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oneplus 7t pro 5g mclaren t-mobile

  1. S

    Thread Help unbricking my phone!

    I have the T-mobile OnePlus 7t Pro 5G Mclaren edition. I was trying to root it and ended up bricking it. I'm trying to restore it using MSM download tools but I can't seem to get the device detected. I've watched countless YouTube videos, XDA forms, and google and still can't seem to get it to...
  2. S

    Thread HELP! Stuck on bootloop after flashing with Magisk

    Hi, so I went through the process to flash the boot image to Magisk to root my phone. But now it's stuck on a bootloop and I am able to get it to fastboot and recovery but I don't know how to get the phone to turn normally. I have noticed a few things changed in fastboot, it says "FC 19" under...
  3. M

    Thread Flashing Global OnePlus 7t Pro (HD1913) on the Tmobile McLaren edition (HD 1925)

    Hi, new user here. Is it possible to flash the global OnePlus 7t Pro (HD1913) Oxygen OS on the T-Mobile McLaren edition 5g variant (HD 1925)? I know it is easy to switch from the Chinese and Indian versions to the global/EU but will this work for he HD1925? I don't mind loosing 5G, I am just...
  4. Some_Random_Username

    Thread [OP7TPRO TMO 5G][OOS 10.0.42 HD61CB] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool. Hi everyone, similar to...