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  1. T

    Thread Not possible to unlock OEM with simlock free phone

    Its not possible to unlock OEM on my onplus 8. I red that this might be because of a simlock. Afaik there is no simlock on my phone. As i try to swipe it i got a request for my PIN. After that it just goes back to the previous screen.
  2. LexPanda

    Thread Pixel 4 xl OEM unlock grayed out (Verizon carrier unlocked) Android 12/13 beta

    I have searched every forum in XDA but no success, I want to unlock my Pixel 4 xl bootloader but the OEM unlock grayed out in developer option, please I want to know if there's any way to bypass the protection and unlock bootloader and root my phone, please help, using a non root device is like...
  3. D

    Thread Question Any hope for OEM unlocking and rooting A125U AT&T??

    My baseband is A125USQS3BVB2, my region is OYN (multiregion). OEM is completely missing (developer mode enabled, past 7 days, not grayed out, completely missing). I've tried downgrading to Android 10, but it still was missing. Is there a specific version I can downgrade to that would allow OEM...
  4. C

    Thread Question unable to unlock the bootloader (A52 5G, SM-A526B)

    So I'm trying to unlock my bootloader to root my phone with Magisk (which also patches VBmeta, which is important for me to do). Originally the OEM unlock option was not appearing in my phone's settings, but I fixed that with the date hack (set the phone's clock to 2022-05-01 instead of...
  5. K

    Thread Getting OEM Unlocking Enabled on Pixel 1

    I have an old Pixel 1 that I got a long time ago that I was looking into rooting but the OEM unlocking slider is grayed out/disabled for me. I've come across dozens of posts with various methods of getting this toggle enabled for Verizon/Non-Verizon phones but many seem to be patched or not...
  6. B

    Thread Is dePixel8 Still Relevant/working for Verizon Locked Pixels?

    I have a Verzion OEM locked Pixel 3. I didn't actually know that until about 20 minutes ago when I realized the OEM Unlock toggle was greyed out. I tried using dePixel8 which is supposed to be able to OEM unlock Verizon phones. Well I downloaded dePixel8 and I should mention that when i...
  7. AesopRock127

    Thread [OPN100][METRO (BE2015) BE82CF] Ungrey OEM Unlocking and complete 10.5.8 stock root guide

    Disclaimer: By attempting this I accept no responsibility for any consequences or repercussions or perceived consequences or repercussions of using this guide or any of the files in it. I'm simply a n00b trying to make things easier for the next guy because this was quite a process and my phone...
  8. I

    Thread Unable to confirm bootloader unlock prompt on fastboot. Device buttons don't seem to work in there.

    Hello, I would be really grateful if one of you can give me a solution. The device I need help with is a "SOUTH" SD100T (chinese tablet). I'm not any kind of expert. Here is an image of the device: Let me give some context... The device came with android 8.1, but I NEED to upgrade it to at...
  9. Fareoh

    Thread OEM unlock NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G SM-986N (sud korean version/snapdragon)

    Hello, I bought a samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5G, and it turns out that it is a snapdragon version, which is additionally blocked operator. So I would like to find a solution to unblock OEM in order to flash a ROM stock, to remove the network block, and to put my French sim card...
  10. Qwerty_in_me

    Thread broken screen data recovery / fastboot unlock erase bypass / edl flash dump - pls read, need sreenshots

    sounds like a lot, it isn't. I have a Xaomi Redmi Note 4 (x?) [ mido ] with an anhialated LCD with no perms set and I need only the userdata partition or even just the files inside Internal Storage. I'll start with the last; I found a neat tool on git(hub) to interface with the edl...
  11. B

    Thread No option to unlock bootloader?

    I want to root my phone with Magisk, so, following the instructions here: I enabled OEM unlocking on my SM-A516B (European, not US or Canada and it's running the latest offical software (Android 12)) and rebooted to download mode via adb (goes to a "fastboot" mode when I select bootloader mode...
  12. rittnerb

    Thread MDM Locked Galaxy Tab A

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2020, SN-T307U) that I got from work. It's an old Doordash tablet that Doordash didn't want back, so I'm trying to reset it and it's driving me crazy. I have followed so many tutorials trying to get this thing to work, I keep getting caught on something. - Simply...
  13. Tizu69

    Thread Can't seem to get OEM unlocking to work on T290

    Okay, weird problem here. I'd like to unlock the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019, but can't seem to recreate the blue screen asking if I'd like to enter download mode or unlock the bootloader. I've read that I should press both volume keys and plug in the device while holding the...
  14. flywithu

    Thread Question which one is bootloader unlockable?

    I'm going to purchase Pixel 6 for development. (I'll update FW to my own one) So I need a pixel 6 with bootloader unlock. Which one is bootloader unlockable model?
  15. i3GX

    Thread What Am I Doing Wrong? (Rooting/Bootloader Unlocking)

    Hopefully someone here can help me through my problem, Device Details: BLU G60/BLU VIVO X6 Android 9/Pie OEM Unlocking: Allowed USB Debugging: Enabled Hey, I'm pretty new to this way of customizing my phone (adb, root, roms etc), and I'm trying to root my phone with Magisk. I have a patched...
  16. D

    Thread Question Can't get into fastboot to unlock bootloader

    Phone info OPPO A74 5G Model number - CPH2197 Build number - CPH2197_11_A.12 Android 11 Developer Mode enabled OEM Unlock enabled USB Debugging enabled Below are screenshots of all of the above [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/qw0fUAw) Phone is recognised by ADB but not Fastboot and as...
  17. Zeek347

    Thread OEM Unlocking INSTANTLY turns back off.

    Hi, I'm new to XDA. I am trying to get a rooted device so I can play around with it and do cool things. After trying 4 different phones and weeks of nonstop research and attempts, I decided to an Amazon Fire 8 Plus (10th Generation). I know how to unlock bootloader using windows 10 and android...
  18. FleoRDI

    Thread Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S : how to install Twrp?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while that i have been looking for a way to install a custom rom on my Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S but on every tutorials i found, the user had already unlocked his oem unlock and did not show how he did it. So i was expecting that someone could guide me to install...
  19. X

    Thread Japanese Pixel 3 bootloader unlock

    So long story short, I've decided to get myself a used Pixel 3 and the shop where I'm going to get it from said that its a carrier Japanese model. From what I know, the Verizon model does not allow for OEM unlocking, so can anyone let me know if the Softbank/Docomo/AU variant of the phone allows...
  20. S

    Thread OEM unlock toggle missing under developer options

    The toggle to enable OEM unlocking under developer options is completely missing, and nothing seems to make a difference. The widely-shared workaround involving changing the date didn't work. Waiting seven whole days didn't work. Is 168 hours uptime with no reboots necessary? Is a Google...
  21. I

    Thread How to unlock bootloader for Vivo y21?

    Hey guys, can anyone teach me how to unlock bootloader for vivo y21. I have tried several ways from online but still fails. After I enter "fastboot oem unlock", my phone stuck. Please help!!! Thank you!!
  22. W

    Thread Status of unlocking Pixel 3a XL on Verizon? Is there hope, or just doom and gloom?

    In retrospect, it was fairly naive of me to assume I could easily accomplish using an unlocked phone running LineageOS on the Verizon Network, especially knowing my history dealing with the company. Nevertheless, I purchased a Pixel 3a XL on Amazon thinking that it was unlocked, and mistakenly...
  23. N

    Thread bad phone never buying samsung again [EDIT] i need a sim card to oem unlocking

    TLDR: i did everything people say except adb and reflash like god damn man my phone is so damn slow i wanna install lineage os im trying to root my a10e but no oem im connected to a google account im connected to a samsung account i havent turned it off i have over 1 week uptime im connected...
  24. T

    Thread [Unsolved] Unable to unlock bootloader and unable to boot Android and change the oem unlock setting.

    I want to unlock the bootloader of my tablet but I don't have access to Android because it doesn't boot anymore. Reinstalling Android via Xperia mobile didn't work so I wanted to flash recovery and see what else I could do to maybe fix it. But there's one problem: Whenever I enter the oem...
  25. crackmymind403

    Thread Bootloop Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) Locked Bootloader

    I have Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with Pixel Experience ROM Android 9, but lately my device suddenly shut down even though the battery still 78%, i tried unplug the battery socket, but still suddenly shut down. So, i wanna flash new ROM which Android Version is 10. But i failed, some people said i must...
  26. ePhantom98

    Thread cant oem unlock bootloader on Samsung tab a6

    I'm trying to install lineageos on my tab a6 and have gotten to the point where I have the bootloader unlocked in developer options but when i run the command adb reboot bootloader it simply reboots it normally and not into the bootloader. The "restart to bootloader" in the recovery screen also...
  27. U

    Thread Nokia TA-1053 - how to install lineageOS and unlock bootloader - it"s on android 7.1.1, 1.June 2017 security patch

    hey there, just wanted to flash twrp and lineageOS with magisk, but as I understood from all my reading here on the forum, I think that it is not that easy as on other phones - you have to buy a bootloader unlock key? I"m on ANDROID 7.1.1 ...
  28. E

    Thread Bootloader Unlock Code Characteristics

    I'm trying to unlock a moto g3 (variant XT1548). The Motorola website tells me that it isn't possible for this phone. I am considering if it is possible and practical to brute force the unlock. This program looks like a good starting point...
  29. J

    Thread OEM unlocking

    Hello, I have a brand new Xperia XZ1 Compact (G8441) and I'm setting out to install LineageOS on it. I understand the first step is to unlock the bootloader. I have followed Sony's instructions here but I get this error when I run the fastboot unlock command: ./fastboot oem unlock...
  30. eM-Krow

    Thread Can't Enable OEM Unlocking

    I've had this Pixel 2 for years now and like it a bit but I still can't root it because of Verizon locking the ability to enable OEM Unlocking. I've tried to unlock via usb and using lock/unlock critical and such. I've tried downgrading and it fails to do so. Couldn't I just root it without...
  31. Ayle Kalani

    Thread Fashing Locked e Unlock OEM At Developer Option.. Moto G7 Plus

    How to unlock the OEM when I could not activate the developer options, because the device does not turn on? It is not possible to flash a ROM because it says: flashing_locked In short, the device only goes to Fastboot. ------------------ I manage to do the following. I did a temporary boot...
  32. B

    Thread Rooting/Installing Stock Android on Note 20 Ultra AT&T SnapDragon version?

    I am planning on getting a Note 20 Ultra later today from AT&T I will be paying it off as I go. Personally I hate the look and functionality of Samsung's UI so I am hoping to install stock Android 10 on it. Will I be able to do this? Personally I don't know if OEM Unlocking will be an enablable...
  33. K

    Thread OEM UNLOCK option missing

    I need to know if the SM-986U1 bootloader is un-lockable. I bought this phone new, factory unlocked. Activated service with Boost Mobile and everything works great but the (allow OEM unlock) option in developer mode is missing. Can someone please help?
  34. K

    Thread OEM UNLOCK option on SM-G975U1

    Hey guys, I just bought a Galaxy S10 Plus "unlocked" new. I activated it with a Boost mobile BYO sim kit and everything works great. I decided it was time to root so I went into developer mode and the OEM UNLOCK toggle is not there. I tried all the usual methods to get it to show up (change...
  35. MrElectrifyer

    Thread Accidentally Disabled OEM Unlock on SM-N950N (w/ SM-N950F CSC), how to Recover Data?

    Hey guys, Here's the situation. I was in the process of completing the setup of my 768GB Note 8 (SM-N950N) with Dr.Ketan P12 custom ROM, and RZ Kernal (for DriveDroid support). Out of nowhere, my Note 8 camera just stopped working, and the Dr.Ketan ROM Tools and Tweaks Pro apps could no longer...
  36. kevorski

    Thread Other options for OEM unlock

    So I just received a brand new S10 from Sprint. I am trying to enable OEM Unlock so that I can root the device. However, the option does not appear under Developer Options. I have tried to clock reset about 20 different times with no luck. Does anyone know of any other way to get OEM Unlock to...
  37. D

    Thread Persistent RMM state prenormal: where did you buy your phone?

    If you're one of the unlucky ones whose RMM state prenormal never clears and remains prenormal forever, please post here and mention where you bought your phone. Also check settings -> about phone -> software -> carrier software and post your 3 (or 4) csc codes. I bought mine in Saudi Arabia...
  38. G

    Thread Oem Unlock

    Hello. I have few question. At XDA, i saw solution for oem unlock with changing date. It worked at first time, oem unlock option is shown. after that, i flashed twrp and then root. everythings seems fine to when i reboot my phone. i got error that say "only official released binaries are...
  39. su-do

    Thread No OEM unlock ?

    Why am I not seeing OEM Unlock option inside Developer Options? Is it only me or everyone is the same? ZB602KL 4GB .338
  40. T

    Thread CAN'T ACCESS TO ProjectMenu ON MATE 8 EMUI 8

    I accidentality flashed a wrong oreo Chinese firmware on my international mate (nxt-L29), with that I'm stuck with booth bootloader and FRP lock ("enable OEM unlock" option in developer mode sitting is greyed). in attempt to resolve this problem I'm asked to put USB ports setting on...
  41. M

    Thread Fix for missing OEM Unlock option | Note 9 SM-N960F / Exynos International Variant?

    Does anyone have a fix for the missing OEM Unlock option in Developer options, without waiting for the obligatory 7 day (168-hour) uptime on the international variant of the Note 9? I have tried many methods as outlined here in this thread...
  42. crossmission

    Thread Google Pay stopped working after OEM unlock

    I guess the title says it all but a little info, a couple of months ago I went on to settings and ticked on the OEM unlock option but never went forward with any flashing, no custom recovery, no kernel, nothing, plain stock Samsung ROM. 3 days ago I went to pick up some newspapers for work and...
  43. Mukul_Meena

    Thread remote: oem unlock is not allowed

    Hi, I am using my Nextbit Robin Oem Unlock from last 1 year but today i decided to go back to stock with locked Oem. I flashed the stock rom and locked the Oem at the same time but when i restarted the phone it got stuck at the boot. So I went ahead with the 'fastboot oem unlock' command, and...
  44. SaadatM

    Thread [Exynos] Questions concering OEM Unlock

    -This is probably going to be confusing and a bit all over the place, bear with me.- So, I bought my N8 back in November and directly went in to the dev options and saw OEM Unlock was available. Now I didn't bother with it and now recently I've been thinking about rooting it, the catch is I've...
  45. S

    Thread [A3 2016] Recover data from FRP Lock bootloop?

    No idea what possessed me to do it (it was late), I unchecked "OEM Unlock", and bricked my phone. (Android 5.1.1, stock recovery, rooted) It's stuck in a bootloop with the red message "Custom binary blocked by FRP lock." I've read many other posts stating that flashing stock firmware will...
  46. A

    Thread 'Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed' - After OEM Unlock 1 Wk.

    Trying to compile as many users who have faced the same issue and to get some data to find a work around. SM-N950F - Australian (TEL/TEL/TEL) post paid Telstra Note 8. Waited one week for 'Allow OEM to be unlocked' to appear in Dev Settings. This is my experience and now have the official...
  47. K

    Thread Storage protection, OEM lock and flashing

    Hi all, I got a question related to the Data storage protection, OEM unlock and flashing. I have a rooted stock rom with custom recovery. I still have the data storage protection. So it is not possible to backup or flash the Data storage, but only System in custom recovery. Now I know I can...
  48. Zentom

    Thread 'Enable OEM Unlock' not working?

    Hi, I have a LG G4 H815 on Lollipop and I want to unlock it's bootloader to root it and flash an update and do other stuff. I want to try to unlock the bootloader the official way but whenever I go into the developer options and press the 'Enable OEM Unlock', it gives me a warning and I tap Ok...
  49. B

    Thread M9pt OEM Unlock

    I have following HTC M9pt from China Mobile (:crying:), HTC_HIAU_ML 128 S-ON CID-HTCCN704 LK-1.01.0000 OS-2.30.1403.1 Problem is - the OEM Unlock option is missing (probably hidden). So I'm unable to unlock the bootloader using htcdev. Which messes up my whole HTC experience as I'm unable to...
  50. G

    Thread The definite guide to rooting Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) SM-J320FN & FRP Locked Bootloop

    The definite guide to rooting Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) SM-J320FN & FRP Locked Bootloop As first I have to say, I had to create a thread in Q&A because of the low rank, but I am sure this can be moved to the J3 section as there are many questions on how to gain root access to this device. This...