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oneplus 9 pro

  1. Ghost of Sparta 77

    Thread Question Oneplus9pro HDR washed out

    Help. Oneplus9pro having HDR washed out issue
  2. Usak64-MustafaMert

    Thread Question Touchscreen Issue (in PiP mode)

    Hi everybody, There is an issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro. When I open an app in picture in picture mode, I can not use the certain area of touchscreen. (50% - 100%) As you see I added screenshots. Did anybody else get the same issue! Do you know the solution? By the way I sent feedback on 1+...
  3. Libra420T

    Thread General [MODEM] [9Pro] Tmobile Quickfix

    EXPLICITLY FOR ONEPLUS 9 PRO This thread is created to provide all who need T-Mobile Modem.img, from loss of service due to an OTA, Flashing, or EU Conversion gone wrong.... Also to prevent cluttering up other threads with same question. 👍 IMPORTANT!!! - Backup your Modem images from...
  4. G

    Thread Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] StatiXOS v4.2

    StatiXOS for OnePlus 9 Pro (lemonadep) What is StatiXOS? StatiXOS is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project aiming to be minimal while providing quality of life improvements and up to date security patches. Android OS version: 11 Linux...
  5. doessrc

    Thread Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Hi Everyone - Sorry in advance that I have ridiculous beginner questions, but I just moved to China AND I just bought my first OnePlus Friday. I'm coming from a Pixel 4a5G and couple pixels before that. I haven't rooted or tweaked in many years since my Galaxy Siii with CyanogenMod. As you're...
  6. pranavasri

    Thread Development [ROM]StagOS 11.0.R4.1[lemonadep][BETA][10/08/2021]

    Hey another day another rom, that's what you might be thinking. but we at stag (I'll try not to use big words, because the idea is to be simple) aim at something towards elegance. We are learners just like everyone out there, This is small something we have started which helps us learn every...
  7. J

    Thread Accessories [Review] CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro

    Hi guys, I was asked by Jeff Lin (ArmadilloTek's co-founder) to try the brand new CaseBorn ArmadilloTek S for One+ 9 Pro. As for me phone protection is very important (my friends call me paranoiac !) I am always very interested in cases but often disappointed. When I unboxed it, apart...
  8. S

    Thread General OnePlus 9 Stock Ringtones are here

    OnePlus 9 | OnePlus 9 Pro | OnePlus 9R Stock Ringtones for Download. Check this video - Has a Download Link also XXXXXX Mod Edit: Link removed.
  9. PKkeys

    Thread Question Possible / Probable / Safe Working Magisk Modules?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to know the safe magisk modules which can be installed on the device! Thanks in advance!
  10. A

    Thread Question Issue's with OnePlus 9 Pro after Cross Flashing Oxygen OS to Chinese Variant LE2120

    Hi, All These are some issues that currently facing with Oxygen OS on Chinese Variant LE2120 1. Getting NV Backup Warning - Invalid VIP NVs:2500 Tried Backing and Restoring NV Backup Data, But Not Working 2. Phone Freezes Randomly 3. Google Play System Cannot be Updated Google Play...
  11. ilikepie___

    Thread Question Any luck flashing the T-Mobile firmware to a global variant?

    I have a global variant OnePlus 9 pro. It seems that my phone may not have the full features that T-Mobile has to offer with their variant of the phone. I'm also noticing that with the new Google dialer that's been implemented, I'm unable to get the visual voicemail working (see picture for what...
  12. gmp009

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Stock Ringtones Required!

    Any one have Oneplus 9 Stock ringtones then please upload for me :)
  13. G

    Thread Question Green tint issue

    Hi everyone, after long battle with green tint in OP 8 Pro I bought 9 Pro and got same problem here. Please check if only I am so lucky guy or it's common issue like in 8 Pro. I can't take photo of screen right now to show the problem. Instruction how to check green tint:
  14. J

    Thread General Official OnePlus 9Pro Oxygen to Color and back

    hi everyone I got the official firmware How to install? 1.Download firmware 2.Put the file in the phone directory 3. Open system update, select local update Warning! 1.Please backup your data! 2.imei cannot be recognized correctly ##Back to oxygen os can be restored ##The official said...
  15. T

    Thread Accessories Free Trial activity for OnePlus 9 Pro Screen Protector

    Hi, OnePlus 9 Pro Users Now, We invite 30 OnePlus 9 Pro users join our free trial activity for OnePlus 9 Pro screen protector. Please send the application to Please send the application to [email protected] if you want to join. Thank you very much.
  16. A

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test!

    Found this video and it is very interesting. S21 Ultra is losing almost in every situation. Damn…
  17. J

    Thread Question Protecting Oneplus 9 pro

    Hi guys and sorry for my short English, nobody is perfect, I am French... I look forward to buy the 9 pro but I would like to protect it from the beginning with a flip cover and also a screen protection. So when and if you know good protection tools for the one+ 9 pro thanks to share your...