my sisters Note5-N9208. Already working on this for several hours and all fails. tried approach: OTG (file xplorer isn't showing up) realterm software( in which emergency dialer should show up, didn't work on my...
  21. P

    Thread BRICKED? when changing from N920G back to N920i

    Hi all I think I may have completely effed my n920i. Backstory : Few months back i updated my phone from N920i 5.1.1 to N920G 6.0.1 using the 4 files from the MEGA link. Everything was working good for the past few months, all the regular OTA updates went smoothly. Over the last couple...
  22. garva1

    Thread How to lock Note 5 to a specific LTE band

    Hi, I have a 64GB Note 5 N920G model, and i want to lock the LTE band to band 40 so that I can enjoy the maximum speed of my LTE network. Can you please tell me how to do that. Sorry for the English.
  23. S

    Thread note 5 display wont turn on

    hi guys i am using note 5 SM-N920G indian single sim 32 GB i have never rooted my device and it was running in good condition since last one week it keep happening with me that after locking display my phone is not letting its display turn on sometimes , touch screen works so fine and the whole...
  24. elmor0

    Thread Samsung Notes app (Note 7 port) - Possible?

    I know this notes unification app (which debuted on the Note 7) will be available in the future for other Galaxy models but is it possible to port this across to the Note5 meantime?
  25. A

    Thread Note 5 not booting

    I rooted my device a couple months ago and obviously got the Deep Sleep issue, that I fixed with Dr.Ketan's DeepSleepFix tool but that only worked for a couple of weeks. After that I got the problem again and the tool seemed to do nothing. I just went with it like that because I always had a...
  26. C

    Thread Unknown audio issue with t-mobile note 5

    OK here is the issue first the short story, on occasions not all the time in a call the person on the other end can not hear me at all but i hear them perfectly clear. I have 2 voice lines with t-mobile, one is a note edge # ending in 3823 it NEVER has this problem the other a note 5 # ending in...
  27. K

    Thread My note 5 (N920C) only shows charging screen and won't turn ON!

    Hi.. I have a problem with my note 5.. Accidentally I've dropped it in the water! At first it restarted itself and worked fine for a min, but then the screen turned off suddenly.. Couldn't remove the battery normally as you know it's hard to remove in Note 5.. Tried to dry it with the hear...
  28. Dewaynelives

    Thread Samsung Level U Pro (Bluetooth HeadPhones)

    Hey yall so today i thought id give a review on the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Headphones [NeckBand] hope you enjoy. Ok, so i got these a while back but wanted to hold off on a review till i had enough time to test the real world hold up of em. I had the original level u and they broke...
  29. iffiscb

    Thread [Completed] Stock rom installation via custom recovery Note 5 N920i

    Hi there, I'm running Dr Ketan's M6 on my N920I with TWRP recovery installed. Now i want to flash latest Official FW PE3 Is there any way to flash stock rom via custom recovery, without ODIN? Can i retain custom recovery? And is there a, way to flash stock rom with custom recovery? Help pls.
  30. D

    Thread Recovery for Marshmallow?

    Hello all! I recently updated my Spring Note5 to Marshmallow! I quickly installed the Aurora Kernel to root it and got xposed installed via FlashFire. I was just curious as to if there was a Custom Recovery for marshmallow yet? I tried the latest TWRP and got stuck in a bootloop (soft brick). I...
  31. A

    Thread N920w8 unable to root please help

    hello, I am at 5.1.1 n920w8 VLU2AOK5 -------- I flashed SPACEX KERNEL but I am having "random reboot issues" with spacex kernel. -------- I flashed ARTER v11 kernel, its flashed perfectly but I am unable to get SU access, i TRIED installing SU app from playstore...
  32. R

    Thread [Q] Is it OK to downgrade galaxy note 5 to lollipop?

    Hi all. My friend has a note 5 dous and it was automatically updated to marshmallow. She had a lot of problems with its wi-fi connection stability, So I flashed her phone to a newer marshmallow build and made a factory reset afterwards but she still has all previous problems with wifi. My...
  33. Ather

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1] Note5 Family ROM v1.0 N920CXXU2BPD6 +S7 Edge Panels [v2 Updated 23/6]

    Hello Everyone, long time lurker and seldom poster....i'm part of an amazing whatsapp group manager by asif, and upon their pressure i've released my first ROM to the wonderful xda commnunity. Now lets get to Business Disclaimer: By flashing this Rom you void your warranty, I nor Xda take any...
  34. gaston_garcia

    Thread Switching from Note 5 to S7

    I have the opportunity to keep any one of these great phones, the Note 5 or the S7. I've been on the Note 5 for months now, and it's been such an amazing phone... it's really hard to change it. But I've had an S7 for the past weeks, and I've been able to switch for a few days, and then go back...
  35. Harvick_29

    Thread AT&T no longer planning to update the Note 5

    Bad news. Spoke with AT&T support reps today. They said they no longer have any dates or notes on any future software upgrades to the Note 5. Said at this time it doesn't look like the Note 5 will be getting Android 6.x. I asked why every other provider has already pushed it except them and...
  36. R

    Thread Lost root access after a week, possibly by entering "smart manager"

    I got a note 5 SM-N920W8 Telus last week. First thing i did was to upgrade to marshmallow, and then root it. I rooted it fine, wiping the phone in the process of installing the custom recovery. Now i've used plenty of apps that require root, and all have worked fine. About 15 minutes ago I try...
  37. T

    Thread SIM LOCK help please.

    Okay. I have att and the note 5 is tmo and unlocked. If I use Odin for any reason, even to revert to 5.1.1 will it no longer be sim unlocked?
  38. Ahmed Hesham

    Thread [Solved] Stock emoji font file!!

    Hi, So as no one actually replied to my thread and I couldn't pull system image from the firmware I downloaded a custom stock-based rom and I took the needed files to revert emojis to stock and it worked well so here are the two files all you have to do is paste them both in system/fonts...
  39. F

    Thread N920i finnaly gets Marshmallow 6.0.1

    I think we are the last to get the update.. but now it's here, enjoy!! Now it's updating in Singapore. At least in Sammobile's site. I hope we get the security patches on time, at least. By the way, anyone knows how to get back from a N920g ROM? Can I flash it directly?
  40. arsuu

    Thread Q: Stucked on FRP after updating to MM 6.0.1 ( Please Help )...

    Hello guys! I have updated my N920C to MM 6.0.1 Officially. Unfortunately I didn't enable the developer option and OEM was not unlocked also. I tried to restore or recover my device with KIES and RootJunkey method as well. Neither I can install a custom recovery nor It could be fixed...
  41. Battlehero

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1] Simple S7 Edge Port V1.7 for the Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

    Simple S7 Edge Port Disclaimer: This is an attempt to port the S7 Edge firmware to our beloved Note5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but this does not mean that everything will work. If anything happens to your device or you lose your job because the alarm didn't go off; only the person who flashed...
  42. jrkruse

    Thread DISCONTINUED [Pure_note 5_port_5.1.1 rom_V2]

    This Is Important: The LockScreen will work on both locked and unlocked bootloaders. If you cannot run a custom kernel then do not wipe the dalvik cache or you will get Sytem UI FC. If you want to run xposed you will have to disable stock lockscreen by setting lockscreen type to none. Then you...
  43. numba1stunna201

    Thread Locked out of phone

    **I HAVE PROOF OF LEGAL OWNERSHIP** My girlfriend bought her 16 year old son a Note5 on the T-Mobile network. Apparently he had dirty fingers when attempting to unlock his phone so he was locked out. I performed a hard reset to start over. The big problem is he doesnt remember ANY passwords...
  44. vladimir2989

    Thread Android 6.0 for out of region Users

    Note 5 was never released in Europe, i got mine from Thailand, so will i get Android 6.0 when Thailand get it ? .... how is the region dictated to the device ? by Serial number ? now that's its rolling out in South Korea, can i VPN to South Korea and get an update ?
  45. V

    Thread Android 6.0x for Note 3 (Note5 TouchWiz port) - any versions?

    I've been out of the loop and didn't find the answer by searching the forums, so: Does anybody know of a Marshmallow 6.0 Touchwiz port (say Note5 based) for Note 3? I know there will be compromises, but the 5.1.1 port seems to work ok (as long as you use the Note 3 camera to do HDR). I know...
  46. arif@123

    Thread note 5 clock for 5.0.2

    First Of All I'm Say I Had Not Tested It.Before You Going To Install It,Do A Backup. Work On Stock 5.0.2 Lollipop. How To Install:- Delete Your Old "ClockPackage.apk" From System/App/ClockPackage Folder.Then Extract My Zip And Put "ClockPackage.apk" to System/App/ClockPackage Folder.Set...
  47. gaston_garcia

    Thread Experiments searching for better battery life

    Please reply with your own real experiences. Q. Does rooted Greenify really improve battery life? I use it, but I can't say it makes a huge difference. Q. Does Package Disabler Pro really improve battery life? I use it, but my co-worker doesn't, and his Note 5 lasts basically as long as mine...
  48. Ale95

    Thread [MOD] N5 SoundAlive [S4-I9500]

    N5 SoundAlive ported to S4 The app use a resolution of xxhdpi for a better look in our S4 How to install? 1. Download the file 2. Flash vía recovery (The script make all automatically) 3. Reboot and enjoy! 4. Recommended Wipe Data and Cache of SoundAlive Download...
  49. R

    Thread [PORT] Note5 Apps by treborbr From Albe95 N5 Port [FLASHEABLE ZIPS!]

    All Credits To alemtro95. :highfive: I Just Did The Zips. ;) What Are The Apps? N5 Browser N5 Calculator N5 Clock N5 Music N5 My Files N5 Note N5 Health N5 Planner N5 Video N5 Voice Recorder Downloads Source
  50. H

    Thread Blind Sound Test: Note 5 VS G4

    I read some reviews of the sound quality of Note 5 and G4. Note 5 seem to be generally well-received while there are a lot of poor reviews for G4. I want to check them without prejudice and had a blind test of Note 5 vs G4 for balance, clarity, damping, dynamic and volume level. In brief, the...