1. wolfaas12345

    Thread Question Vivo X Fold debloat+notification fix (origin os3)

    Hello there recently I got my hands on a vivo x fold and after some research, I have a nice debloat list that removes all bloat from our folds and I found ways to fix notifications Here's a debloat list most pm uninstall commands can be skipped as those are for apps that can be manually...
  2. S

    Thread Question MI HOME notifications problem

    Hello, I just changed from Xiaomi Mi 8 (Miui 12) to Xiaomi 12 (Miui 14) and now I am having problems with notifications on MI HOME app. I dont receive notifications. It is the only app where i have this problem. I have already tried everything (reinstall, clear cache, no power restrictions, auto...
  3. L

    Thread How To Guide How to fix notifications on Vivo X90 Pro+

    Seeing as there are dozens of people who are claiming issues with receiving notifications. I figured it's time to make this thread. The following has worked for me to restore notifications for every single app I use. To date, I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with getting any...
  4. S

    Thread Question Screen locked + Wifi on = no notifications

    EDIT: fixed... sort of... im getting "battery and performance keeps stopping" error now tho if anyone knows how to fix it deleting data for battery and performance helps for some time then the error returns
  5. tucas_

    Thread one ui 5 new notifications icons

    Is there any way to make the notifications icons more colorful? Either using the app icon color or any other chosen color?
  6. P

    Thread Question Redmi Note 11s no blinking notifications while phone is locked, no pop up notifications while using phone.

    Hello, I recently bought Redmi Note 11s to upgrade from my old Blackview which is running Android 7. After turning the phone on I updated to MIUI 13.0.1 and debloated the phone using UAD. As a side note I don't think debloating is related to this at all. Now my issue with the phone is that I...
  7. Y

    Thread Amazfit Bip U Pro disconnected phone notification?

    Hi there, I have a Honor band 6 that does remind me with a vibration that my smartband is getting far away from my phone (Bluetooth connection is lost). That's a cool feature, my friend likes it so much. He is just about to buy an Amazfit Bip U Pro and can't find the information if this function...
  8. L

    Thread How to determine why a certain push notification isn't getting through?

    I use Wolt partner app for my food delivery job. One of the functions is getting a push notification when the restaurant has marked food as ready. But at one point that one notification stopped coming through (others still work, like new task or chat message). I've made no changes in the app or...
  9. SharkB69y

    Thread Settings getting rested after reboot

    Hey, I'm using a SM-975f rooted with Magisk on a stock OneUI 4.1 ROM. I just noticed that some settings like paired Bluetooth devices, do not disturb or notifications settings are getting rested after rebooting my phone. I found a Magisk module about paired Bluetooth devices and it works well...
  10. V

    Thread Notification of data usage

    My Mi A3 mysteriously started to notify me of my data usage - pretty much up to the minute. Then Just as mysteriously it stopped doing so. I liked getting the notifications. How do I turn them on and off?
  11. C

    Thread No notifications

    Hi everyone I am using rooted stock rom Android 12 ui 4.0 on my samsung galaxy s10 5g. The problem i am facing right now is that i am not getting the notifications from the apps like the promotionals offers, order updates etc which used to come on android 11 on a notification bar. Notifications...
  12. jakeythesnake

    Thread Question Gmail app will not show notifications

    Hi all, I'm having to resort to posting here before I pull all of my hair out. I'm running stock MIUI 13(.0.10). In the Gmail app, my account settings have notifications set to 'all'. The 'manage notifications' button that brings up the system settings has notifications enabled (sound, vibrate...
  13. A

    Thread Question Is there a fix for One UI 4.1's horrible notification panel?

    I'm not sure if anyone feels the way I do but I can't stand the notification panel with One UI 4.1. It's a complete mess and I often find I'll have upwards of 25-50 notifications all separate in a large list. I vaguely remember it being cleaner with 4.0. Is there a way to have it group all app...
  14. Z

    Thread Question Vivo X80 Pro [Origin OS, CN Version] - Bugs & Experiences - Let's share

    Dear Forum, after scanning the x60 and x70 threads about notification issues I'm still struggling with missing notifications and badges for certain apps [in this case Signal and Threema]. What I did so far: - uninstall via ADB App Control - set notification settings correctly for...
  15. T

    Thread Question How do i change notch area behavior to stay black? I hate the color-change effect when i switch apps

    How do I fix this major annoyance on Edge 20 ?
  16. T

    Thread "Check Access Settings" / Accessibility Usage Notifications

    Android 12 has added additional privacy reminders/safeguards which I respect highly. However, I utilize a third party password generator and manager. This manager has autofill process that requires accessibility access. This triggers a notification ~2 per week reminding me that I have given up...
  17. R

    Thread Question Setup: Notifications while inactive on 5a/5g Android 12

    I bought a Pixel 5a/5g unlocked from Google and installed Android 12 during setup. I am currently using an LG V20 on Sprint/T-Mobile (USA) and have to upgrade the phone to be compatible with T-Mobile starting in 2022, hence the Pixel purchase. The phone is not rooted and I don't have the...
  18. kostaschar_

    Thread Lock screen notifications missing

    Hello there! Since the samsung's september security update i have a very annoying problem in my S10 (exynos) with my pop up notifications and generally with the notifications of specific apps like messenger and microsoft outlook. Specifically in facebook messenger i get neither lock screen...
  19. K

    Thread No luck disabling the "unknown caller" notification after "non-contact" incoming call

    I have tried several times to disable the "unknown caller" notification which lets you save the number, or block it if it's a spam caller. If I swipe short on the notification, it will let me disable the "Standard" category, but if I enter notifications settings, all sliders are disabled in the...
  20. wolfaas12345

    Thread Notifications working intermittently ?

    So i have a Vivo Nex 3 5G China model on Origin OS great phone etc but im having notification anomalies I know that on android good chunk of notificaitons are managed by play services However thats the thing for some reasons all notifications randomly die for a few hours and then magically...
  21. Dbergs

    Thread Question Icons in notifications (shape & size issues)

    Hi, I recently bought a Poco F3 and something that bugs the hell out of me is the notification icons, that they are in different shapes and sizes, which also causes the text in the notifications to not align to each other (see the image below). Is there any way to make this universal, so that...
  22. L

    Thread Bubbles Option missing from Settings - MIUI 12.1.1

    Hello everyone, Just yesterday I received the Android 11 update for my Xiaomi Mi 9T, in the form of MIUI 12.1.1 Global. After updating, I noticed that the app Facebook Messenger, an app that I use all the time, was not displaying notifications for new messages. After double checking all the...
  23. C

    Thread [OPPO A53] Possible bug with notifications after Android 11 update

    Hello, I'm currently having an issue with notifications on my OPPO A53 phone, after the v11.1 ColorOS / Android 11 update. The problem is that I can't see the notification bubbles from Whatsapp nor any other app anymore, in the status bar, while the lock screen is on. I've tried every possible...
  24. D

    Thread Question Add custom or replace default ringtones or notification tones. Is it possibile?

    Hi guys, Is there a chance to add custom ringtones or notification tones to watch 4? Or maybe to replace the default one with other files with the same name.... It's not working to add files trough Manage Content/Add Tracks
  25. kristof889

    Thread Meesenger/Email notifications not vanishing after I check them on PC

    Im coming from an S8, and when I got a FB Messenger or Gmail notification and then I checked it on a PC, it went away. Now I bought an S20 and this is no longer the case, as it always stays there. Is tis a known issue or is there a workaround for this?
  26. A

    Thread [4.1+][v1.0][FREE] Tone Adjuster (Avoid shock during call)

    This's a full version, not trial nor restricted features. If you like it, please support me and tap the link inside the app to Buy the paid version from Google Play. Also you can support me further by making a donation at my PayPal account. The purpose of Tone Adjuster is to automatically...
  27. S

    Thread MIUI12.5 Notification remains blank- Music player controls

    Objective: • To educate all the ASCs engineers and CCOs about Notification blank with All MIUI 12.5 Devices. Model Affected: • All MIUI 12.5 Models. Purpose: • Customer query: Why there is a blank space in notification pane? Why music player control in notification remains blank and reappear...
  28. B

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Spotify Notification

    So I recently updated to MIUI 12.0.1 on my Note 9 and I'm facing an annoying issue: whatsapp or other messaging apps' notifications keep going on top of the Spotify media controls. Already tried everything around the internet and I just can't get it to work like it used to. Any ideas? Thanks...
  29. Damianwdff

    Thread Problem with notifications in MIUI

    I have a problem with the notifications that come to me from WhatsApp, they are not grouped in the notification bar, they are separated. How can I solve that? I have, I already tried to change the style of the notifications from MIUI to Android but it remains the same, they are not...
  30. Und3rbyte

    Thread OP8Pro Magisk - Snapchat acting weird after rooting device?

    Hi there, I have just rooted my OP8Pro using Magisk, and I am facing a weird issue with Snapchat in specific. Whenever I have the application open, I keep getting a vibration and silent notification on my phone every 3 seconds or so regarding my camera being in use. This is a System UI Privacy...
  31. xokid32671

    Thread How to work with the instructions in your app for different models on Android?

    Friends! There is a problem: In my application, I have a need to make troubleshooting instructions with notifications, usually these problems are related to: a) Battery optimization settings; b) And additional battery parameters; But in different models, brands and versions of Android, the...
  32. F

    Thread Question Delayed notification problems S21 Ultra

    My S21 ultra has a delayed notification problem. Apps like eBay, PayPal, Gmail ETC will not receive instant notifications until I actually turn on the screen. Apps like my Ring alarm, Aqua Mail will get instant notifications just fine. I've have tried everything like adding the apps to the...
  33. E

    Thread I've Given Up On Android

    The very first Android phone I purchased was in 2010, and it was an HTC Desire. I have been a huge fan of Android ever since, owning literally hundreds of phones and tablets from various manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, LG, Sony....the list goes on and on. I've tried iOS...
  34. Z

    Thread Could it be possible to change the LED to a RGB one?

    I received my Poco X3 NFC and, even it is not crucial, didn't thought about the LED was only white. I don't know if it is restricted by the hardware itself or the kernel. Assuming it is hardware thing (didn't see any kernel mentiong the LED), could it be possible to change the LED to a RGB one...
  35. A

    Thread Mi 9 Lite and MIUI 12 - Problems with pop-up notifications

    Hello.I I have updated my Mi 9 Lite to MIUI with Android 10 yesterday. But I don't receive anymore pop-up notifications from Whatsapp, Telegram, Outlook, Messages and other apps.. What is the problem? What should I fix? I don't have root and I come from MIUI where pop-up...
  36. M

    Thread Hide/Show notifications on Lockscreen when device is Locked/Unlocked

    Hello all, I am coming from iOS and I really liked the feature where the notifications on the lockscreen are hidden when phone is locked and shown when it is unlocked using face ID. On OneUI, we can either choose to show or hide notifications on the lockscreen regardless if the device is...
  37. oZo

    Thread No WiFi calling shortcut

    I have a Note 9 U1, and there is no WiFi calling shortcut button in the drop down menu. There is no way to add one that I can see. It just isn't an option. I have Sprint, and WiFi calling is on my plan. It works fine if I go into settings and turn it on. i just want to know how to add the...
  38. ABSELT05

    Thread A simply way to show Ambient Display only on notification

    No notifications waiting makes the screen off and AOD not showing. Recieving or already having a notification shows AOD. On top of that you can select which apps are important to you to behave this way for their notifications and ignore others, also can be set similary for charging = on / not...
  39. ABSELT05

    Thread A simply way to show Ambient Display only on notification

    No notifications waiting makes the screen off and AOD not showing. Recieving or already having a notification shows AOD. On top of that you can select which apps are important to you to behave this way for their notifications and ignore others, also can be set similary for charging = on / not...
  40. ABSELT05

    Thread A simply way to show Ambient Display only on notification

    No notifications waiting makes the screen off and AOD not showing. Recieving or already having a notification shows AOD. On top of that you can select which apps are important to you to behave this way for their notifications and ignore others, also can be set similary for charging = on / not...
  41. Gammelgustav

    Thread Android 11: Change notification settings of immutable notification provider

    The problem presents itself as there are some notification providers (e.g. call services) that don't allow the user to disable specific notifications (in this case WiFi Calling). Since receiving the official Android 11 on my Pixel 4 XL yesterday, there is a permanent notification telling me...
  42. K

    Thread GTS & iOS 13.5 Zepp notifications

    Yo everyone o/ Just got my hands on a GTS and while it's a very nice piece of hardware I'm curious about something. As it stands right now, when I go to the notification toggles on the Zepp app to select which ones I want to redirect to my watch I get a short pre-populated list and an extra one...
  43. n70shan

    Thread Unable to receive notifications after MIUI 12 Update

    Hi all, I updated my rooted note 8 pro to miui 12 through twrp yesterday and all went fine but after some time I realized that I am unable to receive any notification including WhatsApp and outlook email and when i manually open the app, I receive pending messages instantly... so i tried to do...
  44. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Power Shade | Custom AOSP notification shade

    Power Shade Bring the AOSP Notification Shade to any device. But with lots of customization on top. Features not seen even in Custom ROMs. Power Shade is the most advanced notifications panel customizer. It provides you the options to make your quick settings the way you want. Designed to...
  45. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Mi Control Center | Bring a powerful control center to your device

    Mi Control Center Bring a Miui 12 style Control Center to any device, then customize it to the extreme Mi Control Center will change the way you use your phone. Separate your quick settings from your notifications. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to read your notifications and...
  46. ptitsnake

    Thread Quick shortcuts menu of the notification panel has disappeared

    Hello, For a few days the line of system shortcuts has suddenly disappeared. Here is what I currently have : Instead of before : I When I click on the pen I can see all the icons and options. But after validation nothing happens. I searched all the parameters submenus but I found...
  47. 3

    Thread Sync Notifications - For Devices Android

    Sync Notifications First, Let me introduce myself. I have been programming for 8 years. (now 25 years old) I had a break for a while. I have no team, only me :) The app Sync Notifications all your Android devices. List of features ? Sync your notifications to other Android devices ...
  48. W

    Thread WhatsApp ignores "Do Not Disturb": ideas for workarounds

    It's been noted before that WhatsApp ignores DND, leading to intrusive interruptions. For example I use my mobile as webcam for Zoom and Skype calls from the PC (whose webcam is broken) and every time a WhatsApp notif comes it, it stops the video in Skype or Zoom. I scanned forums for...
  49. FHT

    Thread [SM-J701M] Cannot Use Custom Notification Sounds

    Hi! I've been having a problem with my Samsung J701M in regards to Notification Sounds. I try to use a custom sound for my Notifications and Ringtone, and the phone doesn't recognize the files at all. I copy the file to the Notifications and the Ringtones folders in my main storage, but it...
  50. T

    Thread Always on display, notifications

    Do you have notifications / messages on the AOD on the Nubia Redmagic 5G? I have no notifications / Messages only sound.