1. TSSGM

    Thread TWRP for Huawei nova 3i

    TWRP 3.6.0 WARNING #1: Unlocking BL and flashing a custom recovery voids your warranty. Please make sure to contact your carrier/seller if your phone is still under warranty after unlocking the bootloader. WARNING #2: Make sure you have enabled OEM unlock and unlocked bootloader before trying...
  2. alexop2007

    Thread Huawei Nova 5T android 11 and EMUI 11

    Hello! Did anyone get official android 11 and EMUI 11 on Nova 5T?
  3. T

    Thread Nova Launcher - Button Overview

    Hi, i have a question on my nova launcher. for some time when I click on overview button i have nothing ... ? when i swap to poco launcher button overview it's ok , see printscreen did I miss a parameter?
  4. W

    Thread nova direct dial widgets not working?

    So i just got a 7T (first time oneplus user) and i noticed that on Nova, the contact direct dial widget doesn't work. It says permission denied. Anyone know of a workaround for this? I use this widget quite a bit so having this not work on nova is kind of a deal breaker. Been using the stock...
  5. paulyt989

    Thread System UI Turner still accessable and usable to its full extent on Official Androi 10

    Using Nova Launcher widget shortcut, choose UI Demo and you can still use it's features, from adding to removing icons, time, etc. Pretty much everything like before Google "removed" them.
  6. C

    Thread Nova Google Companion doesn't show any feeds

    Hello guys, I hope you can help me. I realy like the nova launcher + integreated nova google companion. But after yesterday the companion app is blank. I'm sure this could be not the right place to ask for help but I don't know where I could ask such questions. I already tried reinstall the...
  7. G

    Thread Issue with all the icon packs

    Hi Everybody, I have the latest version of NL Prime on my OP6. And I have an issue with all the icon packs: if I apply an icon pack from the NL settings nothing changes. I have to manually change the icon for every app on the phone. How can I fix this issue? Thanks.
  8. B

    Thread Remove stock luncher on on al-00

    Hi Has anyone found a solution to remove the original launcher and thereby be able to use Nova with the version? Thanks for your brainstorming!
  9. M

    Thread cannot create widgets in Nova-Launcher

    Hi, I had a hardware-problem on my previous Fire 10 HD, so Amazon replaced it and I have to configure it again. Previuously I had installed Nova-Launcher together with LaucherHijack and it worked. This time I thought I could do away with LauncherHijack as I had rooted the device already, so I...
  10. C

    Thread Nova vs OneUI

    No native app launcher has ever given me so much doubt before, I usually went straight to Nova, but OneUI can replace Nova + Sesame(both paid) in most occasions, and it looks really good and seamless. Any performance/benefits difference you noticed besides Nova's typical customization...
  11. J

    Thread Alternative to TeslaUnread (Nova launcher) for Pie on Huawei P20 Pro?

    With Oreo if I saw a TeslaUnread Gmail notification of e.g. "5" and opened the app to read a single email then closed the app, the badge stayed on the Gmail icon but the number decreased by one to "4". That's perfect. But TeslaUnread has stopped working properly on Android Pie. Nova has default...
  12. D

    Thread I've Gotten Nova Launcher Working; How Do I Get My Widgets To Work?

    I've successfully gotten Nova Launcher on my device, however, I cannot get the widgets to work. I've seen something about an ADB Shell, but I don't have a clue what that is or what to do. Can someone please tell me how to get widgets working?
  13. S

    Thread Huawei Launcher wants to rule the day? Other launchers crashing.

    This is on an MHA-L09. I would prefer to use Nova or the Google launcher, anything but the Huawei stock launcher, but am having issues. Nova Prime is crashing, or so it is reported by the Huawei Launcher that Ithen replaces it, with a warning that I should uninstall the Nova Launcher. I...
  14. G

    Thread Possible bug in stock SMS app

    Ok, so this has happened a few times now. I get a phone call which I don't answer and let go to voice mail. So, I get a missed call badge on the phone app icon, and a similar one in the contacts app icon. If I go to the dialer, the phone app badge disappears, but the contacts app one doesn't...
  15. J

    Thread TWRP - How to prepare vendor blobs

    I have a Huawei Nova 2, for which I want to extract vendor blobs to be able to decrypt the data partition in recovery mode, and for other purposes. I tried using the following tool:, but not only was it for Google's Nexus/Pixel devices, but when...
  16. #Henkate

    Thread [ROM][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 [25.05.2018]

    LineageOS 14.1 for Huawei Nova CAN-L11 DISCLAIMER: * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * Please do some research if you have any concerns about...
  17. Giuskiller

    Thread [GUIDE] Enable DT2S without entering in conflict with fingerprint unlock [NO ROOT]

    How to enable DT2S without entering in conflict with fingerprint unlock Hi guys, i recently found a way to enable the DT2S (Double Tap To Sleep) feature on our Honor 8 without giving any administrator permission. As you probably know, when using any application for DT2W it requires the "Device...
  18. libb

    Thread Samsung weather in Nova launcher

    Hi, I'm used to Nova launcher, on my previous S7 was possible to add an action which was starting the weather application. On S8 I'm getting message about insufficient right. Is there any way how to use Samsung weather from Nova launcher? Thanks.
  19. randomvector

    Thread [Android 5.0+] Outline Icons 3.34 - 10,900+ icons - XDA Members Giveaway!

    Hi, This is Outline Icons. It's an icon pack with your familiar icons but in an outline style. It's highly detailed and each icon is done by hand. The icons look great on AMOLED and LCD screens and will suit those who prefer minimal and subtle designs. Check it Out! FEATURES • 10,900+ hand...
  20. AM Radio

    Thread Launcher that allows Knock On/Off

    okay, so the G6 is pretty sweet. debloated it, installed Nova (LG's three launchers are pretty terrible, especially that cheesy "stretch" effect), everything is pretty much how i want it (not Rooted), except: Nova Launcher doesn't allow Knock On/Off. i can dbl tap to wake, takes me to the...
  21. ukanth

    Thread [Android][4.4+] MicoPacks - Manage installed Icon Packs

    Custom launchers with many icon packs (free/paid) ? Not able to find what icon packs are installed ? Not able to remember how many icons each has ? Ever wonder how to change icon packs based on day/night mode automatically ? MicoPacks helps resolving these problems. It filters the installed...
  22. #Henkate

    Thread [ROOT][HOW-TO] Fix Themes app on EMUI 5 / Nougat

    Hello! The problem is that themes are not applying when you install a EMUI 5 firmware from e.g. Firmware Finder. Yesterday I've installed B340 firmware from a website and then I've updated to B350 through Settings > System Update. Themes still wasn't working. I could open the app though, but...
  23. #Henkate

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][CAN-L11][UNOFFICIAL] ResurrectionRemix v5.7.4 [12.08.2017]

    DISCLAIMER: /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing...
  24. #Henkate

    Thread [ROM+KERNEL][CAN-L11][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 13.0 [11.08.2017]

    LineageOS 13.0 for Huawei Nova CAN-L11 DISCLAIMER: * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * Please do some research if you have any concerns about...
  25. L

    Thread CAN-L11C432 & CAN-L01C432 Updates

    Here are the latest updates for the dual sim and single sim Nova variants: CAN-L11C432: Full Update: CAN-L11C432B340: Changelog...
  26. myx0mop

    Thread [Q] Default Launcher

    Trying to switch to Nova Launcher. Changing the default launcher to Nova doesn't stick. The default keeps resetting automatically back to EMUI. Looking for a solution.
  27. t-ryder

    Thread [LAUNCHERS] big free mimaui icon pack - MIUI with a touch of material design

    MIMAUI icon pack for various Android launchers. Miui Material User Interface - the icons have a minimal touch of Google material design, plus the alternative icons have the material design color codes. Based on work by tung91 and jahirfiquitiva Grab it here LINK Important info: this is...
  28. E:V:A

    Thread Root and Recovery (CAN-L11)

    It seem impossible to find any useful root tools for the Huawei Nova (EU edition). This thread is in hope to collect some more info on this device, in order to give people better instruction on how to Root it. Getting the boot-loader unlocked is easy as its unlock code is given by Huawei, and...
  29. virusdunil

    Thread Stock Firmwares per region

    Hi... maybe it would be the place to share what firmware (stock) you have in your Nova-Nova Plus... ;) Im in Quebec Canada with Rogers... MLA-L03C654B130
  30. Z

    Thread Camera Sensor + Performance

    Does anyone know the sensor used in the Nova Plus? I don't know if its a 230, 240 or IMX298 (I doubt it) Also, how is the photos in daylight, low indoor shots and low light outdoors?
  31. jhuff83

    Thread Lock Screen Icons

    I'm having an issue with one of the lockscreen icons. I'm using Textra as my default messaging app and it's in my launch bar (Nova Launcher) Whenever i look at the lockscreen, the default messaging app is there and not Textra. Can anyone confirm they are having this issue also.
  32. webharsh

    Thread [Nova, Apex] Add a little circle around app icons

    I made a little theme which adds a circle around all icons in app launchers. Its inspired by folder background in Android N preview. Play Store Link:
  33. dbux

    Thread Nova Launcher workaround!?

    Using Nova Launcher gesture feature. For'Swipe Down' to expand notifications accessibility permission has to be enabled in S7. But if enabled Nova takes up almost 200 MB of RAM that led to device freezing( If not enabled just 50MB(75MB max) is the RAM...
  34. switzerland92

    Thread List of hidden S6 activities

    You need to have Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 with Nova Launcher and Marshmallow. Confirmed working on SM-G925F So, to access hidden activities you need to add Nova Launcher widget called "Activites" then scroll down to "Settings" and select something from list. Some things won't work (they are not...
  35. whibbleboff

    Thread Nova Launcher - 350MB RAM usage?

    Hi I searched the forums and couldn't see anything related so here goes... I happened to look at the memory section in settings (6.0.1) and noticed my Nexus 6P (not rooted) using an average of 2.3GB RAM within the last 3 hours - 650MB of which was Android OS and Nova closely behind at 350MB -...
  36. J

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Rapid Launcher 1.3

    Rapid Launcher Your new home screen replacement This launcher is a very simple launcher to use. With a very clean look and also themed to fit good with the newest version of Android. The launcher features components like a Theme Chooser for icon packs and many others. Rapid Launcher separates...
  37. JohnMcW

    Thread [Icons][Theme]Launchers] J Blue Ice Icons Pack for most Launchers

    J Blue Ice Icons Pack for Launchers Themes all icons on the phone Enjoy Available Free in the Play store Get J Blue Ice Icons Pack for most Launchers HERE Matching Swiftkey Mod available for rooted phones HERE Other Colors Get J Gold Ice Icons Pack HERE
  38. samymarboy

    Thread [Icon Pack] Sunshine Icon Pack

    A CUSTOM LAUNCHER IS REQUIRED TO USE ICONS. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ONE (NOVA, APEX, ACTION, ETC) BEFORE INSTALLING Sunshine Icon Pack: embellished by the latest material palette. Sunshine is a set of beautiful icons carefully crafted taking Google's guidelines, Embrace the lastest icon pack make the...
  39. Bill720

    Thread [Q] Export an icon from the launcher?

    I would like to export one of the icons from my launcher as a PNG file, but have been unable to do so. The icon is not for an app, it is a shortcut to a website, so the "Icons Extract" program from the marketplace wasn't able to help. I am using Nova Launcher. Any ideas as to how I might be...
  40. logonaniket

    Thread Google Now Crashing on 3rd Party Launcher!

    Hi Guys This has started happening recently. Google Now works fine when I use Google's official launcher. Google app doesn't even open when I launch it from Nova. Dunno what's the issue. It shows this: My Phone's Configuration: ROM: Cataclysm Beta 5.1.1 GoogleApp: (Tried with...
  41. J

    Thread [LOLIPOP] "Tile Icon Maker" alternatives

    Hi! On KK roms I've been using app "Tile icon Maker" (, where I had more than 20 widgets placed on nova Launcher homescreen... and it looked beautiful. then I installed CrDroid 5.02, I can make the same look, but after some time...
  42. schneid

    Thread Nova Launcher

    I originally posted this in reply to the HD Widgets post but thought it should have its own thread under Nova Launcher: I can confirm Nova Prime and HD Widgets work on my rooted AFTV with Rbox's mods. Was using Fired TV until I read the posts about HD Widgets. No comparison. Now have an App...
  43. BlackZenith

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher issue with status bar

    Whenever I pull down my notification bar and collapse it, the notification bar looks like it is about 50% transparent. Then after about 2 seconds, the notification bar goes away completely then reappears transparent. I just recently updated to Kit Kat over the weekend, but my setup never did...
  44. J

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher / soft buttons lag

    Hi all, I am using Nova Launcher and I hide my soft buttons on several apps. But when I return to my home screen after being in an app, the home screen jumps up a little, as if it needs to reposition because the soft buttons appear on my home screen. This only happens when I just came from an...
  45. Ridho1

    Thread [ICONS][Nova/Apex/Action] ★ Knopka Icon Pack ★ [1000 icons] [Rounded] [Gradient]

    [ICONS][Nova/Apex/Action] ★ Knopka Icon Pack ★ [1000 icons] [Rounded] [Gradient] Hello everyone, I will share my icon pack for XDA members. Any comments are great. :cowboy::cowboy: ★ It includes 1000 icons in 192x192 XXHDPI ★ So much alternative icons If for those of you like the...
  46. JT1510365

    Thread My Mean Green/Inverted Nova Launcher v3.1

    Here i have an inverted nova launcher to share with you. This is my own inverted nova launcher and it has new green images that were made by me. It is almost fully themed. I will also be updating and retheming it when new updates come out for nova launcher. I hope you enjoy! This nova launcher...
  47. malikmoreni

    Thread [icon] ★★★★★vivid icon pack★★★★★

    [icon] ★★★★★vivid icon pack★★★★★ PLAY STORE LINK Description // VIVID These icons are designed to be bright, colorful and crisp. Let the long pink reddish shade give your Android homescreen creations a brand new perspective. We've crafted each icon to be reminiscent of the stock icon, but...
  48. J

    Thread [Apex/Nova/ADW theme] Vertum

    Please give me a thanks and rate the thread if you like it.
  49. S

    Thread [Q] No Transparent status bar option in Nova Launcher on CM10

    Nova launcher is supposed to support the transparent status bar feature on 4.3+ Galaxy SIII. I just installed CM10.2.1 and I do not have this option, it is greyed out. Any idea how I can get this back in Nova? I'm coming from CM11 where it was baked in. I've read in multiple sources that Nova...
  50. E

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher settings...

    Greetings, I am attempting to run the Nova Launcher on Nook HD+ and coming across a problem that the Nova settings background is dark on the left half but "Nook gray" on the right half and preventing me from seeing the settings descriptions to make the proper adjustments... Has anyone else...