1. bunkermatty

    Thread How do I root my A8?

    Yes I know, its a very basic question but I need some help. I was following this https://www.thecustomdroid.com/root-samsung-galaxy-a8-a8-plus-2018-guide/ guide but Odin didnt flash the phone for some reason (I sadly dont have the logs, sorry). The phone ended up getting in some emergency mode...
  2. Fuelinme

    Thread A715F stuck in bootloop. Can i fix it without losing data or at least recover it before a reset? (bootloader unlocked)

    Hello! I apologize if the terminology won't be correct but i'm not very tech savvy and i'm learning while trying to fix this mess😅 I have this rooted Samsung A715F (no custom rom) given to me by my cousin some time ago (he can't help me). The day before yesterday it started boot-looping out the...
  3. Fahood00451

    Thread I want assistance with rooting my galaxy note 9 (N960F/DS) exynos model

    I am asking for a guide with links to files and step-by-step instructions. I've been looking for the past 2 days and nothing seems to help, it's either broken, outdated, or contradicts some of the things said in previous guides. (ex, only use this specific version of Magisk or it'll brick your...
  4. R

    Thread [SOLVED] Odin not accepting custom binaries. Fails with "Only offical releases are allowed to be flashed(BOOT)"

    Even with my bootloader unlocked, I'm unable to flash the boot.img patched by Magisk. It fails with ERROR "Only offical releases are allowed to be flashed(BOOT)"
  5. M

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 X200 (2022) - Odin Device Detection Issue

    Hi Everyone, I need help with Odin. I am new to this root and I was trying to install TWRP through AP Odin v3.13.4 but my Windows 10 does not detect my Tab A8 in downloading mode. I have tried replacing cables, reinstalling drivers(Samsung-USB-Driver-v1.7.48.0), smart switch and even switching...
  6. pKalmam

    Thread can't flash with odin even though bootloader being unlocked

    i've got an a50 that i want to install TWRP on so i won't have to use the abomination that download mode is. i've unlocked bootloader, yet when i try to flash the TWRP .tar in odin it fails and the phone gives the following error code: "Only officially released binaries are allowed to be...
  7. Junkun007

    Thread Samsung A31 unable to flash, partition prism

    Hi I tried to install stock Android 12 on my samsung A31. Due to some error in the PC the installation stopped halfway. I used FRP hijacker tool to get back to download window. However now the error shows "Partitions prism. Reason prism: Error verifying vbmeta image : invalid vbmeta header(6)...
  8. S

    Thread My S8+ (SM-G955F) Soft bricked! Sister’s phone and I’m going nuts! Please help me!

    My s8+ had UAE firmware on it, settings showed FD version but all other apps like HW info and antutu, Samsung members said F only. Moving forward I tried to flash a custom official noble rom, and I clicked install twrp too. Fast forward after installation my phone only is stuck in downloading...
  9. M

    Thread [Help] Not rebooting after successful flashing (Odin)

    Hi, I have a Samsung J5 Prime (SG570M) that is stuck in download mode. I flashed the stock rom with Odin (both last version) and when the flashing ends, it says 'successful' in Odin, but when the phone reboots it doesn't boot up, the screen remains black. The samsung logo doesn't even appear...
  10. bonaktan

    Thread Question Odin failed to flash lk-verified.img, now cant interact with Download Mode

    Im trying to update my phone using odin but this happened: <ID:0/007> Odin engine v(ID:3.1401).. <ID:0/007> File analysis.. <ID:0/007> skip file list for home binary <ID:0/007> param.bin <ID:0/007> userdata.img <ID:0/007> Home Binary Download <ID:0/007> Total Binary size: 5608 M <ID:0/007>...
  11. D

    Thread system_server_wtf errors - S20 FE 5G Rebooting Every Few Minutes

    Hello, I was trying to make a bank app work on my phone, which suddenly stopped working after an update. I had Shamiko+HideMyApplist modules installed on Magisk+LSposed. I'm not sure if i disabled the wrong app or something, but now my S20 FE 5G is rebooting every few minutes. I was on OneUI...
  12. E

    Thread [Guide] [2023] How to root GT-N7100(or any other old device) android 4.4.2[or <5] with Magisk

    Hey! haven't seen anyone in this section for a while.... Why I am making this thread So lately, I was looking through my old phones only only to find my old dusty Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lying around. It had already been rooted with kingroot... Needless to say, it's a spyware and my phone was...
  13. Jetrel1

    Thread Tried to flash G988W firmware onto my G988U1 phone. SIM card not recognized

    I live in Canada. I purchased an S20 Ultra off a seller on Canadian best buy (open box). I assumed it'd be a Canadian variant, but it was an unlocked US version (U1 firmware). OK whatever, but it meant my Samsung Pay doesn't work, along with a few other calling features. I downloaded the...
  14. T

    Thread A205U, what can be done with it? Any specific Guides? And other questions.

    There are threads upon threads upon threads of things you can do with every other variant of the A20, but almost all of them have the disclaimer "Doesn't work with A205U." This is making it pretty hard to find guides for things that *can* be done with the A205U. Perhaps if someone could compile...
  15. I

    Thread PIT File for Note 5 SM-N920I bought from Singapore

    I have a Note 5 I want to repartition. Why? Long story short, the screen is broken (no image, no touchscreen) and I wanted to flash a custom rom with ADB enabled by default so I can erase my data and maybe still get some use out of the phone. While flashing some custom ROMs, the phone started...
  16. G

    Thread Question S21 Ultra Software Update problem

    Hello guys, I need your help. I bought the phone in the US and moved to country Georgia. As I understand because the CSC code changed I can't update the software. My only option is to flash it via Odin. Following the youtube guide, I downloaded Frija and Odin apps, but I am stuck in the Frija...
  17. FaRu_

    Thread Unlock Bootloader without access to phone

    Hello Guys, My phone (Samsung Galaxy A9 2018) isn't starting anymore but it can go into download mode, and is recognized by the PC but as a Samsung Modem. So I wanted to try and flash TRWP to the phone, sadly the Bootloader is locked. I have googled many ways, on how to unlock the Bootloader...
  18. jrdef

    Thread S20 FE bootloop after security update

    So I never posted here but I usually pass by some topics so sorry for any mistake in creating this discussion. Today I deleted some stuff from my S20 FE and downloaded via OTA the march security update in my device, then I was caught by surprise when saw it restarting more than once, instantly I...
  19. L

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S8 Formated by a strange application, cannot boot anymore

    Hey, i have recently bought a micro sd card for my phone and after flashing sd it corrumpted and my phone is rooted i used application named : [root] SDFS - Format SDCard i tried to format my sd card but it corrumpt the application shows an strange partition with name ? and no space it shows 0...
  20. I

    Thread Galaxy S9 Upgrade from Android 8 to Android 10 Memory Problem

    Hi guys. I'm clearly a rank amateur here amongst the experts. I did my research and used Frija and Odin to upgrade my ageing unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F XEU Dual SIM) to Android 10 from 8 so that some of my apps will still continue to work. All went well and my phone is still fully...
  21. TechOut

    Thread How To Guide How To Download Firmware and Flash With Odin (Video Guide)

    With the first updates starting to roll out for the S23 series i know there will be people looking to get it before the OTA hits their phone. Here is a video guide on downloading current firmware with Frija and flashing with Odin! The guide can also apply to using Odin to restore or downgrade a...
  22. TomAver

    Thread Question I can't downgrade via Odin. Pls help!

    Hello. I want to downgrade my A22 5G from Android 13 to android 11. I found the firmware from 2 different webpages just to be safe (sam-mobile & SamFW) I did the whole proccess with odin and everytime i receive this message. <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable...
  23. W

    Thread How To Guide [FULL DEFINITIVE GUIDE] Installing 'Custom ROMs' (GSIs) without TWRP on Samsung Phones

    11th Feb 2023 THIS GUIDE DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT, BUT WILL WIPE YOUR EXISTING DATA! MAKE SURE TO HAVE A BACKUP. Now before you start commenting that GSIs are not the same as Custom ROMs, please read below. Spoiler Alert: There are probably not going to be any true Custom ROMs for the A52 5G for...
  24. ethical_haquer

    Thread [GUIDE] Odin on Linux [VirtualBox]

    Odin 3 running inside VirtualBox on PureOS, a Debian-based Linux distribution: I found a way to get Odin running on Linux! It uses a virtual machine (VM), but it works better than heimdall for newer devices, and is much better than dual booting Windows just to use Odin. Used it to flash Lineage...
  25. T

    Thread Unable to Flash TWRP or anything else

    Hi there, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I want to remove the Stock ROM from my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 | SM-T830) and install something else (https://www.getdroidtips.com/android-12samsung-galaxy-tab-s4/). For some Reason Samsung forced me to do a factory reset to unlock the...
  26. Dan Ti

    Thread Flash .zip file (LineageOS) using Odin/Heimdall

    Is there any way to flash a .zip file (ROM) without having to install a custom recovery?
  27. Adamxdp

    Thread Firmware upgrade encountered na issue after successful Odin flash

    hi i have a problem, my phone samsung galaxy trend lite (gt-s7390) after successful flashing stock rom using odin shows "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue". I tried using another version of odin and firmware and nothing. Is any solution for this?
  28. RaveSep1

    Thread Stuck in bootloop after flashing TWRP on stock rom

    Hi, i had installed TWRP and magisk in few months ago, and for some reason, i installed stock rom file on my device. But I realized that my device got unrooted. So, i flashed the same twrp.tar that i used before, now my device keeps booting into twrp (even when i select reboot>system) Help me, thx
  29. Michy234

    Thread When flashing stock rom with Odin, rebooting is stuck at boot logo

    Hello, some days ago i found a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style (SM-G310HN/heatnfc3g) and i decided to mod it, i installed TWRP via Odin and all was ok, but when i tried to install CyanogenMod 12.1 it didn't work. Since it didn't work, i decided to flash stock ROM. It worked once, but now it doesn't...
  30. U

    Thread Question Is the signal band set the same for SM-G998U and SM-G998U1?

    Greetings to the community here! I came here out of desperation because after several attempts I can't fix the problem with my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, specifically the model SM-G998U (CSC: ATT/XAA,ATT/ATT). The phone is unlocked and accepts all SIM cards. I live in the...
  31. Gurkinator

    Thread [solved]How to install stock ROM + custom kernel and Magisk?

    Hello everyone, I currently use the stock ROM + WirusMOD Nethunter modified Kernel and Magisk on my SM-G781B/DS. I installed it quite a while ago using TWRP. I'm still on Android 11 and I'd like to upgrade my system. OTA doesn't work, and I decided to just wipe and completly re-install the stock...
  32. Flying_Flapjacks

    Thread Tried to install LineageOS on Tab S2, now it is soft bricked

    Hey all, I am very inexperienced with custom OS on Android and I was trying to install a lineageOS so that I can run octoprint on my tablet for my 3d printer. In doing so, I somehow deleted the stock OS. Now my device either flashes the samsung logo (if I boot normally) or it can get to the...
  33. danialgood

    Thread Question Phone turns off after the SAMSUNG logo

    I was trying to flash my s21+ g996b with Odin and it failed at the beginning so I restarted the phone but it turned off after showing the Samsung logo the same thing happens if I try to go to recovery mode or safe mode thus I can't access them. When I try plugging in the phone to my PC (or just...
  34. WebSnke

    Thread Help! Odin failed while flashing TWRP

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 (G930F) and I wanted to install TWRP on it. Something went wrong and it fails to flash the firmware: I have tried to change the cable and I also tried to use Smart Switch but it still failed. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  35. L

    Thread Question S21 bricked/stuck on Odin screen during One UI 5 upgrade

    My S21 bricked/got stuck on the Odin screen (aqua downloading screen) during the One UI 5 upgrade. I have been in touch with Samsung support however nothing they suggested worked. I wish to backup media (mostly photos) from the device so sending it away to support is out of the question. I am...
  36. Markix_

    Thread [SM-A600FN] Is it possible to flash recoveries with ADB/fastboot?

    So, everybody and their mother recommends Odin for flashing Samsung phones. And for a good reason! It's an easy-to-use GUI and while it's not difficult to screw stuff up with it, it's much better than a terminal window. But I'm on Linux and Odin is available only for Windows. Now, I could dual...
  37. Arealhooman

    Thread odin does not work.

    when i try to patch files it says: All threads completed. (succeed 0/ failed 0) what happened. i selected BL, AP, CSC
  38. Mjoygullyusingoldphones

    Thread Can i install Firmware for SM-A015F on SM-A015AZ

    I have been attemping to installing magisk on my SM-A01AZ for a while but since my phone does not have have the OEM UNLOCK in the settings it's somewhat hard to do. so i decided to flash the new SM-A015F update as it has the andriod 12 update and maybe i can get the oem unlock option so i was...
  39. PrakyathGowda

    Thread HELP!! S7 edge not booting… ND FRP lock: on (SOLVED)

    Yea so flashed Stock Firmware, everything booted then had to do a restart… got Custom binary Lock!!! So went to Odin nd reinstalled stock firmware !! But yea FRP IS ON… PRESENT SITUATION: -Doesn’t boot cause of dm- verity check… -Can’t install TWRP cause of FRP Lock 💀 - Binary is 8 Can...
  40. P

    Thread Question Rooting the SM-A536B/DS

    4 days ago I updated to android 13, now the problem is I am not finding any root files for android 13. Any help pls?
  41. Devildoid

    Thread Unable to Flash the Stock ROM on S7 using Odin tool

    Hi I am facing an issue with my Samsung galaxy s7 sm-g930fd, I cannot flash the ROM/OS using the Odin tool 3.13.1. Previously I was running Custom ROM and I decided to change to another Custom ROM from android 10 to android 9 one UI. When I flash the android 9 ROM, It stuck into a boot loop and...
  42. S

    Thread Question Flashing different region rom

    I got a s21 ultra smg998b version with region of Pakistan.But ota updates in my country are extremely slow.So I was wondering if I can flash a stock ROM of different region like some country of Europe using Odin so that I can get updates faster. I will be flashing ROM of same model of smg988b...
  43. nsfxpython

    Thread Question Flashing Another Country/Region's Firmware?

    One UI 5/Android 13 still hasn't hit my US (SM-A536U) phone yet. I'm leaning towards this being a no, but would it be possible to download the European firmware for Android 13 for the A53 and use it on my US phone? I'm hesitant because the European variant is SM-A536B and mine is SM-A536U. That...
  44. asgharSo

    Thread [TOOL] Freya v1.0.2.0 | samsung Open Source flash tool

    Freya is a beautifull .Net Open source project for samsung flash Based on (https://github.com/Alephgsm/SharpOdinClient) Freya is like odin for flash, Read info,repartition (Automatically) but with faster and best features Screenshot Manually Select Files In this method, you can select the...
  45. UltraVegito_420

    Thread How to unbrick Samsung a30s not turning on + screen flashing green after failed TWRP flash

    Sup, just had this problem like 30 minutes ago lol, and then I said to myself "would that even work?..." and guess what, it worked! I guess you want to know how to unbrick it lol, here's how + ur welcome + i bet you thought your phone bricked lol Press down vol- + power until it powers on and...
  46. do1z

    Thread Odin/Heimdall not recognizing SM-G950U1 in download mode

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U1 from ATT. It is the snapdragon US model. I am trying to flash an official TWRP image from twrp.me using Odin (Windows) or Heimdall (Linux). When I put my S8 into download or Odin mode and plug it into my Windows host, Odin3 will fail to recognize that I...
  47. Arealhooman

    Thread Is there Odin for One UI 5?

    If so can I have a download? If not, please verify there isn’t a version.
  48. C

    Thread Phone Freezes On All ROMS

    Hi guys I used PixelExperience 11 rom for 4-5 months last week phone freezed while charging I force rebooted it, after reboot, it freezed again I waited for the respond but phone turned off and not responded to anything until (charging, odin mode etc) phone charge finished and I booted with...
  49. shoaibahmad121

    Thread Samsung S8 is stuck on start logo after flashing

    Hi there. I know this question has been posted but none of the solutions is working for me. I flashed official ROM using Odin on my S8 950FD. The process was smooth, the phone rebooted, installed update (blue screen), erased, rebooted again and then stuck on logo. I waited for a long time, then...
  50. T

    Thread Stock SM-T580 Bricked, can't restore stock image

    Hello, I tried to use my unrooted, stock Samsung Tab A (SM-T580) and discovered the battery was completely dead. After leaving it on charge, I tried to start it and it would only sit at the Samsung logo. I have tried a soft reboot, hard reboot, pulling the battery, etc. I cannot enter recovery...