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  1. P

    Thread Magisk root not detected by Magisk Manager 25.2 (25200)(33) after uninstallation of hidden (renamed) Magisk Manager (by mistake)

    Hello, I stuck in quite specific situation. I am using OnePlus 7T Pro (HD1913) with installed the most recent stock Oxygen OS 12.1 MP2 - 11.F.17. EU (Android 12) and Magisk 25.2 (25200)(33) stable release. What I did I used Magisk hide option and renamed package to random one. After this...
  2. fanticgamerw633

    Thread ColorOS 12.1 Stable (January 7, 2023) EOL

    (UPDATE: COLOROS 12.1 F.18 STABLE FOR ONEPLUS 7T PRO RELEASED ZIP FILE IN COMMENTS) This post is for those interested in the latest updates on ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12 for the OnePlus 7T Pro In this post, I will update the link to the builds each time a new update comes out for ColorOS...
  3. Shadirvan

    Thread [Fix] How to fix Rotation Bug when you roll back from colorOS 12.1 to oxygen os 11

    Hello guys, some of us had installed ColorOs 12 CB on our Oneplus 7 series devices and when we tried to rollback we get rotation bug (rotate in opposite direction) So I did some research and find out that it was problem with the persist partition. Here is how to fix the issue: just flash the...
  4. J

    Thread OnePlus 7t pro G-sensor (gyroscope) and auto rotation issue

    Mobile brand: HD1910 After flashing the original ROM. I faced some issues 1- Gyroscope in game moving by itself 2- Auto rotation direct in opposite way I tried all ROMs version (Europe, Indian, Chinese, International) Also hard reset after flashing any ROM same issue. G- Sensor test code...
  5. Delorean12DMC

    Thread OnePlus 7T Pro with TWRP and Magisk

    Hello, i've looked through many Forums and Threads but i couldn't find an answer. The Problem: I have an OnePlus 7T Pro (Regular) (HD1910) running on OOS and i want to install TWRP Recovery with Magisk, but i dont have the necessary files and i maybe need a guide. The Guides i...
  6. emptylls

    Thread HD1925 phone turn into GM1917

    Hi I just unlocked bootloader and flashed twrp but i realized that when boot into twrp and plugin usb, windows detect gm1917, which i think, is a oneplus 7 pro module and after booting into os, windows detect hd1925, which is a 7t pro module (twrp version 3.6.0_11-0-hotdog, from twrp 7t pro...
  7. N

    Thread [HELP][Oneplus 7T Pro] System is corrupt. It won´t boot.

    Recently I needed to unroot my OnePlus 7T Pro on A10 with Magisk and Relock the bootloader. I reflashed the software and everything worked well. Phone bootet Wifi Connection stable etc. So I went into bootloader and locked oem via ADB. I confirmed it on the phone and locking was succesful. Now...
  8. M

    Thread Flashing Global OnePlus 7t Pro (HD1913) on the Tmobile McLaren edition (HD 1925)

    Hi, new user here. Is it possible to flash the global OnePlus 7t Pro (HD1913) Oxygen OS on the T-Mobile McLaren edition 5g variant (HD 1925)? I know it is easy to switch from the Chinese and Indian versions to the global/EU but will this work for he HD1925? I don't mind loosing 5G, I am just...
  9. K3V1991

    Thread [OOS][EU][HD1913] Oxygen OS Updates + Extras | February 2022

    NFO: Europe Version: Version Name: OnePlus7TProOxygen_14_2202120232 Version: (Oxygen OS Android Version: 11 API: 30 Build: HD1913_14_220212 Kernel: 4.14.190-perf+, Sat Feb 12 Security Patch: February 1, 2022 Changelog: System: • Updated Android Security Patch to...
  10. I

    Thread Digiscope adapter

    Can anybody recommend a digiscope adapter (an adapter that helps with fitting our phone to a microscope or to a binocular) that works with the main camera of OnePlus 7T Pro? I just asked if their HookUpz adaptes supports the 7T Pro, but sadly it does not, so I have to keep looking...
  11. G

    Thread H2OS ANDROID 11 BETA 1

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to mention this to everyone but I haven't seen it posted here either, but today / yesterday android 11 beta 1 was released for Hydrogen phones. I've got the Chinese variant of the OnePlus 7T Pro and it installed like any other "local" update. ONEPLUS...
  12. sunshinexgc

    Thread perisit Fingerprint is not registered

    Mod edit - translated by Fingerprint is not registered. How to fix it? ******************* 指纹未注册,How to fix it
  13. N

    Thread Can anyone tell how to install Kali Nethunter?

    I tried to install the distro, and followed the procedure but failed on the op7tpro. I managed to root via magisk patched image, but yea, flashing the twrp leaves /system_root and /vendor unmountable. The decryption tool installs via twrp just fine, just doesnt recognize the magisk root, but i...
  14. mpschahal16

    Thread SwitchHZ : App which let you control refresh rate.

    Switch Refresh Rate SwitchHZ lets you control the refresh rate of your Oneplus device in the following ways. **From Notification Tile** Auto(A) : Device Auto profile which will switch between High and Low refresh rate depending on content displayed on screen. Low(L) : Force Low refresh...
  15. D

    Thread Unroot and relock bootloader in order to get OTA updates

    Hi, I'm using HD01BA (= EU version) with unlocked bootloader and root with Magisk. I understand that updating OOS or updating Magisk is quite annonying as there's no TWRP and as it needs specific precautions such as disabling Magisk modules and reinstalling them after updating. Since I now...
  16. D

    Thread Unroot and relock bootloader in order to get OTA updates

    Hi, I'm using HD01BA (= EU version) with unlocked bootloader and root with Magisk. I understand that updating OOS or updating Magisk is quite annonying as there's no TWRP and as it needs specific precautions such as disabling Magisk modules and reinstalling them after updating. Since I now...
  17. GrayJack

    Thread Access to tele and macro cams from other camera apps

    As you possibly know Oneplus has limited the access to tele and macro cams of our phone for other camera application. There is a number of ways how to solve it - most of them are Magisk modules changing sepolicy rules and the list of allowed camera applications. I've tried to combine them all...
  18. mauronofrio

    Thread [TOOL][OP7TP] TOOL ALL IN ONE (Drivers|Unlock|TWRP|Factory Image|Stock Recovery)

    This is the OnePlus 7T Pro's TOOL ALL IN ONE Discussion Thread more info and download go to the Original Thread TOOL ALL IN ONE ADVANCED OPTIONS FUNCTIONS Install Drivers Install Drivers Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader (use carefully) Flash TWRP Recovery Flash Stock Recovery Flash...
  19. P

    Thread Enable VoWifi+VoLTE on Oneplus 7T PRO

    Hi guys, this is not my original work, but it was hard to find for our device, so i experimented with the guides available for the oneplus 7 pro and the following woks perfectly. The reason i tried to find this is that most guides rnabled the VoLTE and VoWifi switches but only Volte worked this...
  20. I

    Thread Touch Lag/Sluggish touch response on COD/PUBG

    Hey. I have searched extensively for the solution. Can't find it anywhere. So basically I just bought this phone. Now whenever I am playing CODM or Pubg. The touch delay is huge, I mean if I swipe anywhere it takes half a second to swipe and in a floaty and Sluggish fashion. This makes...
  21. I

    Thread pixel 4XL in comparsion with onePlus 7 pro

    Hello i'm fan of pixels AKA nexus years, i have now the pixel 2 xl that last battery time about 7 hours screen on and around one day+14hours idle, i guess it's include the screen on, when the pixel 3 xl was out i saw that the battery MEH was less than the 2 XL plus it doesn't had much more...
  22. madhuranand007

    Thread Port ROM of OnePlus 7T Pro to OnePlus 7 Pro

    Hello Developers and my OnePlus 7 Pro users Is it possible to port ROM of OnePlus 7 Pro to OnePlus 7T Pro ? As both phones are identical, except the processor. Both have almost identical features as well, but the front camera on OnePlus 7T Pro has wide-angle (DoubleTree) which is not present...
  23. J

    Thread Unlocking Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro removes Widevine L1 Certification?

    i got the 5G Mclaren. Usually I unlock the bootloader and root my phones (Magisk), to be able to use apps such as TitaniumBackup and Magisk Modules like YouTube Vanced. Has anybody rooted their phone and can report back the availability of Widevine L1 and passing of SafetyNet (Magisk and/or DRM...
  24. M

    Thread [Q] Anyone got all 3 lens working on any Gcam Mod ?

    Hi All, I'm rooted with Magisk on 10.0.3 McLAren edition, tired many Gcam apk's with their xml settings. But none of them worked for the wide or tele photo lens. Am i missing something? Is there a magisk module for camera2API required ? Please guide if anyone knows the exact steps to get the...
  25. C

    Thread Anyone have any thoughts on the new update that they would like to share?

    I'm referring to update 10.0.4. Specifically I'm looking to know how much they "really" improved the standby power consumption.
  26. OPTeam

    Thread [OnePlus 7T Pro][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find. Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or...
  27. Some_Random_Username

    Thread [OP7TPRO][OOS HD01AA | HD01BA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

    Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool. Hi everyone, similar to...
  28. HolyChickenGuy

    Thread [Guide] Remove magisk modules without TWRP!

    First of all, this was all made possible by s3axel Now on to the tutorial: Flash s3axel's stock recovery with adb enabled (Tutorial in post) Now you have that, boot into the recovery and put in your security method (pattern, pin, etc) Now open CMD and type "adb shell" To find a specific...
  29. mauronofrio

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][FASTBOOT][OP7TP] Stock Fastboot ROMs for OnePlus 7T Pro

    Things are changing with the advent of project treble and seamless updates. OnePlus will no longer release ROMs flashable via recovery (either stock) because is no more needed. The updates will be done on the slot not used for example if you are using slot a the update will be installed on slot...
  30. S

    Thread Is the OnePlus 7T Pro considered to be a 'guacamole' device?

    Title, basically. Is it safe to use TWRP, or install LineageOS or /e/ builds based on guacamole onto the 7T Pro? Or is this phone too unique to use them? I tried looking at the upstream code here but I couldn't tell if the 7T Pro was simply not yet included, or was left out because it's not...
  31. ramheer

    Thread OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Unboxing

    Today I unboxed the oneplus 7t pro mclaren edition and i have to say the box looks premium in the black carbon fibre look with subtle McLaren branding on the front. Opening the box the first thing you see is an orange pocket which houses an invitation letter and some pamphlets, under these we...
  32. S

    Thread In The Event Of A Possible OP7T Pro Will Custom Rom & Kernel Development Be Unified ?

    In The Event Of A Possible OP7T Pro Will Custom Rom & Kernel Development Be Unified ? As mentioned by Ice Universe on Twitter.
  33. D

    Thread OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro announced during the presentation?

    When were they mentioned in the presentation? I read articles that said that during the presentation Oneplus had already announced the release of the T variants at the end of the year, but I didn't hear about it myself ... you? :confused: