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  1. C

    Thread OnePlus 8 Pro EDL Test Points Found!

    So a while ago I tried using the Fastboot Enhance Tool to flash an oos13 payload.bin to switch from a custom rom to Oxygen OS, in an attempt to sidestep and avoid using MSM. This turned out to be a mistake as I immediately killed my OnePlus 8 Pro after clicking reboot on my PC. I don't recall...
  2. Zweikeks

    Thread Transfer data, apps and settings from OnePlus 8 Pro with Android 13 to another results in bootloop

    Hi all, I would like to restore all my data, apps and settings from one phone on another. Using TWRP, my attempts result in a boot loop on the target. Source: OnePlus 8 Pro IN2023, 128GB, rooted Target: OnePlus 8 Pro IN2023, 256GB, rooted OxygenOS / Android 13 I am using TWRP 3.7.0...
  3. aizaz4337

    Thread Alert slider working opposite after rooting and Updating to Android 13

    Hi guys, so my oneplus 8 pro has gone crazy and now moving slider up sets phone on RINGER and bottom is SILENT, While middle is VIBRATE Also I cant go from vibrate to silent or vibrate to ring I have to move it quickly from ring to silent and it works although opposite Same is the case with...
  4. K

    Thread Absolute Hard brick, tried literally everything.

    My Oneplus 8 Pro is probably hard bricked for life. It has been a while ago but after incorrectly flashing a custom rom my phone died. It has been months since then and I've been trying to get it to revive again but no luck at all. Eventually I stumbled up on this guide and it made me order an...
  5. aizaz4337

    Thread Loss of Fingerprint Sensor in Oneplus 8 pro

    Hello Everyone, Can someone please help me with the loss of Fingerprint reader in my oneplus 8 pro. So After I updated to Oxygen OS 13 I found out my fingerprint wasn't always getting recognized and in the Fingerprint Enrollment section it did enroll my fingerprint but It said remove any groove...
  6. S

    Thread Hydra Cable V2 pro edl cable connection

    Requirements -1 type c OTG or male Type C to Female Micro usb Connector (5 pinout ) remove Resistor 5k connect one end to Resistor starting point other point to switch. VCC point to other end switch and rest connection will be same -Male USB connector (data cable with 4 pin-out Switch between...
  7. P

    Thread Missed a LineageOS version upgrade

    Hi. I apparently got so lazy, I missed the LineageOS + micorG version 19 upgrade. To be clear, I'm on version 18, and 20 is now out. I went to their build page, and it's not paginated, and all I see is version 20. I'm happy to skip a version if it's safe and nothing will break. But I'm guessing...
  8. P

    Thread [OOS13] IN2023_11_F.62 Patched boot.img

    Hello guys ! F.62 update is rolling out on the OnePlus 8 Pro, and I managed to download the full OTA zip package through the OxygenOS Updater app. I extracted the boot.img file thanks to the payload_dumper_go tool on this thread. This post is inspired from this one from @bebop80 (thank you !)...
  9. C

    Thread *Big issue. enable sa 5g on OxygenOS 11

    Hello Xda family, currently i'm on oneplus 8 pro IN2021 Oxygen OS, indian model, the issue is i don't want to update it to oxygenos 12 and 13 you know why. because of coloros mix. I want to use SA 5g on Indian operator jio. there is no 5g option in settings. I have...
  10. bebop80

    Thread [OOS13] IN2023_11_F.15 Patched boot.img

    Hello everyone, I wasn't able to find it here and I didn't want to wait :-) I am sharing here the Patched boot.img for the last OOS13 update. (F.15) I want to thank user @Neil_Armstrong_ for his post and, please forgive me and my laziness, I am copying here his perfect instructions You can...
  11. U

    Thread Update failed - what now?

    Hello community, I have a Oneplus 8 pro laying around with unlocked bootloader, Magisk, (possibly TWRP), and a firmware which was one of the first in around may 2020. The issue is, I want to use this phone now, but I cannot update it throught the full package of OxygenOS updater. It gives...
  12. A

    Thread [COS13]Proximity sensor not working

    i have a oneplus 8 pro that was running on OOS 11 like magic then update it to COS 12 and the proximity sensor stopped working yesterday COS 13 came and i thought it would fix the problem but no, the problem still there. any fix for the proximity sensor one COS 13 please.
  13. adamololo

    Thread OP8Pro sensors not working

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my Oneplus 8 Pro IN2023. the proximity sensor, light sensor, screen rotation etc. do not work. I have tried to install different versions of oxygenOS and each has the same problem. when trying to return to android 10, a crashdump appears, which prevents it from...
  14. L

    Thread latest OxygenOS 12.1 update CRASH

    Hi everybody, On my OnePlus 8 Pro 256 GB 100% original, I just did the latest official OxygenOS 12.1 update, download OK, then reboot and when restarting the phone remains on the OnePlus logo with the vibrator vibrating intermittently... I stopped it then restarted, several reboots, always the...
  15. vrabaci

    Thread Video 4k @ 120fps/hz

    How do you modify system to shoot 4k@120fps? This is the reason I rooted this phone :) Thank you!
  16. J

    Thread Why am I unable to flash a custom ROM?

    Hi there, I am using a OnePlus 8 Pro on Oxygen OS 11, Global variant. I have been working on this for at least 10 hours now. I bought the OnePlus 8 Pro orginally running Oxygen OS 12, and when I flashed the recovery (TWRP) for the first time to two slots via this explanation , I bricked the...
  17. I

    Thread Portrait issue

    I have a OnePlus 8 pro. Image from it come Normal but portrait comes washed out. When ultra hdr is on, image comes unnaturally black. Using Gcam results in same unnaturally black or high texture.
  18. P

    Thread {No solution in other threads} The current image has been destroyed and cannot boot. Stuck on this screen. Won't budge

    Hi, I recently updated my OnePlus 8 Pro. I ordered it from the USA, so I think it's international version IN25.c.21. The latest one, to keep it simple. After installation, it said to reboot, so I clicked reboot now, and after that, it is stuck here on this screen and won't run or switch off...
  19. Neil_Armstrong_

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][12.1] StagOS [instantnoodlep]

    Hello, Let me share with you my unofficial StagOS build. More informations on the rom on their website. Don't expect regular updates and full support until the official StagOS comes out, as i do it on my free time for my personal use. Instructions & Prerequisites. Read documentation before...
  20. A

    Thread Is Magisk 23.0 compatible with latest stable oxygen os based on adroid 12...?

    hello geniuses..!! i tried the basic method to root latest oxygen os IN2021_11.C.21 with magisk 23 zip through fastboot. i follow all the steps like extract boot img than patch with magisk 23 loader and after that patched boot image flashing with fastboot...
  21. Neil_Armstrong_

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][12]Lineage 19 - instantnoodlep

    Hello, Let me share with you my unofficial Lineage OS 19 build. More informations on the rom on their website. Don't expect regular updates and full support until the official LOS 19 comes out, as i do it on my free time for my personal use. Instructions & Prerequisites. Read documentation...
  22. saiftitov


    Hello Sir, I'm on the stable version of One plus 8 pro oxygen os 12 C.20. i cannot find volte and vowifi options. is there a way i can enable volte & vowifi without rooting my phone? i was able to use volte/vowifi back on oxygen os 11,but it does not work on oxygen os 12. please assist. thank you
  23. A

    Thread [CLOSED] How to restore IMEI and baseband?!

    Hi I have 2 PCs OnePlus 8 pro both are IN2020 One of them have OOS(android 10) and other have coloros (android 12) I put the phone repairman to change their IMEI number.(Because it was imported as a used phone and was not registered in the network and did not receive services.) Repair man...
  24. J

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro acting strange after OTA update to Oxygen OS 12

    I used Magisk to do an OTA update to Oxygen OS 12, but it feels like my root is gone because TWRP disappeared, the bootloader was locked after the update, and I had to unlock it. But when I do root check, it still says I'm rooted. Most of my Root access requiring apps don't work properly either...
  25. C

    Thread Brick Saved!! OnePlus 8 Pro Oxygen OS 12 to Android 11 downgrade brick saved. Methods I used and pitfalls.

    Background: OnePlus 8 Pro IN2020 Original OS version is OxygenOS 12 Android 12 How my phone turned into brick: Try flashboot unsupported TWRP and other third party recoveries. After a few tries, eventually causing my phone turning into a brick What my error looks like: Not able to boot into...
  26. A

    Thread Can't get hard bricked OP8P to EDL mode

    Hello Everyone My Oneplus 8 Pro won't turn on at all , not to recovery mode , not to fastboot mode , not to EDL mode , not even to charge... nothing And I'm pretty sure everything is set up correctly , the msm tool , the qualcomm drivers , the cable and the port because i have an old oneplus...
  27. Johncaffee

    Thread Certificate

    Hi everybody :) I'm on Oxygen OS I want to install a certificate from Adguard but doesn't work. See the video. I don't understand, but you, yes, I know :'D Can you help me please ?
  28. E

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro bootlooping after update! URGENT HELP NEEDED

    This is an extremely urgent request! I AM WILLING TO PAY $100 cash to anyone who can help me fix this ASAP. Latest oxygen OS update downloaded today and now I'm on a constant bootloop and can't get back into my phone. It keeps saying "Turn Off" and then back to the restart oneplus logo and...
  29. A

    Thread Fingerprint stopped working after resetting the phond

    Hi guys My fingerprint stopped working And it's showing this error Is there any solution ? Please help
  30. J

    Thread [12] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL] [OnePlus8Pro] [ROM]

    Thanks to @LuK1337,@chandra1.jd ,@hasaber8 for all OnePlus 8 Pro trees Team PixelExperience Device Supported Oneplus 8 Pro only Whats is working? Everything What's not working? let me know Installation Process: -You need ADB and Fastboot 1. Sideload from recovery 2. restart to...
  31. J

    Thread Safetynet fails Basic Eval

    device info: Oneplus 8 Pro IN2025 Oxygen OS 11.0.99.IN11AA Recently rooted and I was not passing SafetyNet basic Eval and I tried Riru Lxposed and still the same thing. Somewhere online I saw someone said to install Magisk Canary and it should have Denylist which should help hide apps from the...
  32. 3

    Thread Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha 3- OnePlus 8/T/Pro & 9R

    We are very excited to announce the alpha of Paranoid Android Sapphire, based on Android 12. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a multi-disciplinary...
  33. A

    Thread How to disable system update nag on rooted OnePlus 8 Pro?

    How to disable system update nag on rooted OnePlus 8 Pro? Thanks.
  34. A

    Thread Volte stopped working suddenly

    Hi , about 2 weeks ago volte has stopped working suddenly without me changing any thing lately or even updating my mobile I previously activated volte using pdc manually and chose india volte Vodafone as it worked for Vodafone Egypt Note that i entered pdc to check if something has changed...
  35. Dogmom4lif3

    Thread Samsung health monitor apk & how to get it working

    I just got a Samsung Watch 4 and I cannot download the Samsung health monitor app on my phone. Please help!! I need the apk for the app and the directions to get the app working. TIA
  36. E

    Thread I bricked my (in2020) China variant OnePlus 8 Pro

    Hi there. I bricked my (in2020) CN variant OnePlus 8 Pro. I searched for it's compatible MSMDownloadTool but I couldn't find it for (in2020) model. So I used the International one but it gave me an error 'param preload'. What u are recommend me to do ?
  37. T

    Thread OnePlus 8 Pro refuses to install TWRP. Qualcomm Crash Dumps every time. Any advice?

    I want to install TWRP as my recovery I've tried at least four different versions that are listed here and a few others from other links: I'm not having driver issues...
  38. G

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro stuck in recovery

    I don't know if this is the right place. But my OP8 Pro is stuck in recovery mode after the latest update. ( I tried to do some tricks that I found on the internet, like ADB and fastboot commands but most of the things don't work because my bootloader is locked. People say the...
  39. adknee

    Thread Forcing internal microphone on Android 11 (unrooted)

    Hi, I'm an utter and complete noob who was directed here for help by someone who apparently knows what they're doing. So, I just got a OnePlus 8 Pro, and it's lovely, but I use it for calls with people on the daily with wireless earbuds and the outgoing audio quality is definitely lacking. On...
  40. Mohitash

    Thread [MAGISK][MOD+APP] ButterLimits v7.0 for OP8P/8T/8 OOS 11/OB ~ [Its always buttery but never compromises with battery]

    ButterLimits ButterLimits - Its A Magisk Module with many features that some you can see and some you can only feel by your device usage. Its A Magisk ROM or Magisk MOD, we can call it anything. But, I am just releasing it in MOD section because I think its a right place for it because Full ROM...
  41. K

    Thread I'd like some info on hardcore system ui theming.

    Hello folks, Recently I have been super invested in the art style from Persona 5. I've got a wallpaper from KWLP, set notification sounds and I even have a boot animation of the loading screen of that game. I would like to know if there is any way to theme my system UI even further by replacing...
  42. I

    Thread Hard bricked and nothing is working for me

    Hi everyone, I have used guides posted on this forum for years now and it has helped me much in making my devices my own. First I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for the great content. Now we get to my problem. Yesterday I tried to unroot my phone because I want to sell it. It is a...
  43. C

    Thread Bad battery life / new OP8Pro / 5-6h SOT / Tips?

    Hi y'all, bought my first OnePlus ever a week ago but I get like 5 hours of Screen On Time, while I saw here on xda people getting even 10 hours with 120 Hz. Running latest stock ROM, not rooted because I actually don't need root. FHD+ 120Hz, no AOD. Factory reset done, Wipe Cache done. I'm not...
  44. P

    Thread Fingerprint error after screen replacement

    I've just replaced my screen and was stuck on infinite loop. It turned out to be the fingerprint sensor, in order to bypass the infinite loop, I disconnected the sensor and reconnected it. So now that I managed to get in, I headed to the security settings, deleted all previous fingerprints...
  45. Johncaffee

    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro : Uninstall pre-installed app in Android 11

    I just bought a OP 8 Pro, unlocked the bootloader and rooted him. Obviously, I would like to uninstall pre-installed apps but impossible. System is locked into read-only mode. I tried all solution I can find but nothing. And I've found this one. You have to install adb before and USB Debugging...
  46. M

    Thread [HELP] OnePlus 8 pro stuck on fastboot Mode!

    Hi all. Im quite new to this whole flashing stuff so would like to request some help on how to recover my OnePlus 8 pro. I was previously running Pixel Experience 11 on my Oneplus 8 pro when i decided i wish to return to OOS 11. I folloewd a forum online using a flash-all.bat file with my widows...
  47. mpschahal16

    Thread SwitchHZ : App which let you control refresh rate.

    Switch Refresh Rate SwitchHZ lets you control the refresh rate of your Oneplus device in the following ways. **From Notification Tile** Auto(A) : Device Auto profile which will switch between High and Low refresh rate depending on content displayed on screen. Low(L) : Force Low refresh...
  48. Apexrajang

    Thread OP8P problems with root after a while

    I am in need of assistance. I am using a OnePlus 8 Pro (EUR) After using stock magisk rooted OOS 10 for quite a while I updated to OOS 11 and rooted it again. All goes well until an hour or 2 have been passed. After those 2 hours my banking apps won't show anything more than a blank screen...
  49. G

    Thread Camera focus issue only on standard wide camera

    Hi all, I don't use the camera on my phone a lot but I just discovered that the standard wide camera can't focus anymore (it's all blurry, as shown in the first attached screenshot). If I switch to the wide angle or zoom camera (the other 2 screenshots), no problem. If I enable super macro mode...
  50. CarvedArt

    Thread [MAGISK][ROOT][BOOT.IMG] How to patch the Oneplus 8, 8T and 8 Pro stock Boot Image (boot.img) from the currently installed Stock ROM

    Quick and concise how to for obtaining a Stock Boot Image from your Oneplus 8, 8T or 8 Pro device and patching with Magisk to create a fastboot flashable patched boot.img. - DISCLAIMER: #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * * We are not responsible for bricked, broken or dead devices. This is a...