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  1. FirstEver

    Thread [ROM][12.0][Unofficial] LineageOS 19.1 for OnePlus 3/3T

    When everyone has already lost hope... That we will see Android 12 on OnePlus 3/3T devices... Because Android 12 requires a 4.x kernel... And the last kernel that OnePlus 3/3T received is 3.18... It turned out that Android 12 can run on "prehistoric" Kernel 3.18. What doesn't work: NO...
  2. Miri_

    Thread Android 12 support?

    Heya XDA commuity ive been looking for days to find a android 12 rom to test fire but havent been any luck. i have the oneplus 3 A3000 is there no support for android 12 on it cause of the hardware? im also running PixelExperience 11 Plus, the Developer making the rom for this phone dosent...
  3. L

    Thread OnePlus 3 got black screen and doesn't start

    Dear XDA community, I have a 5/6y old OnePlus3, a great phone which never had a problem since last week when the screen simply went black. If I try to turn it one but it doesn't react. If I charge it, it shows me an alert that the battery is critically low. It charges for a couple of minutes...
  4. I

    Thread OnePlus 3 wifi and bluetooth problems.

    Hi. I did not find it by search, but can anyone come across it. Oneplus 3 - wifi and bluetooth problem. After opening the phone, to replace the power cable, it became bad to catch wifi. Only if near. It is worth moving back 4-5 meters, then the signal disappears and switches to the cellular one...
  5. hhrokarvi

    Thread [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] crDroid Android v7.19 [oneplus3]

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them! Features Click for feature list Always Have a full...
  6. Gm Islam

    Thread Gaming custom ROM and karnal

    Which gaming custom ROM and karnal is best for oneplus 3??
  7. FirstEver

    Thread Google Camera Port for OnePlus 3/3T

    There's already a post for all fcams for op3/3t Thr site you shared and the post are created by @S4turno
  8. S

    Thread [Treble][GSI] Ubuntu touch for Oneplus 3/3T

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  9. M

    Thread Mobile Data Stops for some time in Android Pie on OnePlus 3

    Hello everyone! I am currently located in Frankfurt, Germany and my phone was bought in United States by a friend ( a small detail it was shipped from China to USA, after the order was placed). When I was on Nougat's last update, the phone was working perfectly fine, not a single issue. After...
  10. H

    Thread [RECOVERY] Henk's TWRP Recovery

    DISCLAIMERThe usual disclaimer with an extra warning, this recovery WILL automatically modify your phone on first boot. While this should be an entirely safe modification it is always possible your phone is in a broken state either on a software or hardware level causing further problems...
  11. FirstEver

    Thread [Camera FIX] It is time to replace the rear camera.

    Hi everyone, I think it is time to replace the rear camera in my OnePlus 3T. Many OnePlus 3/3T devices have a problem with the focus in the rear camera. I have two OnePlus 3T 64GB and 128GB and this problem occurs on different ROMs and on different camera apps. The temporary way to "fix" it is...
  12. neil.richard

    Thread OnePlus 3 won't boot up

    Fellow XDA Members, Two days back I was playing music on my OP3 and it froze. So, I long pressed the power button in an attempt to restart it. But, to my amazement, it just stuck on the Oneplus boot screen. It didn't even charge for hours, and after 6-7 hours when I plugged it in it had the...
  13. S

    Thread Oneplus 3 wireless charging + dash charging

    Hello, I was looking at some Oneplus 3 wireless charging options. While there are several kits available in the market, most of them completely cover the usb-c port which means that I will not be able to dash charge when I want to. Is there a good wireless charging solution that will let me...
  14. Some_Random_Username

    Thread [OP3][LATEST 9.0.6] Collection of unbrick tools

    Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool. Hi everyone, as only a...
  15. AlexBurnout77

    Thread Magisk — Invalid Uri / Installation failed

    Hi, I am running Magisk 16.0 on my OnePlus 3. I would like to install my modules via the manager, but I always get that error. What's there to be done? Thanx.
  16. M

    Thread OP3 shutdown and not turning on anymore, VolumeUP doesn't show it in device manager

    While listening to some music and a normal usage my OP3 strangely got freezed for a second and then shutdown itself. The phone was recently unplugged so it was almost fully charged, I'm running TWRP with Magisk on top of a stock ROM. I've tried to follow the mega unbrick guide but my device...
  17. Mayanktaker

    Thread Oneplus 3 Stocks App for Custom Rom HAVOC-OS

    Hello all. I really like the HAVOC OS custom rom on my Oneplus 3. But I am missing some stock apps from Oxygen OS. Can I get it working in this custom rom ? I want OSS stock Contacts, Phone and Messages App only. I tried to install the apk from apkmirror but installation failed. I want it badly...
  18. rg_gapa

    Thread Upgrading Firmware + Modem

    Currently my OP3 has LineageOS 15.1 with installed firmware and modem from Oxygen Open Beta 32. Is it really safe to upgrade firmware to the latest open beta (for now it's version 37), as it is suggested at official LOS 15.1 for OP3 thread? Won't be there a problems with, for example, device...
  19. metaspook

    Thread [MODULE][v2.0] ★ OxyMod ★ | OxygenOS Modification Tool

    Intro: OxyMod tool does various modifications of OnePlus's OxygenOS. Features: * Permanent Call Recording Patch. * HBM (High Brightness Mode). * Screen Color Modes: 1. Default | 2. sRGB | 3. Custom | 4. DCI-P3 | 5. Adaptive | 6. Soft * OptimApps (Apps/Games Optimization) * More to come...
  20. Hurizen

    Thread Hosts not working with Open Beta 33

    Hello, everyone. After upgrading to the latest open beta (33, for oneplus 3) no matter what, I cannot manage hosts file to work (for ad blocking purpose). I tried any possible configuration I've found on the forums.. I'm using Magisk and I've tried with adaway, and with the unified hosts module...
  21. S

    Thread OnePlus 3 sometimes unresponsive after sleep - Sleep Of Death (SOD) issue, any fix???

    My OnePlus 3 is about one and half years old, bought from india. Recently I have updated to Open beta 31 by experience os. I also tried the z unleashed ROM. Then again gone back to experience os based on 5.0.1 . After some days my phone was crashing sometimes, also sometimes it was becoming...
  22. D

    Thread Android system draining the system in Open beta 31

    Guys my op3 is having a huge battery drain from Android system since the past 3 cycles and idk what to do. Have cleared cache twice and turned off sync and background apps. Still no relief in sight. It has been consuming atleast 5% more than my screen on time Rooted with Magisk 15.2 Custom...
  23. D

    Thread No service after upgrade to Oreo

    Hi everyone, I am using a Oneplus 3 A3000 China variance. It was shipped with Hydrogen OS. So i have unlock it and managed to flash it to Oxygen OS, as i need to use google services. Everything was working perfectly fine until a couple of months later. I saw that Oreo is out and thus decided to...
  24. A

    Thread Chance to get official Face Unlock Feature of the OnePlus 5T

    Carl Pei has officially sent out a tweet in favour of those wanting the face unlock feature on their OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T. Go check out his tweet and comment on it if you're one of those who wanted the feature: In addition to this, make...
  25. madkai

    Thread Oreo Reboot problem

    Hi together, After upgrading my OP3 to Oreo the phone restarts every evening / night at about 23:30. Sometimes later. This normally only happens when it is on charge. I already tested different chargers (original dash charger + cable and also 3rd party charger + cable). I attached the...
  26. I

    Thread The new Parallel Apps in OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T - Where the files get saved?

    Hi, I updated my OS to the latest update (OxygenOS 5.0) and found the new Parallel Apps and used it for WhatsApp and other applications. My question is: Where the files of this new WhatsApp get saved (in which folder)? I checked and for sure they are not with the other original WhatsApp...
  27. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][OP3] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the OnePlus 3/3T's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock...
  28. ar.sam175

    Thread TWRP and Magisk Root for OP3 & 3T Beta 27 & 18 and oos 5.0 Stable

    Now Magisk root is working for oreo.... Download Working TWRP from Download Magisk Beta from Credits to the...
  29. A

    Thread OnePlus 3(t) Oreo install, twrp and root

    The currently working procedure for flashing oreo update on 1+3 and 1+3t. Requirements : 1. Unlocked Bootloader 2. Downlod full latest open beta from 3.Download latest blu spark twrp from 4...
  30. C

    Thread Root OP3T without unlocking bootloader - Automated App

    ROOT w/o UNLOCKING BOOTLOADER: Few of Qualcomm Devices have been found to have engineering mode software preinstalled on the device, which has root access. Using the same exploit root can be achieved in OP3, OP3T, OP5 and others, without unlocking the bootloader. Here is a full story: OnePlus...
  31. B

    Thread can't update to oxygenOS beta 25 or 26

    hi, i've never had probem updating my phone to oxygenOS. however the last 2 updates won't work : twrp says "zip signature verification failed error installing zip file" and even when i download and launch the OTA it does the same. do you have an answer that doesn't envolve factory reseting of...
  32. B

    Thread can't update to oxygenOS beta 25 or 26

    hi, i've never had probem updating my phone to oxygenOS. however the last 2 updates won't work : twrp says "zip signature verification failed error installing zip file" and even when i download and launch the OTA it does the same. do you have an answer that doesn't envolve factory reseting of...
  33. dreams.sri

    Thread [Discussion] Rootless Substratum [Andromeda] for Android Oreo

    All right, I flashed the latest Open Beta on my OnePlus 5 and even successfully rooted it. When the Andromeda Project was initially announced, I was very excited to try it out. Now that we finally have Oreo on our beloved OnePlus 3, I thought to try it out. I followed all the instructions...
  34. Ghost123NL

    Thread How to improve my OnePlus 3 ?

    I got my oneplus 3 longer then a year. Rooted, custom roms. Almost really happy with the phone But there are a few problems that is not fixed yet after using the phone longer then a year. Maybe it is just me but I would appreciete your comment / Review. 1. Microphone. After using the phone...
  35. B

    Thread Weird error message on TWRP?

    I fastboot'ed the latest TWRP on my OP3 today after the recovery reverted back to Oxygen recovery when i flashed the latest update from oneplus. After getting TWRP on my phone, I went ahead and made a backup before i did anything. But during the back up i got a red line of text that says...
  36. M

    Thread How do you change the default video player??

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know? In Settings > Apps there's no default video player displayed. In Settings > Apps > Configure Apps there's no "video app"... There's configuration for Home App (Launcher), Browser, Phone, SMS, Camera, Gallery, Music and Mail. No video? The stock video player is...
  37. B

    Thread root problem after update to beta 19

    hi, my oneplus 3 has been rote since i got it (i bought it on launch day) but since i updated it to the beta 19, my phone is no longer rooted : when i put the phone in fastboot it says that my bootloader it unlocked but all the apps who requier root are saying that the phne is not rooted and i...
  38. F

    Thread No Google Assistant after switching back OOS

    Hey Guys, today I switched from RR-Remix back to the latest version of OOS. Everything went fine so far, but I have recognized that I have no access to the Google assistant anymore. I have not rooted my phone yet, OEM is unlocked and I have TWRP. But I don't think that this should be a problem...
  39. TopperCNC

    Thread Screen protector

    Hey everyone! I read everywhere online that the 3/3T and the 5 share *very* similar screens. So similar, in fact, that they may very well have exact identical dimensions as well as being 2.5D. So...with that in mind... Anyone think the 3/3T screen protectors will fit the 5? Cases won't since...
  40. MikeChannon

    Thread Custom ROM Central - ROMs for OnePlus 3 & 3T (links)

    This thread provides links to Custom ROM Central. For the OnePlus 3 & 3T, ROMs in the above forum include: OP3/3T 7.1|| Superfast SuperSOT || Validus - Tesla - Tipsy || Unified If you have a ROM for this device in Custom ROM Central, contact a Moderator to have it added to the list...
  41. D

    Thread Skin Tech OP3 skin (India)

    I found out this new brand on Instagram called Skin Tech. I had been using dbrand for my phones uptil now. I saw that they sell skins for Oneplus 3 and they say that they are made of 3M which is supposed to be the same material dbrand also uses and it was cheap at 499Rs. (7.5$) so I decided to...
  42. erikasnoske

    Thread [Q] LineageOS (April) + Viper4Android ???

    Hi All, I'll be straight forward - can someone point me to the right direction, where I can find flashable zip of Viper4Android audio mod, which would be *perfectly compatible with LineageOS (April latest releases) on OnePlus 3? *perfectly - means same as on FreedomOS ROM, which means...
  43. S

    Thread Encryption issues with custom rom

    Hi guys, just today I've installed latest Dirty Unicorns v11.3, so I decided to enable encryption for more secure (like in OOS by default)... but the process ended with a bootloop. At this point, I've geniusly done a full wipe, to keep encryption and reflash system... the system now is working...
  44. S

    Thread [LineageOS] Whenever I flash nightlies my OP3 fails to recognise my PIN!

    I'm sure this is something stupid I did during the initial rooting & bootloader unlocking. Everything works fine on my OP3 except if I flash ROM updates (i.e; new LineageOS updates in my case) - after installation the phone no longer accepts my PIN and I end up having to to a factory wipe &...
  45. geekmax

    Thread Faint vertical lines in screen when background is light (grey, Facebook blue etc)

    I am seeing faint vertical lines on the screen when the background is light like gray or facebook app's blue color. Those are not visible in the dark background. I have checked with apps for checking dead pixels i.e different backgrounds and brightness levels. But the problem is seen only for...
  46. Joyo-rocker

    Thread Looking for an encryption enabled kernel.

    As the title says. I am looking for a custom kernel which forces encryption at boot. I want it for the password on boot feature as for me security is a priority. I aint an expert at android so do be gentle on me XD.
  47. S

    Thread [DIRTY UNICORNS] Some clarifications about releases

    Hi guys, I'm looking for Dirty Unicorns and I'm much confused about their release policy. There are three channel: stable, RC and weeklies. I'm supposing that RC are the equivalent of beta, but I'm not sure (since developers speak of testing keys). So can you tell me if RC are more stable than...
  48. A

    Thread [CLOSED]OnePlus Has Invited User Participation Into Their New MP Early Access Program

    OnePlus has invited its customers into their new MP Early Access Programme. According to the thread, Oneplus' Customer Base can now participate in a selection for the new MP (Mass Production) Software Testing Team. This new...
  49. N

    Thread Did anyone make a comparison between all ROM cameras?

    Hi, I know that oxygencam is inferior to the stock and etc... however has anyone been able to show the difference between stock, ported and ls camera? Thanks in advance.
  50. A

    Thread Suggestion

    Hello fellas, As ONEPLUS 5 is set to come in April, if it would be good move to buy ONEPLUS 3T now?? Or to wait for sometimes? Any suggestion appreciated.