1. NeonOrbit

    Thread [Dexplore] Obfuscated code finder | Develop portable Xposed module for obfuscated apps

    Library: Dexplore [Develop Portable Xposed Module] - [For Any Obfuscated Apps] About: Dexplore is a dex analyzing library for finding obfuscated classes and methods at runtime. There is also a command line tool for static analysis and app de-compilation. Highlight: Now you can develop...
  2. kikfox

    Thread Obfuscated apk decompile/recompile tool

    Obfuscated apk decompile/recompile tool This tool is modified from "iBotPeaches/apktool" to handle resource obfuscated(by ResGuard or any) apps like Wechat, Tiktok, MT Manager ... About Renaming Illegal name like "r/e/a_.xml" -> "res/layout/layout_01ab.xml" Names containing non latin...
  3. E:V:A

    Thread [R&D|WIP] Reversing the Samsung OEM App/Bins

    This is a dumper thread for collecting research and development information on reversing some (or all) of the various Samsung proprietary Applications and binaries found in their later top models running at least 4.2.2, and preferably also SELinux enabled as Enforcing. In these devices there...