1. D

    Thread Is Google Wallet working on CM11?

    Hi. I am on Stock 4.1.2. I don't want to flash the CM11, because I really like the LG UI, Qslide and other features the stock offers. But I badly want to pay using google wallet tap & pay (I am from outside the US). I installed the newest Google Wallet 2.0 155 v14 app, but I had read that...
  2. omidz

    Thread [Q] Wiered Problems with my phone

    Hi! I have 2 wired problems with my O4x; First, when i set LG Keyboard settings it apples and works fine but eventually it gets restated to the default settings shortly! same thing with the messaging app setting! Second, now i am on ICS, when i try to update my OS via the OTA app it says you...
  3. pajiss

    Thread [Q] Benchmark: 3D Mark

    has anyone tried it on optimus 4x ?
  4. Silberpfeil3110

    Thread SIM Unlock the O4X

    Hey guys, I'm used to unlock Android phone by myself. I unlocked several devices with different methods. Now I wan't to know if there is any possibility to SIM unlock the O4X for free? Yes, I already used the forum search, if anyone asks... Best regards.
  5. alexp999

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] How to Root your LG Optimus 4X HD (O4X P880)

    UPDATE: Unfortunately I no longer own this handset so am unable to test it against newer firmwares. If you find that this method does not work on firmware newer than V10D, try downgrading first. I would like to begin this post, by saying that I did not come up with this method, but wanted to...