1. E

    Thread Question IMPORTANT: Help with logs, any pro here? Camera sound issue

    hi, nice day to u all my issue is, with custom roms, camera only record video, no sound. just 1 sec of audio and then nothing just video i have logs, im not pro with logs and how to fix issues by reading logs i hope someone can help with this cause ONEPLUS 9 PRO, GLOBAL BASE / NAMELESS ROM /...
  2. A

    Thread Question Oneplus 9 LE2111 NOT SUPPORT NR N1 N28 BAND Is the global rom solve the problem?

    Or any idea? Maybe with QPST?
  3. M

    Thread Getting Android 13 On Your N10 By Flashing Pixel Experience GSI

    Hello, my fellow Nord N10 owners and other potential readers! =========================================== Pixel Experience is a custom rom (in this case, we're using a GSI made by ponces) which has a lot of Pixel goodies (incl. Gapps, Pixel Launcher, etc). I've used some GSIs (many of which had...
  4. M

    Thread An (almost) good version of Google Camera for OnePlus Nord N10 that I've stumbled upon.

    Hello, N10 Users! I've come across a GCAM version that may be suitable for those who may need the app to shoot nicer photos on custom ROMS instead of using aperture. Now, I don't know if I CAN post it here but the apk filename is the following: MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b_snap Click/Tap on this link...
  5. Sreeshankar K

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][13] AncientOS 7.1 - TexasCake - Steel [24/05/2023]

    AncientOS 7.1 for OnePlus Nord [avicii] Download [Changelog and installation guide is available on the website] Telegram Support Group Donate to support the build UPI : [email protected] PayPal Maintainer: Sreeshankar K ROM Source: Device tree...
  6. halilucar

    Thread Question IMEI's gone after updating CPH2449_11_A.10 version.

    I have bought a new OnePlus 11 512GB PBH110 China Version. When i started using device Global Rom already flashed into device. I have update device today and IMEI's gone. Both IMEI's is null. What should i do for solve this problem?
  7. sourav24071999

    Thread [ROM][13][hotdog] Project Elixir [OFFICIAL] [OnePlus 7T Pro][AOSP]

    Project Elixir for the OnePlus 7T Pro [hotdog] * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or...
  8. R

    Thread General OnePlus 11 General Discussion

    Hey everyone, iPhone 14 Pro Max user here, What's everybody's thoughts about this phone? Why would an iPhone user who gets top dollar for selling their phone right before/after announcement of the next want to buy this? I ordered the OP 11 for a crazy price of $500 after taxes from an open box...
  9. Sreeshankar K


    - UNIFIED FBE BUILD - THIS RECOVERY SUPPORTS BOTH FBEv1 & FBEv2 ROMS Requirements to flash this recovery • Basic ADB & fastboot knowledge • Unlocked bootloader • Platform tools Flashing Instructions • Download the recovery zip file on your PC • Download and extract latest platform tools •...
  10. Provenscroll

    Thread How could I dump my stock rom boot.img without root or TWRP?

    For context I'm running a OnePlus 8 IN2017 on Android 13, it's bootloader is unlocked I want to root my phone with magisk using this guide: But I need a boot.img, even If I didn't I want to have a backup of my stock firmware just in case something...
  11. D

    Thread Question Restricted Setting Problem

    i try active this method but not work any help pls .
  12. riva!

    Thread Question Any tweak tools/oxygen os toolkits or anything for OOS 13? And is there a way to enable userdebug mode?

    Im trying to find tools that can enable more customization and tweaks than what comes with stock OOS. I have a global converted tmobile LE2117. If anyone knows of any APKs or magisk/lsposed modules that are similar to gravitybox or firefds kit but for oneplus/OOS 13 any links/help would be...
  13. Badrjaff

    Thread Pixel experience ( Usb Not recognizing in recovery mode )

    Pixel Exp USB not working So i want to install pixel experience on my one plus 7T and I did all the steps until i reached the side loading but the issue is when ever I enter pixel experience recovery mode my computer doesn’t recognize my phone and there is a triangle on it in device manager but...
  14. Terminator_SG

    Thread Oneplus 6 [MSM tool] 'Firehose communicaton handshake Failed"

    I have installed retrofit version of syberia os {unofficial} after using it for 2 months suddeny the device went into crashdump mode and then total BLACK SCREEN. I tried to unbrick through msm tool earlier more the 3 months ago and i was a sucess that time. But now when i try then this error...
  15. omar302

    Thread How To Guide Enable VoLTE and VoWifi on OOS 13 without root

    Thanks to @caracciola for posting this on the OnePlus 7 Pro forum (link to original guide), the same guide worked on my OnePlus 9 Pro (EU - LE2123 - F75 update) to enable VoWifi (wifi Calling). I am just rewording the steps here to make them clearer for me: Note 1: If you have 2 sims, disable...
  16. Pixroid

    Thread Android recent app

    Hi Guys, I recently flash oneplus device to lineage os 20. After installing lineage os i installed nikgapps after that i reboot the android and found pixel launcher dirty version installed on it and i found out that recent app not showing any background app, So i google about this and found...
  17. T

    Thread Question FIXED: HELP!!! OnePlus 9 Pro No Recovery No Fastboot Only Crashdump Mode

    Dear Community I have a major issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro: I had Nameless AOSP 13 installed and rooted. I then tried to revert back to original OOS 13 using Advanced Fastboot and the original payload.bin. But when I flashed the payload, I got stuck on the Qualcomm Crashdump Mode with no...
  18. D

    Thread [CLOSED][KERNEL][PP][4.19.278] NeverSettle Kernel for OnePlus Nord (avicii) - v1.4

    This is an OOS12 based custom kernel for OnePlus Nord (avicii) This is one of my PP [Personal Project] Note: Only for OOS12 based roms Changelog [21/03/23] Upstream kernel to v4.19.278 Using latest clang 17.0.0 Introduce Boeffla Wakelock blocker Start using power efficient workqueues...
  19. Jasper8011

    Thread Question I need help I bricked my phone

    So... I was using this android app called BugJaer or something like that and it bricked my phone or at least I think.. it's stuck in fastboot mode and I tried flashing stuff to it and it hasn't work I'll include pictures and the name of it is like holi or something and yes the bootloader is...
  20. kingars

    Thread Question Official security updates

    Hi guys! I recently bought this device and I'm using it a lot. I leave a Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which I always had security updates, practically every month. I noticed that since I bought it, this new device has been stagnant in the November/2022 update. This is normal? I'm using the version...
  21. astracd

    Thread Question OnePlus Trade in program scam

    Hello, I just want to hear your experience with trade in program, as I had terrible experience. I have OnePlus 2 in perfect condition, with original charger, box, and all packaging like from factory. Phone was always in the wallet case and had screen protectors. I sent it in for trade in they...
  22. M

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][13][OnePlus Nord/avicii] LineageOS 20

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 13, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android...
  23. H

    Thread Google App Implementations

    Got my OnePlus 9 Pro today, before I start flashing LOS I wanted to ask a couple questions about my Google choices. Is it possible to not have any Google apps/services on the phone but still have access to the Play Store? I've seen Aurora store mentioned a couple times, but it doesn't seem like...
  24. seggy112


    In this thread, you will be able to learn how to flash oneplus nord n0 5g phone back to oxygen OS 10.5.8 kindly follow the steps carefully ONE PLUS NORD N10 5G USB drivers link adb platform tool (copy folder...
  25. seggy112


    In this thread, you will be able to install android 12.1 pixel experience: links are given in the following download and install them on your pc and add OS operating system android 12.1 pixel experience file in the phone. Special thanks...
  26. V1perGHG

    Thread Question Lineage OS with newest Security Updates?

    Hey, I'm kinda a beginner to android modding, so please don't be rude. I tried Lineage OS for this device, and it's great!!! But it's missing security updates. Can someone maybe make a new Lineage OS build with the newest updates, or can the author of the current Lineage OS update it? I would...
  27. kevios12

    Thread [ROM][A13][OFFICIAL][31.3.23 Updated] AncientOS 7.1 TexasCake - Steel for OnePlus 7T

    * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make...
  28. H

    Thread Swipe up to search apps OnePlus phones Oxygen OS 12.

    So I updated my OnePlus 7t to Oxygen OS 12 and I miss a very important feature. The feature I'm talking about is "Swipe up to search app". This enabled us to search through the app drawer as soon as we swiped up from the home screen. So without any hassle we could search and find the app we were...
  29. CoinsClassic

    Thread Question Wifi 6E Hotspot not turning on after re-enabling

    Turning on the hotspot on the OP11 (CPH2449 in my case) using 6GHz band and WPA3 with a password works just fine when starting Hotspot for the first time after a fresh boot. But after re-enabling the hotspot, it is instantly being turned off again. I guess it is a bug in OnePlus firmware, but...
  30. AkayamiShurui

    Thread Question Rooting I need opinions from Android enthusiasts and developers

    So I'll try to keep this as short as possible I'm highly highly but I almost did it minutes ago but I'm going to get feedback first I'm like 99% sure I can recover my phone if it bricks I really want to root my phone and run a custom rom now that won't be the first step if I do this I'm going to...
  31. thardy00

    Thread Small icons under last used OOS 10

    Hi. I was using OOS 10 and I had small icons under apps preview in the Last used screen, now when I downgraded from OOS 12 this feature is missing :(. I've tried to update to the latest OOS 10 build found on XDA, but the update didn't add that feature. Maybe I enabled it somehow before and now...
  32. MC0329

    Thread Need help compiling Nethunter Kernel OOS 11

    So I bought a OnePlus 7 Pro and wanted to install Nethunter on it, but it turns out I have to flash the kernel separately. I came across a github page: I've never compiled a kernel before. Can anyone who has experience with this help me...
  33. CoinsClassic

    Thread Question Screen lock setup crashing (Unlocked bootloader + rooted)

    I've unlocked the bootloader and rooted my OP11 (CPH2449GDRP), and when I try to set up any screen lock mechanism, it doesn't save it, but rather stops at the repeated input step and does nothing. In ADB logcat, I can see that there's a crash happening when trying to setup any screen lock...
  34. Ram Sharath

    Thread Development [ROM] [PORT] [12.1] [Redmi Note 11/11 NFC-SPES/SPESN]-OxygenOS 12.1

    Release Date: February 13, 2023 Security Patch Level: 05 June 2022 ROM OS Version: Android 12.1 ROM Kernel: Linux 4.19.x ROM Firmware Required: 13.0.x Ported from: OnePlus 9 Created: 14/02/2023 Last Updated: 14/02/2023
  35. panxe

    Thread Question Filmic Legacy on Oneplus 9Pro

    I was happily using Filmic Pro on my OP9Pro and then they changed it to Subscription model, which made me downgrade to Filmic Legacy. But unfortunately Filmic Legacy dont work on OP9Pro, I have contacted Fimlic support and they have informed that there is some issues with OP and the...
  36. R

    Thread Regarding Oneplus Rooting

    Which Oneplus mobile model is the easiest and simplest to root?
  37. M

    Thread Question How do I re-flash the China version of OP9RT from OxygenOS to ColorOS?

    I am using OxygenOS in the China version of OnePlus 9RT. Is it possible to switch back to ColorOS? If there is such a forum, I would appreciate it if you could paste it in your reply. I am Japanese and use some English and translation tools, so my English may be strange.
  38. AkayamiShurui

    Thread Question Found more files to help with msm tool (oem_qmi_client) by quadcomm

    I'm so I'm just kind of putting this information out there I haven't got to go through it yet on the breakthrough of this knowledge I figured I should just make a post so people can get into it as quickly as possible it does look like the phone is running the same recovery set up as the sm8250...
  39. T

    Thread Is it possible to install a custom ROM on 7 Pro 5G EU? (GM1920)

    Hi there, My friend has the Oneplus 7 Pro 5G EU (GM1920) version and is still on Android 10. There are no official updates to that phone ever so I wanted to know if it's possible to install a custom ROM to maybe get A11/12/13 on it? I've looked around a little bit and it seems most of the...
  40. imbriagomarso222

    Thread Annoying echo on stock call recorder in OxygenOS 12.1

    Good morning, I own a OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1913) and I've just updated it to the latest version that is OxygenOS 12.1 (Android 12 with security patch 5th August 2022; build number GM1913_11_H.30). The device is stock, it is not rooted and I don't want to root it. I have activated the stock call...
  41. AkayamiShurui

    Thread How To Guide 120hz all the time OnePlus 10t

    I'm pretty sure I got my OnePlus 10T fixed to 120fps adb shell settings put secure oplus_customize_screen_refresh_rate 3 adb shell settings put secure oplus_customize_min_refresh_rate 1 adb shell settings put secure oplus_customize_peak_refresh_rate 1
  42. beatbreakee

    Thread General Verified ... Confirmed ... Identified. "Cease and Desist Order" (Reported to BBK/Oppo by XDA Member)

    I apologize for the title, but this is relevant to Oneplus 10 Pro. On approx Nov 12th last month, i joined heavily in the discussion regarding Region changing, or using MSM Tool to flash a different fw for our devices. That same day i successfully jumped from the 2419 Tmobile branded...
  43. P

    Thread How To Guide (Guide) Install TWRP + Root + Install Magisk + Bypass Safetynet

    Please note, the TWRP image used IS NOT the official TWRP image. I am not responsible for any any harm, such as bricking, or bootloops, which may happen to your device. This is what worked for me. Warning As stated by @beatbreakee , do not flash anything on a T-Mobile related device. Please...
  44. A

    Thread Question Upgrading to OOS13 from OOS11 via oxygen updater will it wipe data??

    I'm updating my phone via the oxygen updater app, i wanted to know if it will wipe any data as I'm skipping OOS12 entirely
  45. bilal91

    Thread Question native android 13 media player for oxygen os 13?

    title says it all really...hate the new oxygen os media player, its all tucked up in the corner and visually looks so outdated and ugly...would be much appreciated if anyone knows of a way to get the native android 13 media player for oxygen os 13
  46. mateja_m

    Thread Backup contacts from unlocked and rooted OnePlus 6T with a dead screen

    Hello everybody, I have a OnePlus 6T that's rooted and has an unlocked bootloader, but USB debugging is off. I installed LineageOS on it, and it also has an LineageOS Recovery (I didn't use TWRP). I dropped it recently and now the screen is dead, but the phone is still alive... So, I'm...
  47. R

    Thread Question Is it possible to retrieve data from a locked phone?

    Recently, I don't know why but a message popped up asking me to enter an alphabetic password even though I didn't set any. To unlock the phone I had: fingerprint, face and 4 digit PIN. I was hoping that after a reboot it would not require an alphabetic password just the 4-digit PIN (only the...
  48. Z

    Thread [HELP] OnePlus Nord booting only to fastboot mode.

    I tried installing the pixel experience rom and after I flashed the aex recovery before side loading the ROM, it went into bootloop and ended up with the stock recovery and ROM. I tried to flash TWRP recovery and go a message that the the boot/recovery image is destroyed so I tried to flash the...
  49. Terminator.J

    Thread [ROM][13.0_r43][Official]crDroid Android[v9.5][May 2023 ASB]

    *** Disclaimer *** I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your device. I hope you like reading. You have been warned. crDroid is built on top of LineageOS, and is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device, while also attempting to bring you...
  50. AkayamiShurui

    Thread Question Full OTA file na from oxygen updater

    So Im on global (CPH2415) I just downloaded the downgrade package for global used it so back on Android 12 then I shut off auto updates and waited for the next day I checked oxygen updater and seen a update for (CPH2417) that was over 4GB so I let it download after saving the file and it let me...