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omnia 7

  1. R

    Thread [Q] MAGLDR not loading

    Some months back I installed Dynamics ROM v2.1. Yesterday I wanted to flash the newest version 2.2 on my Omnia 7. But I'm unable to enter the MAGLDR screen with volume down + power button + camera button. It gives a faible vibration when it tries to enter the MAGLDR menu but the Samsung Omnia 7...
  2. P

    Thread [Q] Downloaded the software for updating, but have a few questions

    Hi Today I finally got WP7.8 (7.10.8862.144) for my unbranded Samsung Omnia 7, but still did not get wifi tethering. I am in the Nordic countries (Denmark to be specific) - I have downloaded these files http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=32658310&postcount=102 Will this get me...
  3. poloche

    Thread [OM7] mi7Rom WP7.8 Edition Nokia Mod v2 [Update : 20/10/2012]

    No bug, but initially the rom is BETA !!! ... i have just cooked mi7Rom with SYS WP7.8 ! It's a custom rom mixed by WP7.5/WP7.8 because languages packs except en-US are in OS WP7.5 lol :) I'm waiting for the new languages pack in 8835 for all others lang and i'll cook new rom entirely WP7.8 ...
  4. C

    Thread cannot update Omnia 7 after 7740

    I can't update my phone after installing the 7.10.7740 back in november 2011. Zune tells me my phone is up to date, but i know two other updates were released in 2012 including Tango. I also seem to have the IE tabs problem described earlier in the forum. What could be the problem? Any...
  5. R

    Thread Complete Omnia 7 meltdown

    Hi guys ! This is my 4th time I am using this amazing forum to get get brick in to a phone. I've done it with One X , T989, T969 and now I am trying to do the same with Omnia 7 Here is problem. I see only Samsung Omnia 7 white logo ...that's it . IT's not even restarting. Right away I can say...
  6. V

    Thread [SOLVED] Screenless data recovery possible?!

    Hi all, It's that time of the year. My Omnia 7 samoled screen decided it would be fun to start burning from the inside. I would like to recover the data which is easier said than done but am in need for some clever advice. The phone itself still functions but doesn't charge which is an issue...
  7. F

    Thread WindowBreak Omnia 7

    Hey guys, i'm very new to WP7 unlocks, but today i tried Jaxbot's windowbreak on my Omnia 7 with 8107.79 OS. well, i hadnt looked up everything avout that and just followed the instructions of the video on windowsphonehacker.com. then i put the root tools 0.9 XAP to my phone using microsoft's...
  8. P

    Thread No Bluetooth after update/unlock Omnia 7

    Hi everybody I'm Italian and I bought the Omnia 7 on the Internet, getting a phone with a (French) SFR firmware. After several update (pre-nodo, Nodo, Mango) the Bluetooth never worked, so I sent it to the Warranty Support. They gave it back to me after 1 months, saying they updated the...
  9. thedirtchamber

    Thread [Q] Omnia 7 signal issue

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how can I improve my phone's signal? Sometimes it's very low, or oscilating between 1 and 2 bars. This happens at home, at my office, in closed areas mostly. But it's not a network issue, because I have friends on the same network but with different phones and they...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] Carrier apps Omnia 7

    Hi there, looking for some more advice here! Just took out a contract with Orange, and I want the orange apps..specifically 'Your Orange' so I can look at my account and such on the fly. After doing a bit of research, I've found a few different bits of 'loose' information, with nothing...
  11. K

    Thread [Q] Which ROM to debrand Omnia 7 from Orange UK + other questions

    Hello All, I have Omnia 7 from Orange UK but it's without simlock and used in Poland (Plus GSM). I have a few questions: 1. Which ROM should i choose to debrand my phone and get polish language? 2. Will this ROM allow me to download further WP7 Updates? 3. Do i have to unlock something more...
  12. A

    Thread [Q] No network access while omnia 7 is unlocked

    Hi all, After unbricking my Omnia 7 and installing the original rom (T-mobile Germany) I cannot access the Vodafone NL network anymore. I checked the lock status but everything is unlocked (see attachment). I reinstalled the Samsung Network Profile tool and set the network to Vodafone NL. Still...
  13. ionious

    Thread Bootloops / Bricked

    So basically my omnia 7 has been giving me repeated bootloops every 3 hours or so. So I decided to give it a factory reset...so I did then I plugged it into Zune and left it updating. As it reached a particular stage Zune crashed and gave me the notorious error code many receive with their...
  14. P

    Thread [Q] Low WIFI performance

    Hi, i noticed recently that my wifi speed seemed poor so i did a few test. -max dl speed is 0.6-0.7 Mbs on the same router weher my wife's Chacha gets 4-10 Mbs; -the last recording in the bandwidth app shows i was getting around 4 Mbs (about a month ago). I don't know what happened. OS...
  15. A

    Thread [Q] Messed up Omnia 7

    After installing the "Samsung FOCUS rev1.3 omnia 7 rom" (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1351182) on my Omnia 7, the phone is messed up. The camera button is now the volume up button, the volume up button is now the volume down button and the volume down button is now...
  16. S

    Thread [Q] Omnia 7 Mango: Bluetooth audio playback fails on everything except music

    I have the problem that I can listen to music with my A2DP BT Headset (Philips SHB9001), but if I start Youtube, a game or the internal video player the phone fails and plays the sound over the speaker. Is there any posibility to "hack" the phone (or something like that) in order to get that...
  17. S

    Thread [Q] How do I reset the firmware on my Samsung Omnia 7

    Following the articles here: http://www.mobiletechworld.com/2011/09/27/manually-update-the-samsung-omnia-7-firmware-to-mango/ I updated the firmware on my phone in an attempt to resolve the Bluetooth issues I was having but nothing I have done has resolved it so I've now arranged to get my...
  18. P

    Thread [Q] change language mango

    Hello, I have samsung omnia 7 (7.10.7720.68) dev unlocked and INTEROP-UNLOCKed. WP7 root tols installed. I added key to registry for "CZECH" language but I cant not change to "CZECH" in settings.. I know I should revert to nodo, add key, and then update to mango.. But I have many custom apps...
  19. I

    Thread External Antenna Patch Cable

    Hi Guys, This is a reference thread for anybody who has patchy reception and is considering using an external antenna to boost reception. I have found that the patch cable required is the same as most other samsung phones. The particular cable I used is this one...
  20. C

    Thread [Q] Offical updates after installing Mango RTM

    Hi I just installed Mango 7712 on my Omnia 7 following this tutorial. If I upgrade it to 7720 using the described method will I be able to later install offical updates?
  21. S

    Thread [Q] Pre-NoDo Rom

    Dears, I know i have to flush a 7004 or 7008 rom to be able to unlock the device then upgrade to Mango. The problem am facing now which rom works with my phone? appreciate if someone can help me with that. My Device Info: Firmware revision number: 2424.10.11.1 Hardware revision number...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] Omnia 7 bricked . Help From China!Save my life..my friends..

    Hi my friends,you are my only hope. i have a 16GB T-Mobile Omnia7,Non Retail Version and current build is 7661 non-jailbreak version.so i wanna turn it back to original build(7004),unlock it.and taste sweet Mango :D... With the help of my friends,i flashed my omnia7 through...
  23. E

    Thread [Q] Choice between jailbroken Mango and new Firmware

    Hello xda-developers :) Currently I've got a unlocked Mango: I've flashed an old ROM (7.0.7004) and used ChevronWP7 to get a developer unlock. Then i installed NoDo and the BETA version of Mango and I'm still unlocked (Thanks to provxml-method)! But I heard about a new ROM for my Omnia 7 which...
  24. S

    Thread [Q] [q] my omnia 7 heating or is it normal??

  25. Y

    Thread [Q] HD Voice (aka AMR-WB) support on Omnia 7?

    Hello all. As you may be aware, the Samsung Omnia 7 handset has HD Voice capability, also known as AMR-WB (see YouTube for some more information on it). Three UK and Orange UK support this protocol, and yet I don't think it's enabled. Can someone inform me if it is enabled, or is anyone else...
  26. I

    Thread Omnia 7 Download Mode...

    Just thought i would share my findings. I have been trying to get my T-Mobile UK Omnia 7 into download mode for ages! The Vol UP, Camera Button, Power button trick did not work. However i discovered that if you - Hold the Vol UP button and the Camera Button - THEN connect the device to your...
  27. W

    Thread [Q] SEND Omnia 7 Backup/Restore Point For DOWNGRADE v7004 ore 7008

    I Need A Restore Point/Backup so i can downgrade my Omnia 7. If You Have An UNBRANDED Omnia 7 with NoDo Please send me the backup Folder so i can downgrade.You can find the backup folder at (Vista/7) C:\Users\Your username here\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update ore...
  28. shaxter

    Thread [Q] omnia7, SGS, ipod touch 4, htc desire for galaxy s2?

    Hi guys! Actually I am in a dilemma over upgrade. I have been using SGS for over an year now and am more than happy with it. I have a One Plan contract @ £25/month(£18 now) and another one from T-mobile @ £12.50/month for Omnia 7. total = £30.50/month Problem: My dad wants an SGS2 and his...
  29. D

    Thread [Q] Advice on the purchase of the Omnia 7

    Hello friends! I was prepared to drop a couple of D's get me a unlocked, sim-free Omnia 7 when I came across a little tidbit in some obscure forum; Marketplace is not available for all regions in the world! Can someone confirm this please? I live in the Middle East - Dubai, to be more precise...
  30. E

    Thread [Q] Reserved space is 4.39GB - how to identify which apps use the most memory?

    Hi folks, I've had a look on this site and on the web in general, but can't find anything that answers my question. I have a Samsung Omnia 7 which now reports 4.39GB in reserved space. It seems to have gone from about 2GB when I first got the phone, it's varied slightly on a day-by-day basis...
  31. P

    Thread [Q] Does Omnia 7 work with Headsets for iPhone

    Hallo, I found the Bowers and Wilkinson P5 headset for iPhone today, which comes with an inline remote control for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Since I really liked the quality of sound and materials I am now wondering if the headset's remote would work with the Omnia 7. In the shop where I was...
  32. B

    Thread Confirmed that OMNIA7 works on Softbank

    I had been looking for a while to see what WP7 devices worked on Softbank in Japan. I can confirm that the Samsung OMNIA 7 works fine and even gets 3G+ as long as you input the correct ADC settings (i.e. smile.world). I have been using the phone since February 2011 and at the end of May...
  33. H

    Thread [Q] OMNIA 7 Replacement Alternative

    I have had 5 replacement OMNIA 7's now and quite frankly I have given up with it! Orange said that they would give a completely different device but I would have to wait a week for them to decide which ones they could offer me. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what sort of alternate...
  34. M

    Thread [Q] Problems with reception SMS since Diagnosis

    Hi everybody ! I've got a 3G problem since I've flashed my Omnia. My operator is an MNVO and if you don't use Chevron (and an associated program), you can't have 3G. So I was in Diagnosis in the Debug Screen mod and unfortunatelly, my Omnia fell on my leg and that active the tactile screen like...
  35. J

    Thread Omnia 7 (with T-Mobile branding but using an o2-simcard) - Update possible?

    Hello all! First of all, my english isn't that good. I got a question about the update for my Omnia 7: The phone is branded by T-Mobile, but I use a Simcard from o2 - Will I get the Update as well although I haven't a T-Mobile simcard? Thanks a lot! Juventino
  36. V

    Thread 16bit banding bug after NoDo

    Has anyone else experienced the banding 16bit bug after updating to NoDo? More info here: http://wmpoweruser.com/has-the-htc-update-caused-some-windows-phones-to-go-16-bit/ These constant issues are getting to me. I have an Omnia 7! To see if you have banding you can install WP Bench of the...
  37. V

    Thread Omnia 7 16bit bug after NoDo

    Hey All, I have experienced an unusal bug on my device after NoDo. Pictures are showing what appears to be banding. More info here: http://wmpoweruser.com/has-the-htc-update-caused-some-windows-phones-to-go-16-bit/ Would you please let me know if anyone else experiences this?
  38. L

    Thread [Q] Quick Select contact by using the A,B,C gone after NoDo

    Hey guys. Hoping someone can help me out here. After the NoDo update, quick selecting / browsing contacts is gone. Or rather, it's still there, but all letters but A is grayed out. I'll try to clarify: I go into the Phone selection from the Home screen, tap the "People" icon, then tap "A"...
  39. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung Omnia 7 with 7003 build

    hi all, I bought a samsung omnia 7 from ebay and it's got the 7003 build. the nodo update didn't came till now. I've tried all the posibilities to update to nodo , but no luck. i've observed that most of the posibilities to update are for the build 7004. is there a way to install build 7004 on...
  40. derliebewolf

    Thread [Q] Display issues on Omnia 7?

    Hi guys, I played with a Omnia7 at a local T-Mobile store yesterday. While I absolutly like the device and the colors of the OLED display I noticed a small issue: It looked like a few items (probably the ones beein showed most often) wrer like "burned" into the display. E.g. on a light...
  41. butamuh4o

    Thread [Q] Switch to English menu?!?

    Hi all... soon i will receive my Omnia 7, but will be with German menu. Can somebody tells me how to update with English? (maybe English rom or something?) Thanks a lot!
  42. P

    Thread [Q] SIM ERROR! Need help! WP7

    Hello! I have Samsung Omnia 7 unlocked! But when I insert sim card (any sim card) it tell me that SIM ERROR or missing! Emergency calls only! Strange! What is that ? Thank you
  43. N

    Thread Tethering using usb and Telia in Sweden

    First: Follow one of the many guides on how to enable the usb modem, do a google on the following words and it will help you: usb tethering windows phone 7 samsung omnia Phone number: *99***1# (no username and password) This seems to be needed to get Telia to work: The go into the advanced...
  44. Strutten

    Thread Some sort of small update seems to have happend

    I have a Omnia 7, and today I realized that I now have a new icon for vibration. It is no longer the wave-shaped icon with the text "vibrate", but the sound icon with a stroke over it, and the text "silent". Was this the only thing that got updated? Am I the only one? I have no clue as to what...
  45. T

    Thread [Q] Will having a smaller screen affect my experience

    hello people, okay im thinking of buying a WP7 device but but i can't decide between Omnia 7 or LG optimus 7, i can get either one of them in 16gb, as i can just get the omnia 7 16gb from germany change the language to english and the optimus comes in 16gb only anyway so storage isn't problem...
  46. M

    Thread [Q] Search button

    I find the search button that takes you directly to Bing obtrusive, is there any way of de-activating it or using it for another function? Than you
  47. sonnybravo

    Thread [Q] Anti-fingerprint screen protector

    Hi guys, Does anybody know of a great anti-fingerprint screen protector for my precious Omnia 7? If SGP had one, I would buy that one immediately (have one for my iPad and iPod Touch), but they don't have it (yet). Any alternatives? Preciate the input!
  48. R

    Thread [Q] Turn the volume up?

    EDIT: Finally I've pasted the solution from user cerato a few lines below. Thnx all! Don't know if it's only my unit, but the volume is pretty low in max lvl in comparison with my old hd2. Is there a way to boost the maximum volume? thnx in advance! Edit: aditional info by cerato, thanks...
  49. U

    Thread [Q] Seems to have found the 16 GB version...

    ..but, am uncertain about the "validity" of this online shop. Anyone have experience with this merchent? http://www.cellgsmphones.com/content-product_info/product_id-2813/samsung_i8700_omnia_7_16gb_unlocked_gsm_phone_preorder.html
  50. U

    Thread [Q] Found the 16GB Omnia, but...

    I seemed to have found a place to purchase the Samsung Omnia 7 16 GB version. But - does anybody have experience with this shop? It seems a bit "fishy"/strange to me that the only shop on the planet that sells these 16 GB versions are in the US? Can't seem to find it anywhere in Europe (have...