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oneplus 9r

  1. B

    Thread Question video stabilization (OIS)

    noticed that there is no optical stabilization in the stock camera application in any video shooting mode. After that, I launched the Google camera, where the module moves as expected. In photo mode, the camera moves.The question is just for me or is it such a stabilization system, I read...
  2. _abhi.jit__


    DOLBY ATMOS ZTE v1.0 Device Compatibility: OnePlus 8 Series/9R ROM: Lineage OS/Carbon Only/AICP/CrDroid Changelog: •Huge Clean Up. •Fixed installation failed error in OnePlus 8 Series/9R •Fixed manifest patching failed error. •Intial Release. [Mod Edit] Download link removed (pay-per-click)...
  3. _abhi.jit__

    Thread [PORT] OnePlus 9R Oxygen OS Port For OnePlus 8T

    FAQ: •OTA support is there. •No Bugs. Improvements: •More Smooth. •Richtap Haptics. •Updated Dolby Atmos. •Updated Stock Kernel. Instructions To Flash: •Same process as you all use to recover your device with MSM Tool. Contributors: @_abhi.jit__ @mlgmxyysd ⬇️DOWNLOAD 9R OOS PORT FOR 8T...
  4. Saltyinory

    Thread Question OnePlus 9R get trouble in using msm

    As title said. At the first time, I used msm without windows drive (9008). I notice that and stop msm immediatly. And, my 9R could not turn on again. I tried to use msm to fix it, everytime I followed the guard using msm, it allways showed "Automatic detection of DDR failed" in red. Can anyone...