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    Thread How To Guide [How-to guide] Omoji on OPPO ColorOS incl. APK

    Hey there OPPOers, it’s Eric from OPPO ColorOS here 😎 I’m going to introduce you to our all-new #Omoji feature! Omoji? Yes! Omoji is our 3D animated emoji feature that is being introduced for the first time on ColorOS 12. Boosted by OPPO’s industry-leading Face Capture algorithm, Omoji allows...
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    Thread [PORT][NO ROOT][11+] ColorOS OMOJI 1.0.0 for non-oppo devices

    Hey Everyone, just managed to port ColorOS OMOJI to non-oppo devices, and thought i should share it as tbh omoji are quite fun to mess with Download: Ported APK Install: Install like any other apk, but play protect will most likely ask you if you really want to install it as I had to resign...