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  1. perelax

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro Lineage 19.1 ROM NetHunter Enabled

    I picked up a OnePlus 9 Pro, nice phone, and I wanted to run SDR on it but couldn't find a ROM to fit my needs. So, I modified a Lineage 19.1 build to support NetHunter and figured I would share it here in case anyone else was also wanting to do the same. OnePlus 9 Pro Lineage 19.1 NetHunter...
  2. Sherif Rahim

    Thread Development Derpfest A13 for OnePlus 9 Pro (Unofficial) (c66FW)

    Derpfest A13 (Tango) for the OnePlus 9 Pro. Unofficial for now, will apply for official momentarily. Just Posting links for now, Thread will be properly formed and Cleaned Up Later this Weekend. Requirements : C66 FW Known Info Uses ZPOS and Oss display Stack, so probably third party kernels...
  3. xandreasx

    Thread Question Stock Camera App for video is too saturated

    Hi Guys, i'm enjoying the OnePlus 9 Pro in these days and i love the video stabilization of the stock camera app but the videos are too saturated and with a lot of contrast. Do you know if it's possibile to reduce these settings? I own Filmic Pro that is beautiful for the log files but the...
  4. C

    Thread Question Work profile not working after oxygen OS 13(LE2121_11_F.16) update

    I updated to oxygen OS 13 LE2121_11_F.16 last week via local install, downloaded the package from Oxygen Updater. Upon successful update, did a factor reset and tried re-installing the apps in the new setup, but upon adding my work email(Google workspace) I am not redirected to create a work...
  5. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Unbrick/Bootloop

    Hey Guys i have an Big Problem and i dont knwo what to please help So i wanted to flash lineageos and that worked good but its garbage the camera ist very basic and there are a lot of features which not work So i decide to get back to Oxygenos und root it Yeah and know my phone is stuck at...
  6. shubham8

    Thread General Weird green line on my OnePlus 9 Pro (not much/no help from OnePlus) // Goodbye OnePlus

    So, my OnePlus 9 Pro suddenly gets a green line on screen after an OTA. My phone has never been dropped and doesn't have a single scratch on it. I am 5 months out of warranty. I messaged OnePlus support on WhatsApp, and the guy over there told me I don't have to worry and I'll get free screen...
  7. K

    Thread Question Problem with BT MIC

    Hello everyone, please tell me, there was a problem: when I connect TWS headphones and want to talk over cellular communication, through them, the sound from the microphones is very bad, the interlocutor constantly asks again and there are a lot of some noises. When I connect the same headphones...
  8. Rasenkai99

    Thread Development [KERNEL] Requiem-Kernel for OnePlus 9 series

    /* Disclaimer */ Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this kernel before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  9. S

    Thread Get current installed Android/Frimware version in twrp

    As the title says, i want the figure out which firmware version is installed on my phone. OnePlus 9 Pro. I am currently in a bootloop and try to reflash the boot.img to minimize the data loss. tried a few versions without success. (thread calling for help for that is here). To break down the...
  10. 9idd

    Thread Question OP9P Stuck in fastboot. Unable to flash recovery, cannot get into EDL

    Hey guys I was updating my oneplus 9 pro to pixel experience 12, and around 50 percent into installation, it gave an error code and crashed. I decided to redo the process, wipe data and reflash the boot.img. It does that successfully but refuses to go into recovery after that. Have tried...
  11. D

    Thread Question Android auto not working

    I'm trying to use Android Auto with my toyota yaris and my oneplus 9 pro. But whenever I plug in the usb c cable nothing happens. The phone only starts to charge. I have tried to delete the cache and storage of the app, reinstall android auto, reboot and changing the default usb configuration in...
  12. D

    Thread Android Auto in a toyota yaris

    I'm trying to use Android Auto with my toyota yaris and my oneplus 9 pro. But whenever I plug in the usb c cable nothing happens. The phone only starts to charge. I have tried to delete the cache and storage of the app, reinstall android auto, reboot and changing the default usb configuration in...
  13. U

    Thread Question Buying oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay

    I'm about to buy oneplus 9 pro t-mobile version from ebay, I'm currently using mint sim which is tmobile mvno. I'm using oneplus 7t global version, but I never used t-mobile version of android before so I'm little confused. I heard that I have to unlock the network for using other than tmobile...
  14. TheGhost1951

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Root, and get Custom Bootanimation and Custom Font OnePlus 9 Pro includes T-Mobil variant

    Hi All, First of all, I am not responsible for the final outcome of your device. This is a choice you have made. This is what I did to get the phone I have want for years now. Follow these steps to “unlock bootloader, install root, and make certain partitions R/W”. By doing so you can install a...
  15. A

    Thread Question Experience with LineageOS 19 (12.1)

    Hello people, I was wondering if there is someone out there daily driving the latest LineageOS build on their OP9Pro, who could tell me if it runs smoothly and whether there are any major bugs or inconveniences. I am thinking about flashing LineageOS on my device, but I am still uncertain if it...
  16. Deadshot0x7

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [ Wallpaper ] New Wallpaper

    Hello Everyone, I'm making custom rom for oneplus and for that we've relased the Wallpaper . The Wallpaper are released on the zedge . You can use this link to Download the Wallpaper . Feel Free to share to share your Feedback on thread Have a Nice Day Ahead !
  17. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Anddroid 11 Wireless Android Auto Problems

    Hello to everyone! I drive a Hyundai bayon 22. my phone is one plus 9 Pro android 11. when i press the command key from the car it says oops something went wrong please try again later. but when I unlock the phone and press the command key again, it executes the command and it works perfectly. I...
  18. D

    Thread Question Trying to install APK from APKMirror, getting "The parser did not find any certificates in the .apk"

    Hi everyone, I'm using LineageOS with a OnePlus 9 Pro. I'm trying to install the OnePlus camera app downloaded from here: When I try to install it with the...
  19. D

    Thread Question MSM or return to stock on Linux

    I have been reading that the best and easiest way to return a Oneplus 9 pro back to stock OS and lock bootloader again is to use the MSM tool. I've downloaded it and it looks like its a windows only tool. Does anyone know of any other methods to revert the 9 pro back to factory when your...
  20. D

    Thread Question Stuck on Oneplus 9 Pro Indian firmware

    I attempted to convert my t-mobile oneplus 9 to international firmware by first flashing the Indian firmware. I mistakenly downloaded the oneplus 9 PRO Indian msm. I didn't realize this as the file has a very similar name. Lemonade_22.I.07_210412 vs Lemonadep_22_I.07_210412 I've tried...
  21. A

    Thread Question DC Dimming Oxygen 12

    Is there any way to turn on the PWM suppression function, the so-called DC Dimming function? Oxygen 12 Android 12 OnePlus 9 Pro Please help, my eyes are very tired and because of this, vision is not so good ...
  22. ahaanwar2

    Thread Question Cannot update OnePlus 9 pro (T-Mobile) above firmware

    Hi dears, please help me to update my oneplus device. I am having OnePlus 9 pro device with details below Model: LE2127 Software version: Network Unlocked I bought the device from someone who came from USA, and I am currently living outside the US. When I looked at the net I...
  23. G

    Thread Question locked on bootloader after LineageOS install

    EDIT: it's my fault for updating to Android 12. I managed to miss the giant warning on top of the LOS guide. sorry everyone.
  24. X

    Thread Question [Latest OOS C.44 EU] Rooting via Magisk/fastboot not working

    Hello all, yesterday I've updated to latest OOS LE2123_11.C.44_1440_202201182111 (Android 12). I was previously on root, so I've updated the phone via full 4GB OTA through the system updater. Everything was fine until I've tried to root by following these steps: ATTENTION: if you're a Googler...
  25. D

    Thread Question oneplus 9 persist.img

    hi i have been a member since the beginning of time and i was wondering if anyone could give me a copy of their oneplus 9 pro persist.img because i bought a phone from ebay and it came with this issue
  26. E

    Thread How To Guide LineageOS for MicroG on a Oneplus 9 Pro LE2123

    Hi everyone, please excuse if my post has spelling mistakes, it's electronically translated into English from my native language. I am new here and may never be able to contribute again because I actually have no idea at all with changing smartphone operating systems and it was the first time I...
  27. X

    Thread Question OOS 12.0.0 Stable Update Cellular Network Fix

    Hi, As you may know most of us is having this issue after the OOS 12.0.0 Stable Update, Cellular Network lost, No Signal, Outgoing call, and SMS. The below method worked at least for me, let me know if worked with anyone of you please. Please follow these steps : 1- Turn off your phone. 2-...
  28. eudemonics

    Thread Question Internal storage '/sdcard' unmounted [SOLVED!]

    I am running the latest stock Oxygen OS version (, rooted with Magisk. Somehow the internal /sdcard directory got unmounted and now I cannot save anything to the user storage because it doesn't exist. I could not even take screenshots because it saves by default to...
  29. A

    Thread Question Aptx Tws+ does not work for OnePlus 9 pro Oxygen 11

    I ran into a problem when I switched from color wasps to oxygen wasps, because for some reason, the aptx tws+ does not want to work on oxygen wasps + although everything worked on color wasps as it did on my previous one plus smartphones Oxygen os. That is, the aptx tws+ does not work for wasp...
  30. killerwaz

    Thread Question Better to restore data after Factory Reset or start afresh?

    By data, I mean apps here mostly. I have faced freezing, crashing and auto reboot after the former two, on my Chinese variant with Indian Oxygen OS. I have reinstalled the latest twice, and then factory resetted. Need to know whether it's a good idea to download apps manually, or...
  31. D

    Thread Sync Alarm huawei watch 3 with no huawei phone

    Hello, I search an application that permit to sync alarm from ma smartphone (oneplus 9 Pro) with my smartwatch Huawei watch 3. I know that apk for wear OS launch on this smartwatch, but I don't found app to do this. Do you have any information about this ? Thank you.
  32. Capscorpio

    Thread Question Can I upgrade LE2121(IND) to US OxygenOS 12 Beta

    Hi, I have read many people moving regions or installing different regions ROM. I have a 9 pro with latest IND update. I would like to try the Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 US version. I bought the phone when I visited India but I live in US. Is there a step by step guide to do this? If...
  33. Ghost of Sparta 77

    Thread Question Oneplus9pro HDR washed out

    Help. Oneplus9pro having HDR washed out issue
  34. Usak64-MustafaMert

    Thread Question Touchscreen Issue (in PiP mode)

    Hi everybody, There is an issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro. When I open an app in picture in picture mode, I can not use the certain area of touchscreen. (50% - 100%) As you see I added screenshots. Did anybody else get the same issue! Do you know the solution? By the way I sent feedback on 1+...
  35. Libra420T


    ----- With the release of OOS13, the modem issue no longer exist. Thank you all for the support & help with this unfortunate issue, we had to endure.... ----- EXPLICITLY FOR TMOBILE 9 PRO (I'm not responsible for your failure to read or bricked issues, but will help assist.) NO MORE...
  36. G

    Thread Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] StatiXOS v4.2

    StatiXOS for OnePlus 9 Pro (lemonadep) What is StatiXOS? StatiXOS is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project aiming to be minimal while providing quality of life improvements and up to date security patches. Android OS version: 11 Linux...
  37. doessrc

    Thread Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Hi Everyone - Sorry in advance that I have ridiculous beginner questions, but I just moved to China AND I just bought my first OnePlus Friday. I'm coming from a Pixel 4a5G and couple pixels before that. I haven't rooted or tweaked in many years since my Galaxy Siii with CyanogenMod. As you're...
  38. pranavasri

    Thread Development [ROM]StagOS 11.0.R4.1[lemonadep][BETA][10/08/2021]

    Hey another day another rom, that's what you might be thinking. but we at stag (I'll try not to use big words, because the idea is to be simple) aim at something towards elegance. We are learners just like everyone out there, This is small something we have started which helps us learn every...
  39. J

    Thread Accessories [Review] CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro

    Hi guys, I was asked by Jeff Lin (ArmadilloTek's co-founder) to try the brand new CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro. As for me phone protection is very important (my friends call me paranoiac !) I am always very interested in cases but often disappointed. When I unboxed it, apart...
  40. S

    Thread General OnePlus 9 Stock Ringtones are here

    OnePlus 9 | OnePlus 9 Pro | OnePlus 9R Stock Ringtones for Download. Check this video - Has a Download Link also XXXXXX Mod Edit: Link removed.
  41. PKkeys

    Thread Question Possible / Probable / Safe Working Magisk Modules?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to know the safe magisk modules which can be installed on the device! Thanks in advance!
  42. A

    Thread Question Issue's with OnePlus 9 Pro after Cross Flashing Oxygen OS to Chinese Variant LE2120

    Hi, All These are some issues that currently facing with Oxygen OS on Chinese Variant LE2120 1. Getting NV Backup Warning - Invalid VIP NVs:2500 Tried Backing and Restoring NV Backup Data, But Not Working 2. Phone Freezes Randomly 3. Google Play System Cannot be Updated Google Play...
  43. ilikepie___

    Thread Question Any luck flashing the T-Mobile firmware to a global variant?

    I have a global variant OnePlus 9 pro. It seems that my phone may not have the full features that T-Mobile has to offer with their variant of the phone. I'm also noticing that with the new Google dialer that's been implemented, I'm unable to get the visual voicemail working (see picture for what...
  44. gmp009

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Stock Ringtones Required!

    Any one have Oneplus 9 Stock ringtones then please upload for me :)
  45. G

    Thread Question Green tint issue

    Hi everyone, after long battle with green tint in OP 8 Pro I bought 9 Pro and got same problem here. Please check if only I am so lucky guy or it's common issue like in 8 Pro. I can't take photo of screen right now to show the problem. Instruction how to check green tint:
  46. J

    Thread General Official OnePlus 9Pro Oxygen to Color and back

    hi everyone I got the official firmware How to install? 1.Download firmware 2.Put the file in the phone directory 3. Open system update, select local update Warning! 1.Please backup your data! 2.imei cannot be recognized correctly ##Back to oxygen os can be restored ##The official said...
  47. T

    Thread Accessories Free Trial activity for OnePlus 9 Pro Screen Protector

    Hi, OnePlus 9 Pro Users Now, We invite 30 OnePlus 9 Pro users join our free trial activity for OnePlus 9 Pro screen protector. Please send the application to Please send the application to [email protected] if you want to join. Thank you very much.
  48. A

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test!

    Found this video and it is very interesting. S21 Ultra is losing almost in every situation. Damn…
  49. J

    Thread Question Protecting Oneplus 9 pro

    Hi guys and sorry for my short English, nobody is perfect, I am French... I look forward to buy the 9 pro but I would like to protect it from the beginning with a flip cover and also a screen protection. So when and if you know good protection tools for the one+ 9 pro thanks to share your...