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  1. V

    Thread When using Smart Unlock, tapping on the notification in lock screen doesn't open the app directly

    Just switched to S21 from Pixel 2. In Pixel, when I click a notification from lock screen (with smart unlock), it opens the app directly. In S21, it brings me to a screen which says "swipe to unlock". Once you swipe, it opens the correct app. But this is an additional annoying step. Any idea on...
  2. A

    Thread Apps that work without any tinkering at all

    What it says on the tin really, thought it would be useful to get a list going for those who want to use the P40 pro without the tinkering. I see there as 4 categories 1 - work completely, 2 - work but no notifications, 3 - Partially working, 4 - Does not work. I'll go first, I have another...
  3. H

    Thread Is there an RSS reader with Push Notifications?

    A little backstory: Everyday for the last 4 years I've been using a basic, outdated, gingerbread-era, RSS reader called "RSS Junkie" made by the obscure developer bitpowder.com in the Netherlands. Why? For one feature: Push Notifications The backbone of this little gem was what it did in the...
  4. ZehL

    Thread [Q] Managing notifications on multiple Android devices

    Hi I've been searching for this for a while now but no luck... So I have two Android phones, let's say one S2 and one S3, and both have the same Google account, same Facebook account, Instagram, etc, but each has a Sim from a different provider. So sometimes I want to have both with me...
  5. bigknowz

    Thread Nandroid Restore Notifications

    When I restore nandroid, my notifications folder is empty. That causes all the notification sounds to show up as some number instead of the sound file. Should I push the sound files back to the notification folder before I boot the phone again?
  6. W

    Thread [Help] [Mod] Change Notification Color JB

    I want to change this To look like this so the notification that are grey and ugly will match the black pretty background like in gsxrdon ICS black mod for 4.1 (that mod makes me bootloop that's why I don't use it)I have already gone over all the images in systemui.apk so I have got to...
  7. nixx-X1

    Thread [APP] LEDs-U-CTRL - advanced LED bar notifications for Xperia U - Development stopped

    From now on you'll be able to identify which alert you've missed without turning on your screen! LEDs U CTRL (LUC)enables you to configurate each individual LED light in 16 colors, individual speed and fully customizable loop cycles. Combined with LUC.radar it lets you use the illumination bar...