1. marijnee1


    Hi, I cannot unlock bootloader anymore because of rom flash. Serial number says its 0123456789ABCDEF but its really NULL literally nothing. the OEM Key is MD5 hash of serial number but there is no serial number so i can't unlock it. How can I flash a random serial number onto my phone to make...
  2. ii_Fxcu

    Thread [A107M (LATAM)] Oem unlock option doesn't appear and the KG Status is Normal

    Hi, I have an Galaxy A10s (I think this is the correct place for posting since A10s doesn't have a forum). I want to unlock the bootloader but since a11 update the oem unlock option doesn't appear and the kg state isn't prenormal, It's always on normal. Pls help me I don't know what to do...
  3. Q

    Thread Some apps disappeared on the Play Store after I rooted my phone.

    When I first rooted my phone, everything was fine but after a few days some apps started showing up as "This app won't work on your device" It wouldn't be a problem since I can just download the APK's, but I need to use the Revolut app, it is only available as a mobile app and when you don't...
  4. Jackfa

    Thread OEM unlocking problem

    I recived a Lenovo tab X304L with (apparently) no OS installed on. I cannot flash roms or anything since the bootloader is locked. My question is, how can i unlock it? Is there even a way? I have tryed with the qualcomm usb tools but it just fails, any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  5. D

    Thread help me.

    hello. Trying to run bootloader on htc 10. First of all I enabled developer mode in settings app and turned on USB Debugging but I can't turn on oem unlock. What should I do?
  6. elosanta

    Thread Question How do i unlock the bootloader?

    i cant turn on oem unlocking idk why but is there a fix for this?
  7. XyloPoP

    Thread Samsung S9 Question

    Hi, I ran into some malware on my PC and my phone somehow wound up with it too. So what's happening is when my device is hooked up to any device it automatically pairs 2 separate devices. One is the phone and one is called a Bluetooth LE(Low energy) 1927237798 etc. I have the snapdragon...
  8. GlitzerSchwert

    Thread Question I made a mistake and now I need help

    Hello everyone, I need your help please. I had tried to root my phone which somehow didn't work. Now I wanted to put everything back to its original state, but I can't turn the OEM off again and I always get an error message after I unlock the phone. Can you please help me? Warm greetings
  9. spYagami

    Thread 'Enable OEM Unlock' not working?

    This is happening to me on a Samsung s7... I was able to install a form previously, but then I went back to the official version using Odin. Now when I click the OEM unlock and 'Enable', the button turns itself off :eek: Any ideas?
  10. skyslycer

    Thread Can't unlock OEM

    Hi, I can't unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from 2012 (GT-N8000). There is no such option in the developer settings, nor can I do anything with fastboot. Please help, thank you in advance. Solved - I don't know how or why it worked but it did
  11. B

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A03s, no OEM unlock option and wanna know if there is any custom roms

    Samsung Galaxy A03s from Boost Mobile SM-A037U. I have tried taking the sim card out and setting the date back 8 days and nothing works. I also want to know if there is any similar model phones that have custom roms that could be installed on the A03s.
  12. Zeegfi

    Thread Hidden oem

    Hi, my phone is A115F I unlocked the bootloader once and locked it again some time ago. The problem is that there is no Oem Unlock option in the settings anymore I have flashed different ROMs using Odin but still it doesn't show up After a week, it was not displayed again I want to know, if...
  13. Zeegfi

    Thread [CLOSED]Kkk

    Mod edit: Thread closed as author removed the OP's content! Oswald Boelcke Senior Moderator Sorry for the bad language
  14. PHANX0M


    I have an AT&T LG G8 ThinQ LMG820UM running Android 11. I wanna know if I crossflash an Open_CA firmware/ROM onto it, would it work with the VoLTE on AT&T's network without having to call AT&T to disable the 3G blocker? Does anyone have personal experience with this?
  15. PHANX0M


    Hello, could someone PLEASE provide me with a stock or source for stock firmware for the AT&T LG G8 Thinq (LMG820UM). I've looked everywhere and can only find the U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile versions (everything except what I exactly need :rolleyes:)!!!! The carrier's already...
  16. T

    Thread No OEM Unlock Appearing

    Hi, I have been trying to root a sm-t290 for the past few days, when I was flashing majisk, the tablet told me it would not accept unofficial roms, even though up to that point I had been flashing TWRP. I then locked the bootloader thinking locking and unlocking might fix the problem. I then...
  17. DllDaniel

    Thread Help - OEM not showing, infinite prenormal rmm state- J5 prime(Sm-G570M)

    Well, I used a custom rom with Android 9, unfortunately I tried to install another one but there was an error and I had to go back to the cell phone's official firmware, since then the option to activate OEM doesn't appear anymore, I've tried all the ways to solve that I saw it, I waited 168...
  18. kendalpercimoney

    Thread General Stock OEM firmware download links

    Just posting this here for later reference: https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-a53/firmware/ (all version downloads are available at this link) For those who are new, here's a good guide for flashing this firmware using ODIN: https://www.getdroidtips.com/samsung-a53-5g-sm-a536e-firmware/
  19. Maatt_OG

    Thread Question [UPDATED 07/19/2022] Bricked my converted TMO -> OEM N200. TMO MSMTOOL MADE IT WORSE??

    SO, haha been about a week now trying to figure out how to revive my n200 without sending it in to OP.. I successfully converted it to oem, but that wasnt enough for me so i flashed the CherishOS GSI and tried a few other treble projects.. Wanted to go back to oem but in the process of doing so...
  20. A

    Thread Question SM-A526U T-Mobile Stop Automatic Updates

    Hi all, Every time my phone automatically downloads an OEM update, it's telling me to update my phone, and I can defer the updates after 4 times. After that, I can't defer the updates. It just updates automatically, and each time, my phone is getting slower and slower and slower which I don't...
  21. G

    Thread Question I'm not finding the "OEM Unlock" button on Samsung Galaxy A52 5g

    I unlocked developer mode and it's just not there in the options. I have T-mobile US carrier. Model number is SM-A526U and I'm on Android 12 if that matters
  22. G

    Thread Android OEM/ODM for custom device

    Hello everybody, Do you know any smartphone OEM/ODM vendors in China who can supply Snapdragon-based devices with a custom pre-installed Android ROM? I need device with custom (my own) signing keys in order to prevent boot screen yellow/orange warnings. I have contacted multiple vendors but...
  23. Tabulate

    Thread OEM Unlock Option not showing in Galaxy S8 developer settings

    Hi. I have been attempting to unlock the bootloader on my S8, but the option doesn't seem to be in the developer settings. I've tried doing the date trick that everywhere suggests, as well as disabling automatic updates and auto download updates over WiFi, neither of which actually solved the...
  24. EliaAmir

    Thread The right way to show OEM Unlocking in Galaxy A11 SM-A115U

    I tried all the normal ways to show OEM unlocking in SM-A115U but nothing worked. However, the right way to show OEM is to flash SM-A115U1 Stock rom. It's kind of risky so I'm not responsible for any damages. Steps: 1. Download and install samsung drivers from this link 1. Download SM-A115U1...
  25. lolhelloeddie

    Thread Question I don't see the OEM toggle

    I been trying to root my Samsung Galaxy A52 5G but in order to do that i need to unlock the bootloader. So i follow the instructions and tells me to toggle the OEM option but i don't see it in my phone. Can someone please help. Included screenshots
  26. S

    Thread TV sets with Board CV9632H-A50 / Mediatek m7332_eu

    Want to start some research about this board. I know that JTC uses it in its TV sets, but its probably widely spread among OEM TVs. To discover firmware I unpacked a update and found a file: CtvUpgrade.bin that starts with a list of partitions that are in its ROM. Anyone knows more about the...
  27. N

    Thread Question about version pixel 4a

    I've seen on another thread that you can call version and say your a developer and they will give you access to oem unlocking is this true does it still work I really want to root my pixel 4a btw if you need to prove proof you are a developer my dad is one and he said that he would help me out...
  28. FleoRDI

    Thread Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S : how to install Twrp?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while that i have been looking for a way to install a custom rom on my Samsung galaxy note edge SM-N915S but on every tutorials i found, the user had already unlocked his oem unlock and did not show how he did it. So i was expecting that someone could guide me to install...
  29. Kogam22

    Thread Revert from LOS 18.1 to OOS 10.3.9/11

    I was going crazy with the microphone not working in OOS 11. Tried few things, nothing worked. Even tried installing Lineage OS 18.1. Didn't help. I think there is some problem with the OOS Android 11 system files that are causing this issue. Reverted to OOS 10.3.9 and my microphone is still...
  30. rjpinheiro

    Thread SM-T531 matisse3G: OEM unlock missing.

    A friend of mine asked me to install a newer Android in his Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.0 3G (SM-T531, codename matisse3g), which is pretty old and still has a Kitkat install. So, as I have some experience with Android hacking, I got the tablet, gave it a factory reset and unlocked the Developer...
  31. ego_

    Thread Question My phone doesn't have a CID, but it works fine, I think. Very strange.

    Hello everyone! Bit of a strange title, I know, but I just received this used phone and was trying to root it. It was sold as unlocked, and sure enough, my Mint Mobile sim works great. However, OEM unlock is grayed out. No big deal, I suppose. I boot into fastboot to check if it's even eligible...
  32. VerdammteSeele

    Thread Can't Re-lock bootloader

    I've been an android developers for years and years now and even have made my own ROMs, but this phone....this phone is testing me. I unlocked it months ago to install an original Android 11 ROM, but it was awful and lacked support for even the most basic functionality, so I flashed the stock...
  33. O

    Thread Accidentally deleted the OEM folder in root - should I be worried?

    Hi all, first time posting here. Details about my issue is below (a bit TMI) My main concern is that the phone is working normally (so far) without the OEM folder, but I forgot what the OEM folder contained in the first place. Does anybody know what the OEM folder is for (I remember there...
  34. N

    Thread Custom Binary Blocked by OEM lock

    I have a Samsung S10 (SCV41) and im trying to root it using odin but every time its saying fail in odin and on the phone in red its saying Custom Binary Blocked (vbmeta) by OEM lock.... can anyone help me pls
  35. sam0s42

    Thread S10e oem unlock

    Hi everyone I'd like to root my s10e, it is on android 12 One Ui 3.1 I can't unlock the bootloader the option called oem unlock is just not there in developer settings, I tried the trick with time changing and it just doesn't work, though in adb it says that it could be unlocked, I'm from Europe...
  36. Ggeasymu

    Thread OEM Unlock And Rom

    Hi i have t920 its oem locked i cant even change wallpaper.i tried to flash via odin but its still locked.how can i remove the oem lock root or even rom.i want to use it as a tablet.
  37. KuttyCZ

    Thread DC-Phoenix + HCU license

    Hello, I warn you in advance that if you are harassing someone, I will delete the post. I have been trying to open the bootloader of my Huawei P30 Lite (MAR-LX1A) for half a year now and I am not able to find a functional, free or cheap program to unlock. That's why I asked you if...
  38. hunter0one

    Thread "Unlock Data Unavailable" on Moto G7 Play (XT1952-4)

    I bought a used unlockable (or it was advertised as such) Motorola Moto G7 Play from Amazon in the hopes of unlocking the bootloader and installing something like LineageOS on it. The model is XT1952-4 and the cid is 0x0000, which is supposed to be unlockable according to their website. In the...
  39. A

    Thread [SHARE] LineageOS with microG unofficial build for Oneplus 7 pro - guacamole

    Deleted Post
  40. M

    Thread Is there a temporary root solution for Google Pixel Verizon Android 8.0.0?

    Because the 8.0.0 system was installed and the BL lock was locked, the dePixel8 solution could not be unlocked, and the test of uninstalling the com.android.phone program failed. However, after testing, the temporary Root method can be used with Frida Hook oem unlocking function related...
  41. wehramausi

    Thread New Pixel comes with Bootloader unlocked and it's unable to lock

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Google Pixel 5 with Android 11 that was declared "new" and when I got it, from the first time powering it on, I got the security alert that the bootloader is unlocked, see photo attached. For several personal reasons I cannot easily send it back, so I tried to...
  42. G

    Thread No bootable a/b slot

    Hi all, I have a T-Mobile Revvlry that I’ve been trying to flash lineage os to. It was unlocked and now after so many tries, it is oem locked I went through all the unlock bootloader process before and was able to flash but always no os installed are you sure you want to proceed. Slots a and...
  43. AmmarMujahid69

    Thread Realme 5 DEAD (maybe) HELP!!!

    After flashing vendor and havos os rom on Realme 5 RMX1911 i didn't wipe/format my data as recommended.So my phone I’m unable to goto fastboot,recovery or anything my device is only turning on for 20 seconds to display “The current image(boot/recovery) have been destroyed and can not boot.” How...
  44. crackmymind403

    Thread Bootloop Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) Locked Bootloader

    I have Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with Pixel Experience ROM Android 9, but lately my device suddenly shut down even though the battery still 78%, i tried unplug the battery socket, but still suddenly shut down. So, i wanna flash new ROM which Android Version is 10. But i failed, some people said i must...
  45. N

    Thread Nubia Alpha Jailbreak?

    Hello! I've recently got my hands on a brand new Nubia Alpha. This device is based on Snapdragon 2100 and uses modified Android Wear (based on Android 7.1). But global version is a crap - it does not have ability to install apps. That ability is just locked away. That's ridiculous! So I want to...
  46. AnthonyMooreDevices

    Thread Anyone willing to sell OEM Nextbit Fast Charger?

    My OnePlus is in the shop atm and I remembered I had My good old NBR, I picked it up and fell in love all over again, and have decided to keep it maintained as a backup phone. It's in perfect condition except there are some parts of the screen that are extra lit when bright colors are on it and...
  47. elias04

    Thread Problem, can't access OS, can't unlock OEM, can't access recovery mode, help!

    Hey everyone, my first post on here. So I have a problem with my Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen (2014), I tried flashing a stock ROM (through Android SDK) because my phone went into a bootloop, but it failed and I found out it was because the bootloader was locked, but I can't access my OS to enter...
  48. eM-Krow

    Thread Can't Enable OEM Unlocking

    I've had this Pixel 2 for years now and like it a bit but I still can't root it because of Verizon locking the ability to enable OEM Unlocking. I've tried to unlock via usb and using lock/unlock critical and such. I've tried downgrading and it fails to do so. Couldn't I just root it without...
  49. E

    Thread J7 On7 G611

    Is there any way to unlock the bootloader or force the bootloader or force root on the binary device 7 g611x? In my case, the OEM is already enabled in the developer settings, but on recovery, the oem is blocked. If not, why not? why is there no way to go back to previous versions of android por...
  50. no111one

    Thread Manufacture Mode for USB issues

    So I decided to find the unlock code for my Huawei P20 Pro, and to find it I need to enable manufacture mode for USB settings. I tried to do that but it did not work, reporting "Not support at this state!". If I close the window, the changes do not save. What state - I didn't get it, if someone...