1. D

    Thread Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update

    Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update on my K20 pro. I've gone through every setting in the setting app, notofication, lockscreen, permission etc.. everything is on 'show' and everything under individual app is also set to show notification, autostart, permissions etc...
  2. D

    Thread CrystalSky Notification Being Disabled

    If you install a program on CrystalSky, by CrystalSky unchecks the " allow notifications " box in the "App Info". CrystalSky does allow you to enable it back on, and the app can send notifications, but if you reboot the CrystalSky it automatically unchecks the the "allow notifications" box...
  3. B

    Thread Notifications on watch face

    Is there a watch face app can do something like this? If I want to develop one, what should I do? Any sample code I can use? Thx!
  4. Spaceoid

    Thread Android 10 - wifi sleeping while screen locked

    Hi guys! I did a lot of googling and searching through XDA, but never found a solution for my problem, so I might as well try it here. Recently I updated my Sony Xperia X Compact to AOSP 10. Now when I am connected to wifi (and it does NOT matter whether it is 2.4/5GHz or IPv4/IPv6, I tried...
  5. jaskaran87

    Thread Note 20 ultra Random notification sound

    i own a note 20 ultra SM-N9860 from past week a random notification sound plays from the phone with no visible notification on the screen. This happens atleast 2-3 times during the day,it does occur at a specific time during the day things i have verified are as below: 1. NFC is disabled 2...
  6. S

    Thread Moto Z2 Play Ringtones / Alarms / Notification Songs

    Check the link for download
  7. S

    Thread Bubbles not working in Asus Rog Phone 3

    I use my rog 3 since last couple of months but now i realize there is something missing in my device and that is bubbles. i enable the bubble option from the developer menu, still its not working can anyone please tell me how to solve this?
  8. O

    Thread Phone call or map have been closed after notification pulls down

    I have got a problem about phone call or map have been closed after notification pulls down. Sometimes (many times) the notification bar unexpectedly pulls down itself, it cause the call is dropped/terminated automatically. Or when I'm using Google map, the phone has shaked when driving and the...
  9. mxxcon

    Thread All about notifications

    I recently switched to S20FE from LG V30. I loved the way V30's notifications worked. I'm trying to replicate the same behavior with S20FE, but Samsung's options are all over the place and a bit overwhelming. With V30 when my screen was on, notifications worked as normally.. a popup at the top...
  10. M

    Thread 2 bugs i found in EMUI 10.1

    I don't don't whether this belongs to the bugs section or the discussion. 1. when i open a floating window and press the home button, the window dissappears and i cant find it in the recent apps, i can only get it in 2 ways, first normally from the app drawer (in this case it opens in the...
  11. Salty Wagyu

    Thread The 8T has a front LED, kind of.

    If you enable the front camera you can see a small circle spin round the lens before appearing as a solid light alongside it. I look forward to seeing what custom ROM developers can do with this, perhaps this LED can be triggered to light up (and stay on, until cleared) when notifications come...
  12. Cholo981

    Thread Always on display for notification?

    Hello, I know the pixel 5 has no notification led, but I read is supposed to have Always on display (ambient display?) to show notification when the screen is turned off. Right know, I see no indicator at all for any kind of notification. Do I need to activate it anywhere? I can't find anything...
  13. bmaz121

    Thread OnePlus One Notification exit delay function needed

    Have you ever notice with Second verification on a website being logged on to does a text message to the phone with a 6 digit number. Well, with my bad eyes it takes a few seconds to read the small blue verification 6 digit number the site sent me. Boom, the message disappears from the lock...
  14. Q

    Thread Notification around the camera

    Hello i see this thread but i don't find the answer to my question Do you know if an apk exist for have the notification around the camera ?:confused: i don't know why xiaomi delete the notification led..but it's very...
  15. DarsVaeda

    Thread emergency alert notifications

    Hi, I have a call to inform about earthquakes (Yurekuru Call). It will display a popup with time until the earthquake approaches. It is very precise most of the times. Still I like to keep wireless emergency alerts for redundancy, in case something is not working in the above app...
  16. M

    Thread [APP][6.0+] NotiEasy - Save Status & Notification History log

    NotiEasy Is A Cute Notification History Log Manager. :good: Main feature · Save notifications shown on notification bar for you to review later · Prevent you from disturbing notifications · Blacklist notifications from being displayed in notification bar · Keep your notification bar clean or...
  17. N

    Thread Apps that replace LED notifications - Screen burn-in?

    Hi all, There are a couple of apps out there that create a notification light using the always-on-display and allows for a lot of customization - location, colors, sizes, duration, etc. A lot of information on battery drain is provided by these apps, but no info about the danger of screen...
  18. V


    Hello guys! I'm facing an extremely frustrating bug! Incoming call's pop up notification while unlocked isn't working! Whenever I get a call, it uses the whole screen and I have to wait for the call to end in order to use my phone! Settings are greyed out in dialer's notification settings and I...
  19. H

    Thread How to add whatsapp whitelist doze android pie ?

    i have xiaomi mi9t android pie. When phone going to deep sleep on lock screen doze i cant get notification . i tired everything on phone but its not work . i want to whitelist whatsapp in doze. i tried this commands on adb server but this command not work on pie. this commanda work on...
  20. aguarello

    Thread Does anyone recognize this fu***** sound?! Desperate.

    A few months ago I started getting a random alarm/notification sound (like 2 seconds long, really loud) with no notification shown at all (screen off). Everyday at the same time. Exactly 10:02 in the morning. It's specially annoying since the phone makes the sound even with Not Disturb on. I...
  21. Z

    Thread Make notifications not going away from notifications center after turning off and on?

    Hello, I'm from Windows 10 Mobile (and previously WP 8.1 and WP 7) and I also used iOS from time to time on an iPad. However I have now an Android phone (OP7TPro), and there is something particularly bothering me: I'm part of those people who turn off their phone for the night and then turn it...
  22. alireza_simkesh

    Thread [S10] Separate app sound notification

    I have the separate App Sound feature enabled on my Samsung S10. I have set it to relay the audio of my Telegram app to the phone (rather than bluetooth devices). However, after upgrading to Android 10, when I ever I dial a number a notification is shown saying Telegram sound is playing through...
  23. E

    Thread Edge Lighting Notifications - Lost Cause?

    Hi all, I'm starting to give up hope on making the Edge Lighting work as a notification with AOD Always On (and not installing third-party apps). I just want to go into Samsung's Edge Lighting Menu, select Google's Messages app, or Facebook Messenger, or Instagram, create a color, and have it...
  24. Diverti

    Thread EMUI 10 Emojis in notifications

    In the recent update to EMUI 10 from 9, i noticed, when there's Emoji in the notification it shown as a little questionmark. Does anyone have this kind of problem, or just me? :confused: Thanks guys! :fingers-crossed:
  25. johnathanamber

    Thread Motorola Sound Notification Settings - Where are they Stored?

    Hey everyone, In what file are the sound notifications stored? More specifically, the charge notification sounds? I have Android Pie on my Motorola Moto Z2 Force and most things are working great. I am not sure where or when this changed, but plugging in my phone produces the default "ding"...
  26. Q

    Thread Futur correction about WearOS and "update functionnality of XXX"

    Hey :) Since MIUI 11 i have 2 issue : Issue about the notifications on my watch(Fossil Gen 4TH) WhatsApp , SMS , and another notifications don't work.... just my music And another issue "Update functionnality of Facebook" at every launch of application ! Thanks to AFiREiNSiDE182 to try to...
  27. metropical

    Thread what the heck is this notification from?

    no matter where I am driving or walking, I've been getting these on the lock screen. No idea what app it's from, but I'd like to lose it. aOS 8. HTC U11
  28. P

    Thread App to reduce the number notifications on whatsapp or other app

    Hi My previous phone has root access and I was using Macrodroid (an app similar to tasker), so that when there was a notification on WhatsApp, Macrodroid would disable the sound and vibration for WhatsApp for about 30 seconds. In this way if the other person is sending multiple messages in a...
  29. T

    Thread Seeking Solutions for missing notification LED on Mate 30 /Mate 30 Pro Series

    Yo, i already gave the "new" AOD in EMUI10 a try and so far its working fine, Messenger and Mail Notifications are shown next to the clock when AOD is enabled. Theres also a option to set a timer for AOD to disable it at night. But im looking for a AOD-Notification only when receiving a...
  30. Crystylez

    Thread Notifications on the AOD?

    Coming from a samsung mobile, i was just wondering if there is any way to get notifications like on the samsung mobiles on the AOD screen, instead of the just red tintet clock, and the 2 analogue clocks?
  31. sidhaarthm

    Thread What is the most missed feature, compared to past Pixels?

    For me, it'll have to be the notification LED :( I really miss that. Had different colours for different apps and even people, so I knew who or what it was without even picking up my phone to check. I also miss the fingerprint sensor on all the banking apps etc but that'll be resolved in due...
  32. MXPlayer

    Thread [Official Announcement] Important message on notification of online shows

    Dear MX Fans, Today, we have learnt that some of our users have received a notification of our shows though they haven't opted for our online streaming platform. We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused. It was a personalised notification meant for Indian users who...
  33. B

    Thread Disable heads up notifications android Q?

    Hello I've been trying to find a way to get rid of the Heads Up Notifications that are so intrusive and a lack of privacy while watching the screen with somebody else. Does someone know how to disable them in Android Q stock rom (100% untouched OS) Thanks!
  34. P

    Thread Notification LED for Camera Activity?

    Hi all, Been looking around and have had trouble finding what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a way to triggered the notification LED on the Pixel 2 XL when the camera is active? E.g. When I open Google Duo and the front facing camera turns on, the LED turns on as a solid or blinking red...
  35. rcoliveirajr

    Thread [FREE APP] Notification Remember

    A whole new way to keep track on anything you need to do - Keep notes in your notification bar - Make then impossible to clear when swiping away - Always be reminded - Easy and fast to use Try Notification Remember right now! Download at Play Store
  36. 0sA

    Thread Broken notification LED ?

    Hi, I have some problem with my notification LED. Some day it started behave weird - flashing all the time or flashing only when the phone was charging. Then it turned off and even after battery replacement it never comes alive, no mater which ROM am I using. Is there a possible to fix this LED...
  37. Andrew-W

    Thread Repeat SMS notifications?

    Hi Am I correct in saying that there isn't any option to set up repeat audible notifications for incoming SMS text messages? I've tried a couple of Apps that should give me the repeat notification but I can't get them to work, the latest being Missed Call Alerts. Thanks
  38. Wil53664

    Thread Completely remove miui update notification

    Go to settings>additional setting>authorization and revocation> revoke updater wait 10secs then open the update notification then press exit Dont forget to hit thanks if it works :)
  39. xTPTBx

    Thread [Question] Smali - A way to remove Notifications from an App?

    Hey folks, As you have probably read the title, I have a question regarding using APKTool (by ibotpeaches) to get Smali files for an APK (i was messing around with MX Player for testing purposes) and would like to remove the notifications from this APK. Which classes or methods should I be...
  40. nlinecomputers

    Thread New Voicemail has no notification icon.

    Hi, I have a stock Pixel 2XL Google, not the Verizon model running July 2019 update. My carrier is Verizon. When I get a voicemail I do not get any notification. Unless I open the phone app I don't know that I have a voicemail. I have tried clearing cache and storage on the phone app. I...
  41. T

    Thread Pixel 2 XL doesn't show notification when on Home WiFi

    Hello guys! lately I have noticed that I am not getting notifications on the phone in the real-time when it supposed to come. Etc whatsapp messages, Snapchat notifications, Instagram, Emails... You name it. What I have realized is that I can see that the Wi-Fi connection gets a "Limitation...
  42. H

    Thread [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    Original Thread : So I was annoyed not having an LED notification light on oneplus 6t so I tried to make one of my own;). As OP6T has amoled display whenever a desired notification comes the app brings in...
  43. Khwaja7

    Thread No front LED for notifications ?

    Hello, I am currently using a OP5, and I really like having a front LED to tell me if a message had been received, or not. Like, I just have to look at my device for ~2sec and I know if a notification is waiting or not. I am interested by buying a 7/7Pro, but it doesn't have this LED. Isn't it...
  44. Q

    Thread Issue with notification in silence mode

    Hello :) Since the last update of the firmware i have a little issue I'm at 90% of time in silence mode so On all my application , i have mute the sound because with silence mode when i'm listening music when i have a notification , for 2-3 seconds the sound become low and after normal So i cut...
  45. D

    Thread IR Face Unlock LED and Notification LED not working after screen replacement

    Hi, I recently bought this second-hand Poco F1 with a screen with a cracked corner. I unlocked it, put Havoc OS on it, all working well (IR LED, notification LED). Then I replaced the screen and had issues with the face unlock; I checked the view through the IR Camera APK and saw a nearly black...
  46. anabhi

    Thread [APP][XPOSED] Remove blinking issue and more [MOD]

    Contributors : @Franklin for his discontinued project since color os 3.0 @Nandsha for her idea @Syam & Madan for testing @Siraj shaik & Ashwin gurav for donation Watch video tutorial for install : Mod edit: Link removed. Features : ✪ Root notfication fix ✪ Hotspot notfication fix ✪ Clock mod...
  47. anabhi

    Thread [APP][XPOSED] Remove blinking issue and more [MOD]

    Contributors : @Franklin for his discontinued project since color os 3.0 @Nandsha for her idea @Syam & Madan for testing @Siraj shaik & Ashwin gurav for donation Watch video tutorial for install : Mod edit: Link removed. Features : ✪ Root notfication fix ✪ Hotspot notfication fix ✪ Clock mod...
  48. anabhi

    Thread [APP][XPOSED] Remove blinking issue and more [MOD]

    Contributors : @Franklin for his discontinued project since color os 3.0 @Nandsha for her idea @Syam & Madan for testing @Siraj shaik & Ashwin gurav for donation Watch video tutorial for install : Mod edit: Link removed. Features : ✪ Root notfication fix ✪ Hotspot notfication fix ✪ Clock mod...
  49. W

    Thread Notification like Samsung s9+

    Hey there! Does anyone know if there's a way to make 5z notifications be like the notifications on s9? It's a circle that spands and contracts. Just like this one!
  50. photonxda

    Thread [0.9.9][2/26]AutoAOD -Automatically enable AOD while notification comes [open source]

    I haven‘t been here for a few days and I found there were some similar apps already.:) But I have finished my work and tested it for a week, So I create this thread:) warning: it seems that if you have installed the app and let it notified you at least once, then when you uninstall it, s10...