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  1. yot2703

    Thread How To Guide How to change amount of QS tiles in a row (OOS 12/13)

    WARNING! I'm not responsible for any damage of the devices. I'm not the developer of the plugin or substratum. Hey you all! If you'd like to change the amount of icons you have on your QS Tiles , this is the right guide for you. So here's a nice way to customize your notification bar :)...
  2. Metromas

    Thread Question [CLOSED] OnePlus 10 Pro - Unbrick with MSM

    Hello xda members! Do you want to bring your dead 10 pros back to life with remote connection and MSM tool? I'm helping with this. Please make an appointment on my website. (contact) {Mod edit} Required actions: Have someone who knows how to open the back cover of the phone open it, or open it...
  3. J

    Thread Question wireless 50W charger problem

    Hello. i buy wireless 50W VOCC charger for oneplus 10pro. the original charger 80W with usb to type C not active VOCC charge from Wireless stand. when i plug only original charger without wireless its working. i try with oneplus 9pro 65W charger type C to type C and all working . not understand...
  4. Metromas

    Thread Question Help: Unbrick OnePlus 10 Pro (NE2213)

    My phone was bricked during the update with the fastboot dev tool, so my phone is now off, I can get it to connect mode 9008 on my laptop. button combinations and charge response not working. If anyone has a solution or knows, please help.
  5. X

    Thread Question Phone Overheats and Fast battery drain with normal use

    Phone been using for 2 weeks now first week battery was horrible getting only 3 hours of SOT per full charge and now i get around 5-6 hours per full charge with medium use(tiktok and playing Clash of Clans) that said i notice cpu usage around 30% and gpu around 10% when in tiktok which shoudn't...
  6. D

    Thread Question Oneplus 10 pro Overheating

    Hi all, I got my oneplus 10 pro. I use it for two weeks already and the device getting overheating very fast. Even if I use navigation, when I'm changing and more. Can you recommend what I can do to solve it? My device getting really hot
  7. zopostyle

    Thread Question Device dead?

    Hi, my device does not power on neither is detect when plugged via USB or when plugged to charger. I've already tried holding power button, power button + vol UP/down and nothing happens. It had 60% of charge when it happened. Now I'm just waiting to the battery completely dies to try to...
  8. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] OxygenOS 12 square - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of minimal looking, rounded square shaped icons with soft shadows and perception of depth from OnePlus's OxygenOS 12. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1180+ Icons - Rounded...
  9. Saroop.vadera

    Thread Question Audio latency on bluetooth headset ( OnePlus buds pro)

    Getting audio delay while playing games like Apex mobile and call of duty. I am using OnePlus buds pro earbuds. Is there any way to solve this issue?
  10. Metromas

    Thread Question OnePlus 10 Pro - QDLoader HS-USB - EDL Test Point [9008] MSM

    Hello The test point on this phone was shared by me for the first time on the internet. But there is no software available to install it. So my phone is still dead. 9008 usb Requirements to establish a connection: - Disconnect the battery - Plug your cable into the phone - Connect the other end...
  11. docnok63

    Thread How To Guide OnePlus 10 Pro Fastboot ROMs (and how to make for any device)

    First of all and most importantly, I want to say that this is not my work. This is a port of the work done by @abhinavgupta371 and @HELLBOY017 for the OP9RT. I merely made sure there weren't extra or missing files and edited the .bat and .sh files accordingly. I also edited the README.txt and...
  12. x51

    Thread Question SIGNED Fastboot drivers

    There are a million threads regarding fastboot drivers, I read 1/2 of them. The android SDK drivers do not work for me. The only option seems to be to disable driver signing in Windows 11. Are there really no other options to get to fastboot for a OP10 Pro with Windows 11?
  13. E

    Thread General [Bounty] Viper4android fix

    So I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way, but I think in an effort to get experienced devs to take a look into our viper4android driver loop issue a bounty is in order. I have tried every method I could find to get viper4android to work on our OnePlus 10 pro with no success. Below I'll...
  14. lordxcom

    Thread Question Hulu/Disney+ - Not working

    Good day everyone, Looking for some 'updated' direction/feedback on how to get Hulu & Disney+ to work on my current setup. I've searched around XDA and Google for the past couple of days, and have not gotten any 'new' or working solutions. So anytime I try to use Hulu or Disney+.. the content...
  15. S

    Thread Question Lock after screen timeout for the lockscreen is completely gone

    Also called "lock timer" under secure lock settings. I can't find it anywhere in the settings! This has been a feature for years. I refuse to use face unlock or fingerprint unlock. This feature temporarily disabled the pattern or PIN unlock for a certain amount of time you set it. For example...
  16. Faari

    Thread Question Anyone have a link to: GLO: NE2213_11.A.12?

    I see on the official Thread that the global rom is available for OTA updates. I have been unsuccessful at sourcing a link. I assume the flashing process will be identical to the steps provided by DroidWin for the Indian version? I like the step by process the website has, because this will be...
  17. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] OxygenOS 12 round - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of minimal looking, round shaped icons with soft shadows and perception of depth from OnePlus's OxygenOS 12. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1080+ Icons - Round icon shape -...
  18. AndroidAsh

    Thread General OnePlus 10 Pro camera samples.

    I had my OnePlus 10 Pro delivered early this week ( 24th January 2022 ) and whilst I haven't had chance to do any "proper" camera testing, I have taken some photos locally whilst out walking my dog. I've uploaded them to Google Photos, I'll add the link below, but I'll also include a few of them...