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  1. SpasilliumNexus

    Thread [ROM][XT1575] Marshmallow 6.0 with September 2016 Security Patch

    Here is a stock ROM for the Moto X Pure X1575 with the September update applied, pulled from my device and converted into a flashable ZIP for TWRP. In order to minimize on someone attempting to flash these zips on a non-XT1575, they have been scripted to not install on unsupported devices. If...
  2. Has.007

    Thread [XPOSED] [ODEXED] Samsung Stock Lollipop 5.0.2 [v87.1] [UNOFFICIAL] [14-Dec-2016]

    MUST READ • Your warranty is now void. • I am not responsible for bricked devices. • Thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. INTRODUCTION So here we go guys. I'm sharing this amazing work with you, It is not mine but I realized that most of the people are unaware...
  3. Battlehero

    Thread [6.0.1/5.1.1][BPG2][De/Odexed]Note 5 Stock ROM V3.3 - De-bloat Script - Mods

    Welcome to the Stock ROM Project! The mission of this project is to provide a ROM without extensive modifications, it provides a clean ROM for you to choose what you install on it. It's simply Odexed and rooted. You are responsible for what you do to your device so please don't...
  4. SpasilliumNexus

    Thread [ROM] [(De)Odex] Stock X1572/75 5.1.1 LPH23.116-18 + Semi-Stock X1575 Build 11-02-15

    Stock ROM (Odexed and Deodexed) for Moto X Style (X1572) and Moto X Pure (X1575) Android version: 5.1.1 | Build: LPH23.116-18 Here are flashable versions of the stock Moto X Style & Pure ROMs built from the factory images using SuperR's Kitchen. No modifications of any kind were done to them...
  5. tx_dbs_tx

    Thread Stock Rooted ROM - Testing in Progress

    l will try to squeeze in time to build two stock Lollipop roms for your Sprint note 3's. A stock odexed and a stock fully deodexed. BUT FYI... a fully deodexed LOLLIPOP framework is the only way to be able to do several popular mods for our phones, however deodexing the framework will defeat the...
  6. tx_dbs_tx

    Thread [ROM] [N915PVPU2BOC8] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed/Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [4/28/2015]

    I bring to you completely stock builds of Lollipop (N915PVPU2BOC8). Built from the official Samsung tar. The rom is rooted and has init.d/busybox support. Knox and Sprint Itson has been removed completely. The roms are available as odexed and deodexed . Also included in every rom is the OC8...
  7. X

    Thread [ROM]XSLIM_ROM_For_ZU__ULTRA_SLIM_Version_2.41A/3.20 [Updated: 2015-06-11]

    Hey, bros. Since the AIR_For_ZU Project is really hard to satisfy so many different ROMs, and I have built a new ROM (XSLIM) these days. So what's XSLIM? - XSLIM is based on Stock ROM. - Stable, Ultra SLIM, Full Odexed, Run really fast. New Features / Changelog Version...
  8. X


    Hey, bros. Since the AIR_For_ZU Project is really hard to satisfy so many different ROMs, and I have built a new ROM (XSLIM) for you these days. So what's XSLIM? XSLIM is based on official C6833_HK_108 ROM. Stable, Ultra SLIM, Full Odexed, Run really fast. Support Firmwares: Official 108 & 118...
  9. B

    Thread [ROM][ODEX+UBER][BOKROM] ***UPDATED*** AOSP 7.1 Nougat CM|AOSP|PA|EOS|Ter|AIC..12-07

    BOKROM - Built with Optimizing Kit ROM Below are my personal builds of the following ROMs AICP 10.0/11.0 AOSP 5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1 CM 12.1/CM 13.0 Dirty Unicorns v9/v10 Euphoria-OS OmniROM PA 5.1 Purity Resurrection Remix SlimLP Temasek Terminus These unofficial ROMs are fully odexed...
  10. tx_dbs_tx

    Thread [ROM] [Hybrid-X] [Lollipop 5.0 & 5.1.1] [Pre-Rooted+Mods+AEL-Kernel] [8/25/2015]

    Sprint Hybrid ROM Series LOLLIPOP 5.1.1 (Android 5.0.1 ROMs are in post #2) I bring to you a Hybrid Sprint N910PVPU4COG5 ROM. Built from the official Samsung OG5 tar ball. The initial ROM release is available in Odexed and Deodexed. Both are identical beside being odexed or deodexexd...
  11. manojpy

    Thread [ROM][T211][4.4.2]Zephyr Tab v4,Rooted,Debloated,Odexed, NJ3 TW Rom

    Simple, Stable, Smooth... I am not a developer, I have learnt (and am still learning) many things from the immensely talented developers on this Forum. This Rom has been created with the thought that there are many people who wish to continue with Samsung Stock Rom to give them a hassle-free...
  12. KunalKene1797

    Thread [q] do i need to be deodexed for this? :/

    Can i make changes to Framework-res.apk and Systemui.apk Odexed versions by Decompiling it and then recompiling it using APKTools...and can i make it work on my stock Odexed ROM? or will it go bootloop or FCs? :confused: This thing is really bugging me! :p Thanks in Advance:good:
  13. bruce2728

    Thread [ROM][mako][CM11][NON-CAF][4.4.4]bruce2728-linaro[doubletap2wake*QuickBoot*4gLTE]

    CM11 KTU84P with non-caf kernel support. This ROM is now built using the latest linaro 4.7.4 toolchain and comes with my modified cm kernel, I am still adding features and have removed the caf colour stuff. The ROM is still compatible with other aosp based kernels, Kernel source can be found...
  14. santod040

    Thread ☆★☆ [ROM|RADIO|FIRMWARE][5.0.2] Stock-Rooted | Sense 6 | m7lvw | 12-22-15

    Stock Rooted Android 5.0.2 Sense 6.0 Current OTA version: Lollipop 5.0.2 | Sense 6.0 6.22.605.6 CL CL495599 release keys Stock Roms I have taken the latest stock OTA update we received, and made it into complete flashable rooted stock roms. I have rooted, debloated, and deodexed the...
  15. Android-fany

    Thread ¶Stuff from Stock ROM 2.3.6¶

    For those who want to have Samsung Bloatware on Custom ROMs, I uploaded these on my Dropbox account. ;) ODEXED APPS (XXLI1 firmware) ODEXED FRAMEWORK (XXMD1 firmware) ODEXED APPS (XXLD3 firmware) Thanks to bittertruth277 These Apps are odexed. This means you will need to download the .odex...
  16. Z

    Thread [Mod's] DMF2 Odexed and Deodexed Mod's (2nd Version's)

    Hello I did some minor mod's, to DMF2 Odexed rom. These mod's are ONLY for LTE version, N7105 In 2nd post are the same mod's, but Deodexed version Warnings: 1 - All mods below, are to install by custom recovery. 2 - Make backup's of all applications to install, before flashing any mod 3 -...
  17. wanam

    Thread [APP][4.2+][3.1.2][Discontinued/Open sourced] Wanam Xposed

    Discontinued in favor of XTouchWiz for Marshmallow. Do NOT install it on Marshmallow devices, use XTouchWiz instead. If you are a developer and want to improve this module or develop your own module for TW Lollipop Roms, you can use my attached sources (Wanam Xposed L 1.3.0) XTouchWiz is also...
  18. vouty

    Thread [Q] UI mods for rooted odexed stock rom

    Are there any UI mods that will work with a rooted, but odexed stock rom like mrRobinson's root66? I'm talking about mods like 4-way power, battery and status bar icons, changing colors in the UI, etc.
  19. teshxx

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][4.1.2][N7100] ZCDMB1 || Deodexed & Odexed, Rooted, Busybox [02/17/13]

    [ROM][STOCK][4.1.2][N7100] ZCDMB1 || Deodexed & Odexed, Rooted, Busybox [02/17/13] ONLY FLASH THIS IF YOU HAVE NOTE 2 (N7100) This is a 4.1.2 Stock Rom made from Factory Image, N7100ZCDMB1 (CSC N7100CHNDMB1), released on 02/17/13. Both Deodexed and Odexed versions are available. Both of them...
  20. A

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.3] i747z UCUEMJ2 (Modified) Stock TouchWiz No-Knox ROM(Odexed)NEW 11/23/13

    ***NEW11/11/2013 v3.1 REBUILT FROM SCRATCH using the stock insecure kernel and ROM base. ******* This is for at&t SGH-i747 model only. Do not flash with any other model of Galaxy S3. i747z v 3.1 November 23, 2013 Green Theme v 3.1 Blue Theme v 3.1 Canadian ROM goodness for US At&t i747...
  21. mugendon

    Thread [MOD][4.3 + 4.2.x][ODEX + DEODEX] 1% battery mod for Stock Rom (Galaxy Nexus)

    Update 21.02.2013: Tidied up the Thread + Added Deodexed 4.2.2 mod Update 21.02.2013: Fixed "battery mod deodex SGN 4.2.2 circle big.zip" Update 29.08.2013: Finally made the mod for 4.3 Update 30.08.2013: Added off center and circle for 4.3 Update 15.11.2013: I will not continue the mod for...
  22. teshxx

    Thread [STOCK ROM] T889 Odexed and Deodexed // Rooted with Busybox (From Factory Image)

    Here are Stock Odexed and Deodexed Rooted Flashable Images with Busybox made from the Factory Image. These include unsecure boot.img. Odexed: Link 1 Deodexed: Link 1
  23. lsv-1

    Thread [MOD] STOCK MMS with Emoji support for ODEXED ROMS

    First of all I'd like to thank the guys of the following threads for providing the modded apk and the instructions to create an ODEXED apk. [MMS] Emoji/Softbank Stock MMS for JB 4.1 {TUT} How to Odex your APKs. Instructions: - Use root explorer to backup or rename Mms.apk and Mms.odex in...
  24. E

    Thread [MOD] [STOCK] [ODEXED] Enable QuickSettings Statusbar for 2.17 Stock

    THIS MOD IS FOR STOCK ODEXED ROMS ONLY WITH 2.17 BASE This is a small modification I did to my SystemUI.odex in order to enable the quicksettings tab in the notification area of the status bar. This mod only enables the settings already made by HTC into the ROM. It only unlocks this...
  25. wanam

    Thread [ROM][CWM][XXEMC2] [4.1.2] Deodexed Stock Roms - Discontinued

    Sorry, i can't support stock deodexed Rom anymore, i start supporting more devices and i can't keep making 2 Roms by device. Firmware info: Base Firmware: I9300XXEMC2 (4.1.2) Region: Europe Build Date: 11 Mar 2013 Change List: 1042335 Features: Zipaligned Rooted (Cf-Root V1.25)...
  26. KennyG123

    Thread [ROM][FC19][BML][MTD] Stock Odexed Prerooted

    This is all Darkierawr's work putting this together. He asked me to release it if I have time as he does not. So I tested both files by Odining back to stock, rooted and flashed the BML then the MTD version from there. If you see Darkie around make sure to hit a thanks for him. The MTD version...
  27. K

    Thread [UPDATE][DEODEX] Personal ModiFication LP7/LP8/LP9 via CWM Update.zip

    Hi guys, Having had a pleasant and appreciative response from members after publishing my deodex update.zip for the UK Sim-free release of XWLP7, I have decided to add XWLP8 and XWLP9. Whats different about this??? This is not a full ROM - this mod purely deodexes your current stock ROM to...
  28. shardul_seth

    Thread [ROM][ICS 4.0.4][27-Jun] Spacious, smooth and light ICS

    In continuation of the highly appreciated Spacious, smooth and light Gingerbread ROM, I present you the ICS version!! Works on Locked bootloader also as reported by FTW_260 1. What is so special about this ROM? The main feature is 400 MB is free on /data for your apps! This is the highest...
  29. Y

    Thread [Q] Stock Deodexed Apps? (Polaris)

    I'm looking for a ROM that is completely stock in terms of its contents but is deodexed so I can pull an apk. Specifically, I'm after the Polaris Office suite that came with our phones. I can't pull the one from just pure stock because it's an odexed version and won't work with custom ROMs...
  30. jamieg71

    Thread [ROM][4.67] KWIQ-NS [De-Sensed ][4/9/12] Updated

    KWIQ-NS ROM for the E4G KWIQ-NS is a de-sensed 1.0 Rom based on TommyTomatoe's rooted oprimized deodex rom found here. In addition to the multitude of tweeks and mods in Tommy's base, I have included a few of my own with more to come. In keeping with the original intention of the KWIQ...
  31. M

    Thread How do i disable ScrollingCache in a Odexed Stock Firmware?

    Hello everyone.. Im trying to have a smoother scrolling in my XXKI4 firmware with no luck, i know i must desactivate scrollingcache but i cant cause its odexed.. :( Does someone know how to proceed ? I'd be very grateful for yoour help, thanks you.
  32. N

    Thread [MIUI][JB] SuperBean 2.9.21 ~Even Slimmer!~

    This is a highly optimized version of MIUI.us' Nexus S build. I have included several tweaks to make this rom a joy to use. Please inform me of any problems or features you would love to see in the upcoming builds. I will try to update it within a few days of a new release, but of course if I...
  33. alen1901

    Thread please lock/delete

    please delete or lock this thread. it doesnt make sense anymore.
  34. S

    Thread [Q] Deodexed flashed over Odexed stock rom?

    Hi all. Perhaps this is a newbie query but here you go. I've been flashing stock rooted OTA's from the beginning, and always chose Odexed over Deodexed I suppose because of file size. Now, I'm looking to diversify and have the ability to theme etc. Can I flash a deodexed over an odexed...
  35. D

    Thread [ROM][18-01] Simplicity 2.2.1 [2.3.6~JVU] | Odexed, SuperCharged, Fast and Simple!

    The name says it all! It's designed to be simple, fast and flexible. It's perfect for everyday use with its long battery life, fast responsibility and simple design. Features: Simplicity 2.2.1 features: - Semaphore 2.5.0 Kernel - Based on Android 2.3.6 JVU - Odexed - Zip-aligned - Optimized -...
  36. L

    Thread [Q] Will deodexed ROMs user get future official OTA updates from Google?

    Hi, I found a deodexed stock rom in this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1060192 Since 'deodexed' mess with file names/class.dex If I flash the deodexed stock rom, will I have problem getting official OTA updates from Google? (the official updates should be odexed...
  37. S

    Thread 5 Lockscreen Mod and Android Lockscreen for JPQ / JPS / JPK

    Use it at your own risk! This mod is NOT for XXJPM! It has been made from the framework files of a JPQ and JPS, so on an odexed JPM rom it causes bootloop! It's for XXJPQ and XXJPS. So it wont make the Browser.apk crash like the older 5 Lockscreen Mod did it. (Check out the last part of this...
  38. Zixx

    Thread [Q] What is Deodexed Rom?

    Hello everybody Im wondering how is a deodexed rom different from the stock room, I do know that deodexed Roms make the hacking part easier but i would like to know why; I'm curious and how is the process made? thanks in advance Zixx.
  39. Master™

    Thread [ROM][1.13.605.7] Basic DeBloat [04/28/2011]

    Credits Features Issues Download
  40. R

    Thread OCUV, HAVS, etc... - what does it mean?

    what does all these stand for, and what do they actually do? OCUV (is this faster with less battery consumption???) OC UV HAVS r3.1 (or other numbers) De-odexed odexed kernel what I'v read is that you can have kernel, rom and radio separatly installed and they work together. correct?