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  1. G

    Thread OnePlus 7T can't access recovery mod

    Hi, Everyone I just bought a brand new OnePlus 7T and it won't start, I'm stuck at the boot animation. So i tried to start it on recovery mod : volume + and power button... it did nothing, i couldn't understand why, maybe the volume buttons are broken...i don't know.. but it's fully charged...
  2. GentlyTurning

    Thread OnePlus 7 OOS11 Update Not Recognized by AT&T

    Hello, I am using a OnePlus 7 model GM1901 (Indian model). I am using it in the USA with AT&T. As long as it was running OOS10 AT&T would recognize my phone, even though they did not technically support it. Once I upgraded to OOS11 it no longer was recognized. Clearly this is a software issue...
  3. T

    Thread OOS is there!

    I've just updated my device and so far i am actually happy this time. I personally had serious issues whith but it seems fixed now... My device runs smooth and finally it does not heat up by just being on the launcher. Let us know if u experience still issues!
  4. T

    Thread [Guide] Installing PixelExperience 11 + root (Step by Step)

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for damages of any kind. Warning: Read everything at least one. Maybe i've missed something or u screwed it up. 1 Starting point 1. Have a clean OOS10 on both slots (with unlocked bootloader). If u're coming not from stock: You can do that using the MSM OOS...
  5. Kloopset

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro bootloop Magisk

    Hello, I'm having a problem with Onplus 7 Pro bootlooping. It wont go past the "The boot loader is unlocked and software integrity cannot be guaranteed." screen. It stays in that screen for about couple of minutes and then boots itself into fastboot mode. Im guessing it has something to do with...
  6. T

    Thread OOS11 Terrible battery although good on 10

    I used OOS for 3 weeks now. Although my phone is 2 years old now, my battery was very good on OOS 10. I literally walked with 30% battery in the day and had no problems. Then i updated to OOS11 ~ Performence is good but i had to charge my phone something like 2-3 times a day...
  7. T

    Thread [help] Is my (stock) compiled kernel/boot.img good?

    I created a (complete) copy paste like OnePlus kernel source ready to compile: my kernel source I just need someone who knows more stuff about this topic to take a quick look if my (target is OnePlus 7 but could be configured for pro) creates images that do not brick the device...
  8. T


    Hi Guys, I have a Oneplus 6 and want to record all my outgoing Google Voice calls. I can't seem to figure out a solution. I do have J OnePlus Tools on my phone to record all GSM calls and that works perfectly fine but ONLY for GSM calls. Please help!! Thanks!
  9. S

    Thread How to unbrick my OP7?

    Hello I really need help! Not quite sure I got myself into this mess but I can't boot into the system as there is no OS and there also isn't any recovery. Whenever I turn my phone on it goes into the bootloader (fastboot). I have tried to flash TWRP.img with flashboot but I am getting that the...
  10. Hem981

    Thread OnePlus 7 - OxygenOS 11 stable - Issues

    Hello, Recently i upgraded my OnePlus 7 to OxygenOS 11 via OTA, and here is a list of a few annoying bugs(features?) that you'll need to know before upgrading: (Note: I performed hard reset after upgrading, so any bugs here will be persistent and not because of some fixable issues, unless you...
  11. S

    Thread Rollback from OOS11(Android 11) to OOS10 (Android10) Oneplus 7

    Hi, Have recently updated to Android 11 via Stable android update and I am looking for any way to go back to Android 10 via any means necessary. Have already made backups, can not root and unlock bootloader. Any help is appreciated.
  12. M

    Thread [OP7][OOS11] root not working with Magisk patched boot.img

    Hey, Yesterday i received the official global version of Ogygen OS 11 (OnePlus7Oxygen_14.E.35_OTA_0350_all_2103221233) for my Oneplus 7 which made me happy and i installed it on my current TWRP and root Ogygen OS 10. Afterwards my root and TWRP was gone. I read many threads now about that TWRP...
  13. m_vaisakh

    Thread [ROM] [11] [OFFICIAL] [guacamoleb] StatiXOS 4.2 [OOS Camera]

    StatiXOS for OnePlus 7 (guacamoleb) What is this? StatiXOS is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project aiming to be minimal while providing quality of life improvements and up to date security patches. Known issues OOS Camera has bugs (Note that this is only limited to the Camera...
  14. B

    Thread [Android 10] install EdXposed and Xposed without loosing safety net

    Hi, My question is simple, what is the difference between Xposed and EdXposed, and if there is a way to install it without loosing safety net. My phone is a Oneplus 7 with android 10. Thanks and best wishes for the new year!😊
  15. S

    Thread VR-Secure GO App not working Root (Magisk)

    Hey, my Banking apps arent working. Im rooted on One Plus 7 Android 10.0.10 with Magisk 21.1. I hide Magisk in its Settings and Restarted but didnt worked for me. Please help!
  16. Prinçe çharming ap

    Thread [MOD] Magisk Module for OnePlus Launcher [Rooted]

    Hi guys I m here with the one thing that everyone wants OnePlus launcher with google feed discovery & self toggle options in the launcher settings First of all i want to tell you that its work only on rooted device & you can use it in any of custom roms & also on oxygen os . Just flash it via...
  17. I

    Thread pixel 4XL in comparsion with onePlus 7 pro

    Hello i'm fan of pixels AKA nexus years, i have now the pixel 2 xl that last battery time about 7 hours screen on and around one day+14hours idle, i guess it's include the screen on, when the pixel 3 xl was out i saw that the battery MEH was less than the 2 XL plus it doesn't had much more...
  18. E

    Thread [APP][THEMES][WALLPAPERS] Wallpapers for OnePlus7 Pro v1.0 Apk

    A collection of best wallpapers in this app, features quality resolution and branded stock wallpapers collection, give you a wide choice to select your favorite wallpaper from this collection. Wallpapers for Vivo S1 app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen...
  19. acervenky

    Thread [MAGISK][29/04][v2] Stereo Speaker And Headphone Volume Boost Mod *AML*

    This mod will boost the stereo speaker & headphone gain by 6dB. Pre-requisites : Rooted with Magisk Download : AFH Credits : hamdi mert for Testing Regards, acervenky
  20. M

    Thread Are there red global versions of OnePlus 7 that exist??

    I'm from Canada and I want to buy the OP7 from a third-party seller because they don't sell the regular 7 here, but they're claiming they sell the red international version they buy from OnePlus Hong Kong, but the OnePlus HK website doesn't sell the red version. They also claim that OnePlus puts...
  21. M

    Thread Does OnePlus Hong Kong sell the OP7 Chinese or Global/International Version?

    I am planning on buying a OP7 from a third-party seller in Canada, but I don't like my phones opened out of its factory packaging. Some people told me if I buy from this third-party seller, they get them from China and just change it to Oxygen OS, which would not be good for 2 reasons, 1) Since...
  22. Some_Random_Username

    Thread ..

  23. Some_Random_Username

    Thread [OP7][OOS 10.3.8 GM57AA & .0.10GM57BA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool. Hi everyone, similar to...
  24. P

    Thread App opening animation issue on Custom Launchers

    I have tried some of the custom launchers as Nova Launcher, Lawnchair launcher, cpl.. ( I feel these applications are better than oneplus launcher and also supports doubt tap to lock under pie accessibility settings ).. all these launcher works fine but while opening some apps.. it opens...
  25. N

    Thread OnePlus 7 Gaming problems

    I just got myself a OnePlus 7. The red variant with 8gb 256gb storage. I come from a Nokia 7 plus. Everything is fine and I also got the last update right away. No updates to get I checked. My problem is the gaming experience with last generation mobile processor and a top tier mobile gpu along...
  26. T

    Thread Unbrick / MSM Tool for Oneplus 7 available ?

    I am wondering if there is an MSM Download Tool with an Oneplus 7 OPS File available also like Oneplus 7 Pro Or do anyone knows how to create an ops file needed by the MSM Downloadtool from a...
  27. ramheer

    Thread OnePlus 7 Pro Cases, Screen Protectors & Accessories Reviews

    Fellow Members I will be reviewing cases, screen protectors and accessories for the OnePlus 7 Pro, I am starting off with the UAG Plasma case which you can watch here: Mod Edit Anything you would like me to review please let me know in this thread or drop me a PM. I this video I review the...
  28. J

    Thread Modifying Kernel question

    I have experience flashing ROMS and so for a long time but have never death with building a kernel. I have read a lot and watched a few videos but I am getting a few questions that I don't understand and I would appreciate help so I can build and share this kernel with OnePlus 7 Pro users who...
  29. B

    Thread Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro: Camera Comparison

    Low light is poor mainly because of no OIS. Video recording needs to improve. Having said that, day photos are good. MOD EDIT: YT link removed
  30. N

    Thread Oneplus 7 HDMI dock

    Hi, I want to buy the oneplus 7. Can you confirm this phone has HDMI output ? Some people say it does only work with op7 pro. If you manage to make it work, can you tell me which dock did you use ? Thanks,
  31. mauronofrio

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][FASTBOOT][OP7] Stock Fastboot ROMs for OnePlus 7

    Things are changing with the advent of project treble and seamless updates. OnePlus will no longer release ROMs flashable via recovery (either stock or twrp) because is no more needed. The updates will be done on the slot not used for example if you are using slot a the update will be installed...
  32. OPTeam

    Thread [OnePlus 7][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find. Note: this is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or...
  33. N

    Thread USB-C 3.1 ports with HDMI output ?

    Hi, Does the normal oneplus 7 have USB-C 3.1 ports with HDMI output ? I want to be able to connect this phone directly with hmdi to my TV. There is different point of view on the internet. Thanks for your answer,
  34. mauronofrio

    Thread [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][Unified]Official/Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 7/7 pro/5G (Stable)

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  35. kgs1992

    Thread Post Your OP 7 Pro Home Screen(s) set up!

    Figured I'd start a thread for this since it's an interesting way to stumble on apps, wallpapers, etc. Share away! :D
  36. Some_Random_Username

    Thread Android Q dev preview 2 is now available for OnePlus 7

    Download link for those that weren't on DP1 (flashing implies data loss): AFH mirror: MD5: d80dc6703e5ac68b1b88eb8a62263001...
  37. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][OP7] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the OnePlus 7's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash Stock...
  38. D

    Thread OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro announced during the presentation?

    When were they mentioned in the presentation? I read articles that said that during the presentation Oneplus had already announced the release of the T variants at the end of the year, but I didn't hear about it myself ... you? :confused:
  39. djsubterrain

    Thread First OnePlus 7 advertising miss-step - It's waterproof, no wait, it's not.

    OnePlus has made marketing and advertising miss-steps in the past, whether sexist or encouraging users to destroy their existing phone on the offchance they might get a free OnePlus phone, they've also never had an IP rating for their phones either. Now they've said the reason for this is...
  40. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread OnePlus 6/6T VS OnePlus 7

    With OnePlus about to release their most powerful device in just a few days, let see how many OnePlus 6/6T users are ready to upgrade to the latest model and how many users are thinking of spending some more sweet time with their current OnePlus handset. N.B. Don't take this post in a different...